My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 70

“I don’t believe it yet.”

“Go away, you poor monk, if you continue to entangle you, don’t blame Laozi for pulling you to an official position.”

“I can’t open it yet!”

As soon as Lu Chen approached the blacksmith shop, he saw a shirtless man at the blacksmith shop holding a big hammer, yelling at Master Baoshu, making a gesture want to fight.

And the Master Baoshu lowered his eyes.


The man didn’t dare to really start, and he couldn’t stand it for a while.

Lu Chen walked slowly, said with a smile:

“What’s going on?”

“Ouch little brother, come and comment Judge, this poor and sour monk is too unreasonable. He doesnโ€™t give money. He insists on making me a broken bowl. I donโ€™t agree. This monk is still here and wonโ€™t leave. Listen, isn’t this cursing Lao Tzu to die early~”


The shop owner was full of complaints, and the monk Baoshu proclaimed the Buddha’s name and muttered:

“It’s fine if you don’t make it up, but you have to give 300 catties of pig iron.”

“Three hundred catties, I bah~”

The store scolded, saliva splashed across: “You poor monk, do you know how much silver is worth three hundred catties of pig iron? It’s not worth the price even if you take it apart.”

Lu Chen looked at the broken bowl on the ground.

It was the bowl of Master Baoshu, but there was a hole in the bottom of the bowl, as if it had been smashed by Huang Mei’er’s fist, he stepped forward and interjected:

“It makes sense to buy and sell, why not let Xiaodao put the money on the mage?”


Baoshu shook his head and refused, replied:

“This poor monk can afford it.”

As he said, he snapped the little finger of his left hand with a “click”, and put face doesn’t change on the counter: “Shop, is this enough for 300 catties of pig iron?”

“Dang bang~”

The hammer in the shop’s hand fell, almost stunned, and hesitantly said:


“Not enough?”

Baoshu murmured, and put his hands on his head, posing to make himself head unscrewed.


The store owner screamed and slumped on the ground.

Master Baoshu made a move on his hands, turned his neck in a circle, turned his head to look at Lu Chen, and asked:

“Donor, isn’t this too bloody?”


“Forget it.”

Seeing that Lu Chen didn’t speak, Master Baoshu murmured, but he didn’t put his own Turning his head off, he reached into his arms, groped for a while, found something, put it on the counter, it was an eyeball, and asked again: “Seller, is this enough? ?”

“Enough…enough is enough.”

The store owner was almost scared to death, how could he dare to say that it wasn’t enough.

Baoshu was finally satisfied, each minding their own business and began to move the iron from the blacksmith shop. As soon as he reached out and grabbed it, he tore a piece from the iron ingot, kneaded it a few times in his hand like dough, and threw it in. After chewing, whispered:

“The taste is a little weaker.”

“…” He didn’t dare to breathe, for fear that the demon monk would eat himself in one bite.

Meng Yao held her chin to watch the fun, Lu Chen couldn’t help but ask:

“Master, can you eat this pig iron?”

Master Baoshu Without raising his head, the flesh on his face trembled, and he said contemptuously:

“It’s rare and strange, have you heard of chewing iron?”


When Master Baoshu finished eating 300 catties of pig iron, he opened his mouth and spit, and a piece of dark metal fell on the bottom of the bowl, and he saw that the metal was wriggling and glued to the hole automatically. , and slowly fuse together with the bowl.

Not for a while.

The bowl is no longer damaged and restored to its original state.

Baoshu was finally satisfied, ignored Lu Chen and the store, and walked along the street into the distance, gazing at each stall with his eyes.

At this time, Lu Chen said: “Mage, there is a Jiuqiao Mountain across the Akutagawa River to the north. There are countless Nether Souls there. If the Mage wants to exorcise demons, there is a cave of demons.”


Baoshu looked back at Lu Chen, indifferent expression.

Wandering away.


The store owner finally stopped swaying, let out a long sigh, and said in fear, โ€œThis demon monk can be considered gone.โ€

Lu Chen pointed to At the counter, he asked:

“Seller, are these two distinct things for sale?”

The shopkeeper looked over and saw a little finger and an eyeball placed on the counter, Strangely enough, the little finger had just been broken off.

Not even a trace of blood.

Those eyes are also extraordinary, crystal clear and near-transparent, like colored glass.

The store owner rolled his eyes and chuckled:

“It’s not cheap!”


some words , Lu Chen exchanged two spirits and two things. Although the little finger is lifelike, it is not fleshy, but like a small piece of wood.

Lu Chen used the image method to absorb the breath of the treasure tree mage from it, and fed it to a black dog on the street.

He played with the remaining eyeballs, his eyes twinkling, whispered:

“Six-eyed Bodhi Seed?”

Opened a room in the Inn, Lu Chen sat cross-legged on the bed and started refining.

From noon.

By the afternoon.

The refining was not completed until it was approaching evening.

He opened his mouth and took a breath, the eyeballs in his hand shrunk, flew into the mouth, and sank all the way into the Spirit Orifice. He also learned all the information about this Magical Artifact.

This item is called ใ€Six Eyes Bodhi Seedใ€‘.

It is the First Rank Magical Artifact of Jiujo Dao Mark. The material is a bodhi fruit from the spirit plant [Bodhi tree].

In Buddhism, there are five eyes, naked eye, blind eye, blind eye, dharma eye, ordinary vision, Divine Vision, straight emptiness, Heavenly Eye, non-obstructive, Buddha’s eye is like a thousand suns, and it is the same when it shines on foreign bodies.

The six-eyed Bodhi Seed, the full name is ใ€Sixth Eye Bodhi Seedใ€‘.

Not in the Five Eyes.

Everything you see, more or less, can get a little bit of information. Apart from this, there is also a function called Zenghui.

“It doesn’t have much effect.”

Lu Chen is a little disappointed, however, the six-eyed Bodhi Seed, as the inheritance Magical Artifact of Withered Cicada Temple, was chosen by UU reading Withered Cicada Temple has been practicing for many years, and most of the tenth Dao Mark, the most crucial one, has already been generated.

If possible, go further.

It is the Second Rank Magical Artifact of the ten Dao Marks. At that time, it must have a greater effect.

Lu Chen’s thoughts moved, and the six-eyed Bodhi Seed and his right eye fuse together, only to feel a coolness in his mind, his thoughts became a little clearer, and the light curtain in front of him was softly trembled.

There have also been changes.

On the side of the light curtain, a small light curtain was born alone.

[Name]: Wooden table

[Information]: Ten years of pine, slightly flawed


Lu Chen moved his gaze to the Peach Wood Sword in the palm of his hand, and the light curtain changed accordingly.

[Name]: Peach Wood Sword

[Information]: First Rank Magical Artifact, Seven Dao Marks


“It’s okay.”

Lu Chen grinned, feeling fine.


At this moment, there was a clutter of footsteps outside the Inn, Lu Chen dodged to the window, looked down from the second floor, and saw a man. Team Feng Jiajun came from a distance, and the entire Inn was filled with water.

The number is five hundred.

“Fence up!”

“The murderer is in the Inn, not a single one can escape, but there are resisters, execute without any mercy!”

” Avenge the young lady!”


Lu Chen was a little surprised when the noise reached his ears, but when he thought that the entire Fengxian Town was now in Fengjia Army Under the supervision of Yuan Baixi, I was relieved. It seems that he killed Yuan Jinfeng, or someone found clues, whispered:

“Yuan Baixi didn’t come?”

tone barely fell, I saw a person falling from the sky.

white clothes lightly.

The sleeves are flying.

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