My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 65

Lu Chen hurriedly sat down, closed his eyes and realized it. After a long time, he opened his eyes and whispered:

“Nine Breaths!”

Qi Refinement Art incorporates the ghost cultivator cultivation technique of unknown level “Ming Shui Jue”, and it has been upgraded to Authentic Level [Nine Breath Jue], because it is transformed into [Mastery] once it is transformed with Qi Refinement Art of common origins.

Both the level of sophistication and the speed of Qi Refinement have been greatly improved.

“Not bad.”

Lu Chen satisfied nodded, and Yujian flew to Toad Island.


Halfway through the flight, Lu Chen’s expression suddenly froze.

In the long river of Akutagawa, there is a large vat flowing down the river. No matter how the river churns, the vat is swaying, but it does not overturn. sit.

Bare feet and wearing robes.

Hands together.


Lu Chen looked thoughtful, Yu Jian fell down, floated over the long river, and said:

“Mage, the trail is polite.”

That The monk remained motionless, as if no sound was heard.

Lu Chen asked again:

“Master, where are you going?”

The monk finally opened his eyes and glanced at Lu Chen, Closing it again, the flesh on his face trembled, and said solemnly:



Lu Chen didnโ€™t know why , Seeing that the other party loves to answer and ignore, and no longer entangle.

Yujian flew to Toad Island.

When returning to Toad Island, Jiang Hong’e was waiting outside Cave Mansion. Under the hazy moonlight, a delicate curve was reflected. Seeing Lu Chen fall, he hurriedly greeted him. Qing He and Qing Cao also looked at him eagerly, and Jiang Hong’e complained:

“We will go back when we say yes. > Lu Chen’s heart warmed and said with a smile:

“I made my lady wait for a long time. Tonight…compensate my lady well.”

“hehe ~”

“It’s not serious, the girls are watching.”

“Look at it, and let them learn a lot.”

“Dead like ~”

Jiang Hong’e was ashamed, rolled his eyes, sexy bearing and charming temperament, surrounded Lu Chen to the Cave Mansion.


The moon hangs high.

It was getting dark.

In Cave Mansion, four people are having dinner, and outside Toad Island, one person comes with a tank.


The whole Toad Island shook suddenly.

Lu Chen and Jiang Hong’e looked at each other with a horrified expression, he put down the bowl and chopsticks, and said, “I’m afraid that the visitors are not good, Hong’e, take them to the basement quiet room to escape. , I’ll go out and have a look.”

Jiang Hong’e shook his head:

“I’m also in the sixth layer of Qi Refinement, let’s go together.”

“Be obedient! “

“Then…then Lu Lang be careful.”


Seeing Lu Chen’s solemn expression, Jiang Hong’e is no longer More to say, he hurriedly went underground with two little girls for shelter. Lu Chen walked out of the Cave Mansion with the Peach Wood Sword in his hand. Outside the Cave Mansion, a large vat smashed the rock and was embedded half a meter deep underground.

Behind the vat, stood a monk.

The monk is wearing a robe, bare feet, with a string of Buddha beads on his neck, his face full of flesh, and his hands are coiled with beads, making a “crash-bang” sound, seems to feel Lu Chen’s eyes .

The monk opened his eyes and pointed to the big vat in front of him:



Only then did Lu Chen realize that the big vat in front of him was actually a bowl, corner of the mouth twitched, and asked:

“Dare to ask the mage’s name?”

“Treasure tree!”

“Just for… alms?”

“First alms.”

“And then?”


Lu Chen’s eyelids jumped, and he asked again:

“Who is the devil?”

“You! “


Lu Chen sneered, and asked:

“Master Baoshu is planning to… kill me when I’m full?”


“What if I don’t give it?”

“Kill you and eat again.”

” …”

Lu Chen suppressed the anger in his heart and asked:

“Why does the mage say I’m a demon?”

” Killing living beings is a demon!”

“Slaying living beings?”

Lu Chen thought of Giant Frog, who was killed by him yesterday, but, strangely enough, this guy came from the west, In the upper reaches of the Akutagawa River, it stands to reason that it is impossible to know what happened to Toad Island.

