My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 75

“so that’s how it is.”

Lu Chen recalled that the water droplets were indeed fished by his hands from the spiritual spring.

“What’s the price?”

“Five Spirit Stones for the same spiritual object.”

“Too expensive!”

The worth of an ordinary Qi Refiner is only dozens or hundreds of spirits and if you want to accumulate five Spirit Stones, easier said than done, it is no wonder that few people are promoted to Method Release Immortal Master, and the threshold alone stops too many people.

“Can you bargain?”


Jia Ziyu smiled and shook his head, there is no room for negotiation, spiritual object is not worried about selling, he Not stupid, how can you bargain.


There are only three Water Attribute Spirit Stones left on Lu Chen.

There is still one piece left for the upcoming upgrade of the [Withered Tree Rebirth Method]. In this case, there are still three vacancies. He has accumulated a lot of good things during this time, and he originally planned to take time to visit [Tianmu]. Fang City], now we can only deal with it first.

Stick Magical Artifact , Frog Stomach.

Mirage beads, crystal stones, blue gold, two pieces of ice jade, water ghost white hair, kappa eyeballs, bone charm jade bones, nine pairs of baby claws, bone nails affixed with spirit talisman, The scales of the swimming python.

In addition to the ordinary spells obtained from the four doors, a total of three Spirit Stones and five hundred spiritsand are exchanged for.

Successfully bought the golden spiritual object 【Gold Essence】.

At this point, counting the more than 400 spiritsands he originally had, there is still a Spirit Stone and 900 spiritsands left on his body.


Putting the jade box containing the golden toad into the sealed space, Lu Chen relaxed, as for the water drop, he could only reluctantly give it up, he stretched out his hand Pointing to the opposite shelf, he asked:

“What is that?”

There was a big lump of stuff there, wrapped tightly and somewhat mysteriously.

Jia Ziyu said with a smile:

“That’s a custom-made crossbow arrow for the immortal archer, which is not for sale.”

“The archer crossbow .. ….”

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, and he asked:

“But it’s custom made by Fengjiajun?”


Seeing Jia Ziyu smiling but not saying a word, Lu Chen probed again:

“Very expensive?”


Seeing that the other party still didn’t answer, Lu Chen stopped asking and said with a smile:

“What’s the most expensive thing you have here?”

“It’s First Rank Secret Realm [Liu Li Hua Hai], there is a ten-mile space in it, all kinds of flower spiritual medicine can speed up the growth, I have only recently received it.”

“What is that?”

“Pill furnace.”

“Can you take a look?”


Jia Ziyu put things on the counter, untied the tangled brocade, A pill furnace with a height of more than one foot appeared in front of him, one dragon and one tiger, and the whole body was golden, and Lu Chen was shocked. This was actually the [Dragon-Tiger Pan Jin Furnace] used by Qiu Daozi.

Jia Ziyu explained with a smile:

“This is also recently received, from Tianmufang City, and it also comes with a copy of the Authentic Level Qi Refinement secret art “Dragon Tiger Pill”, It’s rare.”

“Tianmufang City?”

Lu Chen’s mind changed, and he basically guessed what happened. On the same day, the left hand of the ghost, Wu Andi, killed Qiu Daozi’s master and apprentice. , Pill furnace and Dan Jue should have been taken away by him. After the siege was defeated, there was no news of the other party.

It now appears that most of the enemies in Wu’an went to the Qingcang mountain range.

As for the Dragon Tiger Pill.

Lu Chen really wants to get it. After all, if you want to promote Grade, you also need a Qi Refinement secret art. If you can win it, it would be great.

“What price?”

“This number.”

“One hundred spiritsand?”

“Oh, Fellow Daoist It’s really a joke, don’t even think about it for less than one Spirit Stone.”

“It’s really black!”

Lu Chen complained and put ten spiritsand on the counter:

“Sell news?”

“Sell, why don’t you sell it!”

Jia Ziyu took away spirits and asked:

“What do Fellow Daoist want to know?”

“Tell me what you know.”

“Hehe, that’s more than the price.”

“Tell me about the recent major event.”

