My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 72

Jiuqiao Mountain is located in Beimangzhou, north of the Jiuchuan River. There is a city more than 20 miles north of this mountain, called [Yefang City]. Although the city is not large, there are more than ten in previous years. The population is 10,000, but I don’t know when women started to die miserably.

First, the surrounding villages and towns, and then the inner and outer cities.

For this.

The Cultivation Family Lou, and Jiuqiao Mountain open strife and veiled struggle for many years.

Five years ago, Knowles moved northward.

The population in the city withered rapidly, and the entire Yefang City gradually declined. It was completely crawling under the Jiuqiao Mountain, and it became the place where the old ghost of Chimei continued to harvest grudges.

As of today.

Yefang City is almost an empty city, with less than 10,000 people living in the city.

The night wind blows.

The dark moon hangs in the air.

When Lu Chen Yujian landed on the dilapidated city wall of Yefang City, what he saw was a barren city, a gradually dying city, with ruins everywhere and desolation on all sides.

Occasionally you can see some old and weak, like solitary soul, unbound ghost wandering around.

“big brother, look!”

Meng Yao pointed to the distance with her little hand, and Lu Chen turned to look.

I saw a team of soldiers walking along the city head towards this side, no, they were floating, they were wearing armor, holding a long spear, and covering themselves tightly, only A pair of red eyes appeared outside.



[Name]: Ghost

[Information]: Armored Ghost Soldier

“This is…”

“Ghost Soldier??”

Lu Chen is very surprised, didn’t expect the old ghost with red eyebrows to have his subordinates here. It seems that there are quite a few, but when he thinks about the rumors that came from the other side The Ghost News was relieved.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement 7th Layer

[Divine Ability]: Nine Heavens Demon Slaying Beginner (upgrade condition) Expandable!)



[Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Conditions]:

[1]: A thousand dead souls (17/1000 not reached!)


“didn’t expect and unexpected harvest, not bad, not bad, I don’t know if this wave is enough for me to level up?”

Lu Chen grinned his corner, and didn’t rush up, he hid his figure, jumped off the city wall quietly, and followed the red-browed old ghost traces to the city.

Walk through the streets.


Soon, Lu Chen saw a group of Ghost Soldier driving ragged people from all corners to the center of the city. He followed him all the way, turned over and jumped into a dilapidated pavilion.

Look around.

I saw a round platform in the center of the city, on which stood a ten-meter-high statue.

It is the appearance of Chimei old ghost.

Under the statue, waves of people were driven over by Ghost Soldier, crowding in front of the statue, either worshiping or shouting curses.

“Pity the old immortal, the immortal has a long life~!”

“Forgive your life, spare your life~”

“You old ghost without a lower body, you must not Damn it, the groove is tight!”


The red-browed old ghost stood up ahead, remained unmoved, waving the huge hooked sickle in his hand, Bobo’s soul is harvested, and the cracks on his face are slowly recovering as he continues to devour his soul.

“Not enough, still not enough!”

The old Ghost General with red eyebrows swallowed several souls, suddenly looked up, and saw a person standing up in the attic in the distance, Carry blood light for the night.

“It’s you!!”

“Old ghost, die!”

Lu Chen furiously shouted, stretched out his hand to hold the hilt, and slashed with the knife .

In an instant.

As far as I can see..the whole night sky is stained with scarlet.


The red-browed old ghost shouted in horror, the black robe flicked, and appeared out of thin air in the sky, just as he was about to cast a spell, his body trembled suddenly. Seeing that blood light swept away from the eyebrows, the whole body was divided into two halves.


The red-browed old ghost screamed in a shrill scream, but his body exploded in an instant, and in the blink of an eye, the ashes vanished, not even a wisp of blue smoke remained, only a handful A huge hook scythe fell from the sky.

“ka-cha” cut off the head of the statue below.

β€œCang Ge!”

β€œhu hu, it’s so…so exciting!”

The blood knife returned to its sheath, Lu Chen gasped for breath, life and death There was a big terror. Just now, the old ghost with red eyebrows escaped out of thin air. Although he was expected, he was also startled. Fortunately, Nine Heavens Demon Slaying is a Divine Ability.