It’s really weird.

And this monk is full of flesh, and it is not simple at first glance. Most of them are Method Release Immortal Masters of the Second Realm. Although he has Divine Ability body protection, he is not sure of killing people with a knife.

If he doesn’t die, he’s finished.

Thinking about it, Lu Chen shook his head and said:

“The Master is probably mistaken, Xiaodao has always been kind to others, benevolent, known as Lu Dashan, never slaughtering living beings.”


“It’s you!”


“It’s you!”


Baoshu’s face trembled, he raised his foot and stepped on the ground, with a muffled “Boom”, he shouted:


Saying, Reaching out his hand, the bowl turned into a small bowl, flew into his hand, and slammed it down on Lu Chen.

“ceng! โ€

The sound of sword cry suddenly sounded, and Lu Chen, who had been prepared for a long time, flew up with his sword in an instant, and was able to avoid it.


The bowl fell, smashing a deep pit of several meters in the ground, and the entire toad island shook a few times. Lu Chen was about to take the opportunity to rise into the sky, When I looked up, I saw that the bowl appeared out of thin air on the top of my head, with the mouth of the bowl facing down, like a huge patio.


Lu Chen heart shivered with cold, hands form a secret art, trying his best to dodge.


Baoshu suddenly loudly roared, and a sound wave enveloped Lu Chen.

Lu Chen’s mind exploded with thunder, and the person became muddleheaded. The Peach Wood Sword under his feet was unstable for a while, and fell directly from the air, seeing that the bowl was about to cover his head.


At this time, the blood blade on the back manifested itself as the protector.

Lu Chen woke up instantly, and hurriedly squeezed the secret art. At the moment when the bowl was knocked down, a circular altar appeared at his feet, and five ghosts got out and lifted Lu Chen around.

Five ghosts and heaven!

In an instant, disappeared.


The bowl knocked down, but found nothing.

Baoshu frowned, turned to look into the distance, and saw Lu Chen appear out of thin air a hundred meters away.

Lu Chen stood up with his sword, angrily said: “Baoshu, you want to kill innocent people?”

Baoshu paused and folded his hands together:

“Amitabha, this poor monk is only for exorcism.”


Lu Chen sneered, UUkanshu cursed: “I see you You have no eyes, so how many demons and ghosts are hidden in Fengxian Town, and how many people are doing bad things, you donโ€™t care, what am I doing? It’s a demon, the donor slaughtered Giant Frog, and naturally it’s also a demon.”

“What evidence?”

Baoshu slapped his pocket, and a silverfish flew out of the pocket. This is a swallowtail fish with nine pairs of fins, like a fish and a bird, and can soar in the air.

Baoshu shouted: “Tell me, what did you see that day?”


The swallowtail fish was swimming in the air, spoke human’s words, eloquently said: “that day little fishy saw it with his own eyes, saw… see this man holding a blood knife, surrounded the toad island and slaughtered all the Giant Frog, blood dyed the river red, floating… .The floating corpse stretches for several li.”


Baoshu put his hands together and looked at Lu Chen:

“What else has the donor to say?”

It turned out that you brat did it, Lu Chen’s face was gloomy, and she said solemnly: “Well, you treasure tree, I would rather believe a fish demon’s lie than my excuse, I would rather Let me ask you, is your treasure tree a human or a demon?”

“Rotten Kegu Temple, education for everyone, irrespective of background, this poor monk … of course not human.”

“It’s not human…”

Lu Chen was stunned, looked at Baoshu a few times, but could not see any signs of inhumanity, he shyly smiled, and said slowly: “Master Baoshu, why bother? Fighting and killing, to be honest, you may not kill me, you see… can you be accommodating?”

“gu lu ~”

Bao Shugang He wanted to refuse sternly, but his stomach suddenly screamed. He lowered his head and looked at the robe he was wearing, then looked at his bare feet, and his mouth moved:

“Naturally… Naturally it is also possible.”

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