My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 69

Thanks also to Punishment Hall.

If you are outside, no matter how big your grievances are, you can be killed by the sun in the blink of an eye. Even so, you can only hold on for one night at most, and wait for the morning sun tomorrow.

Still going to dissipate.

Unless, can be promoted to wraith overnight.

“Mage, condolences!”

Lu Chen tried to say hello, but the other party looked at the pile of corpses in front of him and said nothing.


Lu Chen coughed dryly and asked:

“Mage, do you want to die or live?”

Ben Master Ming finally came back to his senses. It shook its head vigorously, as if trying to stay awake, and said in a hoarse voice:

“You…can you see me?”

“It’s hard?”

Lu Chen touched his nose and said with a smile:

“Now is not the time for silence, the opportunity is at hand, I will see if you can Got it.”

Lu Chen held his head high, as if I was your chance.


Master Ben Ming shook his head vigorously, as if crazy, he said bitterly: “I, this resentment is enough, why do you need chance!”

The words fell, and a black mist began to surge over it.

The eyes gradually became scarlet, the thin body gradually swelled, the head grew horns, the scales grew on the face, the fangs in the mouth, forcibly transformed directly from Resentful Soul into wraith, Black smoke billowed all over his body, and blood light more than a foot long shot out from his eyes.


It’s terrifying!

Except for the cassock, there is no Ben Ming archmage at all.

Although they belong to the same kind as Meng Yao, they are completely different.

Meng Yao lay on Lu Chen’s head, stuck out her pink tongue, licked her little mouth, and murmured:

“It’s more fragrant~”

Ben Ming turned his head to look at Lu Chen, his voice was dull and gloomy, full of oppression:

“Now, you… what other chance can you give me?”

” I have a secret water artifact, and I want to replace the spiritual eyes you cultivated during your lifetime.”

“spiritual eyes? No, those are the inheritance Magical Artifact ‘six-eyed Bodhi Seed’ of Withered Cicada Temple, hateful, hateful to be Huang Mei’er poached, Huang Mei’er, you are a villain! Vajra and the ghost bite, jiΓ© jiΓ© jiΓ© ~”

“Huang Mei’er, you are a villain!!”

Ben Ming gnashing teeth, state seems crazy, his thoughts are getting more and more confused, like a monster spawned by resentment, already on the verge of losing control.

“Stop shouting, and give someone to…”

Having said this, Lu Chen suddenly stopped, raised his feet and stepped back.

“shua ~”

Ben Ming suddenly turned his head and looked behind him, he saw a Little Baldy behind him, his head was down, motionless, he was gone. The returned Huang Mei’er, for some unknown reason, got rid of the Master Baoshu.

“Huang Mei’er!!!”


Ben Ming was still roaring, Huang Mei’er raised his head suddenly, It rushed to Ben Ming, opened his mouth and bit, with sharp and dense teeth in his mouth, and the other party who bit him screamed.

Let it struggle, it’s useless, with its last grudge, it curses with malice:

“Curse you, curse you Heavenly Dao The face has no eyes…”

“No face and no eyes~”

“No face and no eyes~”

The vicious echo is still there Echoing, the original terrifying wraith has been eaten up by Huang Mei’er. He burped and said with a smile:

“You…what are you running?”

Speaking, the small body flashed and quickly chased back Lu Chen.

Lu Chen stopped suddenly, the Peach Wood Sword in the palm of his hand was ready to go, and a scarlet handle on the back manifested out of thin air. In an instant, the invisible murderous intention, the stimulating Huang Mei’er’s hair stood on end, Flip backwards and fly out.

Using both hands and feet, rushing forward.

β€œCang ε”·~”

Yan Ming’s sword was half an inch unsheathed, and Huang Mei’er flew upside down again.

After repeating this three times, Huang Mei’er finally stopped trying, “bang”, smashed the window, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

β€œbig brother ~”

Meng Yao shrunk in Lu Chen’s long hair, only showing a small head, her small face turned pale with fright, as if she had encountered a natural enemy.

Lu Chen’s knife handle gradually disappeared, comforted:

“Yaoyao is not afraid, there is a big brother.”

“Hmmmm~ “

Meng Yao nodded hard, finally relaxed a little, stretched out her little hand, and helped Lu Chen wipe off the fine sweat from her forehead.

