My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 50

“Don’t worry, I’m here!”

In one sentence, Jiang Hong’e’s restless heart… calmed down. Once upon a time, this Unlike little man, pulling strongly against a crazy tide, rescued her from a mortal situation.

Thinking of this, Jiang Hong’e’s heart rippled, and his red lips parted lightly:

“Lu Lang~”

It’s just two words, almost let me Lu Chen flew up in the daytime, he reached out and picked up Jiang Hong’e, turned around the screen, sat on the show couch, and whispered, “Hong’e, tell me about the past few days.”



After listening to Jiang Hong’e.

Lu Chen has a deeper grasp of the situation in Fengxian Town. In today’s Fengxian Town, except for Yuan Baixi who was seriously injured, who is the Method Release Immortal Master, there are no other two realms in town.

If so.

It should be much more convenient to act, and a greater grasp of it.

As for the other two realms.

One is Yuan Qingshan, the son of Yuan Baixi, and the other is Taoist Xuanyang, the master of Baiyun Temple. Both of them are currently on the banks of the Nieshui River and are in the army.

Lu Chen thought for a moment and asked:

“Hong’e, tell me about Yuan Qingshan.”


Jiang Hong’e nominated, eloquently said:

“Yuan Baixi and Xuanyang Taoist are senior and junior brothers, Yuan Qingshan is Xuanyang Taoist’s Martial Nephew, this person is only for physical fitness, not Qi Refinement , is extremely conceited, has innate talent called [Tiger Power], eats a tiger, and can gain the power of half a tiger.”

“So exaggerated?”

“Well, it is exactly Therefore, in those days, he ate tigers all over Fengpo City for thousands of miles, with a strength of 10,000 jin, and then he stepped into the second realm of physical fitness. He still maintains the habit of devouring tigers, but some of his subordinates offered tigers and leopards. Even the usual Method Release Immortal Master is no match for the reward.”

Lu Chen was shocked and asked:

“Where’s the little tiger?”

Jiang Hong’e lifted the quilt and saw three little fellows, one black, two white, sleeping soundly. She explained, “Before the Fengjia Army entered the city, the surnamed Fang brought them all.”

“en. ”

Lu Chen relaxed and asked again:

“Why did Yuqi be beheaded?”

“It is said to be… collaborating with the enemy.”

“Collaborating with the enemy? It’s ridiculous. It’s nothing more than a dove occupying a magpie’s nest. It was Yuqi who blocked their way. Who do the town people listen to? How can they gain a firm foothold in Fengxian Town?”

Lu Chen complexion ashen.

He got up and started pacing in the room, his thoughts were spinning, and he suddenly said:

“A gentleman does not stand under the fence, whether it is because of the two little tigers or because of Yuqi. , this Fengxian Town has no place for us to stand, it is better to get out as soon as possible, in case of being reported by the villain, it may be more troublesome to get out.”

The wall was pushed by everyone.

In Fengxian Town.

Many people are aware of the existence of the two little tigers.

“I’ll listen to you.”

“Okay, pack your things, we’ll leave when it gets dark.”



Jiang Hong’e went out to arrange things, Lu Chen looked up at the light curtain and stretched out his hand a little:


[Radiating Light Technique upgrade conditions] :

【1】:cultivation Ten Days (10/10 Achieved!)

【2】: Ten Dead Souls (10/10 Achieved!)

[3]: 100 grain spiritsand (00/00 achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

【cultivation base 】: Qi Refinement fifth layer

【spell 】: Radiating Light Technique Great Accomplishment (upgradeable!)+


Although the progress has been delayed for two days, today, Radiating Light Technique is still about Perfection, Lu Chen suppressed his thoughts, raised his hand and tapped:


spiritsand disappeared , countless insights came to mind, Lu Chen sat on the bed, silently digesting the gains, and after a while, opened his eyes, the dive light flashed in his eyes, and he gently put out a breath:

“Finally. ..Finally Perfection!”

This Authentic Level Radiating Light Technique achieves Perfection and officially has two abilities.

Track and watch!

β€œRadiating Light Technique!”

Lu Chen hands form a secret art, gently stick out his right hand, Spiritual Qi is consumed, and countless rays of light are converging in the palm, slowly forming A pair of mirrors, the mirror surface is blurry at first, and then becomes clear a little bit.

Wait until it stabilizes, and a picture appears in the palm of your hand.

It was a prison.

Black and white, the ground is covered with straw, one side is a wall, the other three sides are made of wrought steel, a silhouette leaning against the wall, wearing heavy armor.

Severely damaged.

Drenched with blood.

Hands and feet are still in shackles, motionless.

Heart ashes!


Lu Chen was furious and took a few deep breaths before suppressing his anger and waving his hand to cancel the Radiating Light Technique.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement fifth layer

[spell]: Radiating Light Technique Perfection (Upgrade conditions can be expanded! Optional!)



[Radiating Light Technique Promote Level Condition]:

[1]: One hundred spiritsand (achieved!)

[2]: One hundred catties of flesh and blood (not yet achieved!)


