My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 64

Lu Chen turned off the [Pure Yang] feature.

The effect of [Qi and blood is like a rainbow, ghosts and evils are avoided] will disappear. He looks at the blood-stained Peach Wood Sword in his hand, and is satisfied with the nodded. With the characteristic pure yang, his blood… . seems to have become unusual.

It’s just a sword.

I stabbed the First Rank wraith of the cultivation “Deep Water Technique” to death. If it was made into [Innate Pure Yang Physique], the effect would be even more outstanding.

“ceng! ”

Peach Wood Sword returned to his orifice, Lu Chen looked all around the stump and rummaged.

There are some gains.

The claws of the earthlings are very strange. If they live well, they should be able to become Magical Artifacts that burrow into the ground; the tongue of the hanging witch is like a whip, soft and flexible; the bone charm has a finger bone crystal. Such as jade, it is worth a lot of spiritsand at first sight; Kappa’s eyes are like light bulbs, glowing with a faint blue light.

It’s amazing.

The white hair of the water ghost is extremely flexible and can be stretched and shortened.

I didn’t pay much attention to it last time, and it was a bit of a loss. As for the algae girl, it seems to be a bit of a waste. Except for a pile of rotten leaves, there is nothing left.

Lu Chen shook his head, raised his sword, and disappeared into the night sky in a blink of an eye.

A quarter of an hour.

Two quarters of an hour.

It wasn’t until one hour passed that the rotten leaves on the ground gathered together “rustling” and gathered into a female silhouette, which patted her proud chest, and said in fear:

“Why not? I messed with this evil star, sigh, a good group of old neighbors, if they don’t have it, they will be gone. Fortunately, they have a little ability, otherwise…”

“What if you don’t?”


“Otherwise, you will have to be bullied to death by that little evil star.”

After the algae girl finished speaking, she was stunned for a moment, and turned around slowly, seeing that the evil star was back again. , staring blankly at himself.


Zao Nu screamed and ran towards the Akutagawa River in panic.

Lu Chen stretched out his hand and grabbed the opponent’s shoulder, kicked his heart out, the algae girl let out a scream, “crash-bang”, and the green leaves were scattered all over the floor.

Lu Chen looked down, coldly said:

“If you play dead again, just burn it down.”

“No…don’t Ah~”

The exclamation sounded, the algae leaves were flying, and the algae girl gathered again, and it knelt on the ground shiver coldly: “Please have mercy on your servant, your servant did not intend to embarrass you, please! Lang Jun spare your life.”

Lu Chen looked at each other up and down, narrowed his eyes, and asked:

“What kind of heel are you? The fire has burned the account.”

“Slave…your servant dare not.”

Zao Nu was frightened for a while, took a few deep breaths, and said:

“Your servant is originally a vine algae, which grows at the bottom of the Akutagawa River, and is a neighbor to the grumpy mother-in-law. Seeing that your servant is good-looking, she transplants it and waters it with water every day. After several decades in the summer, I was lucky enough to absorb a spiritual object of water droplets. Somehow, I gradually became conscious, and I had to complain about my mother-in-law’s teaching. That’s why…this is how I got some cultivation.”

“Spirit algae?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful and asked:

“Is this vine algae spiritual medicine?”

“No, Climbing algae are just ordinary algae.”


Lu Chen was a little disappointed, and joked:

“So, grumbling mother-in-law still has something to do with you. Well? Do you want to avenge her?”

“No…don’t dare.”

“Don’t dare?”

“No …No, although my mother-in-law is kind to your servant, but your servant has also served her for decades, some kindness has been paid off long ago, why should your servant take revenge!”

“You What’s your name?”

“Your servant’s name is Manman.”


Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, Faintly said:


“You said…what should I do with you?”

“I beg your pity.”

“To tell you the truth, my goal is to If you can help me get half of the “Mingshui Art”, why not spare your life.”


The algae girl repeatedly Odded, secretly relaxed:

“A Cave Mansion was opened up by the grieving mother-in-law at the bottom of the Akutagawa River with the underworld water, and your servant took it for Langjun. ”

“en. ”

Lu Chen raised his forehead, and as the girl came to the river, he beckoned to take in a breath of light azure from the girl, and he quickly cast Authentic Level’s [Qiankun Reflection Method].

Slowly spread out his left hand.

I saw the light interlaced, and a picture was revealed, which was exactly the appearance of the algae girl.

Every move!

Clearly visible!

It’s all in Lu Chen’s palm.

