My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 6

Watching Guard Soldier is not like lying, and Lu Chen doesn’t ask any more questions.

Take the item with you and follow the two Guard Soldiers to Weapon Suppressing Mansion, cross the streets and alleys, and soon, come to the center of Fengxian Town, in front of a grand mansion.

Three gilt characters are written on the door plaque:

Weapon Suppressing Mansion!

It was getting late at this time, and there were still four armored Guard Soldiers guarding the door. In front of the door were two stone tigers with two flaming braziers on their heads.

The Guard Soldier of the guard checked the token, Lu Chen looked around, followed behind the two Guard Soldiers, and walked into the Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

Cornices warped.

Red walls and blue tiles.

In Weapon Suppressing Mansion, the atmosphere is serious.

There were burning torches everywhere, as bright as day. The three of them walked all the way, and soon came to a school field. The two Guard Soldiers didn’t speak, and left Lu Chen and left.

There is a round table on the school ground, and several people are changing cups.

Seeing Lu Chen approaching, a youngster immediately got up and greeted him. He was dressed in ordinary clothes, not like someone from Weapon Suppressing Mansion. He looked Lu Chen up and down and asked frivolously:

“Are you the Disciple of the Old Azure Cloud?”


Lu Chen was slightly frowned, not happy in his heart, but after all, he was new to the scene, so he didn’t have a bad attack. Just muffled nodded.

The man stretched out his hand and instructed:

“You hand over the Radiating Light Technique, and the person can go.”


Lu Chen sneered and asked rhetorically:

“You are the Guard Lord?”


youngster shook his head, looking impatient.

“You are the general?”


“Are you a captain?”

“.. ….”

“Are you a soldier?”


Ten men form an army, and a hundred men form an armour, Thousands of people join forces, and ten thousand people are called generals.

Although Lu Chen is not clear about the specific positions in Weapon Suppressing Mansion, he still has some understanding of the basic knowledge of the Great Hao Dynasty.

Youngster complexion ashen.

I was speechless.

Lu Chen said no more, bypassed the other party, came to the round table, without stage fright, smiled and hugged cup one fist in the other hand:

“Xiaodao Lu Chen , I’ve just arrived here, and I’ve seen you seniors.”

In addition to the youngster, there were three people sitting at the round table, one of them was over 500 years old, with wide-sleeved robes, fluttering beard and hair, quite diving Taste of poise and sagelike features.

He flicked his whisk and made a bow:

β€œPoor Daoist Qiu Daozi, the wicked just said nothing, little Fellow Daoist no wonder.”

“It’s okay.”

Lu Chen laughed, it turns out that Qiu Daozi and that youngster are a pair of masters and apprentices. He also knows the identities of these people. Most of them are with his Master Daoist. Like Azure Cloud, it is the offering of Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

Two people remain.

One is an old monk with a gray beard, and the other is Little Baldy with yellow eyebrows. They should also be a pair of mentors and apprentices. Little Baldy looks like eight or nine years old. He ignores Lu Chen and lies on the table and concentrates on pulling a few. Peanuts.

Hanhan is cute too.

The old monk stared at Lu Chen not say a word, and Lu Chen looked a little hairy. After a long time, he put his hands together and said:

“Amitabha, Little Benefactor is so murderous. “

Lu Chen heart shivered with cold, pretending to be stupid: “What’s the name of senior?”

“this poor monk Withered Cicada Temple Ben Ming!”

Fude Zhizi realized that the original Yuan Huizeng increased;

Zhou Hongpu Guangzong, Dao Qingtong Xuanzu.

This is the rank order of the Withered Cicada Temple that Lu Chen learned from monk Hui Neng. This old monk is called Ben Ming, who is one generation higher than Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk.

Most likely the Qi Refinement archmage.

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, and he said bluntly: “What does senior mean?”

The old monk Ben Ming lowered his eyebrows and did not answer, Qiu Daozi on the side smiled and said: “This old man The monk likes to be aggressive. Little Fellow Daoist doesn’t know, he has a pair of spiritual eyes, he can distinguish the turbulent and recognize ghosts. Since he said that you are murderous, you should have banned the killing these few days.”

