My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 7

“Is this… dreaming??”

Lu Chen was breathing rapidly, Jiang Hong’e on her body was twisting frantically, she was lying on top of Lu Chen Biting and biting, he opened his mouth to bite Lu Chen’s mouth, and Lu Chen blinked.

I saw Jiang Hong’e suddenly become Fang Yuqi.

Spring fragrance floats.

Ying Ying grasped.

At this time, a strong suction suddenly came from the other party’s mouth, and Lu Chen’s bloodline rioted instantly.


Lu Chen finally realized that something was wrong and wanted to break free, but Fang Yuqi bit his mouth tightly.

Did not let go, sucked like crazy.

“Here…for you!”

Lu Chen gnashing teeth, could no longer feel the slightest ripple, he spit out suddenly, and a Pure Yang Breath gushed out, straight Not in the opponent’s mouth.


The other party screamed and flew out of Lu Chen. It showed its original shape in midair and turned into a distorted shadow, that shadow With hands and feet, faceless and eyeless, it opened its mouth wide, raised its head to the sky and let out a mournful wailing, with one after another fiery red cracks appearing all over its body.

As if lava was about to erupt.

Then “boom”, all split up and in pieces.

β€œhu hu~~”

Lu Chen took a deep breath, opened his mouth and took a breath, the Pure Yang Breath returned to his mouth, but only half of it was left, it was too late, it was a pity, only See in midair with a glowing silhouette condensed.

is a pretty nun.

There were tears on her face, crying and laughing, she bowed to Lu Chen Yingying, opened her mouth to say something, but there was no sound, and it turned into light rain in the blink of an eye.

Gone away.

“It’s the ghost report again…Yuan Zhen really should be damned!”

Lu Chen gnashing teeth, but also angry, but also afraid, if not for his cultivation Eternal Spring Art, the body With extremely strong control, when this ghost took the first sip, he was about to leave the body with all his qi and blood.

Totally turned into a mummified corpse.

Too dangerous!

too terrifying!

I am still terrified when I think about it.


It seemed like it was… pretty cool.

Lu Chen involuntarily recalled the scene just now, Jiang Hong’e …Fang Yuqi, one bulging forward and backward, the other refusing and welcoming, a little confused for a while, he touched his mouth , found that the mouth was full of blood, and the lower lip was bitten by the ghost.

Fortunately, the injury was not serious.

Picking up the herbal tea on the table and gargling, Lu Chen indignantly whispered angrily:

“I’ve lost my first kiss…”

Thinking of the ghost, Lu Chen felt uncomfortable. That pretty nun was also a victim. It is estimated that Yuan Zhen cast a sorcerer [Yinhun Bao], and tried every means to make a ghost. Fortunately, he used a Pure Yang Breath. kill it.

It can also be regarded as a relief.

And he is really not completely without harvest, and he stretched out his hand a little to the light curtain in front of him:


[Eternal Spring Art upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Practice for three days (1/3 failed!)

[2]: Three dead souls (2/3 failed!)

[3]: Ten spirits and (achieved!)


I just killed a ghost, and it is also considered a ghost, so, the most difficult Three dead souls, two have been completed, as long as you work harder, you will soon be able to level up.

“Upgrade as soon as possible, and then solve the scourge of Yuan Zhen!”

After making up his mind, Lu Chen lay on the bed and continued to sleep. go to sleep.


Yesterday was the fifth year of Emperor Kang of the Great Hao Dynasty.

Late November.

Today is the fifth-to-last day of November, the weather is particularly gloomy, and the raindrops are falling from the sky. Lu Chen got up early and practiced Eternal Spring Art and Kasyapa Hand several times. Going out for breakfast.


Lu Chen was startled just as he opened the door.

I saw a person standing outside the door, with Su Daji up and down…No, Jiang Hong’e! The other party is like a beautiful lady, holding a red paper umbrella in her slender hands and holding a white-haired fox in her arms.

It seems to come from a famous painting.

The posture is lithe and graceful.

A charming face.

Lu Chen suddenly remembered what happened last night.

A gust of wind blew, and I shivered, subconsciously took two steps back, and said:

“You…are you a human or a ghost?”

Jiang Hong’e pursed his lips and chuckled, picked up two moth eyebrows, and turned around with the fox in his arms, the skirts were flying, spring waves were rippling, and he said playfully: “What do you think?”

