My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 55


When the Pure Yang Breath reached nine, all the Pure Yang Breaths exploded and scattered to the limbs and bones. In an instant, Lu Chen body temperature rose rapidly.

It’s hot!

It’s hot!

Lu Chen took off his long gown, hot air came out from the top of his head, and his whole body had turned into a crimson. He hurriedly sat down, clenched his teeth, motionless, and let Pure Yang Breath burn all over his body.

White smoke billows!


time it takes to burn a stick of incense.

A quarter of an hour.

In the blink of an eye, one hour passed, and the crimson on Lu Chen began to subside. After a while, he let out a long sigh and finally returned to normal.

At this time.

He has become a [Pure Yang Body], his blood is like a fire beacon, ghosts and evil spirits dare not approach, and his strength has reached 2,200 pounds.

“It’s finally done.”

Lu Chen stood up, wishing to roared towards the sky, it took a while to calm down, and then floated down from the hill again, can’t wait to go to the distance He ran, and soon, he slaughtered a half-human Giant Frog with a knife, and the light curtain was softly trembled in front of him.


【Eternal Spring Art Promote Level Condition】:

【1】: Pure Yang Body (achieved!)

[2]: A body refinement (achieved!)

[3]: 100 catties of flesh and blood (achieved!)

[4]: fifty spiritsand (Achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base ]: Qi Refinement fifth layer

[cultivation technique]: Ageless Eternal Spring Art Perfection (Promote Level available!) +


“Finally…Finally want to Promote Level I’m done.”

Lu Chen was excited, reached out and tapped:

“Promote Level!”

“shua ~”

flesh and blood Disappeared, spirits and disappeared, Lu Chen’s whole body trembled, his muscles and bones chirped, Perfection’s ageless Eternal Spring Art began to transform into a new cultivation technique, which lasted for half an hour before it was completely completed.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Characteristics]: Pure Yang (expandable!)

[cultivation technique]: Limitless Pure Yang Merit proficiency (upgrade Conditions can be expanded!)


Eternal Spring Art transformed into Authentic Level [Limitless Pure Yang Merit].

Because of common origins, one transformation is proficient. This skill combines dynamic and static, internal and external cultivation, and is divided into ninth layer, ninth layer Perfection can transform Innate, and refine [Innate Pure Yang Physique].

“Limitless Pure Yang Merit!”

“Innate Pure Yang Physique!”


Lu Chen Heart Drama Shock, reach out a little:


[Characteristics]: Pure Yang (Qi and blood are like rainbows, ghosts and evils are avoided!)

“Good Guys!”

This feature is similar to innate talent, and can be turned on and off automatically, which is very practical. Lu Chen was satisfied with the nodded, sorted out what he got, and walked back quickly. See Jiang Hong’e standing at the entrance of the cave, looking forward to it.

The posture is lithe and graceful.


Looking at each other, Jiang Hong’e seemed to feel something, covered his red lips with his hand, and said in surprise:

“Practice…do you have it?”

“It’s done!”

Lu Chen’s heart swayed, he stretched out his hand to pick up Jiang Hong’e, and said warmly:

“Hong’e, tonight… let’s Lang Yilang ……”



The two were lying on the stone bed, Jiang Hong’ e leaning on Lu Chen’s chest, affectionately, charming eyes were like silk, whispering sweet words.

“Should we kill Qinghe?”



“Qinghe It’s still too young, let’s grow up.”

“hmph, I don’t believe it.”

“Want to hear the truth?”


“I want to leave you the first time.”


Jiang Hong’e phoenix eyes slightly red, heartbroken Feeling moved, a pair of plump arms wrapped tightly around Lu Chen’s body, and moved: “Lu Lang, I have decided to give up innate talent [matchmaker].”

“Don’t be impulsive.”

“I don’t care, I’ll ask you if you’d like it?”


“Well, even if it gets worse, there will always be “Plain Woman Secret Dao” Sutra” added that the cultivation speed may not be slow.”


Lu Chen made up his mind and immediately fought with Jiang Hong’e, which was extremely brutal.



………….. ……


……………. ………….

The sky is already bright, Jiang Hong’e has just fallen asleep, the rosy glow on his face is still there, the tears in the corners of his eyes are not dry, Lu Chen is hugging the beauty , looked at the light curtain in front of him, and said silently:


[Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Dao One Companion (achieved!)

[2]: ten times of cultivation (achieved!)


“Ten times ……”

Lu Chen’s eyes are complicated, and he works hard all night, and Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra gets started directly…….

As for Jiang Hong’e.

Her innate talent has really changed. The previous [matchmaker] no longer exists, and it has transformed into a new innate talent [hongluan]. As for the effect.

Lu Chen has a deep understanding, and jade can’t stop it.

Whenever the cultivation tantra.

Jiang Hong’e will have a fiery-red Immortal Beast tattoo on his body. He spreads his wings and wants to fly, as if to be reborn from the ashes, soaring into the sky, which is really beautiful.

So much so.

Jiang Hong’e promoted Qi Refinement Realm twice in a row overnight and reached the fourth layer of Qi Refinement. Lu Chen also benefited from it, and the cultivation progress reached the sixth layer of Qi Refinement.

“It seems… I will practice hard in the future…”

“Well, for the cultivation base!”

Lu Chen made up his mind, his face was solemn, and he reached out and tapped:



[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base ]: Qi Refinement sixth layer

[cultivation technique ]: Introduction to Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)


【Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra Upgrade Condition】:

【1】: Ten spiritsand (achieved!)

【2】:cultivation 100 times (Not reached!)


“A hundred times…”

“It’s not that hard. ”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful and strengthened his determination to practice hard.


“UU reading slow down…”


From noon to noon, Lu Chen supported Jiang Hong’e to the main hall, and in an instant, a pair of eyes looked over, Jiang Hong’e pretty face Weixia, looked at Fang Yuqi and pretended to be As if nothing happened.

Sit down carefully.

Fang Yuqi glanced at Lu Chen, then quickly looked away, her mind was complicated. She and Lu Chen knew each other, but after a series of blows, she couldn’t care about their relationship for the time being. Can go with the flow.

Qing Cao remained silent.

Qiao Qinghe quickly served Jiang Hong’e a bowl of rice, and she was overjoyed. She glanced at Lu Chen with a pair of big eyes, and her heart belonged.


Lu Chen coughed dryly and said:

“Yuqi, let’s go into the water and explore the cave that Yaoyao mentioned. .”


Fang Yuqi complied absentmindedly.

Lu Chen added; “After that, I plan to go to Fengxian Town, first to help Yaoyao intercept the incense, second to inquire about news, third to buy some necessary life items, and fourth to plan Zhang Kui took him back to Toad Island.”

Jiang Hong’e frowned slightly, worried:

“Will it be dangerous?”

The two of them It was when the glue was like paint that Jiang Hong’e’s heart was tied to Lu Chen, and he was reluctant to take the slightest risk.

“It’s fine.”

Lu Chen took out the blue-patterned face, buttoned it on his face, and sewed it tightly. Mountain Tiger, Tongguan, will definitely not recognize him in person.

“It’s fine.”

Jiang Hong’e relaxed, took a piece of frog meat and put it in Lu Chen’s bowl, smiling:

“Consumption It’s that big, eat more to nourish the body.”


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