My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 60

His cultivation base is too low, and he can no longer control this power, but since he can still upgrade, then… he will not kill himself, his right hand lift and lower, lift and lower.

I was always hesitant in my heart.


The Yanming knife on the scarlet at the waist trembled slightly.

As if urging.

Jiang Hong’e in his arms noticed the strangeness, glanced at Lu Chen’s knife, jade hand cupped his cheek, and asked:

“What’s wrong?”

Lu Chen buried his head in front of Jiang Hong’e’s chest with a plump pillow, and asked:

“Hong’e, above the Method Release realm…what realm?”

“Above the two realms?”

“en. ”

Jiang Hong’e thought for a while, pondered then said:

“It is said that it is above the second realm, called [Profound Opening Realm], and it is Divine Ability.”

“Divine Ability?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, and asked: “If I can acquire a Divine Ability now, will it be dangerous?”

“How is it possible!”

“What if?”

” If…”

Jiang Hong’e frowned slightly and thought: “Since it was repaired, it should be his own, and there will be no danger.”



Lu Chen hearing this fell silent.

In the past month or so, it has been Chimei old ghost, then azure snake Lang Jun and Mrs. White Snake, and then Method Release Immortal Master Yuan Baixi.

One by one.

A pile of things.

Lu Chen has always had a hard time feeling safe.

Now that he has a chance, he really wants to give it a shot, so he stretches out his hand and lightly:

β€œPromote Grade!”


Yanming’s sword was unsheathed, and a red glow rose into the sky.

Before Jiang Hong’e could react, he saw the red light falling from the sky, “puchi”, and inserted into Lu Chen’s spine, straight to the handle of the knife.

Lu Chen’s body trembled synchronously with the Yanming knife on his back, and strands of blood spilled from the corners of his mouth.

“Lu Lang~~~”

Jiang Hong’e screamed like a cuckoo crying blood, and the two little girls were also terrified. And not knowing what to do.

Lu Chen strongly said with a smile: “It’s fine, I…I’m fine.”

“This…what’s going on?”

“Divine Ability!”

“Divine Ability?”

“en. ”

Lu Chen seriously nodded, the Yanming knife on his back trembled gently Gradually fuses together with his spine, only the handle of a scarlet is exposed.

No distinction!


After everything calmed down, the handle of the knife behind him was completely hidden, Lu Chen opened his eyes again, and there seemed to be a scarlet blade glow in his eyes that wanted to spray out.

But quickly converged.


Lu Chen vomited one mouthful of impure air, surprised and delighted.

The successful promotion grade is Divine Ability 【Nine Heavens Slaughtering Demon】!

This Divine Ability does not have Ordinary Level and Authentic Level, it is only divided into Lesser Divine Ability. At present, this Nine Heavens Demon Slaying is exactly [Lesser Divine Ability], which is extremely powerful, whether it is human or ghost. , whether it is tangible or intangible, as long as Lu Chen can see it, it can be cut with one sword.

That is to say.

As long as the eye can see, everything can be killed.


Because of insufficient cultivation base, there are two additional restrictions.

First, you can only make one knife a day.

Second, if you use the knife, you will kill, otherwise, you will be backlashed, destroyed by the knife, and killed!


Lu Chen is very satisfied, usually fighting with [Seven Star Royal Sword Art] is enough, it’s really going to be a critical moment, although only one knife, but enough body protection , he is not the Great Demon King, he doesn’t need to kill with Divine Ability.

Have this knife, enough!

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Divine Ability]: Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Beginning (Upgrade conditions can be expanded!)

….. .

“I can still go up.”

Lu Chen was surprised and reached out a little lightly:


[Nine Heavens Slaughter Demon Slash Upgrade Conditions]:

[1]: One Thousand Souls (0/1000 not reached!)


“A thousand…”

Lu Chen was stunned, this is a thousand dead souls, if he really can kill it, it is really killing people like scything flax , However, the Giant Frog that he killed just now … seems to be quite a few.

“Save it slowly.”

Lu Chen faintly sighed, and quickly suppressed some dangerous thoughts.

