My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 56

After lunch, Jiang Hong’e went back to his room to rest, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi were ready to go, and soon came to the river, the body of the water ghost was gone, it should have been taken by Giant Frog swallowed.

Lu Chen asked:

“Yaoyao, how deep is the cave from the water?”

Meng Yao was lying on top of Lu Chen’s head, holding her chin in her small hand, replied :

“Not deep.”


Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi swam into the Akutagawa River, holding their breath, in Yao Under the guidance of Yao, he quickly dived.



Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi surfaced in a cave-like cave. In the underground space, Lu Chen took a deep breath and said in surprise: “What a strong Spiritual Qi.”

The two looked at each other and said in unison:

“spirit vein! “

“Okay, that’s great!”

Lu Chen was excited and jumped to the shore on the water, only to see that the entire underground space was only more than ten meters in diameter, all around The walls of the cave are inlaid with sparkling spiritsand.



The concentration of Spiritual Qi is at least double that of the outside world.

Fang Yuqi cried with joy. No one knows the value of a small spirit vein better than her. Having this spirit vein represents an opportunity to cultivate a Method Release Immortal Master.

Method Release Immortal Master Ah.

There are many Qi Refinement masters in the world, but not many can really achieve Method Release Immortal Master.

This is the foundation of the great city.

The heritage of Cultivation Family.

sect The face of the Great Sect.

Fang Yuqi waded to the shore, her soaked white shirt clinging to her lovable body, her posture was lithe and graceful, her curves were exquisite, her chest and buttocks were highlighted.

Skin tones are visible.

It’s delicious!

She reached out and grabbed Lu Chen’s shirt, warned repeatedly:

“Lu Chen, don’t tell outsiders!”


Lu Chen seriously nodded, held up Fang Yuqi’s delicate face, carefully wiped off the water stains on his face and water droplets on his hair, and said warmly: “Only you and Hong’e, the three of us.”


Fang Yuqi pretty face was slightly drunk, and she mustered up the courage to look at Lu Chen.



Lu Chen was hot in his heart, and was about to take the opportunity to eat a big meal when Meng Yao pouted on his shoulders and said dissatisfiedly:

“Big brother, and Yaoyao. “

The two looked at each other and smiled, Lu Chen added:

“Yes, and Yaoyao, the four of us.”

Who knows that Meng Yao is still Dissatisfied, he clasped his small hands and said in a crisp voice: “big brother is stupid, and Qing He and Qing Cao elder sister.”

“pu chi ~”

Fang Yuqi smiled like a flower, and Lu Chen was embarrassed for a while.


The two came to the very center of the underground space, where there was a small pool, half a meter square, very unremarkable, Lu Chen surprisedly said:

“This is… the fountain of the Water Spiritual Vein?”


Fang Yuqi nods and explains:

“This is right above the Water Spiritual Vein. The Second Rank spirit vein of Toad Island was broken. By chance, the First Rank Water Attribute spirit vein was formed here. Just combing it with Spiritual Qi can lead out A spiritual spring, the concentration of Spiritual Qi in this underground space can be improved a lot.”

“It’s a good place.”

Lu Chen rubbed his hands, excitedly said:

“Several decades of accumulation, I don’t know what good things can be bred? Mirage frogs lived here before, and most of them got into its stomach.”

Said, Lu Chen Reach into the pool.

Fang Yuqi also held his breath, for fear of futile joy.

expression moved.

Lu Chen withdrew his palm and slowly spread it out. For a moment, it was dazzling. He saw three things lying in his palm, one of which was a transparent bead the size of a thumb.

And a piece of azure stone, a piece of blue metal.

Fang Yuqi said happily: “This…this is the spiritual object of water, the other two are First Rank spirit material, one is a crystal stone and the other is blue gold.”


“Water Pearl?”

“Well, you can get Water Spiritual Root after refining.”

“Yuqi, use it!”

Fang Yuqi stared at Lu Chen, froze for a moment, and said in a trembling voice:



Lu Chen seriously nodded, and said warmly:

“It’s just a spiritual object, it’s not even a hair of my Yuqi’s hair.”

