My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 61


You Tian Python screamed in pain.

The body swayed suddenly, smashing the entangled Tu Shan flying, “Boom”, and got into the Akutagawa River and disappeared.


“It can’t escape!”

Lu Chen squeezed his sword fingers and manipulated the body of the Peach Wood Sword, which was swimming in the sky. The puncture in the middle made him excruciatingly painful. After only a few breaths, the river “boomed” and exploded.

You Tianmang broke out of the water again.


It screamed in pain, swimming in the void, and slammed into the big ship.

“Be careful~”

Fang Yuqi just exclaimed when he saw a flashed with blood color on Lu Chen’s back, and for a moment, all he could see.. . It’s all scarlet.


Lu Chen shouted angrily, stretched out his hand to grasp the dangling blood blade, and waved it forward suddenly.


The sword is like a rainbow!

Gone without a trace!

In an instant, Lu Chen felt as if his body had been evacuated, as if he had died, was in a trance again, and came back to life again, and when he turned back, he saw that the handle of the knife was still inserted into his back.

Slowly fade away.

And everything just now seemed like… a fantasy.

“This feeling…”

Lu Chen shuddered and murmured:

“Good terrifying!”

It’s like using your own life to make a knife. If you win, everything is easy to say, but if you lose, everything will be over.

“In the future…it must not be used easily.”

Lu Chen let out a long sigh and made up his mind secretly, unless it is a critical moment.

Otherwise, never draw a knife easily.

“Be careful~”


Before Fang Yuqi’s reverberation disappeared, he saw a nearly 100-meter-long python hit the water. , blood dyed the river water, and the two pythons were separated from the middle.

From the head of the snake to the tail of the snake.


Fang Yuqi was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe it. She turned her head to look at Lu Chen beside her. Yang Zhi, Fang heart in chaos trembled, almost… unable to myself.






The five-meter-tall Tu Shan dragged the ropes and pulled the big boat along the Akutagawa River. The bodies of the two swimming pythons filled the hull of the boat, but a large section still floated on the river.

The blood gorilla is terrifying.

Going all the way, we finally approached Toad Island.

On the edge of Toad Island, the two little girls were almost frightened. Jiang Hong’e covered his red lips with his hands, his phoenix eyes widened, looking at Lu Chen who was walking side by side with Fang Yuqi, and said in shock:


“You… what did you do?”

“en. ”

“Divine Ability?”

“Divine Ability!”

Lu Chenp nods with a smile, Jiang Hong’e just feels dizzy and dive pond, his mind is swaying, and he says:

β€œLu Lang~”

“en. “

“Tonight… another position…”


aside Fang Yuqi spit lightly and said angrily: “surname Jiang’s, you… you want to be shameless?”

Jiang Hong’e rolled the eyes, provocatively said:

“Fang, you have the ability, you can come over at night.”

Fang Yuqi blushed and said angrily:

“I won’t tear your mouth today. .”

“Who is afraid of who…”

“I don’t know how to be ashamed…”

Two women in one play , hehe noisy, chasing and running, happy laughter and cheerful voices, fancy, with two little girls, all the way to Cave Mansion.

The four daughters walked away.

Lu Chen took the two little tigers to the big boat in the distance. Guard Soldier and Tu Shan were busy dismantling the body of Yutian Python. The little tiger ate Spirit Beast meat, which was really gobbling down .

Lu Chen was not idle either.

He flew over the Akutagawa River with his sword and retrieved a few of the Giant Frogs he had killed before. He had enough flesh and blood, and the light curtain trembled in front of him. He reached out and tapped:


[Glare Spell Promote Grade Condition]:

[1]: spell one (achieved!)

[2 ]: Thousands of pounds of flesh and blood (achieved!)

[3]: Three Spirit Stones (achieved!)


【 Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: Glare Spell Perfection (upgradeable!) +


“Three Spirit Stones .”

Lu Chen still has six Spirit Stones left on his body, and if he consumes half of it, there are only three left. Fortunately, there is a Water Attribute vein spirit to support him, and Spirit Stone is useful to him. Not too big.

So don’t feel bad.

