My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 84

, left Daoist Priest student, my spell is infinitely upgraded

Not only that, after Lu Chen made the seal ball, he can also use it to seal living creatures, whether it is Spirit Beast, cultivator, or even demons and ghosts , which can be sealed.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Skill]: Introduction to Sealing


“Expand !”

[Conditions for upgrading the seal method]:

[1]: Practice for half a month

[2]: Five Spirit Stones


The upgrade of the Second Rank method has become easier, at least except for the Lesser Divine Ability Nine Heavens slaying the devil, other methods no longer require the soul of the dead as a condition.

Even so.

Spirit Stone alone stumped Lu Chen. He had only one Fire Attribute Spirit Stone left in his body.

Yujian flew back to the original place, and saw Hu Niu lying sound asleep beside the extinguished bonfire, Rouge Hu Tong Xin had woken up and was meditating cross-legged.

Feeling Lu Chen’s approach, Tong Xin immediately opened his eyes:

“You…you saved me?”

The voice was hoarse and transparent. With an unmistakable weakness.

“en. ”

Lu Chen nods. He distracted Yuan Qingshan once before, and brought him here to help heal the wounds. He managed to save him once again, a total of two. Second-rate. Tong Xin’s face was covered with scars, and he twitched the corners of his mouth:

“Although you saved me, I couldn’t repay.”

“He was seriously injured?”

“Yes, the dead energy permeates the internal organs, I’m afraid I can’t hold it without Spirit Pill!”

“Any last words?”

“Uh…  “

Tong Xin’s breath was stagnant, bitterly laughed: “I have something I want to explain, today is the day when the Black Armor Army crosses the Nieshui River on a tidal boat. Although the Black Armor Army has been planning for a long time, Yuan Qingshan has also been prepared.”

“Tell me in detail.”

“The Taoist Xuanyang Taoist of Temple Master of Baiyun Temple went to the upper reaches of the Nieshui River, and when the tide building boat crossed the river, he I will use the Celestial Phenomenon method of the four seasons, gather the power of the four seasons, take the wind and rain, and bring the rivers and rivers to smash the building and ship in one fell swoop. /p>

After speaking.

Tong Xin flipped his hand and took out a thousand-paper crane, used his hand to write and draw, and then spit out a mouthful of Spiritual Qi, and the thousand-paper crane flapped its wings and flew south.

Lu Chen didn’t stop it, and said again:

“Tell me about Yuan Qingshan.”

“Yuan Qingshan?”


“Well, it’s time to repay your life-saving grace. The Black Armor Army has an absolute advantage, and it has weapons such as the Immortal Archer, but it still can’t beat the phoenix. There are only two points to rely on for the defeat of the army. One is the difficulty of crossing the river, and the other is the courage of Yuan Qingshan. Yuan Qingshan has two blood refinement Second Rank Magical Artifacts, one is called [Xuan Tie Rod], and the other is called [Yan Qingshan]. Yang Jia].”

“pu~ ”

Having said that, Tong Xin opened his mouth to spit a mouthful of blood.

He shook his head.


“Big brother, still save?”

“Save it, I’ve saved it twice, and now it’s a big loss if I die.”

“Oh Oh~”

Meng Yao seemed to understand, but Lu Chen sat down and used the sealing method again, using the last Spirit Stone to make a new sealing ball. The unconscious Tong Xin took a shot:

“shua ~”

Tong Xin’s body suddenly shrank, and the whole person fell into the seal ball. Holding the translucent sealing ball, Lu Chen took a photo at the morning sun, and saw the shrunken Tong Xin suspended in it, the expression on his face solidified, and the injury on his body also deteriorated very slowly.


It’s a life saver.

Lu Chen did not delay any longer, and continued south with Hu Niu and Meng Yao. As soon as they arrived at the Nieshui River, they saw the upper reaches of the Nieshui River, with turbulent waves and huge waves tumbling dozens of meters high. The Taoist cloth stood on the top of the waves, wrapped in wind and rain, went down the river, and rushed all the way to the east.



“Good guy.”

Lu Chen didn’t try to be brave. After all, the Black Armor Army has little to do with him. One of his purposes here is to harvest the souls of the dead and upgrade the Nine Heavens to kill demons. Behead, and the other is to help a bunch of concubine Fang Yuqi.

There is no need to be strong.

Also, he had confirmed before that Fang Yuqi did not board the boat to cross the river.

When Daoist Xuanyang passed by, Lu Chen put Hu Niu in the little Yin Sector, Yu Jian flew over the 800-meter Nie Shui River, and soon stopped in front of a huge military camp.

The barracks are heavily guarded, and a huge flag with the Chinese character “Jun” flutters in the wind.

“who is the newcomer!”


Lu Chen had just fallen, and the Black Armor Army of ten soldiers quickly surrounded them. Pressing the hilt of the knife, glare like a tiger watching his prey, Lu Chen cupped the hands facing the leader of the soldier, said with a smile:

“The soldier is tolerant, and Xiaodao is here to recruit talents. “


The commander was dressed in black armor, looked Lu Chen up and down, and frowned, “Why do you look familiar, maybe you’ve seen him somewhere?” ?”

