My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 77

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, but he couldn’t get rid of the Qucang for a while, soothed Meng Yao a few words, flew down on a big tree not far away, and continued to restore Spiritual Qi.

Waiting for Spiritual Qi to be complete, Lu Chen Yujian flew high into the sky and got rid of the opponent.

“The Qiankun Image Method!”

He slowly spread his left hand, and a picture appeared in the palm of his hand.

A donkey.

Two people.

Lu Chen looked at it seriously, whispered: “This Jia Ziyu didn’t find my Qiankun mapping method, most of which is not Second Rank, but since I dare to walk around, I think my ability to protect myself is not bad.”


He pondered for a while.

I still gave up the idea of murdering to seize the treasures.


“Little boy sitting on the gate~”

“Crying and calling for a daughter-in-law~”

“Light the lamp to talk~”

“Blow the lamp and fight~”

“The little girl goes up the ladder~”

“The old pigeon pecked her eyeball~”

“Father scolds~”

“Mother scolds~”

“sister-in-law come out and fight~”

Jia Ziyu was lying on the back of the black donkey, humming a little song, and felt the donkey under him stop, so he scolded:

“You lazy donkey, can’t you be lazy again?”

“You’re a lazy ass, your whole family is a lazy ass~”

“Oh, you are a scumbag, I won’t treat your ass temper today, old black, go to the knife, drink donkey tonight Broth.”

“You dare, try to move me, if you dare, I’ll yell out about you peeking at your sister-in-law bath.”

“you dare!”

“you dare!”

One person and one donkey were arguing with each other, Jia Ziyu turned his head and saw another person in front of him. He quickly rolled off the back of the donkey and accompany said with a smile:

“Hey, distinguished guest, why is Fellow Daoist here again?”

Lu Chen’s corner of the mouth twitched, replied:

“Change something.”



Lu Chen He stretched out his hand and waved, and a hundred arrows that shot the Immortal Crossbow fell to the ground, making a muffled sound.


Jia Ziyu was stunned, and the black donkey beside him shivered, whispered: “Grandma’s hand is blacker than mine. It’s still dark.”

Jia Ziyu came back to his senses and trembled:


Lu Chen indifferent expression , asked: “Can I change the Water Attribute spiritual object?”


“That’s good.”

Lu Chen nodded. After getting the water droplets, he left with the sword.

On this day, Lu Chen got two spiritual objects in a row, a gold essence blended with Spirit Orifice, Water Spiritual Root went a step further, transformed into Water Gold Dual Spiritual Roots!

“Let’s go?”

“Let’s go.”

“hu~ ~”

“This evil star.. ….”

One man and one donkey looked at each other, sighed in relief at the same time.


“Dual Spiritual Roots!”

Lu Chen opened his eyes on a big tree and felt the faster Qi Refinement was quick and happy, Meng Yao yawned on Lu Chen’s head and asked:

“Big brother, go drink some water?”

“Go drink some water? .”

Lu Chen Qiao Mengyao nods with a smile, flying towards Jiushan Mountain with Yujian.

Flying all the way, in the evening, I finally arrived at Jiuqiao Mountain, circled around Jiuqiao Mountain a few times, Yu Jian landed at the foot of the mountain, looked up at the hundred zhang ban on the top of the mountain. Mogu tree.

Lu Chen looked complicated.

Originally, I just wanted Master Baoshu to come to Jiuqiao Mountain to wade into the water.

didn’t expect.

Jiuqiao Mountain changed hands directly.

Today’s Jiuqiao Mountain has changed again. There are only remnants of the Nether Soul in the mountain, and the rest are basically absorbed by the ancient demon-forbidden tree, which has become taller and taller.

Lu Chen watched for a while at the foot of the mountain, and was about to test Master Baoshu’s reaction when he saw a bird flying from a distance, hovering and falling towards Jiuqiao Mountain.


Just as it was about to fall on the branch, a branch of the ancient tree of forbidden magic twisted, and the bird volleyed directly into a blood mist.

“Such a strong offensive?”

Lu Chen frowned, whispered:

“If you don’t take a slash, it will kill the treasure tree mage. “

After thinking about it, he shook his head again. This ancient tree of forbidden demons is too huge. It may not be able to be chopped to death with a single knife. Meng Yao pointed to the distance:

“big brother, there is an ugly one~”


“Well, Ugly.”

Lu Chen looked into the distance and saw a broccoli parrot perched on a low tree at the foot of the mountain, looking all around.

