My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 76

“pa ~”

Raising his feet and walking past the black donkey, Lu Chen casually patted the black donkey’s body and said with emotion:

“You donkey Yes, I also had a dark horse demon back then.”

His dark horse had just come to his senses, and was tied in the pigsty of Long Spring Temple at the beginning, but unfortunately, with the Long Spring Temple being swept away by the people of Baiyunguan Requisition, dark horse also whereabouts unknown.


The black donkey was slapped by the stranger, then kicked Lu Chen with his leg, foul-mouthed:

“You’re the donkey, the other is a dragon foal, a dragon foal~~”

Lu Chen dodged away, the black pointer in his left eye disappeared, Jia Ziyu hurriedly said with a smile: “Fellow Daoist, don’t be surprised. , No wonder, this donkey is a cheap mouth, always like this.”

“You are a cheap mouth, your whole family is a cheap mouth~”



Jia Ziyu was embarrassed, and Lu Chen didn’t stop.

Gently cup one fist in the other hand.

Leaving with the sword.

Looking at Lu Chen’s disappearing silhouette, Jia Ziyu stretched out her hand and slapped her face, sighed with a sullen face: “Well, what kind of news do I sell, I could have made a lot of money, now it’s good. It’s all folded in.”

The slave Kunlun picked up the wooden box and stepped forward:

“Isn’t the master also aware of the whereabouts of the slut, it’s not a loss. .”

“hmph, what do you know!”

Jia Ziyu scolded, frowned:

“That azure snake Lang Jun is the third rank black dragon Great Demon My dear son, you dare to go!”


“Ai, let’s go, first send the arrows customized by Fengjia Army. “

“Aren’t you going west? There are some old customers who haven’t seen you yet.”

“I’m not in the mood~”

The entire group turned south and kept going all the way. At noon, they finally arrived at Pomo Ridge, which is 30 miles away from the Nieshui River. At this time, under the Pomo Ridge, a team of phoenix armors had been waiting for a long time.

Everyone is a horse.

Iron armored.

The chunky silhouette headed by the horse stepped forward to greet him, folded his eyebrows with a flick of his hand, and said aloud with a smile:

“Brother Jia, I trust you have been well since we last met ~”

“General Yu, the style is still the same~”

“hahaha ~~”

The two laughed awkwardly and completed the transaction, Jia Ziyu turned back In the Four Seasons Villa, the Fengjia Army rode their horses to the south, with a hundred cavalry armored team, all the way to the barracks thirty miles away.


Just after walking five miles, a sword cry suddenly sounded, and a person fell from the sky!

β€œxu lu lu ~”

The fierce horse neighs.

A soldier raises a gun.

Lu Chen stood in the air, saying with a smile: “The smiling tiger is in Xi’an, and I have heard it for a long time.”

Four tigers and four animals, the smiling tiger is not only outstanding in strength, but also Yuan Baixi’s think tank, He was highly valued by Yuan Baixi’s father and son, and all military affairs were handled by himself.

Like the right-hand man of the Phoenix Army.

“Who are you?”


Lu Chen didn’t answer, flicked his fingers, Peach Wood Sword and seven sword stars came out together .

The sword wind is lingering!

Shouting and killing!

On this day, Lu Chen slashed the smiling tiger with his sword, killed a hundred soldiers, slaughtered a hundred horses, and cut off the arm of the Phoenix Armored Army!


all around is full of corpses, human, horse, no one alive, Lu Chen remain unmoved, put away Magical Artifact [folding eyebrow fan] , while walking, slowly rummaging, the enemy is the enemy, there is no room for mercy, but these horses are a pity.


This place is too close to the Fengjia Army’s barracks, and he has no time to delay, so he can only choose the easiest way.

“big brother, here~”

Meng Yao waved her little hand not far away, Lu Chen walked over quickly, and saw Meng Yao stab a soldier’s chest with a lifeless sickle. Tick out a small grey cloth bag.

“storage bag!”

Lu Chen’s eyes shined and reached out to take it.

A wisp of Spiritual Qi crossed in.

I immediately sensed a ten-meter-sized space, in which a pile of things were neatly stacked, which were nearly four-meter-long, forearm-thick arrows.

A hundred of them!

Each arrow that shoots a fairy crossbow is worth at least fifty spiritsand, and one hundred is five thousand spiritsand.

“Five Spirit Stones, ah, developed!”

