My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 51

“You are so stupid~”

Lu Chen muttered, jumped off Tu Shan’s shoulder, tiptoed towards the city wall, and gently Leaping, reaching out and grabbing an unremarkable crack in the wall, using both hands and feet, quietly climbed up to the top of the city.

Wait for the patrolling armor to pass by.

Lu Chen sneaked into Fengxian Town quietly by the night.



Lu Chen avoided the night guards and headed straight for the Weapon Suppressing Mansion. When he was approaching the Weapon Suppressing Mansion, he suddenly caught a glimpse of another wave of sneaky silhouettes.

expression moved , quickly leaned on it.

“Old Zhang?”

With a shout, Zhang Kui was almost scared to pee, he turned his head and saw Lu Chen walking out of the night, relaxed, and whispered:

“It turned out to be Lu Feng.”

Lu Chen surprisedly said: “Are you… a prisoner?”


Zhang Kui nodded and said indignantly:

“Fang Family can’t wait for me too much, and the life and death of the old Guard Lord is unknown, so this bunch of bastards can’t let this bunch of bastards kill General Fang.”

Lu Chen took a deep look at Zhang Kui, his face became serious again, and asked:

“How many of you are there?”

“Seventy-three, all of them are not. No family.”


“Well, tonight’s robbery.”

“Take care!”

Lu Chen patted Zhang Kui’s shoulder, turned and walked into the night.

Zhang Kui scratched his beard, his face full of unfathomable mystery, he stretched his hand back, and a group of disarmed Guard Soldiers surrounded him, he instructed:

“It’s not too late. , do it now!”


Holding the saber in his hand, he hurried forward to the gate of the mansion.

Silently attacked and killed the guarding Feng Jiajun, opened the gate, a team of dozens of familiar, aggressively killed the prison of Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

At the same time.

Lu Chen also sneaked into Weapon Suppressing Mansion. He watched Zhang Kui lead someone into the prison with his own eyes, waved the breath taken from the opponent into the mirror of his left hand, and said silently:

“Glare Spell!”

The blurred mirror surface gradually becomes clear.

Only hearing the screams of killing, waves of phoenix armies surrounded Zhang Kui and the others in the center, quickly strangling them, nearly a thousand in number.

“Not good, there is an ambush!”


“Ding dong~”

“Kill! And this bunch of bastards spelled it out~”

“puchi ~”


“Sure enough!”

Lu Chen waved his hand to cancel the glare spell, turned and dived in the other direction, groping all the way, and soon came to the door of a room.

Hand holding sword fingers.

Heart to sword.

β€œpuchi ~”

In the blink of an eye, the four guards of the Phoenix Armor were pierced through their necks and fell to the ground.

Lu Chen stepped forward quickly and pushed open the door.

In the innermost part of the room, an oil lamp was lit, and a middle-aged man was sitting cross-legged on the bed, dressed in white cloth, with his eyes closed, as if he was closing his eyes to heal his wounds.

“Yue Baixi!”

Lu Chen stepped forward lightly and just took two steps.

Above the head, on the beam, a silhouette fell silently, and a thin sword pierced Lu Chen’s skull.


The Yanming knife in his hand trembled slightly.

Proactive alerts.

Lu Chen stepped back quickly, and went out of the door in an instant. The Peach Wood Sword appeared in Lu Chen’s hands, the long sword swept across, and a sword pushed the opponent back, shouting:

“Four tigers and four animals, which one are you?”

The Four Tigers are Yue Baixi’s subordinates, and the Four Animals are powerful subordinates trained by Yuan Qingshan following the example of his father.


The man was clothed in black cloth, covered with a face towel, snorted softly, and attacked again with his sword in hand.


Lu Chen guessed the identity of this person, one of the four animals, the name is unknown, outsiders call it “Plum Blossom Pig” , Good use of a plum-blossom rapier, and one-handed Sword Art is quite good.

β€œeat my sword!”

Lu Chen furiously shouted for fear of little movement, and threw the Peach Wood Sword with his hand.

long sword swept.

Surrounding the opponent for a while, slashing and stabbing, clanging, the man was fat, but the Sword Art in his hand was light and dexterous, he walked with the sword, and made sharp moves.

