My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 57


Lu Chen was startled and whispered:

“Yaoyao, you mean this… Is this sculpture a living person?”


Yaoyao nodded hard.

“Longevity immortal!”

Lu Chen’s heart was beating wildly, and he looked at the sculpture cautiously, and saw the sculpture sitting cross-legged on the glazed pedestal, with kind eyes, solemn appearance, three chi long beards naturally droop.

Although its shape is similar to that of a human being, it is clearly a glazed statue, no matter how you look at it, it does not look like a living person.

Lu Chen brows tightly knit and asked:

“Yaoyao, where is the incense?”

“On the weirdo.”

“Can you absorb it?”

“Yaoyao try.”

Meng Yao said, pouting, and was about to take a sip, but Lu Chen reached out and blocked it. Stopping Yaoyao’s small mouth, warned repeatedly:

“Don’t smoke first, big brother take a look first.” :

“Glare Curse!”

The black pointer appeared in the pupil of the left eye, Lu Chen turned his head to look, and for a moment, the dazzling golden light filled the entire line of sight, A line of clear tears flowed from the left eye.

My eyes were suddenly dark, and I couldn’t see anything.


Lu Chen let out a pained cry, quickly dispelled the glare spell, and covered his left eye.

“big brother, what’s wrong?”

“It’s okay.”

Lu Chen took a deep breath and said in a low voice:

“The incense here has its own owner, let’s change it.”

After that, Lu Chen walked out with Meng Yao quickly, and did not relax until the Immortal Palace came out, and then time it takes to burn a stick of incense, my left eye finally feels a lot better.

Take a break.

Lu Chen came to a large house. The family’s surname is Meng, the chief of Meng Clan, and Meng Yao is also the main family. It is also the largest surname in Fengxian Town.

Every year end or Qingming.

Thousands of families surnamed Meng will hold their clan sacrifices here. In terms of incense, it is one of the most prosperous places in Fengxian Town.

“dong dong dong!”

Lu Chen took two steps forward and knocked on the door knocker.

“Who is it?”


The old wooden door opened slowly, and a hunchbacked old man over fifty years old looked out .

Lu Chen said with a smile:

“The old man, whose surname is Lu, wants to build an ancestral hall. I heard that the ancestral hall of the Meng Family is the most elegant, so I came here to visit. Small things are not respectful.”

“Aiya, this…this…”

The old man looked at the silver in his hand, a little helpless, even if their family was big, But the whole twenty tael of silver still can’t take it lightly, why is it:

“The villain is just a Meng Family old servant, and he can’t be the master, so he has to ask the Young Master’s meaning.”


“Young Master, wait a moment.”

The old man left, and returned with a smile soon after, the two yellow front teeth were particularly eye-catching, he turned the outer Open the sect and accompany said with a smile:

“Master Young please come in, my Young Master agreed.”


Lu Chen followed The old man entered the ancestral hall all the way and whispered:

“Yaoyao, is there incense here?”

“There are some.”

Yaoyao points Holding his small head, without Lu Chen’s instructions, he couldn’t wait to open his small mouth and take a breath:

“hu hu~~~”

For a moment, there seemed to be a cloudy wind Blow into the shrine.

The spirit tablet on the table “crash-bang”, at least halfway down.


The old man guarding the door almost died of fright.

Weak hands and feet.

He looked terrified.

He stumbled and ran into the distance, nearly hitting his head on the ground.


Lu Chen was a little helpless and turned to look at Meng Yao.

I saw Meng Yao’s red coin flying between the eyebrows, hanging in front of him, the word “Prayer” on the back was bright and shining, and one after another invisible incense quickly gathered, passing through the red.

The square holes in the center of the money are gathered together.


A crisp sound is heard.

A multicolored crystal coin condensed out of thin air and fell into Meng Yao’s small hands.

“ding ding ding~ ~”

The sound became more and more frequent, and crystal coins were continuously generated, and in a blink of an eye, they were filled with the small hands that Meng Yao was holding, and Meng Yao’s little white teeth. Glittering, just like a petty financial fan, she hurriedly said:

“big brother big brother, hurry up, hurry up and help Yaoyao hold it.”



Lu Chen happily nodded and put all the crystal coins into the storage space.

One after another.

Until the fifth hand, the incense in the ancestral hall was finally exhausted.

“Rush in, don’t let him run away!”


“Catch that kid, he must be making trouble~ “

“Block him!”