Lu Chen was very excited, just put away the storage bag, when he heard a “rumbling” sound, he was holding his sword. When they flew up, they saw a cloud of smoke and dust in the south. It was a team of cavalry, no less than five hundred.

The leader is a female general.

He wears a red tassel helmet, a cloak with the word “phoenix”, a row of red tassel spears on his back, riding a double-headed giant wolf, and the armor behind him holds a banner with the word “tong” .

Towards the wind.

The hunting sound.

“Rouge Tiger, Tong Xin!”

Lu Chen recognized the identity of the person who came, this Tong Xin and the next Mountain Tiger Tongguan are siblings, nature like a Raging Fire, every time In every battle, he will always charge forward. A red tassel makes an accomplished perfection, with innate talent [wild affinity], and the giant wolf under him is a Spirit Beast, called [two-headed wolf].

The ranking is the first of the four tigers, and it is already not far from the second realm.

Five hundred phoenix armies, plus Tong Xin, the leader of the four tigers, Lu Chen should be able to fight if he tried hard, but it’s not worth it, and the battle just now cost him a lot, No need to die.

“Yaoyao, let’s go.”


Meng Yao fell on Lu Chen’s shoulder, and Lu Chen was about to escape with his sword. , just listen to the tenderly shouted coming from afar.

“Stay here, Cloud Piercing Spear!”

The red tassel spear pierced through the air, passing through a distance of several hundred meters, and pierced Lu Chen’s heart.

“ceng! ”

The Peach Wood Sword under his feet accelerated, Lu Chen easily avoided it, and Tong Xin flicked his right hand again, an invisible Spiritual Qi thread spanning several hundred meters , connected to the tail of the gun.


The Hongying spear trembled suddenly, turned the spear head, and stabbed Lu Chen in the lower abdomen.

“I’ll go.”

Lu Chen was startled, and quickly gathered a sword star on his fingertips, and blocked the red ying spear with one finger.

“Flat gun style!”

“Give gun style!”

“Into gun style!”

“Back horse style !”

“Breaking the spear!”

The spear shoots like a dragon, and Tongxin is separated by several hundred meters. Using the Spiritual Qi silk thread to pull the red spear, he displays all kinds of Spear Art. Lu Chen couldn’t get out for a while.

“Good guy!”


Lu Chen no longer hides his clumsiness, flicks his fingers, and the seven sword stars come out, instantly throwing the red spear Forcing away, before Tong Xin approached, he stepped on the Peach Wood Sword and swept away.

The rouge tiger Tongxin stood up on the wolf’s back.

She stretched out her hand, and the red spear shot back. She inserted the red spear into her back, gnashing her teeth and shouting:

“If you have the ability, don’t go, and fight me again. Hundred rounds!”



Flying ten li or so in a row, Lu Chen only After taking a breath, he landed on a low hill, took out a few spiritsand, sat cross-legged, and began to recover Spiritual Qi, who was not much, Meng Yao shouldered the lifeless sickle, and helped Lu Chen to protect the law with a small face.

Spiritual Qi slowly recovers in the body.

“Smashing you!”

Meng Yao suddenly shouted, and pointed her little hand to the ground, and the money with red brows disappeared out of thin air.


There was a cry of pain from the ground, Meng Yao pursed her lips and smiled, her little hand pointed again:

“Smash you!”


“I’ll hit you again!”


Lu Chen opened his eyes and just Seeing that Meng Yao was fighting against the lifeless sickle and wanted to burrow into the ground, he stretched out his hand to catch Meng Yao, and asked:

“What’s wrong with Yaoyao?”

Meng Yao Grinding his little white teeth, he said angrily:

“Big brother, there is a bastard underground.”

“What does UU read look like?”

“Little one, holding a pair of scissors, I was going to cut the big brother just now.”

Lu Chen heart shivered with cold, a little scared, four tigers and four animals, he personally killed three There are only two left, one is called [Shixin Sheep] Sang Mo, and the other is called [Dun Gopher] Qucang.

These two are different.

Sang Mo is half-human and half-monster, with black sheep’s horns on its head, likes to eat people’s hearts, Qucang is a [earth baby], holding a pair of silver Jiao scissors, proficient in assassination, and likes to kill people most Cut in two pieces.

According to Meng Yao, it must be the gopher, Qucang, who is chasing after him.

“Leave now?”

“Not yet, Yaoyao will drive it away.”

“Don’t go.”

Lu Chen shook his head, Qucang was by no means unusual.

Meng Yao has just started cultivating. Even if he has a Second Rank Unborn Scythe, he is by no means his opponent.

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