My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 66

Baoshu Songkou, the First Rank fish demon on the side was frightened and stammered:

“Fa… Mage, no… no… Say goodbye to exorcism?”

“Amitabha ~”

Baoshu lowered his eyebrows and lowered his head and said nothing.

Seeing the treasure tree like this, the swallowtail fish demon suddenly panicked, swung its tail, and quickly fled towards the Akutagawa River. Lu Chen sneered in his heart, flicked his fingers, and instantly flew out the Peach Wood Sword in his hand.

โ€œpuchi ~โ€

A sword slashed through the fish, leaving a small hole on the upper body. Seeing Baoshu, Lu Chen reached out and beckoned, He took back the Peach Wood Sword and had a silver white scale in his hand. He played with the scale in his hand and said with a smile:

“Relax, Xiaodao is just teaching it a lesson.”

“Amitabha ~”

On this day, before the demons were eliminated, Master Baoshu ate a mouthful of oil, and carried a large bowl of Spirit Beast meat full of roaming pythons down the river, running down the river. To Fengxian Town!


A storm has returned to calm.

Jiang Hong’e walked out of the basement quiet room with Qing Cao Qinghe and said surprisedly:

โ€œGo away?โ€


Lu Chen nods with a smile: “This monk is also a bully and afraid of hardship. At first, he shouted that he wanted to eliminate demons. When he came up, he would kill him. Seeing that my strength was good, he changed his attention. I gave him a Down the steps, he stopped persecuting.”

Jiang Hong’e looked bright and asked:

“What kind of strength is Lu Lang now?”

“It’s hard to say. There should be few cultivators in the first realm who are my opponents. I am afraid that I can only save my life against the Method Release Immortal Master of the upper two realms. p> “It’s very difficult to deal with.”

“Yeah, I can barely protect myself.”

Lu Chen laughed, hands form a secret art, and said silently:

“The Imaging of the Universe!”

In an instant, the black pointer appeared in the pupil of the left eye, he reached out and beckoned, and a faint white breath was captured from the scales in his hand. , into the palm, and then slowly spread out the left hand.

The rays are interleaved.

On and off.

Soon, a picture appeared in the palm of the hand. It was a silver fish swimming quickly underwater. It had nine pairs of fins, and it was the swallowtail fish demon that escaped just now.

“This is?”

“It is this fish demon who is telling right and wrong that attracts the monk Baoshu. We must not let it go.”

Lu Chen Just as he was about to take control of his sword, Jiang Hong’e was very still and thoughtful, and suddenly hugged his arm, his red lips slightly parted, and said pitifully:

“Take me.”

” Good!”

Lu Chen nodded, took Jiang Hong’e to the sky, and flew westward for ten miles against the Akutagawa River, then stopped gradually.

Jiang Hong’e beautiful eyes Yingying, looking at the surging river, asked:






The two stood on the Peach Wood Sword, Lu Chen used the Qiankun mapping method again, and the white pointer in his hand pointed right down. The picture showed that the fish monster was hidden in the crevice of the bottom of the water.

“The river is at least a hundred meters deep, so it’s not easy to catch, right?”

“It’s not too much trouble.”

Lu Chen squeezed his sword fingers and raised his feet With a light step on the Peach Wood Sword, with a sword cry, the seven sword-shaped fragments that were originally close to the tip of the sword separated into one and pierced directly into the river.

Jiang Hong’e said curiously:

“What is this?”

“Sword Star, I am repairing Seven Star Royal Sword Art, one sword and seven stars If you want to cultivate, I can teach you.”

“I don’t practice.”

Jiang Hong’e is self-aware, although the level of Royal Sword Art is high , but it was not suitable for her, and she might not be able to practice it. She let go of Lu Chen’s arm, stepped down the Peach Wood Sword, stepped on the void, and danced around Lu Chen in the void.

Long sleeves.

The red dress is flying.

The posture is lithe and graceful.

The waves are choppy.

“What spell is this?”

“Lotus moves.”

While speaking, the sword star quietly sank to the bottom of the river , suddenly stabbed.


The rock shattered, but the fish demon jumped out one step at a time between life and death, with a long tail swung, its body flew under the water with afterimages, A flash is nearly a hundred meters.

Blink and disappear again.

Lu Chen didn’t care either, and continued to hunt down with Jiang Hong’e.

After chasing and killing ten miles all the way, but being escaped by the other party repeatedly, the fish demon seems to be able to predict the danger in advance, and can always avoid it at the last moment.

Lu Chen brows slightly wrinkle, whispered:

“A little bit of ability.”

“Mostly awakened the prophetic spell.”

“It should be.”

Lu Chen nodded, recovered some Spiritual Qi, and brought Jiang Hong’e to catch up with the fish again. Just as the seven sword stars were about to emerge, the left hand screen changed. , I saw that the fish demon got under a huge monster.

The other party is huge.

The entire palm can only reflect half of the body.


Lu Chen’s thoughts moved slightly, and the palm of his hand shrank instantly, finally showing the opponent’s body completely, with limbs as thick as giant pillars, huge turtle’s back , a hideous head, and a towering stone tablet on turtle’s back.

The whole body is nearly 100 meters.

“This is… a big turtle?”


Jiang Hong’e shook his head, phoenix eyes slightly wrinkled, thinking : “It should be a Spirit Beast, um… I remember it, it’s a Spirit Beast [Camel Stele Beast].”

