My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 80

Lu Chen disposes of Qu Cang’s corpse to get a Magical Artifact Silver Jiao Scissors.

apart from this, there is nothing else, not even a storage bag, Lu Chen has Peach Wood Sword and seven sword stars, no need for silver Jiao scissors, and simply handed it to Jiang Hong’e.

Jiang Hong’e sat cross-legged on the stone bed, slowly refining.

Long time.

Opened his phoenix eyes, his red lips parted slightly, the silver dragon on his hand was cut to a small size, and he inhaled Spirit Orifice.

“How is it?”

“It is the First Rank Magical Artifact of Dao Mark of Jiujo, the name is [Silver Jiao Scissors], and the material is two thousand-legged silver centipedes, one male and one female. The complete corpse is as gold as iron, and even an ordinary Magical Artifact can be cut into two pieces.”

“The centipede is a Spirit Insect?”

“Yes, it lives all year round in the A rare underground Spirit Insect, which likes to eat gold and iron ore, can only be found by an earthling like Qucang, and it is estimated that it took a lot of effort, and it is difficult to detect with ordinary earth escape techniques.”

“That’s not bad.”


Jiang Hong’e was also very happy, his red lips lightly parted, and the silver Jiaojiao fell into the jade palm again.

She couldn’t put it down while playing with the little scissors, and when she moved it gently, she saw that the silver Jiaojiao scissors became bigger and smaller, and flew up and down around her like a Flying Sword.

“What’s going on?”


Jiang Hong’e smiled and explained:

“The silver dragon scissors are engraved with two sets of runes, ‘Ruyi’ and ‘telekinesis’, which can be manipulated freely within 100 meters around the body. Although it is not as strong as the Flying Sword, it is not bad.”

” so that’s how it is.”

Lu Chen is also happy, there is no rune in ordinary Magical Artifact.

Like his Peach Wood Sword is a whiteboard Magical Artifact. Except for the material, it has the effect of warding off evil spirits and exorcising ghosts. If the Peach Wood Sword is given to Jiang Hong’e to use, it is just an ordinary Peach Wood Sword.

You can only chop and chop in your hand, trying to push like him.

Don’t even think about it.

In the final analysis, utensils and methods are like the two boards of the “anti-wooden barrel effect” in the previous life. Whichever is longer has more advantages. Of course, if both utensils and methods can be taken into account, and go hand in hand, it will naturally be more powerful. can.


It’s not easy to engrave rune on Magical Artifact.

A little carelessness will destroy the Magical Artifact with heavy losses, so Magical Artifact with rune engraved on it is rare, and cultivator with rune engraved on it is even more cherished.

These people are usually the background of Great Influence’s cultivation.

It will not be released at will.

Ordinary loose cultivator wants to learn, it is not impossible, it can only be said that it is difficult, after all, it takes practice to inscribe rune on Magical Artifact, and few loose cultivators can withstand the damage of one Magical Artifact.

And…and keep going.

Jiang Hong’e has only one Magical Artifact, called [Sanzhang Hongyao], which is made of spring silk. Although it can be long or short, it can be tied or tied, but its attack power is not enough. .

With these silver jiao scissors, Lu Chen can rest assured when he goes south.


It’s getting brighter.

An old man with a white eyebrow and a white beard followed a snail to the Toad Island. He bent over, with his left hand behind his back, holding a green copper mirror in his right hand, staring at the snail earnestly. The snail crawls and crawls until it reaches the Cave Mansion.

At this time.

One person emerges from Cave Mansion.


He crushed the snail to death under his feet, the old man’s eyelids twitched and he straightened his waist slowly, his face extremely gloomy.

“Boy, you trampled my snail to death!”


Lu Chen scared witless, but here It’s his Cave Mansion, he can’t be cowardly, he’s nodded, calm down, pretending not to know him, said with a smile:

“Old man, I will accompany you ten at a time.”


Tianmu daoist was about to get angry when he saw a human-shaped silhouette on the green copper mirror in his hand.