Footsteps and shouts sounded outside the ancestral hall, Lu Chen and Meng Yao looked at each other One glance, and a snickering smile, Lu Chen squeezed his hands together, constantly changing, and said silently:


“wu wu wu ~~”

The yin wind whistled, the altar mark was formed out of thin air under the feet, and the two skull hands dragged Lu Chen’s feet together.

A sudden turn.


The door slammed open, the entire group ran into the ancestral hall angrily, and stopped abruptly, only to see the ancestral hall except for the white bone meal all over the floor. Half a silhouette.

Everyone looked at each other.





Lu Chen appeared out of thin air on the street outside, twisted his neck, whispered:

“The experience is as bad as ever.”

“Quick , hurry up.”

Meng Yao stood on Lu Chen’s shoulders, her big eyes sparkling, and kept urging.

“Okay, with a little money, I can’t bear to call me big brother.”

“big brother~”

Meng Yao couldn’t be ashamed, Little hands tucked the corners of his clothes.


The two were frolicking, Lu Chen took out all the crystal coins and counted them carefully, there were sixty-three, and each one was beautiful Dreamy, dazzling.

“Yaoyao, what’s this name?”

“Prayer coins.”


” Mmmmm~”

Meng Yao nodded hard, her small face was eager to have a try, Lu Chen strung all the prayer coins with a strand of Yaoyao’s hair and put it on Meng Yao’s neck , warned repeatedly:

“Don’t use it now, let’s go back and try.”


Then, Lu Chen’s silhouette appeared in a In the ancestral hall, Meng Yao took the opportunity to harvest prayer coins one by one, and the number quickly increased to one hundred and three, when it was getting dark.

Lu Chen appears outside the Withered Cicada Temple.

This is the place where the incense is most prosperous except for the Immortal Palace.

Lu Chen wanted to go in there, but unfortunately, after getting close, he realized that since the Fengjia Army entered the city, Withered Cicada Temple announced that it was closed, making it difficult for outsiders to enter.

“That’s fine.”

Lu Chen didn’t have any more troubles and was going to find Zhang Kui.

“Glare Spell!”

hands form a secret art, spread out the left hand, a picture is presented in the palm.

“hu hu ~”

“get lost! Get out~”

“ao wu ~”

was still there a moment ago Scarlet Chamber Garden was happy, next moment, a group of hounds rushed into the room, the old man was bitten to death on the bed, and he couldn’t rest his eyes, Zhang Kui was almost bitten off by Life Source, killing two of them, Zhang Kui, who was riddled with scars, finally rushed over Out of the Scarlet Chamber Garden.


“There are vicious dogs, run quickly~”

On the street, people scattered and fled, Zhang Kui panicked.

gasping for breath.

Blood all over.

“ao wu ~”

A hound flanked from the side, UU read www.uukanshu. Com opened his mouth and bit Zhang Kui’s ass.


“Go to hell!”

Zhang Kui screamed, and cut off the back of the hound with a knife, and half of the body fell to the ground. , the remnant of a half-year-old boy rolled out from the hound’s corpse.

“What the hell??”

Zhang Kui tore the dying hound from his body and stretched out his hand. Sure enough, the upper body of a teenager was pulled out of the hound’s body. came out.

What kind of hound is this?

It was clearly a boy who was skinned and put on the skin of a hound.

“Building animals!!”

In an instant, Zhang Kui was frightened and frightened.

After a little delay, dozens of hounds chased after him again, rushing to surround Zhang Kui in the middle, but they didn’t rush forward. At this moment, a thin young man appeared on the street.

“pa pa pa!”

He was wearing brocade clothes and puffing up his hands, walking step by step, applauding:

“It’s rare for you to be in the backcountry. People have some knowledge.”

“Who are you?”

“Have you heard of the name of the four animals? I am the barking dog of Zhao Gongzi, I just arrived today. Please give me some advice.”

Speaking, Zhao Gongthief pulled the cloak behind his back and fell on the ground, turning into a hound. He ran quickly and mixed with dozens of hounds.

It’s hard to tell them apart.

“Now, the game has just started, run, run, exhausted bones are more delicious, hahaha~”

Laughter came from among the hounds.

Suddenly far and near.

The surrounded hounds automatically make a gap.

“Eat all the bones.”

“gu lu ~”

Zhang Kui swallowed and smelled Death Aura for the first time.

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