The Peach Wood Sword has been rendered useless time and time again.

Lu Chen saw that he was entangled with each other, raised his feet and walked towards the room again.

Yue Baixi, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed, was indifferent, but Plum Blossom Pig was in a hurry. With a sword, Peach Wood Sword flew away, and he threw a loud arrow into the air.



The harsh sound of arrows exploded in the night sky, and the entire Weapon Suppressing Mansion rioted instantly, originally ambushed in the prison The Phoenix Army.

Sudden change of expression!

“Not good, the City Lord is in danger!”

“Quick, get out!”

“Leave a group to continue strangling, the others Follow me to protect the City Lord!”



The plum blossom pig turned and saw that Lu Chen had left Entering the room, I was even more anxious, and after receiving the Peach Wood Sword recklessly, I rushed to the room and just rushed to the door.

“Cang ε”·~~”

A knife sound suddenly exploded.

“Not good!”

The plum blossom pig is terrifying, and before it can stop it, the short blade has already cut off a head.


The headless body fell to the ground, extremely heavy, Lu Chen turned to Yuan Baixi with his peripheral vision, whispered:

“Kill the pig. ..with a knife of course.”

from start to finish.

He didn’t really intend to assassinate Yuan Baixi. He said that Huluo Plain was bullied by dogs, but Lu Chen was more willing to believe that a dying, starved camel is still bigger than a horse, and felt the sword in his hand. The trembling got worse.

Lu Chen looked down.

The short blade was like blood, and there was an extra inch of red light on the tip of the blade.

“Blade glow…”

Lu Chen was both surprised and delighted, this Yanming sword has merely a trifling for ten days, but killing life is For nothing, he even killed a wolf Di General Alu Hengbo, and his sword power increased sharply.

Now it’s a step further, and a blade glow is condensed.


“Cang Ge!”

Putting the sword back into its sheath, Lu Chen picked up the plum blossom sword on the ground, cup one fist in the other hand gently towards Yuan Baixi, said resolutely:

“Senior, excuse me, Junior will retire!”

Finished speaking.

Step out of the room.

Just left the door.


The window shattered suddenly, and a Peach Wood Sword suddenly came, stabbing Yuan Baixi’s head.

Yuan Baixi suddenly opened his eyes and flicked his fingers.


The Peach Wood Sword instantly fell to the ground, and then suddenly trembled.

Break the window and go!

Yuan Baixi brows slightly wrinkle, UU reading www.uukanshu. com said to himself: “Good cunning boy, if it wasn’t for the red robe nightmare method, I had to keep you.”


“It’s a pity It’s over.”

Lu Chen shook his head, took back his Peach Wood Sword, and ran quickly to the distance, taking advantage of the Fengjia Army to protect the master, all the way to the prison.


“big brother be careful~”

“sou sou~~”

The prison door was kicked open, and four crossbow arrows as thick as arms were shot in the face. Lu Chen’s scalp was numb, and he flinched, dodging in embarrassment.


A sword swept away with a heavy sword shadow.

Even with a crossbow and a crossbow, he slashed and screamed, killing all the soldiers at the door. Lu Chen rushed into the second layer of the underground, and saw nearly a hundred phoenix armors surrounded by soldiers. Strangulation with Guard Soldier.


The short blade at the waist trembled, Lu Chen pressed the handle of the blade and strode forward.


Knives will kill!

β€œahhhh ~”


β€œpuchi ~”

In just a short while, the hundred soldiers were killed by Lu Chen He was killed by one person, blood was rolling all over his body, and the stumps under his feet were all over the place. He glanced at Zhang Kui, who had fallen to the ground with his head almost falling, and shook his head gently:

“It’s no help… .”

Ignoring the remaining Guard Soldier, he walked quickly to the depths of the prison.

Walking to a cell door, Lu Chen paused slightly, turned his head and saw Fang Yuqi wearing heavy armor and a tassel helmet, covered in blood, with red eyes, looking at him cheerfully.


β€œClang Dang!”

Lu Chen broke the chain with a sword, pushed in the door, and hugged Fang Yuqi tightly He got into his arms, twisted his hands, and with a “knock” sound, ripped off the other’s head.

Drenched with blood!

It’s terrifying!

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