My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 63

“ceng! ”

Lu Chen flew all the way, and soon flew to Dayan Mountain, originally thinking of refining the chains that bound Alu Hengbo, but the result was Still can’t refining.

With a sigh, Lu Chen had nothing to do, and simply cultivated Limitless Pure Yang Merit on the top of the mountain.

Fast and slow.

It’s slow and fast.

From the morning to the evening, my body was shocked and said happily:

“Third Layer!”

Limitless Pure Yang Merit total ninth layer, ninth layer Perfection can be practiced [Innate Pure Yang Physique], half a month Lu Chen repaired to Second Layer, and now he has gone a step further and repaired Third Layer.

It’s like a rocket.

This is mainly due to the flesh and blood of Spirit Beast, the flesh of Spirit Beast, an item of great nourishment.

Seeing that it was getting late, Lu Chen squeezed his sword fingers and flew towards the Akutagawa River. When he arrived at the place, it was already dark, he put his sword on the ground and said loudly:

“Mother-in-law, Lu came to make an appointment!”

“crash-bang ~”

The river rioted, and the mother-in-law rose from the water with a black liquid , it smiled sternly:

“Baby, it’s coming very fast.”

“Mother-in-law has brought the second half of Mingshui Art, I have Spirit Stone, we can Continue to trade.”

“Transaction? No need.”

Lu Chen pretended to be silly and asked:


“hahaha ~”

“hahaha ~”

The mother-in-law didn’t answer, but laughter sounded everywhere.

Lu Chen turned his head and looked around, only to find that a group of monsters had drilled out of the ground, there were eight monsters, and they surrounded him. These were a group of short dwarfs with dark brown skin.

Sharp claw and fangs are cold light.

Lu Chen was fearless and asked with a smile: “What is this monster?”

“You are the monster!”

“You are the monster! !”

The eight monsters were in unison, glaring at Lu Chen, and patting their bare chests, yelled: “Boy, so that you know that grandfather is the [Earth Infant], the son of the earth! “

“Earth baby?”

Lu Chen flicked the Peach Wood Sword in his hand, and sarcastically said:

“Something that can’t be on the table.”


He had heard the name of the Earth Infant. It was said that the baby died before the full moon, and a mouthful of Innate Qi was not scattered. After the corpse was buried in the ground, it absorbed the abnormality formed by the Earth Qi.

These eight Earthlings are in the same voice, they should be rare octuplets, but it’s a bit strange.


The eight Earthlings were furious, yelled:

“Mother-in-law, this kid’s head belongs to me Now, I’m going to make him a urinal.”


The granny was nodded, as if distributing spoíls of war.

Lu Chen smiled and asked again:

“Is there any more?”

Complaining that her mother-in-law didn’t answer, she shouted with a green wooden staff in her hand. :

“Water ghost!”


The river surface swelled, and a white-haired water ghost climbed from the river to the shore, right Lu Chen screamed “Ahhh”.


“Jie Jie~”

Another child climbed out of the river, his face dark blue, strangely said with a smile:

“Mother-in-law, I want to eat his kidney.”


complaining about the mother-in-law nodded, and shouting:

” Bone Charm!”


A strange sound came, a pink skeleton wading into the water, twisting its waist and walking to the shore, the bones stubble ka ka Sound, there is a kind of evil beauty.

The grumpy mother-in-law threw the green wooden staff to the shore and called:

“Algae girl!”

The green wooden staff put down roots, and in the blink of an eye grew A human body composed of algae leaves, facing Lu Chen acted coquettishly, jokingly said: “Young Lord, people, I want to eat your sharp points, gē gē gē ~”

resentment The mother-in-law smiled and said Faintly:

“Doll, is enough now?”

Before she finished speaking, eight infants burrowed out of the ground and hugged Lu Chen’s Legs:

“hahaha, we caught him.”

Zao Nu flicked her arms, stretched her arms more than ten meters, and instantly wrapped Lu Chen tightly, said with a lovable smile : “gē gē gē , it turns out to be a cork that is not very useful.”

“Ahhh ~~”

“jié jié jié ~~”

“gē gē gē~~”

Water ghosts, kappa, bone charms, including the grumpy mother-in-law, rushed towards Lu Chen together, as if to tear Lu Chen apart.

