My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 82

“hehe ~”

Lu Chen proudly laughed and said with relief:

“This is also impossible, I still have a spiritual object [water drop] on my body, This time, go south and see if I can exchange Mu Xin or Tu Yuan for you.”

“No, give her surname Fang, she is only a spirit root, I have three spirit roots, and my cultivation speed is already Don’t be slow.”

Lu Chen nods his only two smiles with a smile

, opened his mouth and spit out the Second Rank array in his hand, and he dropped the Water The Attribute Spirit Stone is inserted into the small hole on the array plate.

Hand tray.

Take Jiang Hong’e to the basement quiet room.

After a lot of work, I finally got the array plate in place, hooked up with the First Rank Water Spiritual Vein, and let Jiang Hong’e leave their marks on the array plate.


Changhe Haohao.

A white fog emerges.

On this day, Lu Chen activated the array, and the Second Rank Wuhai Hidden Mountain Array once again enveloped Toad Island!




Lu Chen nods, the sword belt Fly out of Toad Island with Jiang Hong’e.

On Toad Island, apart from the extremely thin fog, no other changes could be seen, but just after flying out of Toad Island, thick white fog enveloped the two of them.

Both of them are not affected by the white mist, Lu Chen introduced:

“First Rank spirit vein can barely maintain daily consumption, if you are facing the enemy, you must consume the two Water Spirit Stone, this white fog is a [sea of fog], it has the effect of confusing and confusing the enemy, and ordinary Second Rank may not be able to break in.”


Two The person flew 100 meters away, and the white fog around him finally disappeared.

Flyed another ten meters.

Lu Chen Yujian hovered in the void, looked back with Jiang Hong’e, and saw that there was no shadow of Toad Island behind him, not even the thick fog just now.

All that remains is the surging Akutagawa River.

If both of them could pass through the array plate and perceive the location of Toad Island, they really thought they had hallucinations, Lu Chen explained: “This ten-meter boundary is [Tiangshan], and it is like a step away. No.”

Lu Chen took a step forward.

I saw a thick white fog emerging out of thin air, and it was faintly visible that there was an island hiding in it. If you flew into the thick fog, you would be trapped by the white fog.

“It’s great!”

Jiang Hong’e nodded and asked:


“en .”


Jiang Hong’e phoenix eyes slightly red, and a pair of jade arms wrapped around Lu Chen’s forehead and neck:

“Leave another Come late, stay with me…”


A crazy night, Lu Chen helped Walking out of Cave Mansion against the wall, Meng Yao first sucked him more than 50 mouthfuls of anger, and then Jiang Hong’e went through a sneak attack. Last night’s battle.

I lost a game after all!

“It will be a long time to come.”

Lu Chen murmured and flew up with Meng Yao Yujian, Jiang Hong’e and two little girls walked out behind him.

Hyun Ran wanted to cry.

It’s all reluctance.

“Young Master, Qinghe is on the island High Level you~”

“Lu Lang, come back early!”


Flying over the Akutagawa River, Lu Chen landed on the river bank and looked back at Toad Island, which was already out of sight.


With a sigh, Lu Chen took out the Secret Realm [Little Yin Sector] from his arms, and saw the black light flashing, and the tiger girl jumped out of it. , Although there is no full moon yet, but the very good food that Lu Chen cultivated, especially after killing You Tianmang, Hu Niu is always the meat of Spirit Beast, open to eat, it looks like a day.

Today’s tiger girl is nearly half the height of a person, not inferior to the ordinary tiger and leopard at all.

Observed by Lu Chen.

If you continue to cultivate like this, you can be promoted to Spirit Beast without even waiting for Hu Niu to become an adult. After a last glance at the Akutagawa River, Lu Chen took Hu Niu all the way south.

Walk as you go.

Stop on one hand.

Since the cultivation’s major spells were promoted to Second Rank, Lu Chen temporarily slowed down his practice, and the Authentic Level [sealing technique], which was not taken seriously, caught his eye again.

Practice these days.