Tianmu daoist was slightly taken aback, looked back and forth on the Lu Chen and Qing copper mirrors, and suddenly said solemnly:

“Boy, see you Have you ever met my Junior Brother?”

“Who is your Junior Brother?”

“Hmph, and you’re pretending to be an old man!”

Tianmu daoist coldly snorted , stretched out his left hand, and an illusory palm appeared out of thin air like a dharma image. He grabbed it towards Lu Chen, and before he even came, he saw a scarlet handle behind Lu Chen manifested out of thin air.

“Cang Clang!”

With a trembling sound, he came out of the sheath three inches.

A chilling murderous intention emerges.

Tianmu daoist shook his left hand, turned into a white rainbow, and immediately retreated a hundred meters. He held the green copper mirror in his hand, frowned and looked at Lu Chen, and shouted:

“Boy , what’s that thing stuck behind your back?”

In the moment just now, his scalp was numb, giving him a sense of life and death.

“Cang Clang!”

The blood knife is returned to its sheath.

Gradually fade away.

Lu Chen’s thoughts turned, silent for a moment, then suddenly said with a smile: “It’s a one-time Divine Ability talisman given by my Master, the Master said, this talisman can cut through the mysterious daoist on the top, and cut off the dealer on the bottom. Pawn.”

“hmph, don’t lie to the old man. Within three thousand miles, the old man has never heard of your Master.”

“Old man, then You are ignored and inexperienced.”

“Tell me who your Master is.”

“Don’t tell me, the Master ordered that his name not be given.”

“hmph, there are so many lies, so don’t blame the old man.”


Lu Chen sneered, asked:

“Old man, is there a conflict between you and me?”


“Have I killed your children and nephews?”

“And No.”

“Then, why do the old man overbearing like this? If a man is angry, he can still splatter blood for five steps, but a boy is not talented. .”


Tianmu daoist was speechless, and after thinking about it, he suddenly felt that he was indeed at a loss, his face softened a little, and he spoke out. : “Old man and ask you, have you met my Junior Brother?”


“I am Junior Brother, a thousand-eyed Taoist!”

“Thousand-eyed Daoist?”

Lu Chen slightly frowned, thought for a while, then shook his head and said:

“I haven’t seen it.”

“hmph, since [Turn] Heart Mirror] Let the old man find you, there will be no mistake, if you don’t tell the truth, then no wonder the old man!”


Lu Chen He hurriedly stopped him, and said with a pleasant face:

“Why do you have to be so impatient, I washed your feet by the river last night, aren’t you very patient, you want to find your Junior Brother’s whereabouts, but I have no intention of concealing it. How can you recognize a name? Why don’t you talk about it in detail? Why do you have to go to war?”

“Old man cultivation “Zhuozu Jing”, is there a problem?”

“No problem. “


Tianmu daoist coldly snorted, said in a stern voice: “old man that Junior Brother is one hundred and twenty-seven years old, dressed as a Taoist, and is seven feet nine inches tall, There are two pupils in the eyes, and one hundred and twenty-seven pairs of eyes on the body, making a clear mind whisk the dust. “

“This… this is still human?” “

Lu Chen’s corner of the mouth twitched, asked again:

“And? “

Tianmu daoist thought for a while, replied:

“He also has one-handed watercraft, and has a Spirit Beast in the royal family, who often carries cultivation on the Spirit Beast’s back. “

“What Spirit Beast?” “

“Camel Monument Beast.” “


Seeing Lu Chen’s expression, Tianmu daoist narrowed his eyes:

“Have you seen it? “


Lu Chen didn’t hide it, nodded and said:

“I saw it a few days ago, more than twenty miles upstream. “


Lu Chen’s voice was still echoing, and he saw Tianmu daoist turned into a white rainbow and swept westward.

