My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 8

Drunken Fragrance House is the property of Weapon Suppressing Mansion and the largest restaurant in Fengxian Town. No one dares to kill people there. Yuan Zhen chose the meeting place at Drunken Fragrance House, which seems to be Consider Lu Chen’s thoughts.


The other party is a dignified Great Buddhist Monk, really willing to sit down and discuss with him?

Lu Chen looked thoughtful.

Then left Long Spring Temple, locked the gate, and left quickly.

Not long after Lu Chen left, a short and fat silhouette wearing a hat appeared outside Long Spring Temple. Seeing no one around, he stepped on the wall and jumped over the two-meter-high courtyard wall.

Standing in the Long Spring Temple, the man with the hat said proudly with a smile:

“Yellow mouth child, that’s all, someone just played a small trick and was brushed around, haha ~ “

Said and hurried to the houses.

Kick the door open.

Look around.

Corner, under the bed, kitchen, bedroom, utility room.

But always got nothing.

“No, that’s not right! Could it be… Did you put it all on your body? Damn it!” When I found that there was a silhouette in the Taoist temple, I was shocked. I saw the person coming, and stammered:

“You…why did you come back so soon?”


Lu Chen sneered and asked:

“What are you looking for?”

“Looking for…”

The man immediately shut his mouth, pressed the hat he was wearing, and said suspiciously:


“And One.”


The man immediately became alert and looked around, as if ready to escape at any moment.

Lu Chen grinned:

β€œHui Neng!”

β€œJunior Brother? Isn’t he dead?”

That The person was criticized out in surprise, and immediately covered his mouth, gnashing teeth said:

“You…you’re talking about someone!!”

“Sure enough, it’s not Yuan Zhen.”

Lu Chen’s tense body finally relaxed, stamped on the soil under Dole’s feet, and said with a smile, “Do you know where your Junior Brother is? Right under my feet, don’t worry, you will be with him soon. Reunion.”

“hmph ~”

The man knew that his identity had been discovered, and he threw the bamboo hat he was wearing aside, revealing a big bald head. This was a short and stocky man. The monk, with a hideous knife scar on his forehead, has a fierce look, he holds the Buddha Blade that is one foot long around his waist, and fiercely says:

“This is not the soft-footed Hui Neng !!”

Saying that, he stepped out of a deep pit on the ground with his feet, stepped in front of Lu Chen in two steps, and suddenly pulled out his Buddhist Blade.

β€œCang Ji~”

The Buddhist Blade unsheathed, saw the blade light flashed, and slashed Lu Chen in the face.



The two figures collided, Lu Chen took a step back, and a bloody wound was opened on his chest, that The man took three steps back and punched Lu Chen in the shoulder.

“What a powerful Blade Technique!”

Lu Chen was on guard, and after a while, he was afraid that this person’s strength was obviously worse than him, but this Blade Technique was too fierce, there was a kind of With the unavoidable illusion, he managed to get hurt before blocking this blade.

β€œpuchi ~”

The man stared at Lu Chen, opened his mouth to spit a mouthful of blood, he changed his right hand knife to his left hand, and walked slowly around Lu Chen , the two confronted each other for a few breaths, the man loudly roared:

“Take another knife!”

Lu Chen heart shivered with cold, only to see the other party suddenly throw a Buddhist Blade and turn around Rush to the high wall.

“ceng! ”

Buddhist Blade flew past Lu Chen’s ear and stuck on the ground,



Lu Chen reacted and strode to chase after the opponent. Seeing that the opponent was about to climb out of the hospital wall, he took two quick steps and grabbed the opponent’s ankle.


The man hurriedly kicked Lu Chen’s head in a hurry.

“Come back!”

Lu Chen roared and pulled hard, the man grabbed a section of the wall, hit the ground with a “bang”, and then punched the opponent with a punch In the chest, the opponent flew several meters.

Then catch up with the next two steps, lift your foot and step on the opponent’s forehead.

The man almost turned his back, his face flushed red, and with a “thump”, he knelt on the ground, hugged his head and said:



Lu Chen saw this, coldly snorted, with a three-point effort, he stepped on the opponent’s thick neck.

The other party rolled his eyes and finally passed out.

“It’s dangerous~”

Lu Chen relaxed, thinking about the knife just now, he was still afraid, he hurriedly found a rope and tied the other party into a twist, and then he looked at him. Chest wound.