[Radiating Light Technique Promote Grade Conditions]:

[1]: Thousand Spirits and Spirits (not achieved!)

[2]: One spell (not achieved!)

[3]: 100 jins of flesh and blood (not yet achieved!)


One is the technique of Promote Level Secret Treasure Level, the other is Promote Grade is a method that can only be practiced in the second realm.

Lu Chen prefers Promote Grade, but unfortunately he still has less than 800 spirits and spirits left on his body, and he is not able to collect 1,000 for the time being, even if he has the cheek to ask Jiang Hong’e to borrow it.

Also depletes all accumulations.

For a non-offensive spell, it hurts the muscles and bones, and delays the growth of other spells.

This is especially unwise.

After some weighing, Lu Chen finally gave up the idea of Promote Grade.

“Qing He, let someone send over a hundred kilograms of pork.”

“Good Young Master.”

Qing He complied outside, and also Regardless of the reason, deng deng deng went downstairs to urge, and soon, someone sent pork to the third floor.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: Radiating Light Technique Perfection (Promote Level available!)+



β€œPromote Level!”

With a single tap, flesh and spirits and spirits disappeared, Radiating Light Technique started Promote Level, and after a while, Lu Chen opened his eyes, looked at the light curtain, and his spirit became clear. Shock:

“Glare spell!”

Authentic Level’s Radiating Light Technique, Promote Level is Secret Treasure Level [glare spell].

And proficient.

This is the first time that Lu Chen has a spell with the Secret Treasure Level. He silently realizes it for a while, and is satisfied with the nodded:

“Not bad!”

Looking for On the basis of tracking and viewing, the glare spell has another ability.

The name is [Echo].

It can not only transmit images, but also sound, and the distance can reach hundreds of miles, which is terrifying, but unfortunately the sound cannot be transmitted.


The night was hazy.

Thousands of lights.

A few happy… a few sad!

On the roof of the Scarlet Chamber Garden, Jiang Hong’e has put the large and small bags into the storage bag, a group of four stood on the roof, Qing Cao was shy and rarely spoke, Qinghe tearful eyes Wandering, he asked:

“Young Master, will you come back in the future?”


Lu Chen nods, and his voice is firm: ” Moreover, it won’t take long.”

“I believe in Young Master!”

Lu Chen looked at Jiang Hong’e, who had been looking at Jiang Hong’e for nearly ten years. The Scarlet Chamber Garden, also reluctant to leave, wiped the corners of his eyes, and gently nodded to Lu Chen:

“Let’s go.”

Said Peach Wood Sword .


Lu Chen reached out and took Qing Cao Qinghe into his arms, squeezed sword art, and with a slight sword cry, a group of four rushed to the sky. rise.

long sword swept.

The night wind caressed.

Jiang Hong’e stroked the flying blue silk, overlooking the entire Fengxian Town, and asked:

“Where are we going next?”

“Toad Island!”

“Toad Island?”

“Well, on the Akutagawa River, two miles in radius, although it is a bit remote, it is also a verdant hills and limpid Water is enough for the time being.”

“How far?”

“More than twenty miles away.”


The two were talking, and they were about to fly out of Fengxian Town. Jiang Hong’e suddenly creded out in surprise:

β€œBe careful!”

Lu Chen heart shivered with cold, UU reading looked down and saw three crossbow arrows shot from the city head, arrows glowing cold light, scalp numb for a while, he thought about it, Spiritual Qi surged out from the body, low Shouted:


In a split second, the Peach Wood Sword under his feet accelerated by several times, almost flying past the tip of the arrow, and the defenders at the city head couldn’t keep up if they wanted to shoot a crossbow. , can only let Lu Chen go away.

“It’s dangerous~”

“Young Master, it was too dangerous just now!”

“It’s all over~”

The girls were relieved, chirp chirp twitter twitter, and Lu Chen let out a sigh of relief, but he felt a little more worried. He just beat the grass to scare the snake, which would be extremely unfavorable for the next rescue of Fang Yuqi.

It’s too much of a nightmare, he has to act as soon as possible.

A few miles away.

Lu Chen’s Edgeworth fell downwards.

Giant Spirit God Tu Shan was sitting in a daze. When he looked up, he saw a sword light flying to him. He hurriedly got up, waved his arms, and shouted: “Lord…Master!”

The four landed.

Lu Chen exhorted the three women patiently, took the Giant Spirit God to Tu Shan, and hurried to Fengxian Town. In a blink of an eye, he came to Fengxian Town. On the wall, there are phoenix armies coming and going to patrol.

Lu Chen squinted his eyes, warned repeatedly:

“Tu Shan, you are here to respond, I will go back when I go, and if there are chasing troops, you will stop.”


“I…I dare not.”

“I’m full!”

Tu Shan was struggling with his face, and finally clenched the teeth:



Lu Chen rolled the eyes, which is considered to have caught Tu Shan’s painful foot. Silly and foolish, persuading with good words, covering their ears and not listening, threatening and intimidating, second to none.

The most effective words are:

Be full!

With a full mouth, the mountains of daggers and seas of flames dare to walk.

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