Lu Chen felt something different on the top of his head, and when he looked up, he saw a naked female corpse, hanging from head to foot in the air, a pair of arms wrapped around his neck, staring at a pair of dead fish eyes, and pressed his face against him. On his head, sadly said with a smile:

“My name is [Dangling]!”

“A group of demons and ghosts!”

Lu Chen coldly snorted, suddenly shaking his body, angrily shouted:

“Pure Yang!”

The night wind was blowing.

The long hair flutters.

In an instant, the blood above his head was like a rainbow, and Lu Chen seemed to be transformed into a big stove.


Avoid evil spirits!



The screams rang out, the witch hanging above her head bore the brunt, and instantly the soul flew away and scattered, and other ghosts Also caught off guard, one by one, the shock flew out, all muddleheaded, unable to own.


With a flick of the fingers, the Peach Wood Sword in his hand flew out.

Punctured and pierced.

Not a single one!

The eight earth babies were stabbed into holes, the bone charm water ghost and the algae girl were chopped into several sections, only the grumpy mother-in-law relied on the ability to change between the virtual and the real, and resisted the two swords of Lu Chen, Floating towards the Akutagawa River in horror, while running, yelled:

“Doll, show mercy, I’m just kidding.”


Lu Chen sneered, heart to sword, Peach Wood Sword stabbed back and forth a few times on the grieving mother-in-law in an instant.

Meng Yao stretched out a small hand on her shoulder, panting with rage and said:

“Bad mother-in-law~”

The voice fell, the red coin between the eyebrows disappeared out of thin air and fell. On top of the grumpy granny’s head, grumbling granny stumbled and almost fell to the ground with an “ouch”.

“Go to hell!”

The mother-in-law was surprised and angry, she turned around suddenly, opened her mouth and spit, a black liquid flew out of her body, and Lu Chen, who couldn’t dodge and evade, flew out. I poured it all over my body, and it froze into ice lumps in an instant.

The grumbling mother-in-law was about to take the opportunity to escape.

I saw a flash of black light, Meng Yao turned into Little Demoness, stopped in front, and said coldly with a small face:

“You are a bad mother-in-law, Yaoyao wants to kill you. “

“hmph ~”

The mother-in-law was coldly snorted, showing a terrifying smile:

“You want to stop the mother-in-law with a little girl? Really overestimate one’s capabilities, come on, let your mother-in-law take a bite!”

“Bad mother-in-law~”

Meng Yao’s small body flashed, and her long nails scratched on the grumpy mother-in-law’s face. Bloody.

The grieving mother-in-law was furious and waved her arms:


Two jets of black liquid flew out like long snakes, wrapping around Meng Yao go.

Meng Yao’s figure flickered, hurriedly avoiding, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com’s small body with an afterimage, dodged seven or eight times in a row, and was accidentally hit by the black liquid on the shoulder with one move.

Meng Yao twisted her body hard, but her body became smaller and smaller.

It is difficult to break free.

“jié jié jié ~”

The grumbling mother-in-law laughed, stretched out her hand to hold Yaoyao in her hand, and opened her mouth to swallow it.

Meng Yao’s face was flustered, and her big eyes lit up in vain:

“big brother ~”

The grumbling mother-in-law panicked, she turned her head and saw that Lu Chen had broken free Bound, appearing behind.

Lu Chen carried the Peach Wood Sword, the blade was drawn in the palm of his left hand, the body of the sword was soaked in blood, like a flaming torch, the “puchi” sword stabbed the grudge through the heart cold.


The grieving mother-in-law wailed mournfully, and her whole body exploded, turning into a cloud of smoke.

Lu Chen reached out and took Meng Yao into his hand, said with a smile:

“Yaoyao is awesome, she can actually stop Old Witch.”

“Really “?”


“very good ~”

Seeing Lu Chen nodding, Meng Yao was very happy, her little white teeth sparkling, She opened her small mouth and inhaled gently, and the green smoke curled through the eyebrows and flew into Qian Qian’s mouth.

“big brother~”

“big brother, Yaoyao is so dizzy~”

Meng Yao, who swallowed the smoke, was like a drunk Little bee, with a blushing face, swaying her little body in Lu Chen’s hands, her brows red and Qian Qian shining brightly.

“Is this a struggle?”

Lu Chen laughed dumbly, put Meng Yao on top of his head, comforted:

“Go to sleep , I’ll be comfortable after a good night’s sleep.”


Meng Yao nodded, clutching her long hair with small hands, laying on Lu Chen’s head and quickly fell asleep.

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