My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 83

, left Daoist Priest student, my spell is infinitely upgraded

after one hour.

Lu Chen went back and forth, Yuan Qingshan’s silhouette was long gone by the river, only a wolf corpse was left on the ground, and no one cared.

“What a waste.”

Lu Chen Yujian fell and put the body of the two-headed wolf into the little Yin Sector.

Just as he was about to leave, he turned his head and saw the rouge tiger Tongxin floated up from the Nishhui River, stumbled and climbed up the river bank, and fell to the ground with a “thump” sound.


Lu Chen stepped forward, raised his foot and turned the person over.

Tong Xin’s eyes are closed, his armor has been shattered, tattered, revealing a little spring light, and his originally beautiful face, now riddled with scars, seems to have been crawled over by centipede Generally, the whole face is covered with dark lines.

Grim as a ghost.

It’s pretty scary.

Meng Yao above her head was startled and looked carefully:

“What’s wrong with this elder sister?”

Lu Chen squatted down to check and found that The other party was seriously injured and dying, and explained:

“The Nishhui River contains a lot of dead energy, and it is weakly corrosive. There are no fish and shrimps, all living beings are destroyed, and the ordinary person falls into the water, unable to hold two breaths. , this rouge tiger has been under water for a little one hour, and he is injured again. The death energy has already penetrated into the flesh and blood, and it is not bad to be alive.”

“Big brother, can we save it?”

Lu Chen thought for a moment, then nodded and said: “Save it, this person rebelled against the Fengjia Army, not an enemy. Whether she can survive or not depends on her fortune.”

After saying that, he picked up the man, and Yujian flew ten miles away before stopping.

“cough cough ~”

Just after landing, Tong Xin opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of black liquid, and woke up.

Lu Chen put the person down and asked:

“How is it?”

The other side didn’t seem to hear, he raised his right hand tremblingly, turned over The palm, a small thousand paper cranes appeared in her hands, she blew a breath at the paper cranes, her head tilted, and she fainted again.

The paper crane fluttered its wings and flew into the air, all the way to the north.


Lu Chen looked thoughtful, and got off the Mountain Tiger Tongguan in Fengxian Town. Most of the paper cranes informed her brother Tongguan, and I didn’t know it was too late.

After dealing with the other party’s injury, Lu Chen lit a bonfire on the side.

While grilling wolf meat.

While stewing green ant soup.

30 pounds of Spirit Beast, Lu Chen gave Meng Yao and Tong Xin a small bowl of green ant soup each, and drank the rest into his stomach, taking the opportunity to cultivate Limitless Pure Yang Merit .



The moon rises and the moon sets.

The morning sun starts early.

Lu Chen worked hard for a night, slowly withdrawing his work, and his whole body was suddenly shocked. Not only did he regain the anger that was sucked away by Meng Yao, but Limitless Pure Yang Merit also rose to Fifth Layer, and his vigor increased accordingly. , reaching 3,500 catties.


With one mouthful of impure air, Lu Chen was satisfied.

This Spirit Beast is really a good match for the green ant corpse. It’s only a few days, and Wujigong has been promoted to the First Layer. If this continues, it will not take a month to become Innate Pure Yang Physique.

Depressing the surprise in his heart, Lu Chen looked at the light curtain again, only to see that the progress of the [Five Days of Practice] Sealing Technique was not completed by a day, he turned his head to Meng Yao and said:


“Yaoyao, pray a few times for the big brother.”


Meng Yao nodded, and took off the prayer hanging around her neck with her little hand. Wishing coins, began to perform prayers, and Meng Yao sucked Lu Chen’s anger three times in a blink of an eye, and the wishing coins also consumed three.

The light curtain trembled and changed.


[Upgrade Condition of Sealing Technique]:

[1]: Five Days of Practice

[2] : Five Souls

[3]: Fifty spiritsand


[Name]: Lu Chen

[spirit root]: Two water and gold roots

[spell]: Great Accomplishment +


“Okay, upgrade !”

