My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 81

Meng Yao rolled up her sleeves and happily went into the water to catch small fish.

“big brother, Yaoyao caught one.”

“Another one!”

“big brother big brother, this one is so big.”

One by one swimming fish was caught ashore by Meng Yao. Lu Chen sat cross-legged on the bank of the Akutagawa River and took the opportunity to use the Qiankun image method to capture the breath of one after another from the swimming fish and release it into the Akutagawa River.

Again and again.

Nearly 100 were caught.

These swimming fish will be like algae girls and become Lu Chen’s eyeliner in the Akutagawa River. When they are scattered, they can use it to explore nearby information. As for whether they can find the Thousand Eyes Daoist, he Nor can it be guaranteed.

All I can say is do your best.

As for more eyeliner, Lu Chen is also helpless.

Every time he performs the Qiankun Mapping Technique, it consumes a lot of money. With his Qi Refinement 7th Layer’s cultivation base, dozens of times a day is the limit.

More words.

Also useless.

“Let’s go Yaoyao, go home and eat small fish.”


Meng Yao went ashore and landed on Lu Chen’s shoulders , Lu Chen mentioned the two most plump reed fish, and Yu Jian flew to Toad Island.

The sun rises and the moon sets, and two days have passed in the blink of an eye.

The twilight is four together, and the bright moon is far in the sky.


A dark silhouette stepped onto the Toad Island on the water waves, hesitated for a while, and quietly walked towards the Cave Mansion where Lu Chen was with crutches. go.

“ao wu ~”

A tiger roar woke up Lu Chen, who was in the cultivation. On the island, Tiger Niu is running around chasing a short silhouette.

“Hu Niu!”

A shout made Hu Niu stop instantly, howled, and quickly ran towards Lu Chen.

Because of the open supply of You Tianmang’s flesh and blood, in just a few days, the tiger girl has grown a lot taller, and now Lu Chen’s thigh is high.



It ran to Lu Chen and rubbed its big head on Lu Chen intimately.


Lu Chen rubbed the black silky hair like tigress and looked forward, it was a Little Old Man, leaning on a cane and holding two Chi black beard, black face.

The black robe was tattered and tattered by Tiger Niu’s claws, which was quite embarrassing.

[Name]: Mr. Yan

[Information]: First Rank He Ling


Lu Chen He raised his brows and said surprisedly:

“Yan Gong?”

“I can’t do it.”

Little Old Man waved his hands again and again to straighten the long hair on his head. Crown, bow and bow:

“Yan Xuzi has seen Island Lord.”


Lu Chen nominates, but this is the first time I hear” The title “Island Lord”, he could see clearly just now, this Yan Xuzi was chased and bit by Tiger Niu, and although he was embarrassed, he never fought back.

He doesn’t think that a He Ling can’t beat a young tiger girl. Since the other party treats each other with courtesy, he won’t show a cold face. After thinking about it, he said with a smile:

“Yan Gong is here, what do you mean?”

“Humpback beast.”

“Oh, but there are traces of the other party?”

” Exactly.”

Yan Xuzi lightly forehead, said resolutely:

“Island Lord’s promise before?”

“Two Spirit Stones? “


“Naturally take it seriously.”

Yan Xuzi saw that Lu Chen was not a fake, hesitantly said:

” Can I ask the Island Lord to change another condition?”

“Tell me about it.”

Yan Xuzi thought for a moment, then said:

“Little old man was alive It was originally the commander of the Great Hao Shenjing. He was named Heling after his death due to his meager merits. The Great Hao navy quelled the rebellion against Toad Island more than 30 years ago, and the little old man came with the army to calm the waves all the way. After the island was pacified, the little old man was named Marquis of Pinglang due to his meritorious deeds, and he was entitled to enjoy the Yangong Temple. However, after several decades of coming to the Great Hao Dynasty, the rivers were declining and evil spirits flourished. Cultivation has plummeted. The Yangong Temple collapsed more than ten years ago, and the little old man’s Divine Idol was also pushed into the Akutagawa River.”

