My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 54

“Come on!”

Lu Chen got up quietly, walked out of the stone chamber, and saw Fang Yuqi walking from the inside carrying the Jinghong Sword.

“Yuqi, don’t go.”


“Well, this Spirit Beast is timid, so many people are afraid of meeting Scare him away, once disturbed, it is not appropriate to try to find it again.”


Fang Yuqi nods, warned repeatedly:

“Then be careful.”

“Don’t worry!”

Lu Chen walked out of Cave Mansion alone, and saw Toad Island was shrouded in thick black mist again. Not far away, nine Guard Soldier walked out of the cave one by one with his eyes closed.

Like a puppet.

He followed quietly, pretending to be controlled as well.

In the dark night, ten people lined up to walk on Toad Island, which looked very strange. In a blink of an eye, they came to the river, and Lu Chen squinted his eyes and looked out of the corner of his eye.

No exceptions were found.

The time flies by slowly, a little one hour has passed quickly.

Lu Chen was anxiously waiting, and he began to worry about gains and losses. He thought it was time for him to beat the grass to scare the snake, and there would be no more gains.


The river suddenly burst into water, and a small silhouette floated up from the water.

Lu Chen stared at each other out of the corner of his eye.

I was amazed. It was a frog with a whole body like crystal, a baby fist sized, and four slender short legs floating on the water.

The mouth is bulging and shrinking, and there is a black mist hesitating.

Lu Chen didn’t make a sound, and saw that the crystal frog swam to the shore with its hind legs, climbed to the shore again, and jumped on the hind legs and jumped on the forehead of a Guard Soldier.

Guard Soldier’s face changed, and his face was struggling.


The crystal frog opened its mouth and croaked, and a colorful thin mist rose from Guard Soldier’s head, swallowed by the crystal frog, shaking his head, revealing Joyful look.


Lu Chen looked thoughtful.

Meng Yao drilled a small head out of his long hair and looked around quietly, showing a curious look. The Crystal Frog jumped over Guard Soldier’s forehead, and soon it was Lu Chen’s turn.



The crystal frog jumped high, Lu Chen flashed his right hand and pinched the little thing In the hands, no matter how the crystal frog struggles, those big hands are completely motionless.

“big brother ~”

“big brother ~”

Lu Chen was complacent when Meng Yao’s anxious voice suddenly came from his ear.

“ka-cha ~”

The scene in front of him suddenly shattered, Lu Chen opened his eyes suddenly, only to find that the crystal frog was lying on his forehead, swallowing clouds, it turned out, unconsciously , he has been controlled by the crystal frog.

“Good risk!”

Lu Chen heart shivered with cold, reached out and pinched the crystal frog in his hand.


Just after relaxing, a scream suddenly sounded, and Lu Chen turned his head and saw that for some time, a white-haired man was lying on the water. Humanoid monster.

face looks sinister!

show one’s ferocious appearance!

A pair of red eyes stared at Lu Chen, like a bubbling pale corpse.

“It’s a water ghost!”

Lu Chen was about to step back when the long hair of the water ghost had wrapped around his ankle, dragged Lu Chen up, “pu tong”, smashed into the river.

“Lu Chen!!”

Far away, Fang Yuqi rushed forward, only to see white hair growing wildly on the river.

Wrapped Lu Chen and quickly sank.

“Lu Chen!!”

Fang Yuqi shouted coquettishly, but there was no response on the river. For a time, everything was in chaos. She didn’t even care to take off her iron armor, and threw herself away. jumped into the river.


The river suddenly exploded.

The three-inch blade glow pulled away, Lu Chen put the knife back into its sheath, and dragged the water ghost’s body to the surface.


The two looked at each other in blank dismay and were speechless for a moment.

Fang Yuqi blushed, Lu Chen was moved, stretched out his hand to embrace the other’s lovable body, and said warmly:

“Go, let’s go ashore.”

” Hmm~~”

The two swam to the shore.

I was soaked all over.

Lu Chen dropped the body of the water ghost, looked back at the river, and called out:

“Yaoyao, why haven’t you come out yet?”

“ Here comes the big brother.”

Meng Yao floated up from under the water without dripping water, and said crisply: “big brother, there is a hole underneath, and there are a lot of shiny things in it.”


Lu Chen was overjoyed and asked:

“Is it spiritsand?”



Meng Yao nodded hard, body flashed, returned to Lu Chen’s shoulder, and added: “There are other things, round, very beautiful.”

“No Urgent, let’s go down to see it at dawn.”


Lu Chen picked up the crystal frog in his left hand and asked:

“Yuqi, do you know this guy?”

“This is…”

Fang Yuqi stared at it carefully and said surprisedly:

“This is the Spirit Beast [Mirage Frog].”

“Mirage frog?”