β€œao ao ao~~”

β€œao ow~~”

The howl sounded, one white and one black two little tigers twisted one by one Twisted, ran over from a distance, and after half a month, the two little fellows have grown a lot, and they are calf-high.

Tigers and tigers.


They ran in a hurry, and together they dragged the body of a Giant Frog to the shore.

wu wu screamed and swallowed.

Jiang Hong’e looked up and down around Lu Chen, a pair of beautiful eyes sparkling like water, soft and boneless jade hand touched Lu Chen, touched, itchy, let people feel begin to stir.

Depressing Yi Nian in his heart, Lu Chen rolled the eyes:

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

“Divine Ability?”

“en. ”

“Lu Lang, can I take a look?”

“Really want to see?”


Lu Chen saw the sky was getting dark, and said with a smile:

“Look at the individual.”

After speaking, Lu Chen spread out his left hand, hands form a secret art, reciting silently:

β€œGlare Spell!”

The light is interlaced, and a picture is revealed in the palm of the hand.

The white waves are raging, a big boat is going against the current, the nine Guard Soldiers and Tu Shan are rowing hard, Fang Yuqi is standing on the mast, surrounded by swords, she frowns a pair of willow eyebrows, tight. Staring at the river behind.

The river is underwater.

A shadow lurks silently.


The river surface burst, and a python burst out of the water.


Fang Yuqi waved his hand, the Jinghong Sword wrapped in the sword whistle and stabbed his head, with a “ding” sound, it stabbed Python’s eyelids and bounced back. , python castrated slightly, opened his mouth and bit to the stern.

“Giant Que!”

Fang Yuqi tenderly shouted, leaping down, dancing the 5-fold expanded Jinghong sword, and slashing towards python’s mouth.



Fang Yuqi’s pretty face was white, and he took a dozen steps back. Python was in pain and made a neigh, Dive underwater again.


Fang Yuqi breathed a sigh of relief when the whole ship trembled suddenly.

Guard Soldier yelled:

“General, python is attacking the bottom of the boat.”

“ka-cha ~”

tone barely fell , python was another blow, the big ship made a cracking sound and almost capsized, everyone panicked and stabilized their bodies, the five-meter-high Tu Shan was frightened shiver coldly, and reached out and hugged the mast.



But I don’t want the mast to break suddenly, UU read www. uukanshu. com Tu Shan howled and fell into the Akutagawa River holding the mast.


“It’s You Tianmang, Yuqi and the others are in danger.”

“The one before?”

“Mostly yes, it should be the smell of blood all around, I’ll be back when I go.”

“Be careful.”


Lu Chen waved his hand to dispel the glare spell, squeezed sword art in his hand, and flew away with his sword into the sky, all the way to the east, and flew out three miles in a blink of an eye. , is fighting with You Tianmang.

Fight to the flesh!

Crazy bite!

all around The river is choppy.

The waves roared.

While Fang Yuqi was standing at the stern of the boat with his sword, Jinghong sword pierced and pierced around You Tian Python. The sound of sword cry was not small, but the harvest was very small.

“ceng! ”

Lu Chen Yu Jian fell on the stern of the boat, and the Peach Wood Sword under his feet became small and flew into the palm of his hand.

Fang Yuqi immediately relaxed, squeezed his sword fingers, used the Sword Controlling Art handed down by Lu Chen, waved his hand to recall the Jinghong Sword, turned his head to look at Lu Chen’s profile, and said solemnly:

“This Yutian Python is extremely powerful, and Tu Shan is probably not an opponent.”

“I can kill it.”


Fang Yuqi’s eyes widened in disbelief.


Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi stood side by side, twisting the right hand and flicking the middle finger.


With a sword cry, the palm-sized Peach Wood Sword roared out, bypassed Tu Shan, and flew to Yutian Python in an instant, life and death. In between, You Tianmang subconsciously closed his eyelids.

β€œpuchi ~”

However, the Peach Wood Sword at this moment is not what it used to be. It entered You Tianmang’s right eye.

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