“The soldier is joking.”

Lu Chen took out five spirits and threw them to each other, saying with a smile:

“Please also be accommodating.”

“It’s easy to talk~”

The commander smiled, put away the spiritsand, and took Lu Chen into the barracks with a big hand. It was heavily guarded, and soon, before Lu Chen was taken to a tent, the leader of the army pointed to the tent:

“You can rest here, there will be offerings to test you later. “


Lu Chen walked into the tent and saw that there was no one in the tent except for a few tables and chairs. Opened the tent and walked in.

The man is in his late thirties.

A azure daoist robe, thin, with a two-inch black beard.

He saw Lu Chen, his footsteps stopped suddenly, cupped the hands as if nothing had happened, and asked:

“What’s the name of Fellow Daoist?”

“Lu far.”

“Oh, what spell is Fellow Daoist Lu good at?”

“sword technique.”

Lu Chen replied and asked :

“What is the name of Fellow Daoist?”

“My surname is Ge, my name is Song, and I am a second-class worshiper in the military camp.”

laughed, held a token of worship and shook it in front of Lu Chen, and asked again:

“What kind of cultivation base is Fellow Daoist Lu?”

“Qi Refinement fourth layer. “


Ge Song gave Lu Chen a meaningful look, then turned and walked out of the tent. Lu Chen stood at the door of the tent, looking at the hurried back of the other party, The brows wrinkled unconsciously, this has no beginning or end, and I don’t give an explanation.

And, for some reason.

He felt that Ge Song was malicious towards him.

In just a moment, Ge Song left and returned, accompanied by a Black Armor Army of 100 people. He stood at the forefront, waved his hand, and shouted:

“Arrest people.”



The soldiers took orders, aggressive rushed into the tent, but The entire camp was found empty.

“Did you leave?”

“Ge worship, there is no one in this tent.”


Ge Loosen stretched out his hand and opened the tent and walked in, his eyes swept away, it was empty, and there was no silhouette of Lu Chen.


Ge Song frowned and was about to call the guards to inquire, but saw an unremarkable black bead in the corner The black light flourished, and a silhouette stepped out.

It was Lu Chen.

He was originally worried that there would be powerful people appearing, didn’t expect to be just some trash, and that being the case, why should he hide it with his strength.

“Ah, here!”



“Grab it!”

The Black Armor Army roared and charged, Ge Song hands form a secret art, with a wave of his right hand, a flame smashed towards Lu Chen.


Lu Chen flicked his fingers without fear, and the Peach Wood Sword flew out together with the seven sword stars in his hand. As soon as Sword passed through, it exploded in the air.


“Ahhh ~”

The screams sounded, seven sword stars pierced and pierced, and in the blink of an eye, rushed into the tent The dozen or so soldiers in the army had all fallen, and Ge Song was afraid and wanted to retreat.

When he turned his head, he saw a Peach Wood Sword hanging behind him.

“Don’t…don’t, there is something to talk about.”



Ge Song’s hands and feet were trembling, and he wanted to beg for mercy. Lu Chen stepped forward and kicked the opponent’s legs, coldly said:

“Why was it designed for me?”



Lu Chen put his hand on the top of the other person’s head, his face cold, Ge Song knelt down on the ground, the fear in his heart magnified infinitely, Terrified:

“Because…because of this.”


Just as Ge Song was about to put his hand in his arms, Lu Chen pressed his palm slightly, The palm shattered the opponent’s skull, and before the Black Armor Army outside rushed in, Lu Chen found two things from Ge Song.

A large yellow paper.

A storage bag.

He put the storage bag into the sealing ball, unfolded the yellow paper, and saw that the yellow paper was an ink portrait, with two black characters circled with a red pen at the top:


“This…how did I become a wanted criminal?”

Lu Chen was a little confused, but after thinking about it, he understood the reason. To save Jiang Hong’e, he killed nearly a hundred Black Armor Army besieged on Diancang Mountain. Due to the limitation of strength, he could not leave all of them, and a dozen people fled down the mountain.

This wanted criminal is probably their tail.

“It’s a little troublesome.”

Lu Chen sighed, and saw a group of soldiers rushed into the tent, baleful aura, no longer thinking about it, and smiled:

“Just in time to upgrade you!”


Peach Wood Sword and seven sword stars swam fast, killing every soldier Absolutely, when he killed all the soldiers, and heard the screams of killing all around.



“sou sou ~”

A thick crossbow arrow flies , which is also mixed with a small amount of archery crossbow.

Lu Chen didn’t dare to be careless, he squeezed his sword fingers, stepped on the Peach Wood Sword, pierced the tent, and rose into the sky. See at least ten crossbow arrows rushing in.

“ding ding~”

Heart to the sword, the seven sword stars stopped the crossbow arrows evenly, Lu Chen did not look back, and quickly went away.



There is a Black Armor Army enshrined who wants to catch up, just flying, Lu Chen has left the barracks, Can’t keep up.

“It seems that there is no Method Release Immortal Master in the barracks.”