“You want to rebuild the Yangong Temple?”

“No, the little old man didn’t dare to hope, he just wanted to ask the Island Lord to help salvage the Divine Idol and put it outside a village. Now the little old man knows that time is limited, and only the incense can continue. Survive.”

“Okay, I promise.”

For this matter, for two Spirit Stones, Lu Chen naturally wouldn’t refuse.

At the moment, Yan Xuzi and Yan Xuzi left the Toad Island and flew to the waters. After a lot of waste, they finally salvaged the 2,000-pound stone statue. Following the other party’s instructions, he carried the stone statue and put it away. Outside a village by the river.

The name of the village is Linjiang Village.

With a population of just over a hundred households, although the incense is small, there may not be a way out if the business is serious.

The transaction is complete.

Lu Chen also successfully obtained the location of the camel stele beast, which is in the Akutagawa River, which is a hundred miles away from Toad Island. waterfowl.

It was through the waterfowl that I learned where the Camel Monument was.

“Take care!”

Lu Chen didn’t stop, and Edgeworth flew into the distance, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

The sky is getting brighter.

The first villager to walk out of Linjiang Village saw the huge Divine Idol, five meters high. For a while, they thought it was Divine Vestige, and hurriedly knelt down in front of Divine Idol, kowtowing:

“Bless Divine Immortal grandfather, bless me, Li Ergou, I will win every gamble and get ahead…”

The words are not finished yet.

“Plop” and fell to the ground.

Yan Xuzi appeared behind the other party, stretched out his hand to lift the person, opened his mouth to bite, and tore Li Ergou’s neck, drenched with blood, a terrifying blood orangutan, he used both hands and feet to climb to the Divine Idol , covered Divine Idol’s body with blood.


A black bird fell from the sky, hovered and landed on the corpse, pecked with its long beak, raised its head to swallow an eyeball, and then squinted comfortably. With dim-blue eyes, he combed the feathers on his body.

“jié jié jié ~”

Yan Xuzi laughed for a while, opened the mouth of the blood gorilla, and sighed:

“I also want to manage my business well. But… devour raw meat and fowl for more than ten years, how can I change it for a while, when I kill all these fools and fools, I can refine Divine Idol, I promise… I promise to be a human again in the future, jié jié jié ~ “


The cold voice came, and Lu Chen stepped on the sword and returned.

In an instant, he landed on Divine Idol, stretched out his right hand, and squeezed Asuka in his hand. With a “ka-cha” sound, he broke Asuka’s neck.

“You…how are you…”

Yan Xuzi was trembling all over, his body was short, dodged Lu Chen’s big hand, and quickly jumped off the Divine Idol , fled to the Akutagawa River in horror. Lu Chen didn’t chase, he threw away the black bird’s body, hands form a secret art, and said silently:

“Five ghosts and heavenly methods!”

Yan Xuzi was still running wildly, The five ghosts appeared out of thin air around him, and with a whirl, Yan Xuzi felt dizzy and returned to the Divine Idol again.


Lu Chen stretched out his hand and patted all the seven sword stars in the palm of his hand into the opponent’s head.


Yan Xuzi screamed, his body suddenly exploded, flesh and bones splashing everywhere. Lu Chen complexion slightly changed, his long sleeves swung, Spiritual Qi surged out of his body, barely swept away the flesh and blood, and looked up to see an illusory Yan Xuzi fleeing towards the Akutagawa River.


The red wedding dress swirled, Meng Yao turned into Little Demoness and chased after the opponent, blinked behind the opponent, swung her small hand forward, and the lifeless sickle stretched three times. Mi, hooked Yan Xuzi’s neck.

Give a little tug.


Yan Xuzi’s body was divided into two parts, and the illusory body exploded into black smoke.

Meng Yao opened her mouth slightly, and all the smoke passed through Qian Fei’s mouth with a red brow between her brows. A flush of red appeared on her little face. She stuck out her pink tongue, licked her little mouth, and said happily. :

“It’s delicious~”



Lu Chen single fist smashed out, the strength of more than 3,000 pounds made Divine Idol torn apart.