It is inevitable.

Anywhere you can see it!

β€œwu wu wu~~”

The old ghost with red eyebrows died, hundreds of Ghost Soldiers roared towards the attic, Meng Yao stood up on Lu Chen’s head, tiptoeing She looked into the distance, her big eyes lit up slightly.

Avoid Ghost Soldier and run away quickly.

Soon, the little body came back with a hook and sickle with a height of five meters. Meng Yao said happily:

“Big brother, Yaoyao will help you kill the bad guys~”


Lu Chen laughed dumbly, flicked his fingers, and the Peach Wood Sword flew out, killing the rushing Ghost Soldier like a spirit fish.

In Yefang City.

The specter murdered.

On this day, Lu Chen and Meng Yao fought side by side, slaying the Nether King, saving three thousand old and weak, and killing seven hundred armored ghosts with Peach Wood Sword!


“ceng! ”

Peach Wood Sword flew back, Lu Chen chased Ghost Soldier and found a Jianshoucaipu, just came to the door, and saw two Ghost Soldiers rushing out, raising their guns and stabbing.

“Big brother, look at Yaoyao’s~”

The big red wedding dress swirls, Meng Yao turns into Little Demoness and dances a five-meter hook.

A sickle down.

Two Ghost Soldiers cut in the middle.

Meng Yao’s face was excited, she turned her head and said, “big brother, how is Yaoyao?”




β€œvery good~~”

Seeing Lu Chen nod at the door, Meng Yao cheered, threw the hook and sickle at the door, and followed Lu Chen Walking into the Shoucai Store, the Shoucai Store was extremely cold and cold. Lu Chen glanced up and found the deep crypt at the corner of the wall.

He walked into the crypt with the Peach Wood Sword in his hand.


Came to an underground space.

Here is Ghost Qi, the fog is full of darkness, the black-brown mud underfoot, the blood-soaked dirt on the walls, piles of white bones scattered all around, and a black round bead hanging in the very center. half empty.

Lu Chen was about to step forward when he saw the black light of the beads.

β€œxu lu lu ~”

The neigh sounded, and a silhouette charged out from the ball.

This silhouette rides a skeleton horse, the men and horses are all wearing heavy armor, and they are more than three meters high, holding a black gun more than four meters long in their hands, and their scarlet eyes are fixed on Lu. Chen , said in a muffled voice:

“The ghosts ahead, the living will stop!”

[Name]: Ghost General

[Information]: First Rank, Ghost General’s body


“Ghost General? Fortunately… just First Rank.”

Lu Chen relaxed, although now Can’t use Divine Ability Nine Heavens, but his cultivation’s Seven-Star Sword Art is also good. Among the First Rank, there are few people who can match.

No nonsense at the moment, with a flick of the finger, the Peach Wood Sword flew away.


β€œxu lu lu!”

Ghost General shot the Peach Wood Sword into the air and was about to kill Lu Chen.

The skeleton horse under him screamed in pain, and suddenly fell to the ground, only to see the seven sword stars separated from the Peach Wood Sword, already pierced through the scarlet eyes of the ghost horse.

One twist, it turned into a pile of broken bones.


Ghost General landed and continued to kill Lu Chen with a black spear. Peach Wood Sword and seven sword stars attacked from behind, UU reading www.uukanshu .comGhost General hurriedly danced the black gun to stop it.

β€œding ding dong dong ~”

Ghost General only lasted five breaths before being pierced by the sword star.


Before dying, Ghost General threw away the black gun with a roar.


The black spear pierced the air and stabbed Lu Chen in the face.

Lu Chen dodged easily, the black spear pierced nearly half of the wall, Ghost General also “thumped” and fell to the ground, dissipating together with the black spear, leaving only a pile of heavy armor of several hundred kilograms left.

“ceng! ”

He reached out and beckoned, the Peach Wood Sword and the seven sword stars shot back, raised his feet and took a few steps forward, the light curtain in front of him trembled, A piece of information emerges.

[Name]: Secret Realm

[Information]: Little Yin Sector


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