Unconsciously completed the three-day cultivation progress, only two days away from upgrading to Perfection.

step by step.

Sunrise and sunset.

Lu Chen squeezed secret art while recovering his body.

And Hu Niu is like Sahuan, running around in the wilderness all around, intermittent, having a lot of fun, sometimes running for one hour, sometimes holding small animals to offer treasures .

From morning to evening.

Lu Chen is less than ten miles away from the Nieshui River in front of him.

As the sky was getting dark, Lu Chen stopped on his way and planned to take a night’s rest. A few days ago, he used the Qiankun Mapping Method, and accidentally heard Fang Yuqi mention that the Black Armor Army issued a [Recruitment Order].

Calling for the righteous.

He could just use this to infiltrate the Black Armor Army and have a legitimate identity.

Stopping by a large tree, Lu Chen lit a bonfire.

The flames are blazing.

But Hu Niu and Meng Yao never came back.

“It’s really crazy.”

Lu Chen murmured and quickly used the Qiankun Reflection Technique.

The left hand is spread out.

The rays are interleaved.

A picture emerges.

“hu hu ~”

“Send the arrow, hurry up, shoot it to death, don’t let it run away, the general will reward you.”

“ Niu Niu, run!”

The shouting continued, a team of ten phoenix armies were chasing Hu Niu, Meng Yao was sitting on Hu Niu’s back, her face was nervous, and she looked back from time to time.

“sou sou ~”

Seeing two arrows shot, Meng Yao threw a sickle in his hand and instantly knocked the arrows flying.

“ao wu ~”

The tiger girl suddenly stopped under her body.

The body fell to the ground.

It’s like a big enemy.

Meng Yao turned around and saw another team of Phoenix Armies blocking the way forward. Meng Yao stood up on Hu Niu’s back with a sullen face, holding a lifeless sickle in her hand, panting with rage and said:


“You are not allowed to hurt Niuniu!”

“Where is the silly little girl, she looks so tender, I wonder if she can squeeze out the water?”

“hahaha ~”

“Brothers take it easy, don’t hurt anyone.”

“hehehe ~”

Twenty phoenix armors Foul language, approaching step by step.


Meng Yao was lightly snorted, her red wedding dress swirled, and she instantly transformed into Little Demoness, disappearing out of thin air from the eyes of Feng Jiajun.

“What’s the matter?”

“Not good, this little girl is not simple ~”


Alert As soon as the sound rang out, the screams followed, and everyone turned around to see the brother who was at the back with his head up and down, fresh blood dripping on his neck.

“Be careful!”


Meng Yao appeared out of thin air behind one person, with a small face and a sickle in her hand. With a swipe, another person fell.

“Brothers, here!”


“Kill the black tiger first, hurry up!”

“ao wu ~”

Hu Niu and Meng Yao fought side by side, cooperated with each other, and at first prevailed.

However, as Feng Jiajun changed his strategy and chose to attack and kill Hu Niu, the situation reversed in an instant. Meng Yao had to give up the assassination and instead protect Hu Niu.


The sword cry suddenly sounded.

The Peach Wood Sword swooped in.


“There is an expert, run away!”


The screams echoed one after another , In the blink of an eye, Feng Jiajun fell to the ground.

“big brother ~”

Meng Yao’s eyes shined, she turned her head and saw Lu Chen coming from a distance, her face relaxed, and she hurriedly brought Hu Niu up to meet her, Meng Yao chirp chirp twitter twitter

Lu Chen waved back the Peach Wood Sword and asked:

“What happened just now?”

“I don’t know, Yaoyao was with Niuniu just now. Chase the bunny, and bastard catches up.”


It’s good.

It will follow.

Yuan Qingshan has the innate talent [Tiger Power], and he has a tendency to eat tigers, so the phoenix armies under his command naturally kill tigers when they see them.

After glancing at the corpses on the floor, Lu Chen laughed again:

“Tomorrow, I am going to join the Black Armor Army, and now this name…is enough.”