“Well, a rare Spirit Beast with mirage beads pregnant in its body , can breathe mirage, although the body is weak, but the Divine Ability is not small, once promoted to Second Rank, it is said to be very terrifying, and can easily enslave a town of 100,000 people.”

“so that’s how it is. , that water ghost should be controlled by a mirage.”


Lu Chen was afraid for a while, if Yaoyao hadn’t woken him up just now, he would be a mirage now The frog’s slave, and will sink deeper and deeper, just like the water ghost.

under its control.

Be driven by it.

There were no mirages and frogs, and the black fog on Toad Island quickly dissipated. The nine Guard Soldiers woke up one after another, all of them terrified. Lu Chen comforted them a few words and let them go back to the cave. .

Outside Cave Mansion.

Jiang Hong’e was looking forward to seeing Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi coming together, and finally felt relieved.

Lu Chen took out the mirage and asked:

“Red E, can you conquer this mirage?”

“Spirit Beast?”

“Yes, it’s this little thing.”

Jiang Hong’e is the Disciple of the Love Sect, and the Brought to the Point of Perfection by the Hand-in-Hand Love Technique. If you say three people Who has the chance to conquer the Spirit Beast mirage frog, only Jiang Hong’e.

“Then I’ll try.”

Jiang Hong’e did not refuse, his red lips lightly opened, mutter incantations, stretched out his slender jade finger, and pointed at the top of the mirage frog’s head, After a while, he retracted his jade finger, shook his head and said:

“No, this mirage seems harmless, but in fact it has a fierce and stubborn temperament. If you want to conquer it, you need a secret art of the beast.”

“Then there is no way.”

Lu Chen was a little disappointed, turned around and asked:

“What is the approximate price of this mirage?”

“Ordinary Spirit Beast can sell a thousand grains of spiritsand. This mirage is rare. If it is auctioned, it may be sold for two thousand.”

Seeing that Lu Chen seemed to be moving, Fang Yuqi had to remind:

“Are you sure you want to sell it? This mirage frog’s flesh is a rare treasure. It likes to eat fantasy and nourishes unsullied flesh. Even if you use a Spirit Stone, you can’t buy a person who is forging your body.”


Lu Chen looked at the beautiful little thing in his hand, wondering:


“It’s so cute, I can’t say it.”


“It smells so good~~”

A moment later, a bonfire was raised in Cave Mansion, and several people sat in a circle. Lu Chen stared at the pot on the bonfire and almost drooled.

Jiang Hong’e stirred the spoon.

Fang Yuqi, Qing Cao Qinghe, two Small Foxes, and two little tigers, all of them are greedy.

“gu lu gu lu ~”

The soup was churning, Lu Chen’s throat rolled, and he couldn’t help but stretch out his palm.


Jiang Hong’e waved his hand, opened Lu Chen’s evil hand, and said angrily:

“Where to touch? “


Lu Chen’s face was embarrassed, and he said:

“I touched the wrong place… .”

“hehe ~”

“hmph ~”

“glib tongue ~”

Yaoyao sat in Lu Chen’s On his shoulders, his little feet swayed, he sniffed the little Qiong’s nose, and pouted:

“Big brother, Yaoyao also wants to drink.”

Lu Chen came back to his senses, stretched out his hand and took off the red coin between Yaoyao’s eyebrows, looking at the word [Prayer] highlighted above, “Yaoyao still doesn’t know how to make a wish? “


Yaoyao lowered her head, her big eyes lost for a while.

Fang Yuqi pondered: “Will there be any cost, such as…what to pay.”

“The cost?”

Lu Chen looked Thoughtful, whispered:

“Need spiritsand? But… Yaoyao can’t touch it at all.”

Except for spiritsand, he really couldn’t think of any price to pay, And Meng Yao doesn’t have it.

Fang Yuqi rolled the eyes and reminded:

“I’m not talking about real objects.”

“Isn’t real objects?”

Lu Chen was shocked, his eyes widened suddenly, and he said:

“I know!”

Seeing all the girls looking around, Lu Chen excitedly clenched He clenched his fists, excitedly said: “I know, I should have thought, it’s… it’s incense!”

“gu lu gu lu ~”

The bonfire was burning, and all the flesh and blood essence of the mirage frog was dissolved into the soup. Jiang Hong’e and Qing Cao Qinghe only tasted a small sip, and a piece of red glow appeared on the pretty face.

He hurried into the inner room.

Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi looked at each other, drank most of them, left the Cave Mansion together, and began to practice the Body Refinement cultivation technique. The rest of the soup was shared by the four little fellows.



The dark moon hangs in the sky, and the night is deep.

Lu Chen stood on the hill, cultivating the Eternal Spring Art over and over again, sweating profusely, with white smoke coming out of his head, with the practice, one after another strength continued to grow.

After one hour, Lu Chen’s strength has reached 1,800 jins, and Pure Yang Breath also begins to accumulate rapidly.



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