Born in troubled times, there are too many demons and ghosts in this world. When I saw the other party eating raw fish head earlier, I felt that this guy was a little weird. Some doubts.

It’s all set now.

Dead clean.

Also save a scourge.

【Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Condition】:

【1】: One Thousand Souls (893/1000 not reached!)

…. ..

“It’s about to be upgraded.”

Looking at the vision screen, Lu Chen didn’t stop, and Yujian flew back to Toad Island all the way. Seeing a white rainbow descending from the sky, blocking in front of him, it is the Tianmu daoist with white beard and eyebrows.


“Well, where is it?”

“It’s a hundred miles upstream, it should be floating on the water.”

“Are you sure?”

“Try it.”

Tianmu daoist said no more, looked up at the sky, stretched out his right hand, stirred gently, the vast Mana surged away.

A hundred miles away.

Akutagawa River.

Rising winds, scudding clouds, a pair of eyebrows and eyes formed in the sky, looking down, I saw a stone tablet dozens of meters high standing in the surging river, it was the hunchback beast, and the stone tablet At the top, a Taoist is sitting cross-legged.

“Okay, very good!”

Tianmu daoist looked up to the sky and laughed, turned into a white rainbow, and shot a hundred miles in an instant.

“This old bastard, the final payment has not been paid yet.”

Lu Chen murmured, and quickly performed the Qiankun Reflection Technique, spreading his left hand, the carp closest to the Thousand Eyes Taoist Appears in the palm screen.

“Zoom out!”


The screen keeps shrinking, and Lu Chen finally sees some images in a blur, only to see a white rainbow coming from the east Come.


Boom boom.

The waves are raging.

White light and multicolored light lasing, the whole picture becomes a color.

“Hahaha, Senior Brother, after several decades, you still haven’t made any progress, you haven’t even acquired the Divine Ability, so you hurried out to find me, not afraid of dying outside?”

“A little bit of air, a thousand miles… what a wind!”

In an instant, it was pitch black!

I saw a tornado connecting the sky and water, and the daoist flew away several dozen li at once. The daoist stood in the tornado and laughed wildly, with a pair of eyes on his bare chest, and his eyes opened from time to time. close.

In the blink of an eye.

In the tornado again, it disappeared.

“You…you can’t run!”

Tianmu Taoist flustered and exasperated, turned into a white rainbow and chased away.


Lu Chen’s face changed, and he was amazed. This thousand-eyed daoist is so powerful that he couldn’t even take the Tianmu daoist of Profound Opening Realm. Huai, took out the little Yin Sector and called:

“Red E!”

Little Yin Sector’s black light flashed, Jiang Hong’e stepped out, and his beautiful eyes swept away, Ask:

“How is it?”

“If you don’t win, the Thousand Eyes Taoist is not simple, and there will be no results for a while.”

” Then let’s…”

“How about…you go to the battlefield with me?”

Jiang Hong’e looked thoughtful and shook his head:


“We’re by your side, I’m afraid it will be a drag, little Yin Sector is too dead and not suitable for long-term stay, I think… it’s better to stay on Toad Island, and take care of the spirit vein. , and secondly, it is also convenient for Cultivation.”

“You guys are too weak, you may not be able to defend Toad Island, I actually have a Second Rank platoon, but unfortunately only half of it has been refined. It will take half a month, but it would be the most suitable if we can set up a formation at this time.”

At first, he didn’t tell Fang Yuqi because he was afraid that someone would snatch it, but now he has Divine Ability Nine Heavens Demon Slaying , not afraid of the ordinary Second Rank.

As for the Tianmu daoist.

Even if the other party comes to look for him, they will only look for Lu Chen. With Second Rank’s fog and mountains, Jiang Hong’e can rest easy.

The two are worried.

Meng Yao on her head blinked her big eyes and said in a crisp voice:

“Big brother, Yaoyao can help you.”

