My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 59

This is a Second Rank technique. Although it is only the Sword Art of the Ordinary Level, it is much stronger than the First Rank sword technique. /p>



The Peach Wood Sword let out a shudder.

Together with the seven entangled sword-shaped fragments, it was reduced into a small pocket sword the size of a palm, and it fell into the palm of Lu Chen’s palm.

Lu Chen was delighted when he opened his mouth to swallow the Peach Wood Sword.

Compared to Sword Controlling Art.

【Seven Star Royal Sword Art】is rolling in all aspects, not to mention the speed, the distance of the sword is soaring to kilometers, within a kilometer, it is only a matter of thought .

“Okay, that’s great!”

Lu Chen suppressed his excitement and stretched out his hand a little:


【 Qixingyu Sword Art Upgrade Condition]:

[1]: Half-moon Sword Practice (not achieved!)

[2]: Five Spirit Stones (not achieved!)


“Okay, it’s a bit expensive!”

Today’s Qixingyu Sword Art is just an entry, and if you want to upgrade to [Proficient], you need to With five Spirit Stones in total, Lu Chen didn’t count on it for the time being, and turned his attention to the light curtain again.


[Promote Grade Condition of Transporting]:

[1]: secret art one (achieved!)

[2]: Five ghosts (achieved!)

[3]: One Spirit Stone (achieved!)



[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: Transporting Perfection (Promote Grade available!)+; Introduction to Ghost Report


The Promote Grade of Carrying requires five ghosts. Lu Chen used the ghost report to take the Giant Frog test on the island. After tossing for several days, he managed to get five ghosts.

He took out five wine jars from the storage space, put them in front of him, and stretched out a light curtain:

“Promote Grade!”

“wu wu wu ~”


The wine jar burst open with the wind whistling.

The five pitch-black Giant Frog ghosts burrowed directly into the ground before they manifested. Under Lu Chen, the mark of the Bone Altar appeared.

Bone and ghosts blend together.

The five ghosts were deformed and twisted, gathered together, and transformed into five humanoid ghosts, like smoke and mist, illusory, and seemed to have entities, they were dressed in black robes, with their heads down, floating in the air. Motionless in the morning sun.

Like a puppet.

Lu Chen’s eyes are as bright as stars, hands form a secret art, and he silently recites:

“Five ghosts and heavens!”

The words ended, Five ghosts lifted Lu Chen up and turned quickly.


Lu Chen disappeared on the low hill with the five ghosts, and appeared a hundred meters away without a sound.

“It’s amazing! It’s amazing!”

Lu Chen was very excited, looked back at the short hill, and whispered: “Although there is no distance limit, the consumption of Spiritual Qi is a bit scary. , after all, it usually requires mana to activate, and I only have Spiritual Qi, and with my Qi Refinement 7th Layer’s cultivation base, I can’t move up to 200 meters.”

Lu Chen calmed down and lightened again. Curtain;


[Glare Spell Promote Grade Condition]:

[1]: spell one (achieved!)

[2]: Thousands of pounds of flesh and blood (not achieved!)

[3]: Three Spirit Stones (achieved!)



【Blade Drawing Technique Promote Level Condition】:

【1】: Ten Souls (Achieved!)

【2】: Hundred Spiritsand (Achieved! )


[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement 7th Layer

[spell]: Glare Spell Perfection; Blade Drawing Technique Perfection (Promote Level!) +


Glare Spell can be fused from Jiang Hong’e The Azure Vine Technique is just a thousand pounds of flesh and blood, and we have to wait a while, but the Blade Drawing Technique can be Promote Level Authentic Level.

“Promote Level!”

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ~”

The hundred spiritsand disappeared, and the Yanming knife on the waist vibrated violently, and soon, Blade Drawing Technique completed the Promote Level and transformed it into the Authentic Level’s [One Qi Slash]. Lu Chen realized it silently and was satisfied with nodded:

“Not bad!”

This Qi Slash and Blade Drawing Technique of common origins is just a bit more esoteric, and a transformation is [proficiency].


[One-Qi Slash Upgrade Conditions]:

[1]: Twenty Souls (Unfulfilled!)



Lu Chen’s expression was slightly condensed, and he found that there was only one soul condition for the upgrade of this Qi Slash. He didn’t even need spiritsand, he thought for a moment, then suddenly reacted, whispered:

“That is to say, I… can I level up??”

In an instant.

Lu Chen got excited.

This is Toad Island, Giant Frog can be seen everywhere, if that’s the case, he can completely raise this [One Strike] to a very high level, and even… become his own trump card .

