My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 74

Halfway through the flight, an ethereal sound mixed with the surging water of the Akutagawa River suddenly entered the ear, the sound was extremely small, like a mosquito humming softly by the ear.

There are also several plausible donkey barks in between.

Lu Chen stopped in the air and asked:

“Yaoyao, what sound did you hear just now?”


Meng Yao shook her little head, shoulders against the finger-sized lifeless scythe, staring at the river with big eyes, as if missing the smell of small fish.

“It’s a little strange.”

Lu Chen simply stopped in the air and listened carefully. After waiting for a while, the voice came again.

β€œSpring bath with azaleas~”

β€œPhoenix flowers blooming in summer~”

β€œFragrant osmanthus in autumn~”

“There are cold plums and white frost in winter~”


Lu Chen asked again:

“Yaoyao , do you hear it now?”


Lu Chen looked thoughtful, guessing that the sound was transmitted to a specific group of people, he didn’t think much, followed the sound to Go to the south bank of the Akutagawa River, which is too close to Toad Island.

It is better to know in advance if something happens.

Lest completely unprepared.

Just as I flew out of the Akutagawa River, I saw a strange team marching westward on the river bank from a distance.

A donkey!

Two people!

The donkey is a black donkey. It takes small steps and runs happily with a wooden trumpet in its mouth. The two of them are also strange, a young man in his twenties, with Erlang’s legs crossed, lying on the back of the donkey, no matter how bumpy the black donkey is, he is still steady.

Still holding a grass stem in his mouth, humming:

“Little locust tree, crooked and crooked~”

“There is a stage under the locust tree. ~”

“Everyone’s daughter-in-law is here~”

“My daughter-in-law hasn’t come yet~”

As for the other, it’s the dark-skinned Kunlun slave.

He is more than two meters tall, carrying a wooden box, walking behind the black donkey, and whenever he encounters a ditch, the Kunlun slave will quickly step forward and pick up the black donkey.

It will only be put down after stepping over it.

“It’s a donkey demon.”

Lu Chen watched from a distance, but didn’t rashly approach.

At this time, a monster with dark red skin crawled out of the Akutagawa River in front, with hands and feet, a long tail behind him, a head that looked like a fish, and a mouth with exposed fangs.

It’s terrifying.

Ferocious and ugly.

It landed on all fours, blocking the black donkey’s way, opened its mouth and spit, and a small pile of crystal spirits and fell to the ground.

[Name]: Jiang Nu

[Information]: First Rank, corpse transformed



The black donkey stopped with a cry, the young man on his back sat up quickly, reached out and beckoned, all the spirits and flew into his hands, he counted the grains, A philistine smile appeared on his face:

“Hey, a regular customer, Mr. Jiang, what do you want to change this time?”


“Understood, old rules.”

Jiang Nu gestured with his claws and let out a harsh scream. The young man smiled nodded and waved, Kunlun slave took out two large translucent bottles from the box behind him. .

A tiny silhouette dipped in liquid looms in the bottle.

That’s two stillbirths!

The two sides completed the transaction, Jiang Nu jumped into the Akutagawa River with a “thump” while holding the stillborn, and disappeared.

β€œGot it.”

Lu Chen has been communicating with Jiang Hong’e for a long time, and he is no longer the Qi Refinement Xiaobai he used to be.

See this scene.

I roughly guessed this person’s heels and feet. Two thousand miles east of Fengxian Town, there is a Qingcang mountain range, where there are many sects, most of which stand on the top of the mountain.

With one exception.

This is a Cultivation Family, built at the foot of the mountain, called [Four Seasons Villa].

The last name is Jia.

The best business!

Thinking of this, Lu Chen Yujian fell downward.

“Hey, your honored guest!”

The other party was about to leave when he saw Lu Chen flying over, and he burst into laughter. When he was not smiling, he put on airs , It’s okay when you smile, this big laugh is leaking.

Any incisor is missing.

“nonsense, let’s show something good.”


The other party compensated nodded with a smile, stretched out his hand, Kunlun The slave put down the wooden box he was carrying, and after fiddling a few times, the whole wooden box made a “ka ka” sound.

In a blink of an eye.

It turned into a three-meter-high wood house.

The other party’s eyes lit up, looking at Lu Chen as if he had seen a great beauty, and citing with one hand:

“VIP, please!”

” en!”

The black donkey was eating the grass, Kunlun was enslaved outside the wood house, and Lu Chen walked into the wood house with each other.

The other party walked into the inside of the counter and said resolutely:

“Jia Ziyu at the Four Seasons Villa, Fellow Daoist invited me.”


“It turns out that Fellow Daoist Lu is in front of us. Let’s straight to the point. Does Fellow Daoist want to buy or sell?”

“Let’s see what good products are available first.”


Jia Ziyu took four brocade boxes from the shelf behind the counter, opened them one by one, introduced:

“Spring silk!”

“Green ant corpse!”

“Autumn cicada sheds!”

“White snake powder!”

“These are the four most famous ones in my Four Seasons Villa. There are as many specialties as you want.”

“en. ”

Lu Chen looked carefully, the four things have nothing common with each other, all of them are First Rank spiritual medicine spirit material, so nodded and said:

“Let’s introduce it in detail.”

“Okay, this spring silk can be stretched and shortened without fear of damage, and it is warm in winter and cool in summer. The green ant corpse can strengthen the body, it is an item of great nourishment, and it has a miraculous effect on Body Refinement. The slough of the autumn cicada can cure all diseases, and the medicine can cure the disease. > “Yes, what about other things?”


At the moment, Jia Ziyu introduced everything to Lu Chen, from Zhuangyang medicine pill to Magical Artifact Robes, from the little yellow book, to spell talisman.

All kinds of things.

all kinds.

Jia Ziyu’s mouth was dry, but Lu Chen was an eye-opener.

His eyes flickered.

In the end, he suppressed the thought of murdering to seize the treasures. The reason is very simple. His six-eyed Bodhi Seed is useless in front of this person, not only can’t see through the opponent’s cultivation base, but also the outside Donkeys can’t see the depth.


After entering this wood house, it is useless at all.

This guy…not simple!

Lu Chen looked away from all kinds of things, did not rush to buy, and asked:

“Is there a spiritual object?”

“Yes, But it’s very expensive!”

“Not bad for money.”

Lu Chen turned over and took out a piece of Spirit Stone, UU reading www.uukanshu. com weighed.


Jia Ziyu’s eyes were straight, and the hala almost came out. He cautiously took out a jade box from under the counter and opened it gently.

I saw two things placed in the jade box.

One is a smart swimming fish, and the other is a lazily golden toad, both of which are tied with red ropes.

“This is?”

“spiritual object Water Pearl and Gold Spirit!”

“It’s not the same.”

Lu Chen frowned and said:

“Frankly, I have also used spiritual object water droplets, but it is very different from what is in front of me.”

“Actually not Difference, spiritual object spiritual object … all are spiritual objects, and cannot touch physical body and mortal flesh. If you guessed correctly, Fellow Daoist must have touched the drop of water with his hands before taking it, which will make it appear. The two spiritual objects in front of them are in their natural state.”

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