“It’s good not to be a ghost.”

Lu Chen relaxed, saw the shadow under the other party’s feet, and asked again:

“Is there something wrong with the female lay Buddhist?”


Jiang Hong’e lightly snorted, said meaningfully:

“I heard that your Master died in retreat?”

Remembering yesterday Lu Chen was a little embarrassed and said cheekily:


The other party smiled charmingly and asked directly: “You sell [Radiating Light Technique] Don’t sell?”

[Sword Control Technique] is the First Rank Ordinary Level spell, while [Radiating Light Technique] is an Authentic Level spell, which is comparable to “Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra” , Lu Chen didn’t want to sell, but he didn’t say anything, and said perfunctorily:

“It can be sold, but…it’s expensive!”

“Okay, you can come in the evening. Scarlet Chamber Garden, let’s discuss it.”

Jiang Hong’e said no nonsense, holding a red paper umbrella, turned around and walked on the road, swaying and swaying. Lu Chen took the opportunity to widen his eyes, stared at each other’s feet, and let out a long breath.

Sure enough…still feet don’t touch the ground!

Jiang Hong’e seemed to feel something, turned around suddenly, smiled charmingly at Lu Chen, and said coquettishly:

“Little Daoist Priest, your servant is on the third floor of Scarlet Chamber Garden. Waiting for you, see you at night~”

At this time, two passers-by happened to pass by, hearing this stared wide-eyed one after another, looking at Lu Chen with an incredible look, and then revealed a meaningful expression expression.

“This goblin!”

Lu Chen murmured and hurriedly closed the door.

After waiting for a while, he hurried out of the Taoist temple and ate two bowls of noodle soup on the street. Since he started Eternal Spring Art, he felt that his appetite had increased a lot.

Two bowls of noodle soup will make you six cents full.

β€œdong dong dong!”

Just after returning to Long Spring Temple, there was a sudden knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“Daoist Priest big brother, letter, your letter~”


Lu Chen opened the courtyard door and saw a cheerful little girl standing outside the door. She was less than ten years old, thin and small, wearing a patched gown.

Because the hem is too long, it has been stained with black dirt.

Because of the light rain.

A pair of unopened faces were wet, and the ponytails on the back were also covered with drops of water.

Looking at the little girl, Lu Chen vaguely remembered the identity of the other party, he was his neighbor, his surname was Meng, his specific name was not quite clear, there was a nickname that seemed to be “Yaoyao”, her father was a nerd , the mother died early, and the family was relatively poor.

The northeast corner of Fengxian Town is relatively remote.

The houses are not next to each other. They say they are neighbors, but they are not really close. The other person lives on the street, and the two sides are separated by several hundred meters.

Lu Chen took the letter and wondered:

“Who sent the letter to UU reading”

little girl thought for a while, Cui Shengsheng said: “A man wearing a hat, he is strong.”


Lu Chen nodded, not rushing to read the letter, and asked: “Why? Wearing your father’s long gown?”

The little girl’s expression was a little down, she lifted the corner of her clothes, and said glutinously:

“Father is dead…”

Lu Chen was stunned for a moment, realizing that the nerd was mostly killed by the robbers who broke the city. He pulled the little girl under the eaves, wiped the other’s face with his sleeve robe, and said warmly:


“There are still people at home?”

“And the grandfather.”

Lu Chen hearing this relaxed, but it seems that this grandfather does not seem to be able to take care of people, He took the scissors from the view, cut the little girl’s gown short, put the scissors down, rubbed his free hands, and showed it to the little girl, said with a smile:

“Look, there’s nothing, right?”


little girl was timid and nodded, not sure why.

Lu Chen rubbed his hands again and opened them suddenly, only to see a handful of scattered copper coins in his palms.

little girl stared wide-eyed, looking around curiously.

Lu Chen said, “It’s for you.”

little girl hurriedly took two steps back, timidly, not daring to answer.

“Take it, since you called me ‘Daoist Priest big brother’, this is a greeting gift for you. You can come to Long Spring Temple to find me in the future.”

“Oh, thank you Daoist Priest big brother ~”

Looking at the little girl jumping away, Lu Chen laughed, opened the letter, and saw a small line written on the paper:

Drunken Fragrance House second layer, let’s talk!

β€œYuan Zhen!”

Although there is no signature and no sign, Lu Chen was the first to think of Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk.

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