My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 68

“The thief Zhao Gong who killed a thousand knives is finally dead.”

“Well killed!”

“wu wu wu, My kid is only thirteen years old, how can that beast do it?”

“Ai, this world~”


As soon as he entered the city, the noise kept ringing in his ears. Only then did Lu Chen know that when the barking dog, Zhao Gongzi, was doing evil, he was hit by Master Baoshu and smashed to death with a bowl.

This is the scene in front of me.

Lu Chen hid in the crowd, his eyes flickered, he stretched out his hand, a sword star appeared in his hand, and flicked his fingers.


With a sword cry, Sword Star quietly stabbed Yuan Baixi in midair.


That Yuan Baixi noticed it instantly, unfolded his sleeves, and a beam of light appeared under him.

The sword star stabbed the light bi, and could not advance an inch.

Directly shoots back.

Yuan Baixi was about to look for the person who would attack the sneak attack, and when he looked up, he saw a huge bowl fell on his head. After flying out, he hands form a secret art and spit out:


The wind whistled, and pieces of white clouds flew out of his mouth.

For a while.

The wind and the clouds meet, and the lightning and thunder are thundering.

Yuan Baixi’s big sleeves fluttered, and the kneading did not stop, angrily said:

“Four o’clock…Celestial Phenomenon method!”




In the deepest meditation room in the Withered Cicada Temple, a blast of thunder blasted Master Ben Ming. When he woke up, he looked all around, only to see that the room was dim and unclear, not even half a silhouette was seen, and he did not hear a single chanting sound, he whispered:

“Yuan Shen~”


“Huang Mei’er ~”

The voice echoed repeatedly in the room, but he couldn’t hear a single reply. He frowned deeply and rubbed sour. With numb legs, he stood up tremblingly and sighed:



He pushed open the door , I searched for a meditation room, but no one was found, my footsteps were staggering, and my heart… was getting more and more panic.

โ€œHuang Mei’er ~โ€

โ€œHuang Mei’er ~โ€

โ€œHuang Mei’er you come out~โ€

“Come out!!!”

When he came to the darkest Punishment Hall, for a moment, he was stunned, he saw all the people he was looking for, all! It was a pile of corpses piled up by hundreds of people.

Under the corpse, stood a Little Baldy with his head bowed.

Little Baldy shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, as if chewing something, and in the shadows in front of him stood rows of twisted shadows.

“Huang Mei’er!!!”

“You…you actually learned the Ghost News!”

The shrill cry made Huang Mei ‘er stopped, and he turned around slowly, only to see a ghost that had eaten half of it in his hands, his mouth full of black, and nodded to Master Ben Ming:

“Ang, hungry. Ah~”

“You…you evil obstacle! Vajra and Ghost Eater, how can there be such a monster in the world, I actually… even thought, I should have strangled you a long time ago. !”

Mage Ben Ming slumped to his knees on the ground.

Old tears!

I’m sorry!

Huang Mei’er let go of the ghost he had eaten, and smiled naively:

“Master…Master, I actually like your eyeballs the most!”


On this day, Huang Mei’er killed his master and destroyed his ancestors, slaughtered the Withered Cicada Temple, and stepped into the Method Release realm!



“Spring Thunder Fall~”

“Xia Yudao~”

Yuan Baixi’s big sleeves fluttered, and he gathered the power of the four seasons. He was in the wind and rain. He was about to teach the monk Beggar a lesson, but he suddenly turned his head and looked down, exclaiming:


“What a lot of resentment!”

After he finished speaking, he quickly fell down to the Withered Cicada Temple, leaving Yuan Baixi alone in the air, his face turning blue and white.

Lu Chen looked thoughtful.

Crossing the streets to Master Baoshu, when he stepped on the hill where Withered Cicada Temple was, he saw Master Baoshu collapsed the meditation room and was fighting with a short bald head.

Fly up and down.


It was Huang Mei’er.

Huang Mei’er was wearing a golden light, wide open and closed, and the small fist smashed the bowl with a loud noise. Facing the Second Rank Baoshu Mage, he did not lose the slightest.

The two of them crashed down a meditation room, fighting for life and death, and flew down the hill all the way, gradually leaving.

“This Huang Mei’er actually entered the Second Rank.”

Lu Chen brows slightly wrinkle, and then stretched out, no longer thinking about it or rushing to catch up, I walked into the Withered Cicada Temple with my feet up. I passed by, but I didn’t see half a silhouette, so I said with a smile:

“Yaoyao, we just collected the incense here.”


Meng Yao nodded happily, her little white teeth gleaming.

The two came to the Hall Of Great Strength. Meng Yao opened her mouth and inhaled, and the massive incense condensed into beautiful prayer coins. The “crash-bang” fell into Meng Yao’s small hands.

Wait until the incense is exhausted.

Seventy-eight prayer coins have been gathered, and the original consumption of nearly half of the prayer coins has grown to one hundred and thirty-two.

Great harvest!

“It’s not bad.”

Lu Chen was satisfied with the nodded, and took Meng Yao out of the treasure hall, and walked around the Withered Cicada Temple until he stepped into Punishment Hall, his pupils suddenly When you shrink, you will see the entrance of Punishment Hall.

One person sits cross-legged.

There is a finger hole on the forehead, two lines of blood and tears flow, and a pair of eyeballs have been pulled out, and the whereabouts are missing.

This person.

It is Ben Ming archmage who has had several encounters with Lu Chen.

Deeper in Punishment Hall, there was a pile of corpses, with hundreds of corpses overlapping each other, all wearing goose yellow monk robes, and their death attire was extremely miserable.

That look!

That look!

That scene!

Lu Chen just glanced at it and knew that most of these people died in [Shadow]. UU reading

He is too familiar.

As a result, a picture appeared in my mind. Someone locked hundreds of monks who had been casted in the Punishment Hall in Punishment Hall and killed a few. In an instant, the entire Punishment Hall blew up.

When it stops, there is no one alive.

โ€œHuang Mei’er ?โ€

Lu Chen sucked in a breath of cold air, darling, this little dwarf is too cruel,

However, Even Huang Mei’er has cultivated yin bao, plus the previous Yuan Zhen, I want to come to this Withered Cicada Temple is also a place where shelter evil people and accept wrongdoing, extinguish sect is also good.

No one is distressed, and it will save you from harming people!

Lu Chen took two steps forward and reached out to search for Ben Ming’s body. He remembered that Ben Ming archmage cultivated a kind of spiritual eyes, which is very rare. That’s why it became the worship of Weapon Suppressing Mansion. .

In this regard, Lu Chen’s eyes are… greedy.


Not only no method, but also no spiritsand.

“That’s fine.”

Lu Chen was about to turn around and leave, Yaoyao above her head blinked her eyes, suddenly opened the mouth and said:

“big brother, the big bald head is alive~”


Lu Chen turned around suddenly, and saw the black smoke billowing in the empty eyes of Ben Ming archmage Emerged, and in a blink of an eye, gathered over the corpse to form another Ben Ming mage.

The cassock floats!

I was speechless!

โ€œResentful Soul?โ€


Yaoyao nodded, licked her small mouth, and added:

“It’s very fragrant.”


Lu Chen can’t help laughing and laughing, this is Ben Ming too, and no one tortures you, how can it be I have formed a Resentful Soul myself, and can still appear during the day.

This… how much resentment this must be.

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