Thinking about it.

Lu Chen picked up the Yanming knife and rushed towards the island.


“gu gu~”


Half a quarter of an hour, Lu Chen Twenty Giant Frogs were slaughtered, and the light curtain trembled in front of him.


[One-Qi Slash Upgrade Conditions]

[1]: Twenty Souls (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell ]: Mastery of One Qi Slash (upgradeable!) +

… …



Yanming’s knife trembled, and Yiqi Zhan successfully upgraded to [Great Accomplishment], Lu Chen was a little nervous, but he stretched out his hand a little bit:


[Upgrade Conditions of One-Qi Slash]:

[1]: Forty Souls (Not achieved!)


“Sure enough!”

Lu Chen relaxed, his eyes began to turn red, without saying a word, again Start slaughtering Giant Frog.








Blood eyes!

The long knife turns into a rainbow!

On this day, Lu Chen held the Yanming knife in his hand, like a fairy or a demon, slaughtered all the Giant Frogs near Toad Island, and turned all the rivers into scarlets!

Lu Chen stepped on the Peach Wood Sword, disheveled hair, and his eyes were scarlet. He was about to step up the river upstream, killing Heaven and Earth turning upside down, when he heard a coquettish cry.

“Lu Lang!”

He turned around suddenly, and saw Jiang Hong’e in a red dress, sitting on the edge of Toad Island.

I was sobbing.


With an explosion in his mind, Lu Chen’s eyes turned scarlet, looked at the bloody Yanming knife in his hand, and said in shock:

“I. ..I’m enchanted?”

He flew back to Toad Island with his sword, stretched out his hand to help Jiang Hong’e up, and said warmly:

“Hong’e, don’t cry.”

Jiang Hong’e threw himself into Lu Chen’s arms, shiver coldly like a weak little woman, and sobbed: “Lu Lang, you just…you were so strange just now, so terrifying, I thought. .. thought you would never look back.”


Lu Chen hugged the beauty tightly, comforted:

” It will not be like that in the future.”

“Then you promise.”

“Okay, I promise Lu Chen, even if I become a fairy and become a devil, I will bring my Hong’e with me. Head office, right?”

“hmph hum~~”

Jiang Hong’e hummed twice, tired of being in Lu Chen’s arms and unwilling to get up, Lu Chen stopped and picked him up , said in a low voice:

“Hong’e, tonight… let’s be terrified…”

“pu chi ~”

Jiang Hong’e burst into laughter and replied softly:


The two of them did not shy away, the two little girls on the side were flushed and pretty Envy, he took two steps forward and pouted: “Master Young, Qing He was also frightened just now.”

Lu Chen laughed dumbly, reached out and scratched Qing He’s Qiong nose, said with a smile :

“I will also shock you.”


“UU reading is fake.”


“hmph, Young Master will deceive people.”

Lu Chen reached out and wiped the tears on Qing He’s face, comforted:

“You are still young, Wait…”

“Young Master keeps saying that, when will we wait?”

“It will always be sixteen years old. ”

“Ah, it will take another year~”

Qing He felt a little disappointed, whispered: “Qing Cao elder sis ter is sixteen, why hasn’t he served Young Master? “

Lu Chen glanced at Qing Cao, who was quietly and quietly, and jokingly said:

“Qing Cao has big ambitions.” “

Qing Cao blushed and glared at Lu Chen, Jiao Tian said:

“Young Master can always make fun of people.” ”

Lu Chen laughed, seeing that it was getting dark, glanced all around, surprisedly said:

“Has Yuqi not been back yet? “

“Well, the surnamed Fang left on the boat just after dawn, and never came back.” “

“It’s getting late, I’ll greet you later.” “


As the sun sets, Jiang Hong’e’s plump arms are around Lu Chen’s neck, Qiong’s head rests on Lu Chen’s shoulders, and a pair of phoenix eyes, enjoying the tranquility and warmth, two little girls surrounded them chirp chirp twitter twitter.

Keep talking.

Lu Chen sat on the reef, squinting Looking at the scarlet river and the light curtain in front of him.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Spell]: Perfection (Promote Grade!) +


From Blade Drawing Technique to [One Qi Slash], then to Second Rank Ordinary Level’s [House and One Qi Slash], and then to Second Rank Authentic Level The [One Breathing Demon Slash].


I can still Promote Grade, and if it is Promote Grade, it will be the third rank.

“ third rank ah… what realm would that be? “

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