“This…Lang Jun this is ? “

“Go into the water.” “

Lu Chen shoved the Peach Wood Sword into Zao Nu’s hands, instructed: “Go, bring everything up, I’m watching your every move, even if you escape to the ends of the earth, as long as I want, I can catch you as well. “

“Yes. “

The algae girl’s legs and feet were weak, and she almost fell to the ground in fright, showing a pitiful look.

Lu Chen remained unmoved, and urged:

“Not yet. “

“Yes. “

The algae girl sighed in her heart, how come she met this evil star, and she didn’t dare to delay any longer, for fear of angering the other party.

Twisted her waist.

With a “pu tong” sound, he jumped into the river.

Lu Chen stared at the screen and saw that the girl had dived for dozens of meters before reaching the bottom of the river, and then walked a section along the bottom of the river. of the road, appeared in front of a black liquid, the black liquid was like a barrier, and the algae girl went straight through.


A Cave Mansion like a tomb appeared in the Right in front of you.




β€œcrash-bang ~”

The algae girl broke out of the water, holding a wooden box, stepped on the river, walked to the river bank step by step, put the wooden box down, and scared witless stood aside.



Lu Chen put his sword back and reached out to open the wooden box.

Rusty utensils.

Ragged clothes,

Crystal clear jade stone.

Porcelain vase, sand grains, spiritsand, shells, etc.

There is also a rotten skeleton, Lu Chen eyes shined, reaching for a ball Pick it up, this is actually a Water Attribute spiritual object 【Water Drop】.

“Not bad! ”

This is a worthwhile trip. Although Lu Chen already has a Water Spiritual Root, it is hard to find spiritual objects. Who cares too much, he can definitely use it for the old man.

I did some sorting.

Lu Chen got a lot and was happier.

A spiritual object water drop.

Three More than 100 grains of spiritsand.

Two pieces of First Rank spirit material ice jade, also to have one unknown First Rank spiritual medicine, and finally the second half of “Mingshui Jue”.

“Great harvest! “

Lu Chen was so happy, didn’t expect a little wraith to have such a collection.

Putting everything away, he squinted at the algae girl:


“What are you doing standing there, get out of here. “

“Really…really?” “

“hmph, I lied to you as a little algae girl. If you don’t want to leave, I’ll give you a ride.” “

“Don’t, your servant will go.” “

The algae girl was overjoyed and turned back three times, for fear that Lu Chen would stab her to death with a sword.

Trembling with fear!

trembling with fear!

I didn’t relax until I jumped into the river. The whole body exploded in an instant, converging into a long snake, swaying the snake’s body, and quickly fled to the distance, roaring in my heart, moving, moving, moving far, far away The farther away this evil star is, the better.

β€œPut an eye~”

Lu Chen murmured, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

The face was kind, revealing a smile. The vice has a smile similar to that of the Great Demon King, and I don’t know what the hell is going on. UU reading

“shua ~”

“Water Art” was taken out, Lu Chen quickly flipped through it, and found that there was a spell matching it on the last page, called “The Binding of the Nether Serpent”.

Unfortunately, there is only the cultivation “Ming Water Art”.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement 7th Layer

[cultivation technique]: Ming Shui Jue Wei Getting Started (Upgrade Conditions Expandable!)

“Expand! ”

[Underworld Water Art Upgrade Condition]:

[1]: Water Spirit Root (Achieved!)

[2]: No Life Body (not achieved!)

[3]: Hundred spiritsand (achieved!)


“The body without life ? ”

This is a ghost cultivator cultivation technique. If he wants to cultivate, should he kill himself first and turn himself into a body without any vitality?

Want to practice Do you have to commit suicide first?

Fortunately, Lu Chen didn’t plan to cultivate. He piled up the bodies of the water ghost and the baby in front of him, and reached out and tapped.

β€œExpand ! ”

[Qi Refinement Art upgrade conditions]:

[1]: secret art one (achieved!)

[2]: 100 catties of flesh and blood (Achieved!)

[3]: Hundred Spiritsand (Achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation technique]: Qi Refinement Art Perfection (Promote Level available!)+


Mingshui Art incorporates Qi Refinement Art, the conditions are met, Perfection’s Qi Refinement Art can finally be upgraded.

“Upgrade! ”

The spiritsand disappears with the flesh and blood, and the Spiritual Qi in the body riots instantly. Without active guidance, it rushes out of the Spirit Orifice and runs rapidly according to a more mysterious Zhoutian route.


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