My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 85

Black and Red Shuangsha flew through the air with Jun Wuji, without stopping, all the way into the barracks.

“It seems to be defeated.”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, and soon, he saw the defeated black armored soldiers coming one after another, all of them throwing away their helmets and armor, and they were downcast. However, the Black Armor Army has more than 100,000 soldiers.

A defeat won’t hurt at all.

On the other hand, the Fengjia Army had only 20,000 soldiers, and as long as it was defeated once, the entire army would be destroyed.

Lu Chen is not in a hurry.

I don’t put on my black armor until the sun goes down, just about to leave for the barracks.

“Ta Ta Ta~”

The sound of horses’ hooves echoed, and a cavalry roared from the north, numbering two thousand, the leader riding a black mastiff. , a dark red full-body armor, with a black iron rod held high in his hand.


With the angry roar, a stick smashed to death a black armored soldier fleeing in terror.

The person who came was Yuan Qingshan, and I saw him dancing the black iron rod and leading two thousand cavalry to kill one of the defeated soldiers. The black iron rod pointed at the barracks.

โ€œTa Ta Ta~โ€

The camp gates opened wide, and a group of Black Armor Army lined up outside the camp.


“Kill, kill!”

The sound of killing was loud, and two armoured armoured against each other, one black and one red, Yuan Qingshan one Riding in the lead, dancing the black iron rod in the Black Armor Army, dashing in and out, whoever comes into contact with them will die, and there is no one enemy at all, forcibly pierced through the Black Armor Army formation.

“Shuzier dare!”

The black and red Shuangsha flew out of the barracks together, suspended in the sky, and waved all kinds of spells.

Has ice blades.

With air knife.

It was raining fire.

All kinds of spells smashed down, Yuan Qingshan couldn’t stop him, and he fought back and forth in the army array. All kinds of spells fell, and the armor on his body melted like ice and snow.

โ€œbully intolerably!โ€

The black and red pair were furious, and with a wave of their sleeves, a Heavenly Lightning Seed fell on their heads.


The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Yuan Qingshan was submerged along with his Spirit Beast.

Waiting for the dust to dissipate, the mastiff skeleton doesn’t exist under him, but Yuan Qingshan seems to be unscathed. He fought on foot, and killed a few times in the army until the After the Immortal Archer volleyed the crossbow, he used the black iron rod to push aside the arrows and retreated slowly with the Phoenix Armored Army of less than a thousand people.

Heihong Shuangsha still wanted to keep people, but saw Taoist Xuanyang flying from the north, hands form a secret art, and shouted:

“The Celestial Phenomenon method at four o’clock! “


For a time, wind and rain came together, lightning and thunder.

When Celestial Phenomenon disperses, Yuan Qingshan and Feng Jiajun’s silhouettes are long gone.

“Yanyang Armor!”

Lu Chen was somewhat envious, and quickly ran down the low hill, carrying a long knife to the battlefield. Limbs were severed, and the two armies had just clashed, with no less than 5,000 casualties.

Excluding those who died on the spot, there were more than a thousand disabled people.

“Save…Save me.”

“Ouch, brother hold on.”

A Black Armor Army soldier with a broken leg falls in a pool of blood , reaching out to Lu Chen, showing hope on his face, Lu Chen stepped forward quickly, gently shook the Peach Wood Sword in his hand, and a sword star flew out quietly.

โ€œpuchi ~โ€

Before Lu Chen approached, the sword star had already pierced the opponent’s heart.


“Ai, what a pity!”

Lu Chen shook his head and sighed, his face heavy, and one of the cleaners also A veteran of the Black Armor Army on the battlefield came and patted Lu Chen on the shoulder, comforted:

“A new recruit? โ€

Lu Chen was heavily nodded, and walked to the next wounded soldier again. When he met the undead phoenix soldier, he would scolded and blatantly hacked to death.


Stop and go.