“Well, it’s not that there isn’t, it’s probably going off with the tidal boat.”

Seeing that no one was chasing after him, Lu Chen relaxed and didn’t go far. He landed on a low hill outside the barracks, and stretched out his hand a little: “Expand!”

【Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Conditions ]:

[1]: A thousand dead souls


[Name]: Lu Chen

[ Divine Ability 】: Nine Heavens Demon Slaying Beginner+


“It can be upgraded again.”

Lu Chen grinned. Get up, stretch out your hand a little:



The scarlet handle on the back manifested, trembling and sinking three inches again , only a small part is left exposed, as for the blade, it has been completely fused with Lu Chen’s spine, and there is no difference between them.

After a while.

The blood knife stopped shaking and gradually disappeared.


Lu Chen took a deep breath, satisfied with nodded, Lesser Divine Ability [Nine Heavens Slaughtering Demon Slash] successfully upgraded to [Proficient], and the power has increased by about one third , the previous two-point limit.

There are also minor changes.

Originally, he could only make one knife a day, but now he can make two hits in three days. It seems that the limit is even greater. In fact, Lu Chen is more willing, because the two hits can be made consecutively.

After a slash, you can immediately slash again.

The deterrent is undoubtedly greater!

Meng Yao was lying on top of Lu Chen’s head, playing with Lu Chen’s long hair boredly, pouting her mouth and saying:

“big brother, don’t go to Yuqi elder sister Is it?”

“Wait for the evening.”

If Lu Chen is not bad, it won’t be long before the news of the defeat ahead will be sent back, and there should be a collapse by then. When the soldiers entered the camp, he deliberately took off his black armor just now. With the darkness of the night, it was not difficult to get in during the chaos.


Meng Yao nodded her head and yawned boredly. She learned the “Mingshui Art”, which can be transformed between reality and reality, secretly. Entry with no difficulty.


A barracks is a barracks, in which there are too many soldiers.

As soon as the Resentful Soul gets close to the ghost, it will be swept away by the soldiers, making it difficult to survive. Even if Meng Yao is a First Rank wraith, he must be careful everywhere after entering the camp and cannot run around.

So as not to be injured by Bingsha.

Lu Chen released Hu Niu from the little Yin Sector and played with Meng Yao. He stretched out his hand a little:


【Nine Heavens Slaughter Demon Slayer】 Upgrade Condition]:

[1]: Two thousand souls


“Two thousand…”


Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, whispered:

“It doesn’t seem to be difficult.”

Shaking his head, he flipped out and took out Ge Song’s storage bag. After sorting out, I got some gains. Not only did I get more than 300 spiritsand, but I also got a spell.

It’s called “Consonance”.

This is a spell similar to [Mantra] that can see through lies.

“I don’t study anymore.”

Lu Chen gave up the practice after thinking for a while. Now he has five disciplines, three cultivation techniques, and one Lesser Divine Ability. Occupy a lot of energy, and then cultivate a kind of consonance technique that is not very useful.

It’s not worth it.

Unless you encounter a more practical method, like a defensive spell, or a talisman-like spell.

Put the storage bag and method away.

Lu Chen sat cross-legged on the low hill, with five hearts facing the sky, silently Qi Refinement.



Nine breaths per cycle, between each breath, the tip of the nose has white gas like a snake Condensed but not scattered, this is a very deep manifestation of the practice of the Nine Breaths Art.

“big brother, big brother ~”

Lu Chen was immersed in Qi Refinement when Meng Yao’s voice came to his ears, and he opened his eyes. Said:

“What’s wrong?”

“big brother, look!”

Meng Yao was riding on Hu Niu’s back, her little hand pointed in the air, Lu Chen looked up and saw three silhouettes flying from the north, two figures in long robes, one black and one red, all covering their heads Covering the face, there is still one person between the two.

It was a man.

In his thirties, wearing a white python robe.

“Black and Red Shuangsha!”

“The King of Shuozhou… Jun Wuji!”

[Jun]’s surname is the surname of the emperor of the Great Hao Dynasty , today’s little emperor’s surname is Jun and his name is Kang. This Jun Wuji is the Uncle generation of the little emperor, the king of Shuozhou of Shuozhou in the south of Yuluanzhou, the Lord of the Black Armor Army, not just in name only, but also in reality, It is said that he had extraordinary talent in his early years, but unfortunately, a change occurred later, and he lost his cultivation base.

And that black and red double evil.

It is Jun Wuji’s right-hand man, and the cultivation base is the Method Release Immortal Master of the Second Realm.

These messages were all mentioned by Fang Yuqi.

He also knows that each of these Black and White Fiends will have a pretty powerful spell, the Black Sha will be [black robe Nightmare Victory], the Red Sha will be [red robe Nightmare Town], red The robe nightmare method needs to use the enemy’s blood to cast the spell. After being hit, you can’t cast spell. The black robe nightmare method uses the enemy’s hair to cast the spell.

If you fight with people, it is very easy to fall.

If Black and Red Shuangsha casts blood and hair on a person at the same time, that person will die instantly.

It’s terrifying.

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