My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 52


Before the other party could respond, Lu Chen pulled the head off, and Lu Chen smiled coldly:

“Hello, Descending Tiger!”

“You…how are you…”

The words are not finished.

People are dying.

The details of the Four Tigers and Four Animals, Lu Chen learned from Jiang Hong’e, and Jiang Hong’e heard Fang Yuqi mention that Fang Yuqi studied art at the Baiyun Temple in Fengpo City. year.

Be clear on these.

When Feng Jiajun first arrived in Fengxian Town, he thought that no one knew what they were doing, which was ridiculous.

Lu Chen stretched out his hand and took off a mask from the face of the human tiger, revealing a deadly pale face. This human tiger is a man who knows the magic of Bone Shrinking Art.

Whoever it is.

At a glance, it can be imitated vividly.

In addition to this mask Magical Artifact, it is really like a tiger that has grown wings, but unfortunately… it is a pity that I met him Lu Chen, Lu Chen cultivation glare spell, knowing that Fang Yuqi is locked in prison more in.

At first glance, I saw through this fake.



As one of the four tigers in Fengpo City, Lu Chen has no chance to make a shot.

Throwing away his head, Lu Chen put away the mask Magical Artifact and continued to walk deeper into the prison, and soon came to the deepest cell, where he saw Fang Yuqi sitting against the wall.

Next to him is a tassel helmet.

full head fine black hair loose.

“Yuqi, I’m back!”


Fang Yuqi raised his head, his eyes staring blankly.

“clang dang~”

Lu Chen cut off the chain with one sword, then walked in with his foot raised, then cut off the handcuffs one after another, and stretched out his arms to embrace Fang Yuqi in his arms. When I saw the other party didn’t respond, I panicked:

“silly girl, what’s wrong with you?”

“wu wu wu ~~”

Fang Yuqi burst into tears, sobbing:

“Dad…Dad is dead!”

“Old Fang?”

“Well, they said Daddy fled without a fight, and was beheaded in public, wu wu wu ~”


Fang Hong led the army to fight for most of his life, it was a slippery It’s really possible for a sneaky soldier to flee without a fight. Lu Chen can only be comforted:

“To meet people, dead, then must see the corpse.”

“Feng Jiajun is our enemy now, so I can’t believe it all, maybe Old Fang is still alive.”





Lu Chen nodded heavily, put the tassel helmet on Fang Yuqi himself, and encouraged: “There is still your Guard Soldier waiting outside, so cheer up, You are the heroine of my Lu Chen.”


“Let’s go, let’s go out.”

Lu Chen pulled Fang Yuqi When he walked out of the cell, he suddenly saw Fang Yuqi’s face showing pain. He stepped one stopped and said surprisedly:

“What’s wrong?”

Fang Yuqi turned around.

Lu Chen saw two nails pierced through the heavy armor and nailed to the pipa bone on Fang Yuqi’s back.

“This is?”

“Bone-penetrating nails and sealing spirit talisman have temporarily banned Spiritual Qi in my body, so I can’t even exert 10% of my vigor.”

“What a poisonous thing!”

With this thing, Fang Yuqi not only has to endure pain all the time, but also has no strength. Fortunately, the other party’s Body Refinement is successful and he can survive .

“Hold on, I’ll help you pull it out.”


Seeing Fang Yuqi’s nod, Lu Chen re-armed the opponent. The piece was peeled off, and the blood-stained inner shirt was removed. Suddenly, a pair of jade back appeared in front of him, even though it was stained with blood.

But it can’t stop the beautiful scenery.

If women are made of water, then…Fang Yuqi should be made of ice.

Ice muscle jade bone.

Pink and jade carving.


Fang Yuqi blushed pretty face and had to urge.


Lu Chen came back to his senses, suppressed the ripples in his heart, and reached out to press the jade back:

“You endure it. Click!”





Lu Chen relaxed, whispered:



“In the future… There won’t be scars, right?”


Fang Yuqi’s pretty face turned redder, Lu Chen quickly treated the wound and put his clothes on the other side, He was helping to put on his armor when he heard a word in his ears.

Sounds like flies.

“I practice the White Tiger Body Refinement Technique, no…no scars.”


After putting away the two bone-penetrating nails with the seal of spirit talisman, the two sorted them out and walked out quickly. After meeting with the Guard Soldier, Lu Chen discovered that there were originally seventy-three Guard Soldiers.

Only twenty-one remain alive.


“I have seen the general!”

Even so, they still face doesn’t change and saluted Fang Yuqi excitedly.

“Okay, let me kill you!”

Fang Yuqi turned into the female general again, with slim hands and a sword flying out of Spirit Orifice, murderous-looking.

“As you bid!”


The Guard Soldiers were excited, and as the two rushed out, Lu Chen turned his head and Seeing the two Guard Soldiers carrying one person, it was Zhang Kui, surprisedly said:

“Yuqi, Old Zhang is dead, do you want to take it back for burial?”

