My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 73

“Little Yin Sector?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, reaching out to grab the jet-black beads, his fingers just touching the beads.


The scene before me changed, and Lu Chen appeared in a vast space with a dull sky, charred ground, mutilated bones, and a strong stench of rancidity. .

And Sensei Ghost Qi from everywhere.


Gloomy horror!

Lu Chen looked alert, but he saw a dead silence all around, no sound, not even a half silhouette, not even a ghost or a tree.

He flew up with his sword, and in just the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, he flew back and forth, whispered:

“Three miles around!”

Lu Chen looked at Meng Yao on his shoulder and asked:

โ€œYaoyao, can the Ghost Qi here be absorbed?โ€



Meng Yao shook her little head, she was wraith, just cultivating “Mingshui Jue”, although she could absorb it, she was more repulsive, because the Ghost Qi here is not pure, mixed with a lot of dead energy.

It was a breath of death and corruption.

“That’s it.”

Lu Chen didn’t stay any longer. With a thought, he appeared in the outside world and reached out to hold the ball in his hand.

Sit down.

Start refining.

Although the little Yin Sector has a radius of three miles, it is not difficult to refining.

One hour passed, Lu Chen opened his eyes, opened his mouth and took a breath, swallowed it, and immediately spit it out, unable to swallow!

This is a Secret Realm Space after all.

Not only can’t he swallow it, he can’t even store it in the storage space, but he also got all the information about this Secret Realm.

This is the First Rank Secret Realm.

The full name is [ๅฐ›ๅฐ›Yin Sector]. It was originally a piece of the void in the outer world. After falling into Jiuqiao Mountain, it did not merge with Heavenly Dao Law, and naturally separated out from the space Secret Realm.

“Not bad.”

Lu Chen was satisfied, and took Meng Yao out of the underground cave.

Just out of Shoucai Shop.

I saw the street outside the door, full of people kneeling in darkness. They were not kneeling on Lu Chen or thanking him for killing the Chimei old ghost, but facing the five-meter hook at the door. kowtow.

“Bless the old immortal, bless the old immortal~”

“Forgive your life~”

“Great Immortal spare your life!”

.. ….


Two words flashed in Lu Chen’s mind, he was sighed and his heart was dull, these people were enslaved by the red-browed old ghost for too long.

Life or death!

Whatever you want!

The fear of Chimei old ghost has been deeply rooted in their bones, and they didn’t even realize that Lu Chen had killed Chimei old ghost, or rather, they couldn’t believe it.

Of course, not everyone is like that.

Meng Yao fell from Lu Chen’s shoulders, her small body held the five-meter hook on her shoulders, and said happily:

“big brother, let’s go~”

[Name]: Nether Weapon

[Information]: Second Rank, No Life Sickle


“en! “

Lu Chen took the sword and flew up with Meng Yaoyu. He killed the old ghost with red eyebrows and fell after killing hundreds of ghost soldiers. It’s enough, there is no need to do anything else. .

The rest is up to them.

At this time.

The sky was twilight, and grey dawn appeared in the east. Lu Chen Yujian flew into the air and asked:

“Yaoyao, there is still incense on the statue?”



Lu Chen said no more, and with a single finger, seven sword stars came out and stabbed the headless statue. Everywhere, “Boom Rumble” exploded, and the ten-meter-high statue finally all split up and in pieces.

Lu Chen didn’t stop and flew all the way to Jiuqiao Mountain.

“Goddess has manifested!”


Shortly after Lu Chen left, a few exclamations rang out in Yefang City, causing everyone to play Shock, after that, the sound became louder and louder!

“The old ghost is dead!”

“Goddess has appeared, Goddess raised the lifeless scythe, beheaded the old ghost, and saw it with my own eyes!”

“Goddess! Goddess!”

Soon after, an even larger statue was erected.


When Lu Chen flew to Jiuqiao Mountain, he saw the ancient tree of forbidden demons rooted on the top of the mountain, and countless roots covered the mountain. The end of the beard is strung with a wailing Nether Soul.