The spiritsand disappeared, and the preservation technique was successfully upgraded from Great Accomplishment to Perfection. Lu Chen realized it for a moment and looked at the light curtain again.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base ]: Qi Refinement 7th Layer

[spell ]: Sealing Technique Perfection



[Promote Level Condition of Sealing Technique]:

[1]: Ten Souls

[2]: 100 grains of spiritsand


[Promote Grade condition for sealing technique]:

[1]: 100 catties Flesh

[2]: A spell

[3]: A Spirit Stone


One is the Promote Level Secret Treasure Level, and the other is the method where the Promote Grade is Second Rank.

Lu Chen naturally prefers Promote Grade, it is easy to achieve a hundred pounds of flesh and blood, and there are just three Fire Attribute Spirit Stones on him, and the remaining spell is the one in “Mingshui Art” [ The Binding of the Nether Serpent], this spell has Nether Water Art as a precondition, although Lu Chen can’t learn it.

But it can be integrated into other spells.


Lu Chen flew up with Meng Yao Yujian, hovered in the air for a while, and found a wild boar that got up early to eat.

“hmph hum hum hum~”

“pu ε‘²!”

Jian Xing swept away, a sword pierced the wild boar’s head, and Lu Chenfei fell, with light in his eyes Mutton softly trembled, all the conditions of Promote Grade are fulfilled.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: Sealing Technique Perfection +


β€œPromote Grade!”

Spirit Stone disappeared, hundreds of kilograms of flesh and blood disappeared, and the preservation technique began to promote Grade, the method of Second Rank. Lu Chen realized it silently, opened his eyes a moment later, and said in surprise:

“Seal method!”

First Rank’s Sealing Technique, Promote Grade is Second Rank’s [Seal Method].

This sealing method is no trivial matter. It is no longer limited to only storing items, and there are many wonderful things, such as preservation and isolation. Of course, the most important point is that it can be [sealed].

Seal item.

Seal living creatures.

Seal all!

“Yaoyao, help the big brother to protect the Dharma.”


Meng Yao stood nodded on Lu Chen’s shoulder, holding the lifeless little hand Scythe, carefully guarding all around, Lu Chen sat cross-legged and began to cast the seal.

Print on one side.

While chanting.

“Looking far and wide, either sinking or floating.”

“Wandering in five directions, all-inclusive.”

“Look at it, listen to it I don’t hear it.”

“It’s so obvious, but it’s not there!”

Ru Chen turned his hand and took out a Spirit Stone, with a pinch of both hands, and shouted:

“It’s done!”

The voice fell, Spiritual Qi surged out from the body, forming an illusory Spiritual Qi ball between the hands, and gradually fuses together with the Spirit Stone in the hand, a tangible, UU reading www. was invisible, and when Lu Chen consumed most of the Spiritual Qi, the Spirit Stone melted, and a ball the size of a walnut manifested.

The sphere stabilizes over time.

This ball is called [Seal Ball].

Walnut-sized, translucent, between virtual and real.

Not only can you use it yourself, but you can also use it for others. If someone else uses it, you can refining, or you can ask Lu Chen to set a [unblocking order] in advance. This unblocking order can be a word or a sentence In other words, it can also be a more complicated drop of blood, etc., and you can use the item at will if you have the unblocking order.

Of course.

When he used it himself, he didn’t need these at all, and the Fire Attribute Spirit Stone that he had consumed before was the medium for casting the seal method.

“Seal Ball!”

“Unblock Order!”

Lu Chen is very happy, this is simply a high-end storage bag, with this With a unique skill, he can sell it to the outside world. Of course, the price may be very expensive.

After all, this is the cost of a Spirit Stone, plus Lu Chen’s own labor costs.

Well…the price for at least five Spirit Stones.

No more!

Lu Chen dumped the contents of the sealed space into the sealing ball, opened his mouth and sucked, the sealing ball flew into the mouth, and with a thought, it ran out of the palm of his hand, and the items were also used at will.

Not only is it more convenient than the storage bag, but it also has a thousand cubic meters of inner space.

Very useful.

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