“That’s okay.”

Jia Ziyu nodded, lightly coughed, opened the mouth and said:


“Three months ago, the Tianmu old man of Tianmu Sect was promoted to the Three Realm Tongxuan Daoist, and immediately held his 200th birthday, Immortal Master nodded, and various sects congratulated. Half a month ago, the Hundred Flowers Palace was wiped out overnight.”

“Hundred Flowers Palace?”

“Yes, hehe, my Secret Realm glazed sea of flowers is flowing from Baihua Palace.”

“Do you know the reason?”

“It is said that he refused to accept the discipline of the Tianmu Sect and was extinguish sect by the Tianmu old man himself. Of course, this is just a rumor, and the specific reason is unknown. The turmoil that night was very terrifying, and many people died. Our Four Seasons Villa I also lost a captive Second Rank white snake demon.”


Lu Chen looked thoughtful and urged:

“What else?”

“There is also the Supreme One Dao Sect’s chief, Old Zhang Henian, who went down the mountain to serve as the Great Hao Imperial Teacher, rectified the dynasty, tried out the new policies, and led the army of 300,000 gods. Enter, and fight the Shamanism rebels at the foot of the Jade Mountain. They are defeated. The leader of the thieves, Wu Qing, leads the remnants south to Hezhou.”

“Wait a minute, Supreme. What happened to the One Dao sect? “

“This is the state religion of the current dynasty, the establishment of the Great Hao Dynasty, and it is the Supreme One Dao Sect who is behind it. Feel the luck of heaven, know the outline of earth, multiply myriad forms by one, Hunyuan Taisheng! These sixteen characters are the recitation of the Supreme One Dao sect and the foundation of the Great Hao Dynasty. “

“Don’t go too far, talk about the neighborhood.” ”

β€œNearby, the Black Armor Army is making every effort to build a tidal building ship. When it is completed, it will cross the Nieshui River, and the decisive battle with the Phoenix Armor Army is not far away. “


This news Lu Chen knows, he is paying attention to Fang Yuqi’s movements every day through the Qiankun imaging method, this is more clear than the other party knows, that tide The building boat is not an ordinary boat.

It is a French boat.

It is equipped with a small tidal array, which can sail without sails. The Black Armor Army will build a total of 18 ships. There are ten completed.

The two exchanged for a while, and Lu Chen said with a smile:

“You sell me a message, and I also sell you a message, Second of your lost Four Seasons Villa. Rank White Snake, I know where. “

“You…you know?” “

“en! “

“Fellow Daoist is trying to use this message to trade with me?” ”

β€œYes, just change the Dragon-Tiger pan gold furnace and “Dragon Tiger Pill”, in a word, change or not? “


Jia Ziyu hesitated for a while, and finally clenched the teeth:

“Change!” “

Lu Chen was a little surprised and asked:

“So simple, not afraid of me lying?” “

“Don’t be afraid. “

Jia Ziyu laughed, explained: “Walking outside, always have some ability, tell Fellow Daoist the truth, I know a spell, called [Mantra], if Fellow Daoist wants to lie to me… Not easy. UU reading”


Jia Ziyu squeezed the middle finger of his right hand and thumb together, and wiped his eyes, a strange light appeared in his eyes, Urging:

“Fellow Daoist let’s talk. “

Lu ChenSec nods, opened the mouth and said: “The white snake demon is in the scale cave five hundred miles west of the Akutagawa River, and couples with the azure snake Lang Jun of the Bond Rank.” “

According to Jia Ziyu’s statement.

Lu Chen met the two demons at the same time, it was half a month ago, he can almost conclude that the white snake he met that day Madam, most of them are the Second Rank white snake demon in the mouth of the other party.

β€œazure snake Langjun…”

The light in Jia Ziyu’s eyes disappeared, brows slightly wrinkle.

Lu Chen didn’t think much about it, he waved his hand to put away the Dragon-Tiger pan gold furnace and “Dragon Tiger Pill”, and spent another hundred spiritsand bought some Body Refinement’s [Green Ant Corpse], and [White Snake Powder] for beauty.

This is the wood house.

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