My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 62

Jiang Hong’e came from behind, persuaded:

“Why don’t you keep her?”

“Can’t keep her? .”

“If you persuade her, maybe she will stay?”

“How can it be so simple.”

Lu Chen shook his head with a wry smile , sighed: “You are close friends in the boudoir, and you can talk about everything. It’s not that you don’t know how stubborn Yuqi is. She grew up in the barracks with Old Fang since she was a child. , Old Fang is in the Black Armor Army, and I have no reason to prevent them from meeting father and daughter.”


Jiang Hong’e asked again, his eyes dimmed. :

“Don’t you help her?”

“The time has not come.”

Lu Chen laughed and had his own plans in his heart. His Divine Ability 【 Nine Heavens Slaughtering Demons] If you want to level up, you have to fill it with a large amount of dead souls. The battlefield is indeed a good place, but it is also more dangerous.

It is not a nothing serious to be a soldier.


In the face of the Black Armor Army, he was actually a little repulsive. After all, the other party had shot Jiang Hong’e with a crossbow. If he hadn’t arrived in time, he might have vanished fragrance and crumbled jade. .

So, you can go to this battlefield, but you must be prepared to save your life.

He stretched out a little light film and said silently:


[Upgrade conditions for the dead wood molting method]:

[1]: A spiritual medicine (unreachable!)

[2]: One side’s blood (unreachable!)

[3]: One side’s spiritual water (unreachable!)

[4]: A Spirit Stone (achieved!)


The blood is simple, and the Spirit Stone is still there. A spiritual medicine and a spirit water.

What about this spiritual water?

There are some in the spiritual spring below, but there is not enough for one, not even half of it, it is still ordinary spiritual water, if you want to collect it, you still have to go to the [Jiuqiao Mountain], and plan to die there. spring.

“Looks like it’s going to be fast.”

Muttering, Lu Chen stopped by the waist and picked up Jiang Hong’e.

“Aiya, it’s dawn now.”

“It’s dawn, just in time… just in time for a nap…”


“Red E.”


“This time…you’re on top, I want to see Hongluan dances.”


Jiang Hong’e couldn’t be shy, Lu Chen grinned and strode towards Cave Mansion.

Have a great breakfast.

The refreshed Lu Chen walked out of the room, followed a downward tunnel, and walked all the way into the cave where the underground spirit vein was located. After combing, it was transformed into a quiet room for cultivation.

Water Attribute Spiritual Qi is the most abundant, without attribute Spiritual Qi is also much richer than the outside world.

β€œbig brother ~”

Lu Chen just came in, and Meng Yao, who was sitting on the futon, greeted him happily and landed on his shoulder. After sniffing, whispered:

“The smell of the elder sister of Hong’e.”


Lu Chen coughed dryly, quickly changed the subject, and asked :

“Yaoyao, has the Mingshui formula completed?”

“It’s almost there~”

Meng Yao said, taking off her neck and hanging it A prayer coin of , held in small hands, covered in front of chest, big eyes closed gently, cherry mouth mutter incantations.

Soon, the red coin between the eyebrows turned over.

The word “Prayer” on the top became shining, and the prayer coin turned into a rainbow light and flew out of the little hand, and sprinkled on the black book on the ground.

β€œcrash-bang ~”

The black book is automatically opened, and two more pages are created out of thin air.

“Yaoyao is tired.”

Meng Yao’s small face showed a bit of fatigue, and she climbed to the top of Lu Chen’s head to sleep and rest. Lu Chen picked up the booklet, turned over the two pages, and asked again:

“Yaoyao, how many days will it take to complete it?”

“Three or four days? .”

Yaoyao yawned a little and fell asleep.

These days, Meng Yao needs to consume three prayer coins every day, and with the help of [Red 囍 Coins], he uses the [Prayer] ability three times. After each use, he needs to rest for a while to recover.