“Promote Grade!”

“shua ~”

A thousand catties of flesh and blood will be eliminated, and two Spirit Stones will be consumed.

The Glare Spell starts Promote Grade.

Lu Chen stood quietly, the light in the palm of his left hand was on and off, strong and weak, bright and dark, and when everything stabilized, the First Rank Secret Treasure Level glare spell.

Successful Promote Grade is Second Rank Authentic Level [Qiankun Image Method]!

β€œThe Qiankun Reflection Method?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful. Compared with the glare spell, the biggest change in the Qiankun Reflection Method has two points. First, the original black and white changes. It becomes color, and secondly, it becomes clearer and can be zoomed in and out.

Of course, the casting distance is also farther, a full five hundred miles.


Lu Chen somehow felt that this method was a bit wretched, not like his style.


It’s getting late.

In the hall of Cave Mansion, tableware and chopsticks were arranged, two little tigers were full, lying on the side and hu hu sleeping, and two Small Foxes ate the stewed Spirit Beast meat.

“Qing Cao’s craftsmanship is really good.”


Lu Chen nibbled at the python bone, and the other four women ate quietly .

Wait for Lu Chen to eat and drink.

Turning his head, he saw Fang Yuqi absent-mindedly tugging at the rice grains in the bowl. After a second thought, Lu Chen asked:

“What’s on your mind?”

“No …no.”

be that as it may, the panic in his eyes was hard to hide.

Lu Chen kept calm and asked again:

“Any news about Old Fang?”

“Dang ε”·~”

The bamboo chopsticks fell to the ground, Fang Yuqi said in a daze:

“You…you know?”


Lu Chen nods with a Smile, although he lives on Toad Island, he has been staring at Zhang Kui with the glare spell. He knows most of the news from Fengxian Town.

Fang Yuqi brought the Guard Soldier to meet Zhang Kui today. Lu Chen already knew the news that Zhang Kui said.

Fang Yuqi explained:

“Fengxian Town is very chaotic now, people were alarmed, every day all there are many young women who died miserably, and that Zhao Gong thief, The blatant use of animal creation techniques to turn a boy into a hound, it’s just damn it!”

Different from Lu Chen a matter of no concern to oneself.

Fang Yuqi has a special feeling for Fengxian Town, which is hard to let go. The current situation in Fengxian Town makes her confused, UU reading www. She wiped the corners of her eyes and sobbed:

“Zhang Kui also told me about the father today, he said that the father is not dead.”

Fang Hong not only did not die .

And saw that the situation was far from good, he changed his body and turned to the [Black Armor Army], and was reused, but he turned his back on the battlefield and almost pitted his daughter.

Therefore, Fang Yuqi’s crime of “collaborating with the enemy” was not actually a false accusation.

β€œYou want to go south?”


Fang Yuqi seriously nodded:

β€œI want to bring people and father Reunite, defeat the Fengjia Army, and…lead the troops to retake Fengxian Town.”

“Black Armor Army reliable?”

“I don’t know.”

Fang Yuqi’s eyes were dim. He also didn’t know anything about the Black Armor Army. He looked at Lu Chen carefully, and he was apprehensive:

“You…you don’t support me going south?”


Lu Chen shook his head and said seriously:

“I’m just reluctant.”

Fang Yuqi blushed Face, but dared to look at Lu Chen, and finally… Xiu Mo left a line of clear tears, and said firmly:

“Tomorrow… send me away!”


The sky is twilight.

The fog is hazy.

Guard Soldier and Giant Spirit God Tu Shan have boarded the ship, Lu Chen put the Magical Artifact blue face on Fang Yuqi’s face, warned repeatedly:

“Be careful!”

Fang Yuqi’s eyes were drooping with tears, and he clenched Lu Chen’s big hand, and said reluctantly:

“Wait for me to come back!”

After finishing speaking, put on The white tasseled helmet led the little White Tiger to the big boat and sailed away.

The long river is magnificent.

The future is uncertain.

On this day, Fang Yuqi left by boat, leading Tu Shan and the others to gallop several dozen li to join the Black Armor Army!

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