My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 53

β€œQing He~”

Seeing that he was about to leave the cave, Lu Chen quickly chased after him, reached out and picked up the little girl by the waist, Qing He still thought Struggling, there is no way to resist in Lu Chen’s arms.

He looked out.

I saw the dark fog outside the cave, and the entire Toad Island was shrouded in thick black fog.

“What happened?”

Lu Chen brows tightly knit, turned around and saw Qing Cao came out, closed his eyes and walked out like Qing He just now, After subduing the two little girls, Lu Chen walked into the interior and called out:

“Hong’e, Yuqi, wake up!”

“What’s wrong?”


The lamp was lit by the side, the two women woke up as usual, and sat up on the temporary show couch. than a fragrant.


Lu Chen was about to explain to the two girls when a scream suddenly came from outside Cave Mansion.

The three looked at each other.

He looked solemn.

Jiang Hong’e took care of two little girls, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi walked out of the Cave Mansion, turned the corner to the cave on the side, and saw that only Tu Shan was snoring like thunder in the cave, and the remaining nine guards Soldier was all gone.

“Wake up!”

Lu Chen kicked Tu Shan’s leg, the snoring stopped for a while, and then sounded again.

“Have dinner!”

“Hmm? Have dinner??”

Tu Shan rubbed his eyes and sat up, the corners of his mouth still drooling. Arriving at Lu Chen, he hurriedly sat up and stammered:


“Go out with me!”

Lu Chen didn’t talk nonsense, turned around and walked out of the cave, Tu Shan hunched over, and quickly followed.

The three of them were not far from each other, looking alert, searching for Guard Soldier on Toad Island together, Fang Yuqi gently sniffed Qiong’s nose, willow brows slightly wrinkle, and said:

“Lu Chen, there is something wrong with this fog.”

“en. ”

Lu Chen looked all around, nod gently: “I also found that it has a hallucinogenic effect. , However, it has little effect on us, and I am afraid that people with a low cultivation base are…”

At this time.

Behind him, Tu Shan suddenly stretched out his finger and pointed into the distance:

“That… there!” , the nine Guard Soldiers are standing side by side by the river, all motionless, looking extra weird. With the Peach Wood Sword hanging above their heads, the three of them stepped forward cautiously.

“Pu tong~”

Before getting close, I heard a diving sound, and a small water splash appeared on the river.


Squeeze sword fingers.

Heart to sword.

The Peach Wood Sword stabbed into the water instantly, twisting in a twist.



Lu Chen nods, reached out and beckoned, Peach Wood Sword broke out of the water, and the sword returned to its orifice , turned his head to look at Fang Yuqi, and asked:

“See what it is?”


Fang Yuqi shook his head, thinking. : “Mostly it’s a small Spirit Beast, very alert.”


Lu Chen bowed his forehead and came to Guard Soldier. motionless, but he was not injured, just didn’t know the scream just now.

Who sent it.

The black fog gradually dissipated, and a storm subsided temporarily. Tu Shan reached out and picked up the nine Guard Soldiers, like catching chickens, and moved back to the cave.

Lu Chen was also relaxed and turned to Cave Mansion with Fang Yuqi.

“What’s the matter?”

“There is a Spirit Beast near Toad Island, it should be a frog.”


“It’s not dangerous…”

Fang Yuqi and Jiang Hong’e were talking about what happened just now. Disappointed, he turned and walked out of the room.

“Glare Spell!”

Lu Chen hands form a secret art, spreads out his left hand gently, a round mirror appears in the palm, the light is interlaced, and the picture of the two women talking is presented in on the mirror.

“It’s a pity it’s black and white…”

Lu Chen was a little dissatisfied, and with a flick, changed to another picture.

That’s a Chaotic Burial Mound.

The stumps were piled up together. One of the bodies was still intact, but the head was almost broken, just like a corpse. If you look closely, you will find that granulation is growing at the wound.

“Life is really tough.”

Lu Chen muttered and was about to cancel the glare spell.

“ao wu ~~”

“ao wu ~~”

At this moment, a wolf howl suddenly came from the mirror, and Lu Chen’s hand After a while, I saw a group of gray wolves running into the picture, tearing up the corpses one by one, gobbling them down.

“It’s over…”

Lu Chen opened his mouth and was speechless for a while.

Old Zhang and him are more or less half friends, didn’t expect, they didn’t get into the belly of a dog, they were eaten by wolves and turned into a big lump.