“Camel Stele Beast?”

“Well, With such a large body, most of them are Second Rank Camel Monuments, which are rumored to have the ability to jump the sea.”

“Second Rank? This Akutagawa River is really hidden dragons and crouching tigers.”

“It’s a spiritual river after all, why don’t you just forget it?”

“No way.”

Lu Chen shook his head, the swallowtail fish demon complained for no reason before, but this time it won’t die, There is no guarantee that there will be no other moths. The safest way is to cut weeds and eliminate the roots.

A Second Rank Camelot wasn’t enough to hold him back.


Lu Chen squeezed sword art in his hand, urging seven sword stars to pierce the Akutagawa River, sinking all the way to the bottom of the river, the fish demon has been chased and killed Exhausted, he ventured to hide under the camel beast, thinking that Lu Chen would retreat.

I don’t want to.

Seven sword stars appeared at the same time, blocking all directions.

In addition, Lu Chen learned from the previous lesson and did not stab at the key point. The fish demon still wanted to escape, but was instantly stabbed by seven sword stars all over the body, and fell straight down, no longer able to resist.

โ€œcrash-bang ~โ€

Suddenly, a huge wave churned and shot down Lu Chen like a giant palm.


The Peach Wood Sword trembled, Lu Chen took Jiang Hong’e to avoid the huge waves, Yu Jian flew up, and there was a sound of “Boom”, and the river surface Soaring, the camel beast emerged from the water, its eyes were scarlet, and its giant mouth opened, biting at the two of them:


โ€œFive ghostsโ€ The magic of heaven!”

Lu Chen, who had been prepared for a long time, quickly completed the casting. Five ghosts appeared, lifted the two of them and spun around, and before the camel beast bit down, they moved out dozens of times in the blink of an eye. Meter.

โ€œBe careful!โ€

Jiang Hong’e exclaimed, and Lu Chen’s hairs exploded, almost without the slightest hesitation, hugging Jiang Hong’e and falling headlong towards the river.


A water arrow as thick as a human waist flew over the heads of the two of them, and the howling wind made Lu Chenโ€™s scalp numb for a while, and when he turned his head, he saw a camel. The stone tablet on the back of the stele beast was shaking, like a cannon, and aimed at the two again.

โ€œwhiz whiz whiz ~โ€

Giant water arrows are shot, like a goddess scattered flowers.

“Let’s go!”

Lu Chen was startled, his heart was so full of swords, Peach Wood Sword suddenly appeared at his feet, carrying two people into the sky, and for a while. Left and right slumped, and finally avoided the water arrow.

Don’t look back.

Go away quickly.

Away from the camel stele beast, the two talents were relaxed, Lu Chen reached out and beckoned, and seven sword stars flew out of the water wrapped in the fish demon, hanging in front of them.

The seven swords in the fish demon are not critical, although they are not dead.

But only Half-Life is left.

After some hard questioning, Lu Chen finally understood the inside story.

It turns out that this fish demon actually knew about the spirit vein under the Toad Island, but it was weak and could not beat the mirage that occupied the spirit vein before, and was waiting for an opportunity. After Lu Chen got rid of the mirage, he This guy is even more angry.

See Lu Chen on a killing spree.

I thought that the opportunity was here, and there was a turmoil. The purpose was to occupy that spirit vein.

“Good, you gossiping dog!”

“Forgive your life~”


Swallowtail fish demon also He wanted to beg for mercy, but Lu Chen smashed his head directly with the sword stars, took back seven sword stars, and a fleshy bead rolled out of the opponent’s head. UU Reading

“Huh, this is?”

“monster core.”

Jiang Hong’e beautiful eyes lit up and explained Said:

“Humans have Spirit Orifice, and demons have monster cores. After the fish demons are enlightened, they can raise monster cores. It seems that the time to become a demon is not short. Pill Refinement Master can make medicine pills. It can also be fed to other monsters to enhance their strength.”

“Pill Refinement Master is hard to find, Small Fox is refining the crossbone, just feed it.”

“Also !”

“And this swallowtail fish is the most delicious. I will cook it in soup tomorrow morning.”

“It’s time to make up…”

Jiang Hong’e smiled sweetly, with spring water in his eyes, Lu Chen’s heart swayed, he stretched out his hand and took him into his arms, feeling the convex and concave body, and said meaningfully:

“I hope someone can persist Longer.”


In an instant, Jiang Hong’e blushed.

The hands and feet are soft.

As beautiful as flowers.

It was late at night when the two flew back to Toad Island.

Lang loves concubine.

It’s like glue.

On this day, Jiang Hong’e refined the spiritual object [water droplets] of water, Dual Spiritual Roots transformed into three spiritual roots, and is one step closer to Method Release Immortal Master!


Early the next morning, Jiang Hong’e couldn’t get up, and Lu Chen cooked himself and simmered the swallowtail fish demon into a pot of thick soup , a small bowl per person, both Small Fox and Tiger Girl.

Most of the remaining pot went into Lu Chen’s stomach.



With white smoke from his head and half naked, Lu Chen stood on the low hill again and again in cultivation Limitless Pure Yang Merit, with the help of the Swallowtail Fish Demon, allowed Limitless Pure Yang Merit to improve rapidly. Soon, he stopped moving and was shocked, “crackle” with a bone sound.

Lu Chen was overjoyed and whispered:

โ€œFourth Layer is up!โ€

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