My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 58

“ao wu wu~ ~”


Zhang Kui took a long knife, turned and ran away, A pack of hounds followed closely from behind.

It’s time to time.

The howling doesn’t stop.

โ€œhu hu~~โ€

Zhang Kui gasped violently and walked through the streets, but he couldnโ€™t get rid of the hound. Smell, quickly catch up.

Blood flows.

He gasped.

Zhang Kui finally exhausted himself and stopped leaning on his long knife.

“Not running?”

“Then…I can’t wait for dinner, I’m really looking forward to it.”

The hounds came round , the sound was suddenly far and near, and the one in the front opened its mouth and approached little by little, as if to enjoy a feast.

“The grass is tender and firm!”

Zhang Kui cursed angrily and put the long sword in front of him, ready to fight for his life.


A sword cry suddenly sounded.

Lu Chen appeared on the roof, squeezed his sword fingers, and the Peach Wood Sword flew away, with a “puchi” sound, passed over the head of the leading hound, without stopping, in the hound. Piercing and stabbing.

“ao wu ~~”

The screams were loud.

In the blink of an eye, the hounds fell to the ground, and only a few escaped.

Sobbing, hurried away.

Lu Chen took off the blue lines on his face and fell to the ground.

“Lu…Lu worship?”

Zhang Kui finally let out a breath and fell to the ground.

Lu Chen didn’t answer either.

He stretched out his hand to hold the flying Peach Wood Sword, picked on the corpse of the headed hound, picked up the hound’s skin, and revealed the corpse of a skinless boy, frowned:

โ€œ Not dead?”

The barking dog, Duke Zhao, was at the bottom of the “Four Animals”.

But he is the most cruel cunning person, but this person is not strong enough to pose no threat to him. The next time I see him, just kill him. Lu Chen turned around and said:

โ€œ Old Zhang, follow me out of town.”

“Where to?”

“Toad Island.”

“Where is the general?”


Zhang Kui hesitated for a while, and finally called the head:

โ€œI want to go to Scarlet Chamber Garden first.โ€

“Collect the corpse?”

“Well, Xiao Cui died because of my Old Zhang, so it is better to be buried alive. Besides, I also want to continue to inquire about the news of the Guard Lord in Fengxian Town, maybe I will. There are gains.”

“As you wish.”

Each has his own ideas, and Lu Chen did not persuade him any more, warned repeatedly:

“Barking day The dog isn’t dead yet, you have to be careful.”

“Don’t worry.”

Zhang Kui patted his chest and said to himself: “Last time, it smelled of blood and didn’t change clothes, that’s why Let the beast find me, and I will be prepared, so naturally I won’t let him succeed again.”

“Take care!”

Lu Chen is no longer talking nonsense, walk away quickly, and pass Two streets, suddenly heard a loud noise from a courtyard.

“It’s dead, it’s dead~”

“Daughter, you died so miserably, who killed a thousand knives so ruthlessly!”

” wu wu wu ~”


Lu Chen step one stopped and turned his head to look.

I saw two people walking out of the courtyard carrying the door panel. There was a person lying on the door panel, covered with a white cloth, and a small arm fell down, revealing a red wedding dress made of paper.

“First, the barking dog, Zhao Gong thief, entered the city.”

“Now the Chimei old ghost returns in a swirl of dust, this is Fengxian Town… I’m afraid there are It’s messed up!”

Lu Chen sighed, and hurried out of the city before it got dark, flying back to Toad Island with his sword all the way. Everything was as usual on Toad Island. After dinner, Lu Chen picked up Jiang Hong’e and walked to his stone chamber.

Looking at the beauty in her arms.

My heart is hot.

โ€œRed E~โ€


โ€œTonight…change your posture.โ€

โ€œHmmm ~~~~~โ€


Work hard.

late in the morning.

Time is like water, love is like grains of sand.


Lu Chen spent half a month on Toad Island, and after the “Qi Refinement Art” Perfection, “Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra” also reached the [Great Accomplishment] like a rocket. .