“Ai, what a miserable man.”

Lu Chen sighed, but the two places were twenty li or so apart.


Lu Chen was about to collect the corpse for the other party when he saw Zhang Kui suddenly deceive the corpse, raised his right arm and pinched the grey wolf’s neck, “Kump” a crisp sound.

Break the neck directly.

β€œwu wu wu~~”

The other gray wolves were frightened, whimpered and fled, Zhang Kui sat up slowly, and said blankly:

β€œ This…where is this?”

“Good guy, it’s really tough!”

Lu Chen waved away Glare Spell, no longer rushing to find the other party, nothing to do, he took out the two Magical Artifacts he got last night from the sealed space.

A plum blossom rapier.

A face mask.

The rapier has six Dao Marks, slightly better than Magical Artifact.


He used the Peach Wood Sword more easily and didn’t plan to replace it. This Peach Wood Sword was normally nourished by Spiritual Qi in the Spirit Orifice, and it is already the Magical Artifact of the five Dao Marks, not much worse than the Plum Sword. .

No need to change.

“We’ll deal with it later.”

With a decision, Lu Chen picked up the face mask and started refining.

The sky is getting lighter.

Lu Chen opened his eyes, opened his mouth and took a breath, the face mask became smaller, flew into the mouth, and sank all the way into the Spirit Orifice. He also learned the specific information of the face mask.

Cyan surface!

The First Rank Magical Artifact of Jiujo Dao Mark is specially refined by combining the faces of ten cultivators with the stone powder of First Rank bluestone.

Wear this mask to make it look real.

“Not bad.”

Lu Chen was satisfied with the nodded, got up and walked out of the Cave Mansion, started the cultivation of Eternal Spring Art, performed it three times in a row, Lu Chen spit out one mouthful of impure air, and another Pure Yang Breath in the mouth.

So far.

Pure Yang Breath has accumulated seven mouthfuls, and only two mouthfuls are needed to make Pure Yang Body.

On this day, everyone arrived at Toad Island. The woke Guard Soldier was busy setting up camp on the island, while Lu Chen and the girls arranged Cave Mansion.

The stone bed.

Stone Chair.

Stone bowls, stone basins, and widening caves, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, etc., are all available.

Being busy.

Lu Chen is also following Zhang Kui’s movements through the glare spell. In the morning, Zhang Kui sneaked into Fengxian Town, slaughtered a Fengjia army secretly, and was chased by the leading troops all morning.

Nearly got hacked to death.

In the afternoon, Zhang Kui started to contact the former Guard Soldier subordinates, intimidating and enticing him, but he was reported by his subordinates. .

It’s getting dark.

Zhang Kui entered the Scarlet Chamber Garden, found his old friend, and started playing games.

“UU reading virtue, what are you doing?”

“cough cough~~”

Lu Chen hurriedly dispelled the glare spell and trotted He went to Jiang Hong’e, helped to straighten the stone bed, and complained: “Yesterday I called someone Lu Lang, but today I started calling and drinking…”

“gΔ“ gΔ“ gΔ“ ~~”

Jiang Hong’e smiled, trembling.

Lu Chen’s little heart peng peng, leaned forward, and whispered:

“At night… let’s sleep in a bed.”


Jiang Hong’e snorted softly and blushed, but his winking eyes were filled with spring water, rippling with light, glanced at Fang Yuqi not far away, and turned over. Good-looking white eyes:

“I sleep with the surnamed Fang at night. If you have the ability, you can climb in by yourself.”


It was getting dark.

The crowd ate roasted frog meat and dispersed. Lu Chen told Guard Soldier and Tu Shan for a while, and returned to Cave Mansion. On the stone bed, Lu Chen sat cross-legged and silently refinement.


A fragrant wind blows, and there is one more person in his arms.

Lu Chen opened his eyes and saw Jiang Hong’e, who was bulging forward and backward, was wearing a red gauze, lying in his arms, looking up, charming eyes were like silk.

“hmph, goblin, don’t mess with my Dao Heart!”

“Young Master~~~”

The slender hands were tightly wrapped around Lu On Chen’s waist, Xiangfeng vomited lightly, and said in a charming voice:

“Mother asked Yiyi to come to accompany Young Master.”




The night was dark, Lu Chen was lying upright on the stone bed, with Chu Yiyi, a red fox in the shape of Jiang Hong’e in his arms, with his eyes open, Heart like water.


A frog croak suddenly sounded.


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