After he finished speaking, he cut off the head of one after another and put it in the little Yin Sector. As he was about to turn away, Meng Yao on his shoulder pointed to a bush in the distance:

“big brother, there’s a bad guy there.”


The bushes swayed, and a phoenix armor commander who was hiding in it hurried to the distance run away.

“hmph, I still want to go!”

Lu Chen coldly snorted, flicking his fingers, Peach Wood Sword swept rapidly.


The opponent’s strength is not weak, and when he senses the danger, he hurriedly turns his head, furiously shouted, his right arm bursts with blue veins, his long spear dances, and he stabs the Peach Wood Sword suddenly, But he didn’t want Peach Wood Sword to falter and suddenly sink three inches.

“Not good!”

“puchi ~”

Before the opponent could react, the Peach Wood Sword pierced through the armor and passed through.

With a scream.

Instantly fell to the ground.


Lu Chen beckoned to take back the Peach Wood Sword, and took Meng Yao and Hu Niu without looking back.

In a quarter of an hour.

The fallen silhouette let out a long breath and opened her eyes.

“hu~ ~”

“It’s so dangerous, I almost hurt my heart by half an inch.”

After getting up, the other party covered the wound , leaning on the long spear, stumbled and fled into the distance.



The bonfire is roaring and the meat is fragrant.

Hu Niu was lying beside the bonfire, Meng Yao held her small chin, sat on Hu Niu’s back, stared attentively at the grilled skewers, licked her little mouth from time to time, and asked:

“Big brother, are you getting better soon?”

“It’s coming soon~”

Lu Chen perfunctoryly said, reaching out and taking back the blood stained by the Peach Wood Sword A dark gray breath, and then used the Qiankun image method, slowly spread out his left hand, and a picture appeared in the palm of his hand.

This is a phoenix armored army captain, clutching his wounds, stumbled all the way into a huge barracks.

The people howling and the horses neighing.

Iron armored.

After bandaging the wound, the face deathly pale armorer was taken to a school grounds.

“wu wu ~”

On the school grounds, the wind was howling, an Iron Pagoda-like silhouette was dancing a black iron rod in his hand, the black iron rod was short and big. Hours are small, every blow is spare no effort, as if even the void is shaking.

In a few moments.


silhouette furiously shouted, suddenly turning around, shaking the black iron rod in his hand, he suddenly let go.


The long armored head exploded instantly, the headless body swayed a few times, and fell to the ground.

“ka-cha ~”

Lu Chen’s left hand images all split up and in pieces, he took a deep breath, whispered:

“Yuan Qingshan…”



Yuan Qingshan stretched out his hand and grabbed it, and the black iron rod flew upside down When he returned, he held the black iron rod in his hand and lightly pierced the ground. With a loud “bang”, the entire school ground shook three times.

The armors all around hurriedly bowed their heads, not daring to breathe.

Yuan Qingshan glanced around and said solemnly:

“How are things going?”

“Back to General, everything is ready.”

“Where’s Martial Uncle?”

“I’ve already left.”


Yuan Qingshan nodded, right hand shocked, mysterious The iron rod turned into an iron ring connected to the end of the hand, which was automatically locked on the wrist. He stretched out his hand and pointed to the headless body:

“There is something wrong with this person, let General Tong take him for a trip.”


The soldiers left, and soon, a team of five hundred phoenix cavalry roared away, galloping all the way, and came to the battlefield where they were just fighting, leading the troops. It was Tong Xin who had played against Lu Chen.

Tong Xin rode a two-headed wolf and looked at the headless corpses on the ground.

The face is creamy.

Lu Chen quietly appeared on a big tree, looking at each other from a distance, brows slightly wrinkle.

I thought that the leader would be Sangmo, the heart-warming sheep, and he planned to ambush a wave, but didn’t expect it to be the rouge tiger Tongxin, and also brought a whole army of 500 phoenixes.

“Forget it.”

Lu Chen gave up the plan to ambush and kill. This man is the leader of the four tigers. If you want to kill, most of them have to use Divine Ability.

Not worth it!

Lu Chen Edgeworth leaves. Tong Xin’s eyes twinkled, patted the two-headed wolf under him.