β€œ This Old Guy is really impatient. “

Whispering, Lu Chen walked quickly into Cave Mansion and shouted:


“Quick, let’s move!” “

Jiang Hong’e came towards him, surprisedly said:

“What happened just now?” “

“It’s Tianmu Daoist. He came here with a heart-turning mirror and asked me to help him find Junior Brother Qianmu Daoist. It’s okay to find it, but there must be trouble if he can’t find it.” ”

β€œA mind-turning mirror? That is the inheritance mirror of Baihua Palace. “

“Hundred Flowers Palace…”

Lu Chen and Jiang Hong’e looked at each other, and said surprisedly: “So, Baihua Palace is really caught by this guy.” The door of extinction is for the sake of a heart-turning mirror? “

“Probably so.” “

“Dude, vicious and merciless.” “

The two were still packing their things when a white rainbow fell in front of Cave Mansion, Tianmu daoist went back and forth, shouting:

“Boy, come out!” “

“It’s so fast…”

This flight speed was completely beyond Lu Chen’s expectations, more than 20 miles, a round trip, just a dozen or so The effort of resting is not enough to run.

Lu Chen walked out of the Cave Mansion and saw Tianmu daoist standing outside with a gloomy face.

“Why are you here again? “

“hmph, boy, did you just lie to the old man? “

“Is it necessary to lie to you?” “

Lu Chen also had anger in his heart, said solemnly:

“You found me, I kindly showed you the way, but you didn’t find it, but did you want to slander me and deceive you? But it doesn’t make sense. I’m old, and I have the ability to find it myself. “

“Old man doesn’t care, since the mirror is pointing the way, you have to find out for the old man!” “

“Why not use the mirror to find people? “

“Old man, Junior Brother knows how to avoid the moon, and the mirror is useless. ”

β€œThe way to avoid the moon? “

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, but he didn’t plan to cast aside all considerations for face with Tianmu daoist. After thinking about it, he had an idea in his mind, he opened the mouth and said:

“It’s okay to help before, now… we’re a deal. “

“Transaction? “

Tianmu daoist complexion sank, said with a sneer:

“Boy, you are not qualified to trade with old man!” “

“What about my Master?” “

“Who? “

“Fengxian Town…Shou Immortal Palace!” “

Lu Chen spit out six words, pulled out a big flag, and had a face of profound mystery.

“hmph, anyone can talk big…”


Tianmu daoist lightly snorted, his tone subconsciously weakened.

He was in a trance, remembering the past more than a hundred years ago, when he was still a handsome young man, his Master disk Sitting on the top of Tianmu Peak, poking his eyes with his hand, before dying, he predicted the future and left a sentence: “Zhao Xizhen, there are three places you should not set foot on, the first is Lankegu Temple, the second is It is the Immortal Palace of Changshou, and the third is the reclining monument…”

Lankegu Temple.

The Immortal Palace of Changshou.

These two places He has inquired about all the places and knew it was strange.

Only in the third place, his Master did not finish his sentence, leaving only the word “recumbent monument”. Over the years, he had searched everywhere but never heard of it. What useful news.

Tianmu daoist came back to his senses, with fear in his heart, said solemnly:

“The old man agrees to the deal, giving you a three-day time limit, after three days, When the old man comes to look for you again, you will give the old man an exact location. This is the deposit. If you find the right person, the old man will pay you ten times more. “

I didn’t wait for Lu Chen to make a sound.

Tianmu daoist turned into a white rainbow and left, leaving behind a few bright spar.

Lu Chen picked up the spar one after another, whispered:

“It’s a pretty generous shot. ”

There are five Spirit Stones in total, two of which have the Water Attribute of light azure, and the other three have the Fire Attribute of pale red. If it is ten times, it will be fifty Spirit Stones.

I used the last Spirit Stone when I upgraded the Transfiguration method before.

It’s better now!

Get rich in one day!

Jiang Hong’e walked out of Cave Mansion with two little girls, worried:

“Are you sure you can find someone? “

“There is nodded thread. “

Seeing Jiang Hong’e still frowning, Lu Chen smiled and said with relief:

“Even if he can’t find anyone, he may not dare to do anything to me.” “

“How to say? “

“First, I have Divine Ability body protection, which is not something he can knead at will. Second, when I bluffed him with Immortal Palace just now, he seemed to be very afraid. For these two points, he should Not to cast aside all considerations for face. “

After a few words of comfort, Lu Chen handed the Secret Realm [Little Yin Sector] to Jiang Hong’e to prepare to retreat, and he hands form a secret art, and said silently:

” Qiankun image method! ”

The left hand is spread out, and a picture shows the palm.