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, and he said with a smile:

“Yaoyao, come, suck the big brother and get angry.”

“Can… can? “

Meng Yao cheered up, stretched out her pink tongue and licked her lips. She wanted to take a breath, but she couldn’t bear it.

“It’s just angry, big brother can hold on.”

“Well then~”

The big red wedding dress swirled, and Meng Yao instantly turned into Little Demoness, with a small mouth pout, took a light breath at Lu Chen.

“shua ~”

A stream of white air flew out of Lu Chen’s body and sank into Meng Yao’s small mouth, while Lu Chen shivered, feeling cold all over, and again. Back to normal soon.

“It’s delicious~”

Meng Yao regained her spirits again, her face was drunk.

Lu Chen laughed, put away the black book that recorded “Mingshui Jue”, and walked out with Meng Yao, saying as he walked: “I have time today, let’s go and meet that one for a while. Complaining about my mother-in-law…”


“Qing He, I’ll go out first. If you say I’m going, I’ll go back.”

“I know Young Master.”

Squeeze the sword art, Lu Chen Yujian flew up into the sky, against the Akutagawa River, all the way westward escape.

The long river is mighty.

The water was surging.

Within one hour, Lu Chen flew seventy li or so.

“big brother, there and there~”


With a sword cry, Lu Chen led Meng Yao down, Peach The Wood Sword shrank and flew into the palm of his hand. Lu Chen floated lightly by the river, with his hands behind his back, and said loudly:

“Mother-in-law, the first month is over, Lu Mou brought Yaoyao to an appointment. ”

β€œcrash-bang ~”

The river suddenly swelled, gradually forming a deep vortex on the river surface, and a hoarse voice came:

“Doll, jump in, the old man will entertain you below.”

“Forget it.”

Lu Chen is not stupid, how could he jump in, replied:

“Why didn’t you come out to see the mother-in-law?”

“Don’t blame the baby, now it’s dawn, and the old body is wraith, it is inconvenient to walk in the sun, why doesn’t the baby come down and talk?”

“That’s fine.”

Lu Chen shook his head and turned to leave.

“Wait, doll slow down, there are still some spirits and spirits here, since the doll doesn’t want to come down, why don’t you take these spirits first, and come back later in the evening, so that the old man can meet the girl in person Let’s talk a few words to relieve loneliness.”

Lu Chen stopped. UU reading

When I turned around, I saw a small pile of sparkling spiritsand thrown to the shore, there were still quite a few, nearly 200 grains. After the upgrade some time ago, the spirits and spirits on Lu Chen are less than a hundred.

He put away spirits and one after another, and asked:

“Mother-in-law, can there be a lower part of “Mingshui Jue”?”

“. …..”

The other party was silent for a while, then said hoarsely:

“No, I got half of it before he died.”


Lu Chen was disappointed and whispered:

“Okay, I won’t be here that night.”



β€œhehe ~”

Meng Yao covered her mouth and snickered on Lu Chen’s head.

There was a long silence under the water, and seeing that Lu Chen really wanted to go far, he said again: “Baby, don’t blame the old man for deceiving you, the magic of the water is extraordinary, and there are only half of it, but what? , I have been cultivating for hundreds of years, and the second half has been completed.”

“No wonder.”

Lu Chen grinned and said meaningfully:

“Mother-in-law will prepare the second half of the Nether Water Art first, and then come back to the trail in the evening.”

After speaking, Yu Jian stood up and disappeared in a blink of an eye.


There were water splashes on the river, and an old woman wearing a black robe emerged from the vortex, which pierced the green wooden staff in Dun’s hand, Faintly sighed:

“Algae girl, this person…you can’t be fooled.”

The voice fell, and the green wooden staff sprouted. The upper body of the woman, it acted coquettishly for a while, put her hand on her cheek, and said sharply:

“Then come hard, find more old neighbors, the little girl is yours, and the rest of the Young Lord is from We’re divided.”


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