My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 67

Limitless Pure Yang Merit enters the Fourth Layer and is one step closer to 【Innate Pure Yang Physique】.


gently put out a breath, Lu Chen reached out and pointed at the light curtain in front of him:


[Limitless Pure Yang Merit upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Ten days of practice (achieved!)

[2]: Ten dead souls (achieved!)

【3】: 100 grain spiritsand (achieved!)


【Name】: Lu Chen

【 cultivation base 】: Qi Refinement 7th Layer

【cultivation technique 】: Limitless Pure Yang Merit proficiency (upgradeable!)+


“hehe, upgrade again!”


In an instant, Lu Chen’s skin turned into a crimson, as if being burned by flames, which lasted the time It takes half an incense stick to burn and then gradually subsided, Limitless Pure Yang Merit has been upgraded from master to 【Great Accomplishment】.

One upgrade away from Perfection.


[Limitless Pure Yang Merit upgrade conditions]:

[1]: practice for half a month (not yet achieved!)

[2]: Fifteen souls (not yet achieved!)

[3]: Two hundred spiritsand (achieved!)


“Half a month? It’s not too long.”

Lu Chen silently nodded, feeling that his strength has increased by more than 200 jin.

Put on clothes.

Jump off a low hill.

I saw Jiang Hong’e wearing a red dress, lying lazily on the bamboo chair in front of Cave Mansion, basking in the sun, holding the white fox Yingying in his arms, and lying on the side with a dozing tiger girl , Yaoyao was on the stone table next to her, watching “Mingshui Jue” seriously, Qing He was holding a talisman and turning the page for Yaoyao from time to time.


Small Fox saw Lu Chen coming, hurriedly jumped from Jiang Hong’e’s arms, stopped in front of him, opened his mouth slightly, spoke human’s words :

“Don’t get close!”

The voice is crisp and tender, like a child’s voice.

Lu Chen surprisedly said:

“Is this a refining crossbone?”

“Well, I fed it monster core last night, and it was only this morning. Refining is a bone.”

Jiang Hong’e replied, stretched out, charming, and his exquisite curves were undoubtedly revealed. Lu Chen was about to step forward, but was stopped by Small Fox again. It said crisply:

“bastard, don’t bully mother~”

Lu Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and patiently corrected:

“That’s not called bullying.”

“What’s that called?”

“That’s called…favor.”

“hmph, it’s bullying, mother is crying.”


“You are still young and don’t understand, those are… happy tears.”


Lu Chen’s remarks Sophistry, making Small Fox dizzy, provoking Jiang Hong’e’s charming eyes, he took Small Fox in his arms and sat down in front of the stone table.

“Young Master ~”

“big brother ~”


Qing He and Meng Yao look over, Lu Chen nodded with a smile and asked:

“How is Yaoyao’s learning this Mingshui art?”

“Still learning.”

Qing With a perfunctory sentence, Lu Chen knew that Meng Yao’s learning was not smooth. After all, he was still young and his comprehension ability was limited. If he wanted to fully understand a tome book, easier said than done.

Meng Yao was very disappointed and pouted:

“big brother, Yaoyao is so stupid~”

“Yaoyao is not stupid.”

Lu Chen laughed dumbly and encouraged: “Yaoyao is the smartest Yaoyao in the world.”




Lu Chen was seriously nodded and said with a smile:

“It’s just that Yaoyao’s learning method is wrong. If you change the method, it should be much easier.”


Yaoyao held her small chin, her big eyes gradually lit up, she took off a prayer coin hanging from her neck and said happily:

“Big brother, Yaoyao knows what to do.”

Speaking, Meng Yao put the prayer coin in front of her chest, her eyes closed slightly, and the red coin between her brows turned over, [Prayer] The two characters are shining, the cherry mouth is open and closed, mutter incantations.

