My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 71

[Name]: Yue Baixi

[Information]: Erjing Method Release Immortal Master


Yue Bai The surface of the stream was sinking like water, suspended in mid-air, overlooking the entire Inn, stretched out his hand and waved lightly, without making a sound, teams of Phoenix Armies broke through the door and rushed into the Inn.

Iron armored!


But if there is resistance, kill it on the spot!

Soon, the entire Inn was under the control of Fengjia Army, Yuan Baixi’s face in midair became more and more gloomy, and his expression suddenly condensed:

“There are mana fluctuations.”

Speaking, he flew to a tea shop in the distance, he fell lightly, his eyes scanned the whole tea shop, everyone dared not breathe, Yuan Baixi coldly snorted, and asked:

“Did someone show up just now?”

“Yes… yes.”

The boss of the tea shop stood up, tremblingly said:

“Go back… back to your lord, then… that person appears out of thin air in the villain’s tea shop.”

“Where is it now?”

“Just now …just left, and left there.”


Yue Baixi flew out of the tea shop and landed on the street. There was the slightest trace of Lu Chen, and for a while, his heart was furious, and his face was as gloomy as rain.


Lu Chen used the five ghosts to leave the Inn. After getting away, he went straight out of Fengxian Town and flew all the way to Toad Island with his sword. Halfway through the journey, he began to perform the Qiankun Reflection Technique.

The left hand is spread out, and a scene is presented in front of him.

That’s the Akutagawa River.

In the surging river, a large vat swayed and swayed to the north. In the vat, sat a monk with his eyes closed. It was Master Baoshu. Lu Chen grinned and saw Baoshu. The mage suddenly opened his eyes, a finger pointed.

The fingers are getting bigger and bigger.

“ka-cha ~”

The scene before my eyes shattered instantly.


The spellcasting was broken, Lu Chen was startled, Spiritual Qi in his body almost reversed, Spiritual Qi was bad and almost fell from the air, but fortunately it slowed down for two. His breath came back.

He stepped on his sword and hovered in the air, thinking for a moment, then turned his head and flew towards Jiuqiao Mountain.


Master Baoshu retracted his finger, coldly said:

“He Fang Xiaoxiao is watching this poor monk?”

“Where is the rat?”

The voice echoed on the Akutagawa River, but no one responded. He frowned for a moment, got up and jumped out of the big tank, stepping on the Akutagawa River, carrying the big tank and running all the way.

He rushed to the river bank in one breath, and strode forward again, and finally saw a black mountain and the stone tablet.

“Jedi Jiuqiao Mountain!”

Master Baoshu’s face changed, holding a bowl in his hand, he strode to Jiuqiao Mountain, all the way to the bottom of Jiuqiao Mountain, looking up at the thousand-meter Black Mountain , he suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed loudly:

“Very good, very good, this is the place where this poor monk is honored!”


When Lu Chen flew to the foot of Jiuqiao Mountain, Master Baoshu was climbing the mountain step by step. Every time he took a step, Jiuqiao Mountain trembled, and countless Nether Souls came out of Jiuqiao Mountain.



“jié jié jié~~~”



Various animals, countless cows, ghosts, snakes, and many human-shaped Nether Souls, covering the heavens, shielding the sun , they laughed wildly, and each opened their mouths to inhale at the Master Baoshu:



Any Nether Soul can’t help but treasure the tree.

But countless Nether Souls gathered together, and the suction was too terrifying, even if the Treasure Tree Mage was the Method Release Immortal Master of the Second Realm, it couldn’t stop it.

A wisp of anger floated out from the Baoshu Mage’s head and was eaten by countless Nether Souls.

“jié jié jié~~”

Nether Soul laughed wildly, the steps of Baoshu Mage became heavier and heavier, but it never stopped, and the anger in the body seemed to be endless.

One step!

Two steps!

In a blink of an eye, Master Baoshu walked halfway up the mountain.

“Who is it? Who is climbing?”

An angry shout resounded on Jiuqiao Mountain, Jiuqiao Mountain shook violently, and a cave appeared on the mountain. Out, like a human body, a silhouette floated out from it.

It’s the Chimei old ghost!

Its lower body is smoke, the upper body is humanoid, extremely tall, wearing a black robe, holding a five-meter hooked sickle in his hand, and a pair of long eyebrows.

Red as blood.