It’s terrifying!

“Big brother, are we going to drink water?”

“It’s the spring of rebirth.”

“Oh, are we going?”


“I won’t go up the mountain today, but tomorrow.”

“Oh oh~”

Meng Yao nodded her head, with a five-meter lifeless sickle in her small hands As light as nothing, Lu Chen withdrew his gaze from Jiuqiao Mountain, turned his head and flew towards Toad Island.

I have used the Divine Ability today, come back tomorrow, it will be more secure.

morning sun was born.

Lu Chen landed on Toad Island and saw Jiang Hong’e in a red dress standing outside Cave Mansion, looking forward to it. The two little girls were already asleep on the stone table.

โ€œYou havenโ€™t slept yet?โ€


โ€œSilly woman, go, go to bed!โ€

Lu Chen Moved in my heart, I picked up Jiang Hong’e by the waist and strode towards Cave Mansion.


The next morning.

Lu Chen was listed on the cultivation Limitless Pure Yang Merit on the low hill. After some cultivation, he stopped, wiped the fine sweat from his forehead, and reached out and tapped:

“Expand! “


[Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Conditions]:

[1]: One Thousand Souls (751/1000 not reached! )


[Upgrade Condition of Sealing Technique]:

[1]: Practice for 3 days (achieved!)


[2]: Three souls (achieved!)

[3]: Thirty spiritsand (achieved!)



[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: Conservation Mastery (upgradeable!)+


The upgrade of Divine Ability [Nine Heavens Slaughtering Demons] has been completed for the most part. The preservation technique is an Authentic Level spell. Although it is normally not cultivated and accumulated over a long period of time, the upgrade conditions are still met.

Today I am going to Jiuqiao Mountain.

The original storage space was only one meter, which was a bit small, and couldn’t hold [One Spiritual Water]. Now there are three Spirit Stones and more than 400 spirits and spirits left on the body.

It’s time to upgrade containment.


The Conservation Technique was successfully upgraded from Mastery to [Great Accomplishment], Lu Chen hands form a secret art, a finger pointed:

โ€œ Preservation technique!”

The original space disappeared, and the new one was regenerated. Lu Chen is now the cultivation base of Qi Refinement 7th Layer. It is not what it used to be. Half of Spiritual Qi was sent into it, which directly formed A storage space of nearly five meters.

“Enough is enough.”

Lu Chen was satisfied with the nodded, and put the things in again. After restoring Spiritual Qi, Yu Jian flew towards Jiuqiao Mountain.


“big brother big brother, wait for Yaoyao~”

Just set foot on Peach Wood Sword, Meng Yao hurriedly walked out of the Cave Mansion flew out, and Lu Chen surprisedly said:

“Refining so soon?”


Meng Yao fell on Lu Chen’s shoulder On the top, the little hand lifted the clothes on the left arm, and saw a black hook and sickle mark, printed on the pink wrist, like a cartoon pattern.


It’s a little less aggressive and more childish.

This is the Second Rank’s ghost weapon [No Life Scythe], which is the same rank as the [Wuhai Hidden Mountain Array] array plate he got. Lu Chen has always wanted to refinish the array plate, but unfortunately, Spiritual Qi came to refine the array disk.

Too slow too slow.

Up to now, UU reading is only half of refining.

Lu Chen was speechless for a while, and he could only say that this ghost weapon was very different from Magical Artifact, or that the lifeless sickle was a natural fit for Meng Yao, and he asked again:

“Can Use?”


Meng Yao nodded, Cherry pouted and blew a breath on her wrist.


The lifeless scythe floated on the wrist and automatically flew into Meng Yaoโ€™s hands.

“Can be changed in size?”




“Size as one wants~”

Lu Chen sighed with emotion, looking at Meng Yao who was playing with the lifeless scythe. , No more words at the moment, Yujian flew towards Jiuqiao Mountain.

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