This is the bottom of the river, all around is silent, a creature similar to a long snake is swimming fast, a beautiful goldfish appears in front of it, the long snake suddenly accelerates, and instantly entangles the goldfish.

Drag the goldfish and start to turn back.


The long snake came to an underwater Cave Mansion, its body exploded, and it reassembled into a slender silhouette. It was the algae girl released by Lu Chen. She caressed the head of the goldfish and said to herself. Said:

“little darling, don’t be afraid, elder sister won’t hurt you, gΔ“ gΔ“ gΔ“ ~”

After flirting with goldfish for a while.

The algae girl put it into the “pond” circled by the algae leaves, where more than a dozen fish of various colors have been kept in captivity, she stretched her waist, whispered:

“Another boring day.”

Saying this, she lay down on the hammock in front of the Cave Mansion. The word “Manzao Palace” was reflected in the Cave Mansion behind her, and she opened her mouth and hit. A yawn, humming a song in a boring way:

“Spiritual Mountain guard, Spiritual Mountain guard, a few dreams meet~”

“The wind is strange, the rain is strange, In the middle of wind and rain, the words are far away~”

“The reeds are tall, the reeds are long, and the reeds are like snow and snow~”


An old man with a black face came over, put down the bamboo basket he was carrying, and said:

“Algae girl, I want to exchange ten bird eggs for you. Koi.”

“Ah, so it’s Mr. Yan. Okay.”

“That’s good.”

Mr. Yan stretched out his hand from the fish. Tang caught a fat carp and bit off the carp’s head.


Walking back.

After a while, a delicate woman swam from a distance, she pulled up a corner of her dress, twirled it gently, said with a lovable smile:

“I Is this human skin still good-looking?”

“It’s Grandma Die Ling, she looks good, she looks good.”

After a while, another woman stepped forward and shook her head. Shaking Zao Nu’s arm, she wept and said, “Elder sister Zao Nu, I’ll give you ten mussel beads, can you help me kill the unscrupulous person?”

“It’s a mussel girl.”

The algae girl got up from the hammock and asked, “Younger sister, you are too many heartless people, you can’t kill them!”

“Smoke and miasma!”

“Evil monster!”

“It’s a mess!”

Lu Chen coldly snorted a few times, waving his hand to disperse the universe image method.

Yujian flew up.

Go west.

After flying out several dozen li, the sword fell on the Akutagawa River. He flicked his fingers, and Peach Wood Sword let out a sword cry and pierced into the Akutagawa River. The algae girl was peeling the eggs and feeding the fish in the fish pond leisurely, when she suddenly saw a familiar Peach Wood Sword flying to her.


The body froze, and the bird egg fell to the ground.

Not long after, Zao Nu followed Peach Wood Sword and swam out of the Akutagawa River, saw Lu Chen standing by the river, and said pitifully: “Young Lord…”

“I have an order.”


“Have you seen a hunchback recently? Well, it’s just a big turtle, very conspicuous, nearly 100 meters in size, with a huge stone tablet on its back.”


“Then put Your neighbors gather and help me find them, and if I can find them, I have a reward.”

“What reward?”

“Two Spirit Stones!”

The algae girl is an eye inserted by Lu Chen in the Akutagawa River. The purpose is to observe the evil monster in the river. The Akutagawa River is a spiritual river, and there are countless evil monsters.

It is impossible to kill.

Lu Chen lives on Toad Island again, so he can only clean up a batch regularly, leaving some that are more pleasing to the eye.

The algae girl relaxed and didn’t dare to resist. She acted coquettishly on the river for a while. Seeing that Lu Chen didn’t respond, she turned her head and jumped into the Akutagawa River and began to spread the news.

As for how effective it can be, she can’t be controlled by a little algae girl.

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