“crash-bang ~”

The “Mingshui Jue” in front of him automatically turns the page, and the prayer coins also turn into multicolored halos, which merge into the square hole in the center of the red coin. After a while, Meng Yao opened her eyes:

“Big brother, Yaoyao has learned a little bit, but… Yaoyao is a little tired~”

Lu Chen As expected, said with a smile:

“Suck big brother out of anger.”




Lu Chen nods, it doesn’t matter to him if he gets angry, he has a successful Body Refinement, and he can recover in a while, but Meng Yao may become addicted if he sucks too much, so he shouldn’t overdo it.


“One more breath.”


“One more breath.”

On this day, Meng Yao consumed a handful of prayer coins, sucked Lu Chen’s anger for fifteen breaths, and the magic of water… Once you get started!


Meng Yao sat cross-legged in the void, her small face solemn, and then, a little bit on the stone table, she slowly opened her big eyes, gently He sniffed and murmured:

“It smells so good~”

Looking down, I saw a bowl of white soup in front of me, still steaming.

Lu Chen said warmly:

“The fish soup of swallowtail fish is reserved for Yaoyao.”

“Little fish?”

“Well, Xiao Yuyu.”

Lu Chen nodded with a smile, and saw Meng Yao’s small hand holding the edge of the bowl, cautiously drinking a small amount, and in an instant, her big eyes turned into a beautiful crescent moon , a face full of little happiness.

Jiang Hong’e got up from the bamboo chair and ate the taste:

“It’s really good for Yaoyao.”

“After all, it’s the Ming media who is married. Well.”

“hmph ~”

Jiang Hong’e tenderly snorted, wrapped his arms around his chest, unconsciously showing a proud figure, and asked:

“What’s your plan next?”


Lu Chen coughed dryly, and quickly turned his eyes away, replied: “Yaoyao’s Mingshui Art just entered , but can easily switch between reality and reality, then… the itinerary of Jiuqiao Mountain can be brought up.”

“For the sake of the spring water?”


Lu Chen nods, the upgrade of [Withered Tree Slaughtering Method] is just one step away from spiritual water, and Jiuqiao Mountain is imperative.

“What’s next?”

“Go south.”

“Help with Fang?”

“Not all, The Fengjia Army is our enemy. If the other side is not defeated, we can only hide on this toad island. Although there are verdant hills and limpid water, UU reading is still a bit colder, and we are not a meal. The immortal of Fengyinlu always needs some popularity.”

Lu Chen and Jiang Hong’e are better.

Qing Cao Qinghe’s two little girl cultivation bases are too shallow.


We are still social animals after all.

In addition, his Long Spring Temple is estimated to be completed soon, so it’s weird that it can’t be occupied by people all the time. As for the deeper reason, in fact, the upgrade of or for, the improvement of Divine Ability [Nine Heavens Slaughtering Demons], requires a large number of dead souls to fill, and there is no more suitable place than the battlefield.

Learn the [Withered Tree Slaughtering Method], and you can give it a go.

After Meng Yao elated drinking the fish soup, Lu Chen took the little girl with his sword and flew along the Akutagawa River all the way to Jiuqiao Mountain. Halfway through the journey, he suddenly felt a little reckless.

Jiuqiao Mountain is a Jedi. Even with Yaoyao’s help, can I really get the spring water for rebirth?

“big brother, what’s wrong?”

“It’s okay.”

Lu Chen hovered in the air and shook his head gently.

After thinking about it, I decided that it should be more secure, so I turned a corner and flew towards Fengxian Town. Yesterday, Master Baoshu went to Fengxian Town. Didn’t the other party want to eliminate demons?

You can trick him into testing the water.

I just came to Fengxian Town, I saw two figures facing each other in mid-air.

Both are acquaintances.

One is Yuan Baixi, who has met once. Although he is middle-aged, he also has white clothes lightly, dive poise and sagelike features.

Bare feet.

A bowl in hand.

The eyes are facing each other. Both of them are motionless. It seems that they have been facing each other for a long time.

Lu Chen dropped the Peach Wood Sword and took the opportunity to enter Fengxian Town.

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