My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 79

Lu Chen hangs high in the sky, and he can see that the Akutagawa River below is divided into two completely different halves. The upstream is choppy and there is no abnormality. The downstream is full of dead fish with their stomachs turned.

And on the dividing line in the middle, an old man with white head and white hair… is washing his feet!

The old man is sitting by the river.

The feet are immersed in the river water, and the dead fish in the downstream seem to have been smoked to death by the old man washing his feet.


Lu Chen was speechless for a while. He didn’t dare to look at it, and he didn’t dare to care about it. I have seen it, it was the Tianmu daoist of Profound Opening Realm only three months ago.

Who dares to control this!

Don’t say smoke the fish to death, just drink up the water, and no one around here can control it.


There is one person who can manage it, and it is in Fengxian Town.

Tianmu daoist looked up at Lu Chen, who was walking away from Yu Jian, with a look of looked thoughtful. He reached into his arms and took out a small green copper mirror in the shape of a petal, hands form a secret art , said to himself:

“Change your mood, change your mood, please help me find the trace of Junior Brother.”

The voice fell, and the green copper mirror appeared white light, on the mirror, a small snail crawled out.

“Hey, there is a reaction.”

Tianmu daoist was overjoyed, and cautiously put the snail on the ground, and saw the snail swaying along the river bank and crawling upstream, Tianmu daoist For fear of being disturbed, I guarded it carefully.

A little…followed closely from behind.

β€œgu gu ~”

At this moment, a flying bird swept across the sky, turned suddenly, and swooped to peck at the snail.

β€œFlat-haired beast!”

Tianmu daoist coldly snorted, waving a white light to evaporate the birds.


“ceng! ”

Lu Chen put away his sword and landed on Toad Island, without rushing to Cave Mansion, Instead, he stretched out a little light curtain:


[Upgrade conditions for the dead wood shedding method]:

[1]: A spiritual medicine ( Achieved!)

[2]: One side’s blood (achieved!)

[3]: One side’s spiritual water (achieved!)

[4 ]: A Spirit Stone (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[Spell]: Withered wood slough Unexperienced (upgradeable!)+


spiritual medicine is a gift from grieving mother-in-law, it is a First Rank 【Orchid Grass】, the soul Attribute spiritual medicine can be used to ease the trauma of the soul. The blood is collected in the sealed space in advance when the horse is killed at noon, and the spiritual water is naturally the freshly obtained spring water.

There is also a Spirit Stone.


“Finally…Finally achieved.”

Lu Chen was slightly excited, learning the dead wood shedding method is equivalent to an extra life, not excited, he stretched out his hand lightly Click, and meditate:


Everything disappeared, Lu Chen only felt itchy in his chest, and when he opened his shirt, he saw that there was a strange thing in his heart. The tattoo is like an emerald green tree.

The small tree is rooted in the heart, and the branches and leaves spread little by little.

From chest to back.

From torso to limbs.


It’s so itchy!

Lu Chen gritted his teeth and endured it silently. Soon, his whole body was covered with azure lines, like the veins of azure leaves. After a while, he looked down and saw that azure lines were gradually hidden in the skin. under.

β€œhu~ ”

Lu Chen gently put out a breath and finally returned to normal.

This [Withered Tree Rebirth Method] is a Second Rank spell of Authentic Level. Usually, there will be no abnormality, and it will only silently accumulate nutrients in the body.

Once the body dies, the Transfiguration method will only activate.

As long as you don’t get burned, even Dismemberment by Five Horses will have a chance to live again.

“Okay, that’s great!”

Lu Chen was delighted and had more confidence. He raised his feet and was about to walk towards Cave Mansion.

Meng Yao on his head looked around, and suddenly said in a crisp voice:

“big brother, the bad guy is here again.”


“Little mouse.”

“Oh, the gopher’s song barn!”

Lu Chen slightly frowned, obviously got rid of it, I don’t understand Why did the other party chase after him again, and they chased all the way to Toad Island? If he told Yuan Baixi the news, he would be in trouble.

Thoughts abound.

Thousands of thoughts.

Lu Chen warned repeatedly in a low voice:

“Yaoyao, don’t look at him, just pretend you didn’t find it.”

“Oh oh~”

Meng Yao nodded vigorously, rolled her big eyes, and followed Lu Chen towards Cave Mansion.


It’s midnight, and the lights in Cave Mansion are long gone.

The edge of Toad Island.

In a rock crevice.

A silhouette with a short stature quietly crawled out, which was one of the four animals.

Escape the gopher’s song warehouse.

He leaned on the reef beside him, stroked his beard, took out a handful of broad beans from his arms, chewed them one by one, shook his head and said:

“The previous sneak attacked the shipyard of the black armor thief, and made a great contribution. If you kill this guy again, you will be able to make ten great contributions. When the time comes, please help me to make the decision, and let him kill the rouge tiger. You promised me.”

“hehehe, that big boobs~”

“tsk tsk tsk, that little temper~”

“hahaha, that cockroach~” Ass~”

“It’s a perfect match for me, Mr. Qucang Qu!”

Qucang said to himself, he didn’t drink a drop of wine, he felt almost drunk, He couldn’t wait in his heart, but, as a natural killer, he knew how to choose the most appropriate time to shoot.

So he’s still waiting.

After five watch, only the time it takes half an incense stick to burn until dawn, Qucang opened his closed eyes, laughed, and burrowed into the ground.

In Cave Mansion.

Qucang drilled his head out from under the stone slab, looked at it secretly, and changed to another stone chamber. When he drilled out again, he saw a large stone bed.

A total of four people.

Big quilt!

“Good…good guy.”

Qucang gnashing teeth, his eyes were red with jealousy, he quietly stepped forward, stretched out his claws, and silver Jiaojiao appeared in his hand , he clenched the silver Jiao scissors and cut them hard against the stone bed.


The silver Jiao shears expanded more than ten times, even with the bed and people, all cut by the middle.


Qu Cang laughed and said fiercely:

“Good death, the worst thing to see you shameless cheating couple.”

Before he finished speaking, Qucang suddenly started, and he saw that the four people who were cut off by the waist turned into small paper figures.

“Not good!”

Qu Cang screamed and was about to run away.

The [Little Yin Sector] on the stone table suddenly lit up, and Lu Chen stepped out, hands form a secret art, and performed the [Five Ghosts Haunting Heaven Method] that was ready to go. Five ghosts appeared around Qucang.

Take a spin.


Qucang appeared in a trance in the two-meter-high in midair.

“ceng! ”

Lu Chen flicked his fingers, and seven sword stars came out, piercing back and forth around the Qucang, instantly severely wounding it and pinning it in the void. Jiang Hong’e also walked out of the little Yin Sector, with the red silk flying in his hand, wrapping it all over his body at once.

“Dang ε”·~”

The silver jiaojiao fell to the ground, and Qu Cang’s heart was ashes for a moment:

“It’s over…”


Qucang was hanged in the stone chamber in midair, downcast and dying.

“UU Reading Name!”




Qu Cang laughed miserably and said weakly: “No… don’t waste your time, every one of the four animals has been hit with the [Slave Soul Order], yes It is impossible to betray adults, even if you want to betray, you can’t betray.”

“Yuan Qingshan?”

“hmph hum~”

Qu Cang hummed twice , did not answer, he slowly raised his anger, a scarlet “slave” word appeared between his eyebrows, and he grinned:

“Look, I didn’t lie to you.”

“Well… let’s hit the road.”

“Uh, I… I thought I could have a sip of wine…”

Qu Cang With a murmur, his head tilted, and he was completely out of breath.

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