“ao wu ~~”

The two-headed wolf a long whistle, the sound is transmitted several li.

Tong Xin instructed: “You gather the corpses, this General will go back when you go.”

“Promise!” The two-headed wolf left, walked through the wilderness for a while, and came to the Nishui River, which is 800 meters wide.

There are no fish and shrimp.

Life goes extinct.

Tong Xin sat on the wolf’s back, closed his eyes slightly, and waited silently.

Time passed slowly, but there was still no one to wait for, Tong Xin brows slightly wrinkle, feeling a little uneasy in her heart, she reached into her arms, took out a small paper crane, opened her mouth and blew. A mouthful of Spiritual Qi:

“hu~ ~”

Qianzhihe came back to life, flapping its wings and flying across the river, flying faster and faster, almost disappearing from sight middle.


A black iron rod suddenly flew, and it pounded the paper crane into powder.

Rouge Tiger Tongxin’s body trembled suddenly, he suddenly turned his head to look to his side, and saw an Iron Pagoda-like silhouette striding forward, holding a black clothed corpse in his hand.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed it, the black iron rod flew back upside down, flicked his left hand lightly, and smashed the corpse in front of the two-headed wolf, his face calmly said:

“Tong” General, are you waiting for this person?”


“This person is a traitor of the Black Armor Army, I Yuan Qingshan can’t understand, Why would the rouge tiger, the head of the four tigers in the dignified Phoenix Armored Army, meet the traitor?”



Yuan Qingshan coldly snorted and asked: “The Fengjia Army treats you well, why did you betray me??”

Tong Xin finally calmed down, stretched out his hand and pulled out the red tassel spear behind his back, coldly said:

“People’s hearts are contrary, the general trend is gone!”

“It’s ridiculous! It’s just a stray dog, what a trend!”

Yuan Qingshan coldly snorted, holding a black iron rod, pointing at Tongxin, said with a sneer: “How dare you shoot me? Haha, you If obediently surrender, I can still leave you a whole corpse, so…”


Yuan Qingshan roared, and the sound shook the four fields. One foot stepped into a deep pit on the ground, and instantly swept to the front of the two-headed wolf. Tong Xin couldn’t avoid it, and hurriedly raised his gun to meet him.


A stick fell, Tong Xin vomited blood and retreated, and the red tassel spear flew out several li.


The second stick fell, killing the two-headed wolf with one blow.


Yuan Qingshan roared and jumped up, the black iron rod stretched several meters and slammed down.

“Second Rank…”

Tong Xin’s face is desperate, she is the head of the four tigers, in the hands of Yuan Qingshan, She hadn’t even survived the three moves, and the Nie Shui River was just a stone’s throw away from her, but… she didn’t even have the chance to take a step.

I’m so sorry!

“Cang Clang~”

Tong Xin was about to close his eyes and wait to die when he heard a sudden sound of a knife.


in midair Yuan Qingshan’s hair exploded, feeling as if there was a guillotine hanging over his head, with murderous intention, he could no longer care about Tongxin, his thoughts moved slightly , a dark red full body armor appeared on the body surface, the whole person was like an ominous beast of a sinister, his right foot was in the void, forcibly stopped his figure.

Abruptly turned around.

On a big tree on the shore, a man stood with his hands behind his back, with a blood knife three inches from its sheath. UU reading www.uukanshu. com


The blood knife is returned to its sheath.

The murderous intention is gone.

Lu Chen didn’t look back, Yujian fled far away.

“Where to go!”

An angry voice came, and the black iron rod flew out more than a hundred meters, but it had already arrived slowly, with a “bang”, smashing the whole tree. all split up and in pieces.

“Pu pass!”

Yuan Qingshan just took a sigh of relief and turned his head to see the rouge tiger Tongxin plunged into the Nieshui River.


Yuan Qingshan was furious, and stepped on the river, and the Nie Shui River exploded. The corpse lay on the bank of the river.

It’s terribly miserable.

“Who? Who broke my major event!!”

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