Morning sun was born, Lu Chen stood on the low hill in the center of Toad Island, every move, every time. Slowly and urgently, he practiced [Limitless Pure Yang Merit]. After a long time, he vomited one mouthful of impure air, finally stopped and looked at the light curtain in front of him.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Identity]: Long Spring Temple Lord/Toad Island Lord

[spirit root]: Water Spiritual Root


[Characteristics]: Pure Yang

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement 7th Layer

[Energy]: 2,700 jins

[cultivation technique]: (Positive) Limitless Pure Yang Merit Mastery; (General) Qi Refinement Art Perfection (Promote Level conditions can be expanded!); (Positive) Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra Great Accomplishment (Upgrade conditions can be expanded!)

[spell]: (Secret) Glare Spell Perfection; (Positive) Sword Controlling Art Perfection; (General) Blade Drawing Technique Perfection; (Positive) Handling Technique Perfection


It’s only half a month.

Qi Refinement enters the First Layer again.

If it were an ordinary person, it would take a year of hard work, which is why Lu Chen was able to do this.

Benefit from several aspects.

First, Qi Refinement Art achieves Perfection, and the air bleed speed is greatly improved; second, with Water Spiritual Root, it can absorb Water Attribute Spiritual Qi, and cultivation speed doubles; third, with spirit vein, Spiritual Qi is abundant, and the cultivation speed is further accelerated; the fourth is the Great Accomplishment Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra bonus of Authentic Level is very powerful.

Lu Chen is hard at work, and the cultivation base is a flying improvement.



[Qi Refinement Art upgrade conditions]:

[1]: secret art One door (not achieved!)

ใ€2ใ€‘: 100 catties of flesh and blood (not achieved!)

ใ€3ใ€‘: 100 spiritsand (achieved!)


ใ€Upgrade conditions for Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutraใ€‘:

ใ€1ใ€‘: Hundred spiritsand (achieved!)

ใ€2ใ€‘๏ผšcultivation thousand times (not yet achieved!)


Qi Refinement Art of Ordinary Level If you want Promote Level Authentic Level, you need another one Qi Refinement secret art, as for the source, UU reading www.uukanshu.comLu Chen already has a clue, it is the ghost cultivator cultivation technique “Mingshui Jue” that he obtained not long ago.

For half a month.

Meng Yao has been consuming prayer coins to replenish, and now it is almost complete. Not only Meng Yao can cultivate, but Lu Chen can also integrate it into Qi Refinement Art.

As for the esoteric scriptures, it is still necessary to practice diligently.

This cannot be relaxed, and strive to achieve the condition of [cultivation thousand times] as soon as possible, so as to be promoted to Perfection.

apart from this.

Initiator Lu Chen’s four spells also completed Perfection one after another.


[Sword Controlling Art Promote Grade Conditions]:

[1]: spell one (achieved!)

[2]: Two magic swords (achieved!)

[3]: One Spirit Stone (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: Sword Controlling Art Perfection (Promote Grade!) +, origami not beginners

…. ..

“Promote Grade is coming, and… it’s the first sect method.”

Lu Chen sat down on the low hill and placed the Magical Artifact Plum Blossom Rapier In front of me, I originally planned to deal with it, but now I just use it. As for the spell required by Promote Grade.

It is the Authentic Level [Origami] from Dayan Mountain.

He didn’t have cultivation in this spell, but passed it on to Jiang Hong’e, and now he can blend in. He raised his hand and tapped:

โ€œPromote Grade!โ€

“ceng! โ€

When a Spirit Stone was consumed, the Peach Wood Sword flew out of the Spirit Orifice and hovered in front of him, and the plum blossom rapier instantly shattered into seven sword-shaped fragments , wrapped around the tip of the Peach Wood Sword.

Like one.

It’s amazing.

Lu Chen has been digesting the time it takes half an incense stick to burn until he finally opened his eyes and said happily:

โ€œSeven Star Royal Sword Art!โ€


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