“Vajra and Ghost Devourer, are they…a double innate talent??”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful and whispered: “This Huang Mei’er is like hunting It’s really an anomaly.”

After that, he stopped staying and took Meng Yao away from the Withered Cicada Temple, where there was no living person. He covered his face with a cloth and walked on the familiar streets of Fengxian Town with an expression on his face. Trance.

Walk past the Scarlet Chamber Garden.

Walk past Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

Walk past Long Spring Temple.

Finally stopped in front of a noodle stall, Meng Yao twitched her little nose and licked her little mouth:

“big brother, the noodle soup is delicious and fragrant. ~”

“en. ”

Lu Chen said with a smile : “Old man, one bowl of noodles soup with mutton.”

” Okay~”

The stall owner shouted, and started to move down quickly. After a while, a full bowl was filled with a dozen pieces of fresh mutton on it.

all around people coming, people going.

Lu Chen sat down on the low stool and drank the same bowl of noodle soup with Meng Yao. Meng Yao sucked a noodle and glanced around with her big eyes, her small hand suddenly pointed to the distance, and said vaguely:

“Guoguo, look, the big bald head is there.”

Lu Chen turned his head to look and smiled, and saw Master Baoshu standing in front of a blacksmith shop, arguing with others What to do, let the other party drive away, just refuse to leave.

Lu Chen was not in a hurry, and drank noodle soup with Meng Yao leisurely.

“The thief of the dog days, the draft is firm!”

“Don’t catch me, let go!”

There was a commotion in the street, and I didn’t know it yet. Whatever happened, people were taken away by a team of Feng Jiajun who came suddenly.

“This world, alas~”

“peng peng ~”

The stall owner was busy taking a break, knocked on the foot of the table twice, and said with emotion, Continue to “bah bah” pumping.

The vicissitudes of life.

His face was dull.

Lu Chen paused his chopsticks and asked:

“Old man, how are you doing?”

The old man didn’t recognize the old customer in front of him, sighed:

“It’s not as good as before!”

“What happened just now?”

“Forcibly rob the civilian girl, City Lord’s Mansion lives in a villain named Yuan Guangyin Cowardly, he specializes in robbing women. I heard that he is the nephew of the City Lord. He is also called the ‘two evils’ with the thief of Zhao Gong. He doesn’t say anything about bad things, and he doesn’t allow people to scold a few words. If this person is caught, he may be able to I can’t come out alive.”

The two were talking when another commotion came from a distance.

“Get out of the way!”

“Run Doudou, ah~”


“UU reading wwwww .uukanshu.comxu lu lu ~”

Lu Chen turned his head to look and saw a group of cavalry galloping in the street, the people panicked and fled, a little boy couldn’t dodge and was trampled to death by a strong horse. On the street, the scene was extremely bloody orangutan. The leader was a heroic woman with a cross-dresser, and she didn’t even blink her brows when facing the corpse.

The swagger gallops past.

Lu Chen frowned deeply and asked, “Which way is this Bodhisattva?”


The stall owner sighed and gritted his teeth. : “The daughter of the City Lord, Yuan Jinfeng, although she looks like a Bodhisatva, she has the heart of a snake and a scorpion. Yesterday, she whipped to death two half-old children who looked at her too much.”

“Yuan Baixi daughter?”

Lu Chen murmured, flicked his fingers, and the sword star in his hand flew away quickly.


β€œxu lu lu~”

Yuan Jinfeng suddenly reined in his horse, pulled out the dagger from his waist instantly, and turned back and slashed.


With a piercing cry, the attacking sword star shot back, Yuan Jinfeng frowned and shouted:

“Stop, look for the person who drew the sword…”

“puchi ~”

Another sword star struck from the side, piercing through the head After that, a blood flower splashed, and a corpse fell.


“Alert, enemy attack! Enemy attack!!”

“xu lu lu ~”

Follow When Yuan Jinfeng died, the scene suddenly became chaotic.

Lu Chen drank the noodle soup at the bottom of the bowl in one gulp, quietly retracted the two sword stars, said with a smile:

“Relax, Yaoyao, let’s go.”


Meng Yao sucked the noodles into her mouth and sat on Lu Chen’s shoulder. Lu Chen left a piece of silver or two, ignoring the crowd all around. , went straight to the blacksmith shop in the distance.

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