Fang Yuqi was shy and shy Hi, she was moved beyond words, she insisted on stuffing the water drop into Lu Chen’s big hands, her apricot eyes flushed, and her eyes were affectionate: “Let’s use it for Lu Lang, you are False Spiritual Root, spiritual object is more important to Lu Lang. “

“Lu Lang…”

Lu Chen reached out and put Fang Yuqi in his arms, murmured:

“Yuqi~ ”


β€œYou are so nice!”


This day , Lu Chen refining the spiritual object of water, a drop of water blends with Spirit Orifice, False Spiritual Root…transformed into Five Elements Water Spiritual Root!


Just after the afternoon, Tu Shan and Guard Soldier were busy setting up camp on the island.

Fang Yuqi and Jiang Hong’e led two little girls to decorate the Cave Mansion, Lu Chen said goodbye to everyone, reached out and scratched Jiang Hong’e’s palm, and whispered:

“Hong’e, late High Level I…”

Jiang Hong’e charming eyes were like silk, red lips slightly parted, lightly snorted:


Lu Chen’s heart swayed, he quickly stabilized Dao Heart, took the storage bag handed over by the two women, hands form a secret art, Yujian flew to Fengxian Town, and again After landing, it was outside Fengxian Town.

“big brother, look!”

Yaoyao stood on Lu Chen’s shoulder, her little finger pointing south.

Lu Chen turned his head to look and saw that just south of Fengxian Town was filled with smoke and dust. It was an army coming from south to north.

It’s dusty!

Iron armor!

“There are at least a thousand Phoenix Armies who came to help.”

“It seems to be a little more careful.”

Lu Chen frowned slightly, and his heart was even more intense. After a bit of caution, he put the blue-patterned face on his face. He walked slowly to the west city gate. After entering the city, he first bought all kinds of necessities.

Grain, oil, rice noodles, etc., were stuffed into the storage bag.

Everything is ready.

Lu Chen took Meng Yao to a temple.

The temple covers an area of five acres, with white walls and red tiles, and it is quite solemn. Long Spring Temple is only a private temple, and the temple in front of you is the official temple of Fengxian Town. There are three inscribed on the plaque. Gilt characters:

Shou Immortal Palace!

There are four characters on both sides of the glazed pillars:

Blessings and longevity!

Like a crane like a pine!

This temple is dedicated to [Shou Immortal], which is also the source of the three characters of Fengxian Town. According to legend, four hundred years ago, there was still a barren hill here, and there was a person. Enlightenment here.

And later.

People become immortals and fly away.

The people regard this place as a blessed place, and gradually gather here, so… this has become popular, from a small village to a big town, over and over again, after more than 400 years.

The current weather.

There are loose cultivators here from time to time, but no one dares to occupy them.

Baiyunguan entered Fengxian Town. For some reason, it didn’t occupy the place as well. Instead, it took a fancy to the dilapidated Long Spring Temple, which was a bit strange.

It’s late January now.

At the end of the year, a grand ceremony will be held here, and there are still a few days left, but the place is already lively.

a prosperous scene.

Silk bamboo.

β€œShengge festive and sings for dawn~”

β€œSeal and smoke dance, Longluan and Miriam; Xiangluo Shang, immortal immortal; offer a paragraph, longevity grass~”


“Single-hearted celebration laugh~”

“Good! Good!!”

Scarlet Chamber Garden’s new top brand Shiyin girl sings and dances on the float, all around the people There was applause, and there was a burst of noise, and a burst of noise.

Yaoyao stood on tiptoe to watch the fun.

Lu Chen squeezed his head away from the crowd, entered the Immortal Palace all the way, sprinkled a few taels of silver, and finally entered the main hall. He raised three burning incense sticks, bowed lightly, and inserted it into the incense altar middle.

The green smoke curls into the nether.

Turning his head, he saw Yaoyao tilting her head, staring at the statue of Immortal, so she asked:

“Yaoyao, can the incense here be absorbed?”

“Hmm, it’s very fragrant~”

Yaoyao sniffed her little Qiong nose, her face was excited, her little hand pointed to the statue, and she said in a crisp voice:

“big brother, why is there a weird guy sitting here?”

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