The clothes were broken.

The wound was half an inch deep and half a foot long. From top to bottom, half of the right chest was cut open. The upper body was already dripping with fresh blood. Fortunately, no bones were injured, and it was not a serious injury.

“It hurts so much~”

Lu Chen’s painful contorts one’s face in agony, quickly called clean water, found cotton cloth, and carefully bandaged it.


“hu~ ~”

The monk woke up, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that he was tied to a chair, with nowhere to go Make force, impossible to move even a little bit, and Lu Chen is holding his Buddhist Blade, gesturing back and forth on him, his body trembled, almost scared to pee, and quickly begged for mercy:

β€œ Hero~”



“Forgive me~~”

Lu Chen was contemptuous, I thought it was a hard bone before, didn’t expect is far worse than Hui Neng, he glanced at the other party, did not withdraw his knife, and said coldly: “I asked, you answered, you are wrong. Place, stomp a leg!”

“You ask, you ask.”

The monk was almost scared to death, how could he look fierce.


“Hui…Hui Sheng.”


“Three… Thirty-two years old.”


“Cicada is not in the courtyard…”


Hui Sheng, 32 years old, entered the monastery eight years ago. I have learned the First Rank Ordinary Level method [Body Refinement], [Vajra Fist], and the Authentic Level Blade Technique [Buddhist Blade]. I have a strength of nearly 700 kilograms, and I am close to the Great Buddhist Monk level. a step far.

Lu Chen does not need to be tortured.

Hui Sheng hurriedly revealed all three methods.

The only pity is that [Yi Jin Body Refinement] was not fully learned by Hui Sheng, and finally did not know the key to breakthrough First Rank. According to him, with the help of Yuan Zhen, he was able to I tried to break through once, but it was a pity that I failed in the end, and it left a dark wound.

After Lu Chen confirmed that the other party was not lying.



Only the last few tricks are missing, and I failed to include this method of the same level as [Eternal Spring Art]. I think this is also the preparation of Withered Cicada Temple to prevent the leakage of the core method.

What a pity.

What a pity!

Although he doesn’t necessarily have cultivation, he can use it for comprehend. No matter how bad it is, he can also be integrated into it when he reaches the Eternal Spring Art Promote Level. Alas, it seems that he needs to work hard.

Fortunately, there is also an Authentic Level [Buddhist Blade] as compensation.

It’s also a small gain.

Not only that, he also learned some secrets of Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk from the other party.


Hui Sheng’s mouth was dry, and he stared at Lu Chen with a pair of bull’s eyes, lest he would kill him to silence him. Seeing Lu Chen get up, he immediately became nervous.

β€œWhat a pity!”

Lu Chen gently put out a breath, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com turned around and stretched out his hand to open the door to the right wing.

Hui Sheng was just overjoyed when he saw Lu Chen suddenly turn around and suddenly threw away the Buddhist Blade in his hand.


Centered between eyebrows.


Hui Sheng spit out a few words with difficulty, his head tilted, and he was exhausted on the spot.

Hui Sheng couldn’t rest his eyes, a word [Yin] appeared on his forehead, and his mouth began to grow bigger and bigger.

“Yinhun Bao! Still coming??”

Lu Chen sneered, grabbed Hui Sheng’s body, and threw it into the yard together with the chair. At this time, just at noon, under the blazing sun, the ghost report was scorched thoroughly by the sun before it took shape.

“The souls of the dead are complete.”

“hehe, I can upgrade again tomorrow!”

Lu Chen is happy when he thinks about upgrading the Eternal Spring Art. Unstoppable, he looked at the light curtain in front of him, reached out and tapped:


[Buddhist Blade upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Practice One Day of Knife (Not Achieved!)

[2]: Twenty Tael of Silver (Not Achieved!)


β€œ As expected of the [Authentic Level], the entry requirements are doubled compared to the Ordinary Level.”

Lu Chen was a little dejected, the [Practice One Day] was easy to achieve, but the 20 tael of silver was stumped. He, he had 41 spirits and only one tael of silver left.

One word: so poor!


The sun is setting.

There are fewer pedestrians.

Lu Chen was wearing a daoist robe, wandering at the intersection, looking at the brightly lit attic not far away, feeling a little nervous, the eldest girl got on the sedan chair, it was the first time, not nervous.

After hesitating for a moment, clenched the teeth and stomped:

“I’ll give it up~”

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