[Name]: Chimei old ghost

[Information]: Lord of Jiuqiao Mountain, King of Nether Soul



“The old fairy with red eyebrows, regardless of the law and of natural morality ~”

“The old fairy with red eyebrows, regardless of the law and of natural morality ~”

Countless Nether Souls shouted excitedly, their voices pierced through the sky, the red-browed old ghost looked down, Baoshu Mage raised his head, his eyes met, giving tit for tat.

“You want to stop this poor monk?”

“You can’t climb a mountain!”

Meng Yao was lying on top of Lu Chen’s head, holding her cheek in her small hand, Asked:

“big brother, are they going to fight?”

“The way is different, it is destined to be a battle!”

“Oh~~ ”

Meng Yao seemed to understand, but Lu Chen watched carefully, and saw Chimei old ghost body flashed, appearing out of thin air behind Master Baoshu, the exaggerated hook in his hand was swung, and his head was cut off. .

“Subduing the Demons!”

The Master Baoshu shouted angrily, and the one hundred and eight orbs around his neck lit up with golden lights.


Jiuqiao Mountain shook, and fierce fighting broke out.

Up and down the mountain!

Nether Soul Monk!

Fight to the death, fight to the death!

The battle was fierce, Baoshu Mage was cut off by the Chimei old ghost with a scythe, and he raised his head to fight, forcibly smashed the Chimei old ghost’s Nether Soul body.

“Blowing the Clouds!”

The red-browed old ghost regrouped, opened his mouth and spat out a black cloud, and fled in panic.


Master Baoshu raised his head to the sky and laughed loudly, and climbed to Jiuqiao Mountain.


Turned into a…hundred zhang ancient wood!

On this day, Jiuqiao Mountain changed hands, and Master Baoshu transformed into an ancient tree of forbidden magic, taking 800,000 Nether Soul as nourishment to take root in Jiuqiao Mountain!


[Name]: Ancient Tree of Forbidden Demons

[Information]: People can’t live without a head, and a tree can die without a root


Lu Chen retracted his gaze, squeezed his sword fingers, Yu Jian chased after the Chimei old ghost, the night was dark and the wind was high, the sky was high and the earth was wide, Flying fast, but never found the trace of the Chimei old ghost.

“big brother, why are we chasing him?”

Lu Chen grinned,faintly said:


“Oh oh~”

Meng Yao dragged a strand of Lu Chen’s long hair in the night wind, nodded her head, and then remembered that the bastard was the culprit who killed her just now culprit.

She was very happy when she thought that big brother was always thinking about it, she asked:

“big brother, can we catch up?”

“Try again. Try it.”

Lu Chen hovered in mid-air, sighed, just now Master Baoshu was by his side, he had scruples, and it seemed a little too late to chase now, he reached into his arms and took out his body The last talisman.

The talisman is lit.

The green smoke curls into the nether!

The green smoke gathered in mid-air, gradually forming the face of an old ghost with red eyebrows. He looked down at Lu Chen and asked:

“Who are you?”

“I, Yuan Zhen, Xianzun is really a noble person who forgets things.”

“cough cough ~”

The old ghost with red eyebrows coughed violently, and there were lines on his face. The crack seems to be about to dissipate.


Lu Chen’s eyes were quick, raised hand, two sword stars flew out, and smashed the face of the red-browed old ghost, the thorns shattered, his hands form a secret art, reached out and beckoned, forcibly captured a black breath.

Lu Chen changed his hands, quickly formed the seal, and said silently:

“The Imaging Method of Qiankun!”

The left hand spread out, and a picture appeared in front of him.

It was a dark room, a group of people were worshiping around the altar, a dark shadow appeared on the altar, it was the old ghost with red eyebrows, he had disheveled hair and one after another crack on his face , roaring angrily:

“Soul, more souls!”

As he spoke, he danced his huge hook and slashed forward, passing directly through one’s body, UU reading picked out a humanoid phantom, he opened his mouth and inhaled directly into his mouth.

“Run! Ah~”

“Oxen spare your life, spare your life~”

“Don’t don’t!”

.. ….

The room was in chaos in an instant, and a group of people fled for their lives in panic. They were all harvested by the red-browed old ghost in a blink of an eye. He roared up to the sky:

“Not enough, far from enough!”

I was about to go through the door when I turned around.

“ka-cha ~”

The scene in his left hand shattered, Lu Chen’s breathing stagnated, Spiritual Qi almost reversed again, and soon returned to normal, let out a long breath, coldly said:

“Ten miles north!”


Then Lu Chen got up with his sword and flew north all the way.

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