“Killing? Oh, yesterday, I killed a pig and killed more than a dozen chickens and ducks.”

“That’s no wonder.”

You two say me In a word, it makes Lu Chen relax.

Soon, the wine and food were withdrawn, and a maid came forward with a wooden tray, lifted the brocade, and placed four porcelain vases below, in order, in front of everyone, except for the youngster who didn’t. .

Even Lu Chen and Little Baldy have one.

Lu Chen took the porcelain vase in his hand, took off the cork and saw that there were twenty colorful little cuties lying in it, it was spiritsand.


Lu Chen hesitated a bit. He gave spiritsand as soon as he came up, and there were 20 pills. Wouldn’t he want to sell himself?

The youngster looked ugly, pointed at Lu Chen, and said indignantly:

“Why does he also have spiritsand??”

At this moment, a cold voice Sounded from behind.

“Because he should take it.”

Everyone got up and saluted the person:

“I’ve seen the general!”

Lu Chen also stood up and looked back quietly.

I saw a silhouette wearing silver white armor striding forward. The person who came was wearing a white tassel helmet, with a long sword on his waist, a long eyebrow, an uncommon martial heroism, and he was actually a woman.

Really cool and heroic.

She walked to the front, glanced at everyone, directly opened the mouth and said:

“Seven days ago, Ben would personally lead Guard Soldier to destroy the robbers, but Wudao Ren I took advantage of the emptiness and invaded Fengxian Town. Fortunately, I returned to help in time, so I didn’t make a big mistake. Do you know…why did I get back in time?”

She faced Lu Chen slightly nodded and said to himself:

“It’s Daoist Priest Azure Cloud, he sent out Communication Talisman in time, otherwise, the whole town of Fengxian will be robbed. With this great achievement, people have passed away, his The only successor, how can I not be favored by Weapon Suppressing Mansion!”

Youngster was said to be speechless.

Even the old monks Qiu Daozi and Ben Ming bowed their heads in shame. You must know that when Fengxian Town was breached, they thought about how to save their lives.

Lu Chen puffed out his chest, um, this time he’s not guilty.


Lu Chen has successfully become the worship of Weapon Suppressing Mansion, one of the four worships of UU reading, and can get ten capsules per month spiritsand, and Weapon Suppressing Mansion redemption qualifications, and additional rewards when there are quests.


You don’t have to stay at Weapon Suppressing Mansion every day, it’s quite free.

The other three enshrined are Ben Ming archmage of Withered Cicada Temple, loose cultivator Qiu Daozi, and Disciple of Ben Ming archmage, nine-year-old Huang Mei’er.

This Huang Mei’er is amazing.

With the innate talent [Vajra], when he is five or six years old, he can tear tigers and leopards apart.

Nowadays, it is even more deep and unmeasurable.

In addition, Lu Chen also knew the identity of the female general. She is the daughter of Fang Hong, the Guard Lord of Fengxian Town. Her name is Fang Yuqi. She is said to have an innate talent [Elegant Sword].

A Sword Art extraordinary and refined.

Lu Chen returned to Long Spring Temple in the middle of the night. After he worked so hard to practice Qi Refinement Art [Fifty Days of Diligence], it was midnight. He was lying on the bed, but he kept tossing and turning. , it was difficult to fall asleep, and what he saw and heard today kept popping up in his mind.

Jiang Hong’e, lordotic and arrogant.

valiant and formidable looking Fang Yuqi.

Qiu Daozi.

Ben Ming archmage with spiritual eyes.

The silly Huang Mei’er.

Vajra and Elegant Sword!

And that ridiculous youngster.

I don’t know how long it took before falling asleep. In his sleep, Lu Chen felt a pair of small hands groping back and forth on his body, which was comfortable and refreshing. He opened his eyes in a daze, and saw a A charming woman was lying on top of him, dawdling back and forth.

Look forward and backward.


The pearl is round and the jade is moist…

Lu Chen stared wide-eyed, straight, and almost spit out a mouthful of blood, this person turned out to be Jiang Hong’e , a temptation, full of coquettish.

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