My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 78


Lu Chen was speechless, and when he looked at the white-haired old man again, he found that the other party had disappeared.

Lu Chen had some guesses about the identity of the two.

Most of these two people are from the three realms. The first middle age person is from the west and is obviously a Great Demon. The second old man is from the east and is probably the one from the Tianmu Sect. Tianmu old man.

No…it should be called [Tianmu daoist].

Baoshu Mage was promoted to Profound Opening Realm, and two of the same rank came to congratulate one after another.

Named Congrats!

Actually try!

In other words, unwilling to see someone on an equal footing with him, but having no choice but to overreact, Lu Chen looked thoughtful and vaguely glimpsed the temperament of a high-rank cultivator.

That is a kind of aloof and remote, and disdain to cover up the detachment mentality.

“It has nothing to do with me anyway.”

Lu Chen hid under a big tree and regarded himself as a spectator, secretly watching the treasure tree mage on the top of the mountain…No, It is now Treasure Tree Venerable.

Man is headless.

A tree dies without a root.

Baoshu Venerable lost his head, still sitting in the void, and stood up until the azure light pillar in the sky dissipated. The head of and in pieces was shot back, and the reorganization was completed in front of him.

Baoshu stretched out his hand to pick up his head and slowly placed it on his neck.


Meng Yao suddenly laughed while lying on Lu Chen’s head, and pointed with her little hand:

β€œThe head is installed upside down.”

β€œHehe ~”


Lu Chen brows slightly wrinkle, whispered:

“It’s installed backwards.”

“big brother, the big bald head is coming.”

“en. ”

Lu Chen nodded, and when he saw the treasure tree Venerable, he stepped back and walked down Jiuqiao Mountain step by step, heading this way. Meng Yao hurriedly got into Lu Chen’s long hair, and looked around quietly with her small head exposed. Just as Lu Chen was about to hide, she heard the other person shout:

“Donor please hold your steps… “

Lu Chen stepped one stopped, turned around stiffly, and saw the treasure tree Venerable had come to him, looked at him with a smile, his body was facing Jiuqiao Mountain, his face was facing him, looking quite strange.

“Venerable I trust you have been well since we last met.”


Baoshu Venerable laughed but didn’t answer , as if he didn’t know Lu Chen, and asked:

“Donor, this poor monk asks me for directions.”

“Ask for directions?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, replied:

“Excuse me, Venerable.”

“How do I get to the Rotten Kegu Temple?”

“This, Venerable, excuse me, but I don’t know the trail. “

“It’s okay.”

Baoshu Venerable smiled like a spring breeze, but he didn’t see the sternness earlier, he looked left and right, and asked again:

“Donor, where is the west?”


Lu Chen was speechless for a while, and pointed to the west:

” Over there!”

“many thanks to the benefactor.”

Baoshu Venerable folded his hands together, waved his long sleeves, and went backwards all the way to the west, whispering in his mouth:

“A tree eight hundred years ago~”

“Guarding the corpse’s nest day and night~”

“Muddleheaded time passes~”

“I stumbled into the world~”


Meng Yao watched Baoshu Venerable go away, and said in a crisp voice: “big brother, why is the big bald head connected to the east? Can’t tell the difference between Xi and Xi?”

Lu Chen replied:

“Maybe…probably…probably, my head is broken.”


Lu Chen didn’t think about it anymore, Yu Jian flew up to Jiuqiao Mountain, stepped on the top of Jiuqiao Mountain, turned his head and swept, surprisedly said:

“How come there is a cave here?”

He took two steps forward, and saw that the entrance of the cave was extremely deep, very dark, and there was no light at all. He was wondering, and his expression suddenly became dazed, and bursts of murmured noises. echoed in the ear.

“Come on, come in~”

“Become the master of Jiuqiao Mountain, master the authority of Jiuqiao Mountain, here…there is everything you want, everything, Everything~~”

“Weng Weng~”

The scarlet handle behind it is manifested.

Trembling softly.

Proactive alerts.

Lu Chen suddenly came back to his senses, and saw Meng Yao in a trance, murmuring the word “big brother” repeatedly, shouldering the lifeless sickle, and swaying toward the hole.

“What a weird thing!”

Lu Chen reached out and grabbed Meng Yao back, without turning his head to a puddle not far away.

Although the Chimei old ghost is dead, it seems that this Jiuqiao Mountain is still strange and not like a good type. He has always been cautious, and he has no desire to take risks and want to explore.

[Name]: spiritual spring

[Information]: Rebirth Spring


Treasure Tree Venerable After all the Nether Soul, for some reason, but not a drop of the spring of rebirth, Lu Chen squatted in front of the puddle, looking at the black spring with satisfaction.

This puddle is not big, but it is enough.

He hands form a secret art, and recites silently:

β€œFive ghosts are chaotic!”

Five ghosts appear out of thin air, surrounding the puddles After standing for a while, he reached out and plunged into the spring water, whirling around.


In an instant, all the spring water moved into the air.

Lu Chen got up, waved his sleeve robe suddenly, Spiritual Qi surged out of his body, wrapped all the spring water into the sealed space.

β€œgu lu lu ~”

In the dry puddle, new spring water slowly flows out, Lu Chen has no regrets, Yu Jian flew away, blinking There was no trace, but a faint sigh echoed on the top of the mountain.



After half an hour, a white cloud came from the south, Yuan Baixi in white clothed When he landed on the top of the mountain, he waved his sleeves to put away the white clouds, frowned:

“It’s too late, who is here to open mysteries?”

After a moment of contemplation, he turned his head Looking at the entrance of Youyou Cave, he was shocked all over his body, without turning his head, he hurriedly rode the clouds away.


A small bald head appeared at the foot of the mountain. Huang Mei’er looked up at Jiuqiao Mountain, played with the two eyeballs in his hand, and lowered his head to start climbing.

One step.

One step.

In front of the quiet cave entrance, Huang Mei’er sat cross-legged, and after an hour passed, he stood up, turned to look at the vast Heaven and Earth, whispered:

“Master, I…I like it here.”

“da da da ~~~~”

Two eyeballs rolled from the top to the bottom, Huang Mei’er lifted his foot Into the quiet cave.

After a long time, a silhouette came out.

No face and no eyes!

No mouth and no nose!

He came to the puddle step by step, stretched out his hand and grabbed a handful of the spring water, and suddenly froze.


Lu Chen flew over with his sword, hovering outside Jiuqiao Mountain, frowned:

“Huang Mei’er, you still Okay?”

that silhouette sprinkled the spring water into the puddle again, turned and “looked” at Lu Chen, he put one hand on his chest, no nose and mouth, but his own voice echoed:


“I’m afraid the donor has recognized the wrong person, little monk… faceless!”


Turning around and walking into the cave, UU reading The quiet entrance of the cave disappeared.

The night is getting darker.

Heavenly Dao is ruthless.

On this day, Huang Mei’er disappeared, the faceless monk… entered Jiuqiao Mountain!


“Is he really a sect!”

Lu Chen murmured, Yu Jian flew to Toad Island, just flew to Akutagawa On the river, Meng Yao pointed to the surface of the river on his head, and said happily: “big brother big brother, little fish~”

Lu Chen stopped and looked down, the complexion greatly changed.

On the vast Akutagawa River, there are white flowers and dead fish with their white belly turning over.

“This…what’s going on?”

Lu Chen was stunned, and hurriedly stepped on the Peach Wood Sword and flew to the upper reaches of the Akutagawa River, escaping all the way, overlooking all the way. Jiang Mian, before long, a picture appeared in front of me.

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