[Name]: Nether Soul

[Information]: Parrot, Little Nether Soul


β€œ A lucky little thing.”

Lu Chen laughed, the overwhelming majority Nether Soul on Jiuqiao Mountain was caught by the roots of the ancient tree of forbidden magic, but some of them escaped by chance, this parrot should be one of them One, so he opened the mouth and said:

“Yaoyao, go and grab it back.”


Meng Yao was carrying it The lifeless scythe flew towards the parrot, and the parrot wanted to escape. Meng Yao stretched out her small hand and pointed away:



When the red coin fell, the parrot screamed in pain and fainted. Soon, Meng Yaoti slipped and floated back with a small object. After waking the parrot, Lu Chen asked:

“Yes. Speak?”

“Master, spare your life~”

“What’s your name?”

“Second…Second general.”

The parrot was crawling on the ground, and he didn’t dare to lift his head. Lu Chen was satisfied with the nodded, and after some threats and threats, the parrot flapped his wings and flew up, trembling toward Jiuqiao Mountain.

β€œpuchi ~”

Just approaching Jiuqiao Mountain, a root protruded like a spirit snake. Before the parrot could react, it was pierced through its body.

“It’s a little tricky.”

Lu Chen was frowning, when on Jiuqiao Mountain, the laughter of Master Baoshu suddenly sounded: “Today…is this poor monk A place of honor.”

The voice fell, and the Jiuqiao Mountain “rumbled” shook, and all the Nether Souls were sucked clean by the ancient tree of forbidden magic in an instant.

The wind and clouds are turbulent.

Lightning and thundering.

β€œka-cha ~”

Above the sky, the sky… suddenly cracked, and the rich azure light pillars fell from the sky, scattered on the top of Jiuqiao Mountain, banning magic The ancient tree swayed wildly, all the roots converged, and once again turned into the appearance of a treasure tree mage.

The treasure tree mage sat cross-legged, solemn appearance, and his body floated up in the azure light.

“It’s clear to me!”

Lu Chen sighed with emotion, envy and shock.

Profound Opening Realm!

This is a very special realm.

The sharp sword turns into light, the long knife turns into rainbow, and the fleshy body is no longer a pure flesh and blood. It can become bigger and smaller. Taoism calls it daoist, Buddhists call it Venerable, and demons call it Great Demon, this title is not called out at will, but represents a kind of rank between Heaven and Earth, a kind of recognition.

Congratulations from Heaven and Earth upon promotion.

When the Method Release Immortal Master stood in front of him, he might not even be able to lift his head. There is a saying, “Under the Profound Opening Realm… all are ants!”



Lu Chen had mixed feelings in his heart, whispered:

“Lu Chen, when did you become enlightened…”

At this moment , In the west of Jiuqiao Mountain, a dark cloud roared, which seemed to be very far away, but came to Jiuqiao Mountain in the blink of an eye, the dark cloud disappeared, and a silhouette stood in the air.

This is a middle age person.

There is a dragon horn on his forehead, and he is dressed in a Black Dragon robe. He stands with his hands behind his back, staring at the treasure tree mage on the top of the mountain, rumblingly opened the mouth and said:

“Gong joyfully said Friend Achievement Venerable position.”

After the words were finished, a Black Flood Dragon dragon phantom manifested behind him, the dragon shadow swung its body, its long tail extended thousands of meters, and swept straight towards the treasure tree mage. .


Master Baoshu opened his eyes, furiously shouted, both hands forming seals, standing still.


A blast.

azure light is everywhere.

The middle age person didn’t even look at the results, his body turned into a black dragon and disappeared instantly. Lu Chen looked at the top of the mountain, and saw the treasure tree mage still sitting cross-legged in the void, Motionless As Mountains.

The body suddenly panicked again, UU reading www.’s head fell off and was held in his hands.

At this time.

The high-altitude wind and clouds are turbulent, gradually converging into a pair of huge eyebrows.

The other party glanced down for a few moments, then quickly dissipated.

Lu Chen turned his head to look east, and saw a white rainbow coming from the east, leaving an eye-catching trace in the air, and in the blink of an eye, it was in front of Jiuqiao Mountain.

The white rainbow disappeared, and a silhouette appeared.

This is an old man, tall, with white beard, white eyebrow, disheveled hair, white hair and youthful face.

“Gong joyfully said brother to achieve the Venerable position!”

When the words fell, a vertical eye was revealed between the eyebrows, and a white light shot out from the vertical eye, hitting Master Baoshu’s brain.


Another explosion, the whole head all split up and in pieces.

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