“Zhang Kui Not dead.”

“What, impossible, my head is about to fall off.”

“Didn’t it fall off?”

“….. .”

Lu Chen rolled the eyes and asked in a low voice:

“What’s going on?”

Fang Yuqi showed a rare smile and explained:

“Zhang Kui also has an innate talent called [Ant Life]. As long as the corpse is not separated, he can survive. There have been times when the injury was worse than this, and that time he was almost chopped up and fed. The dog finally crawled back.”


Good guy!

Good guy!

This is the legendary cheap as ant life?

Lu Chen was shocked and solved the mysteries of the past. No wonder Zhang Kui, like an iron man, rushed up again and again, and always survived again and again. .

Ant life!

This life…it’s really hard, I don’t know…if I’m really eaten by a dog, will I be able to survive.

As soon as the thought arises, it is immediately suppressed.

Lu Chen pressed the handle of the knife and rushed out of the prison first, roaring:


On this day, the long sword volleyed, The short blade was soaked in blood, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi fought side by side, all the way out of Fengxian Town, with twenty-one Guard Soldiers behind them, only nine left!


“Chase, don’t let them escape!”

One of the four tigers,【Xia Mountain Tiger】Tongguan, ride on the With a high head on a horse, holding a knife nearly three meters away, he led hundreds of phoenix armies out of the city to chase after him. He looked up and saw two swords attacking.


Tongguan shouted angrily and slashed the Flying Sword with his sword, but because of the double swords, he couldn’t catch up at full speed.

A chase.


In a blink of an eye, I left Fengxian Town.


“peng~ peng~ peng~ ~”

Tu Shan strode forward, leaping over Lu Chen and the Others, one person blocked the way of the pursuers.

“xu lu lu ~”

Tongguan hurriedly reined in his horse, and the Fengjia Army stopped, the entire group looked horrified, and Tongguan looked up at Giant Spirit, which was nearly five meters high. God Tu Shan felt a chill in his heart, rolled his throat, and said in a trembling voice:

“This… this monster came from him!!”

“I… I’m not a monster!”

Tu Shan bent his legs and put on a fighting stance, but from time to time he looked back, feeling uncertain. Lu Chen finally breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing Tu Shan’s cowardly behavior, he immediately said:

“Punch, you’ll be full!”

“You’re full?”

Tu Shan swallowed his saliva, clenched his fists tightly, and strode toward the Fengjia Army:

“Hit… a punch!”

“Kill ~”

Tong Guan gritted his teeth, waved his sword, and charged towards Tu Shan with the Phoenix Armor Army’s bronze oneself.

“Giant Strength Technique!”



“Withdraw, withdraw!!! “

A punch fell.

Break apart!

Tongguan, with the remnants of the soldiers, crawled and fled towards Fengxian Town.

Lu Chen returned his sword and said with emotion:

“This time Mountain Tiger Tongguan can resist the Giant Strength Technique of Tushan, and it’s really not simple.”


“He has an innate talent [Iron Bone] and ranks second among the four tigers. He is indeed a formidable enemy.”

Fang Yuqi nodded and said with concern:

“You are all right. Right?”

“It’s all right, just a little hurt.”

When I was leaving the city just now, I was slashed by Tongguan, which came suddenly, and a hole was opened in the back. He blocked it, and the knife almost killed him.

Now both of them are exhausted and have put out the idea of chasing and killing each other.

“How about you?”

“I’m fine. UU reading”


Lu Chen glanced all around and asked again:

“Where’s Old Zhang?”


“Okay. Let’s go!”

Between life and death, how can one care about a half-dead Zhang Kui, who has long been lost, and can only hope not to be really fed to the dog.


Giant Spirit God Tu Shan came running from the front, excited.

“Let’s lead the way.”


The entire group left, and when they joined Jiang Hong’e, the sky was already dark In the middle of the night, Jiang Hong’e and Fang Yuqi hugged each other tightly and cried with joy.

Trim for a while.

He went to Toad Island all night, until midnight, and finally came to the Akutagawa River.

The Akutagawa River is ten miles wide.

Toad Island is also four or five miles away from the shore. Lu Chen drove the Peach Wood Sword and sent the four women and nine Guard Soldiers to Toad Island in several batches.

Tu Shan hugged the driftwood and tossed it for a long time before floating over.

So far.

Lu Chen finally settled down on Toad Island.

The long river is magnificent.

The night fell.

Everyone lay down in the temporarily opened Cave Mansion and fell asleep one by one.


A frog croak suddenly sounded on the Toad Island, the water vapor evaporated, and the fog was hazy. In the blink of an eye, the thick black mist engulfed the entire Toad Island.


The short blade on the waist trembled slightly, and it was warning again. Lu Chen, who was sleeping, suddenly opened his eyes and saw Qiao Qinghe closed his eyes. Walking out of the inner room, the lotus strides forward.

One step, one step, to the Cave Mansion layman.



Two consecutive calls made Qinghe seem unheard of.

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