“Why? Help?”

“Big brother is stupid, Yaoyao has a wish coin, so she can make a wish for big brother.”


Lu Chen finally came to his senses, wishing that the coins could complete the “Mingshui Art”, and it shouldn’t be difficult to help him refining the [Wuhai Hidden Mountain Array], Lu Chen got excited when he thought of this. .

If so.

Meng Yao… Could it still help him speed up his cultivation!

Strongly suppressed the excitement in her heart, Lu Chen took out the array plate, sat down immediately, and began to refining. Meng Yao picked up a prayer coin, put her small hand in front of her chest, and mutter incantations with the cherry mouth.

The prayer coins turned into multicolored rays of light, and flew into Lu Chen’s body.

Lu Chen shivered.

I just felt that the speed of refining the array was too easy in an instant, and the progress was fast, but after a dozen breaths, it returned to normal.

“Yaoyao, suck at big brother and get angry.”


On this day, Lu Chen got Meng Yao’s help, and once refining Fog Sea Hidden Mountain Array!



Lu Chen opened his mouth and took a breath, and the 30-pound array flew into his mouth.

This array plate has 47 Dao Marks. The whole body is made of Second Rank copper. The formation mark is engraved inside. It is a Formation that both traps the enemy and hides.

“Not bad!”

Lu Chen was satisfied with the nodded, opened his mouth and spit, and the formation plate fell into his palm again. Hong’e hurriedly helped him up, worried:

“How is it?”

“No… fine. “

Lu Chen shook his head, the dizziness subsided after a while, he turned his head to look at Meng Yao on his shoulder, and asked:

“Yao Yao, just took a few breaths.” Mouth angry. “

“big brother ~”

Meng Yao’s pretty face was slightly red, she counted with her small hands, and said shyly:

“Fifty times.” “

“Fifty times…”

The corners of Lu Chen’s mouth are bitter, even if he has a successful Body Refinement, this time is afraid that it will hurt his vitality, at least one It takes two days to recover, which is much more powerful than Mrs. Jiang.

Lu Chen endured the discomfort and asked Meng Yao to perform several prayers.

Three times facing Lu Chen.

One time to Jiang Hong’e.

After a few tries, the light curtain in front of my eyes trembled slightly and changed.

“Expand! ”

[Upgrade conditions of Nine Breaths Art]:

[1]: Five days of cultivation (achieved!)

[2]: Five dead souls (already completed!) Achieved!)

[2]: Fifty spiritsand (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen


[cultivation technique ]: Nine Breath Technique Mastery (upgradeable!) +


Nine Breath Technique is still one day short of cultivation progress, To achieve the conditions of [cultivation five days], Meng Yao’s three prayers actually offset the progress of one day of cultivation.


“very good ! ”

Lu Chen is ecstatic, he can level up, and the only thing that restricts the rapid improvement of strength is [cultivation days], and it is because of this limitation that two cultivation arts is far behind spell.

Now with Meng Yao’s prayer, everything is different!

“Upgrade! “

Quietly, the Nine Breath Technique has been upgraded from Mastery to 【Great Accomplishment】.

“Expand!” ”

[Upgrade conditions of Nine Breaths Art]:

[1]: Ten days of cultivation (not yet achieved!)

[2]: Ten dead souls (not yet reached) Achieved! UU reading

[2]: 100 grains of spiritsand (achieved!)


“ good! “

Lu Chen was satisfied with the nodded, turned around and saw Jiang Hong’e sitting cross-legged open his eyes, so he asked:

“How is it?” “

Jiang Hong’e shook his head, the colorful rays of light slowly dissipated in his eyes, and said with a complicated expression:

“Yaoyao’s prayers have no effect on me, how about you?” “

“It works great! “

“hmph hum~”

Jiang Hong’e had some taste, hummed twice, whispered:

“Yaoyao is your ghost after all Wife, it’s hard to tell the connection between the two of you, and I, after all, are separated from Yaoyao by the First Layer. “

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