After one hour, the battlefield was finally cleaned up. All those treated by Lu Chen, no matter whether they were enemy or foe, survived.


[Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Conditions]:

[1]: Two thousand dead souls (527/2000 not reached!)


“So fast…”

“So cool!”

Lu Chen grinned. According to the scale of the battlefield, even if it was just cleaning the battlefield, two or three more times would be enough to level up.

โ€œdong dong dong ~โ€

Drums sounded, and the Black Armor Army began to gather the remnants.


Lu Chen was about to pass by when a scream suddenly came from not far away, and when he turned his head to look, he saw a corpse suddenly burst out, throwing a The black armored soldiers who were cleaning the battlefield fell to the ground, biting heavily.

โ€œpuchi ~โ€

The soldier stabbed the other side a few times in a panic, but the corpse was indifferent, biting frantically, and after a few bites, the soldier lost his breath.

[Name]: Corpse

[Information]: Fiend Corpse


“Fiend Corpse?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, and he knew something about Fiend Corpse. This was because the deceased had a tie in their hearts. After death, he absorbed the corpse changes that occurred on the battlefield by himself, and seemed to come back to life.

In fact, it is still a corpse.

Waiting for the morning sun tomorrow, the soul flew away and scattered.

If you want to survive, you can only kill enough living people in one night and drink fresh blood. Lu Chen was about to hack the Fiend Corpse to death when he turned around and saw a short man wearing a daoist robe. The fat Taoist walked quickly from a distance.

I thought that the other party was going to destroy Fiend Corpse, but saw the Taoist stop ten meters away, and looked at Lu Chen with a faint smile, as if to watch a good show.

โ€œao ~โ€

Fiend Corpse drank the blood of the soldiers and turned to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen’s heart froze, and he understood the Taoist’s plan. He was waiting for him to die. Seeing Fiend Corpse pounce, he “hurriedly” rolled to his side, avoiding the Fiend Corpse pounce and returning. With a knife in his hand, he made a cut in the abdomen of Fiend Corpse.

โ€œao ~โ€

Fiend Corpse howled and charged again, Lu Chen dodged, kicked the opponent flying with one foot, took two steps forward, and was about to sever head.


The Taoist hurriedly stopped, seeing that Lu Chen kept swinging the knife, he hands form a secret art, and pointed at Lu Chen:


A yellow talisman appeared, shot up in an instant, and hit Lu Chen’s body. meter away, in a state of embarrassment.


The Taoist coldly snorted, stretched out his hand and pointed again.


Another talisman was shot and stuck to Fiend Corpseโ€™s eyebrows. The Fiend Corpse that had just climbed up immediately stopped moving, and the Taoist ignored Lu Lu. Chen stepped forward quickly, waved his sleeve robe, and took out a pottery urn from his storage bag.

The pottery urn was pitch black.

A half-person height.

The Taoist opened the seal of the pottery urn, used both hands and feet, stuffed the Fiend Corpse in little by little, then sealed the seal, put away the pottery urn, and strode away without looking at Lu Chen.

[Name]: talisman

[Information]: First Rank, Suppressing Charm


[ Name]: Corpse Urn

[Information]: First Rank, Refining Corpse Puppet


“Corpse Urn? Corpse Puppet? โ€

Lu Chen got up from the ground with a thoughtful look on his face. The Daoistโ€™s blow just now was irrelevant to him. If it wasnโ€™t for hiding his identity, he could stab him to death with a single sword. Iron armor, no longer staying, hurried to the direction of the drum sound.

The remnants gather.

After some training, I finally stepped into the barracks.

In the barracks, there are five steps and one post, ten steps and one post. The more important the place, the more heavily guarded it is. Lu Chen left the team and used the night to touch stealth, cautiously, one hour, and finally came to a tent.

There are two soldiers guarding the entrance of the tent.

Lu Chen didn’t go through the main entrance, opened the tent with Peach Wood Sword, and sneaked in.


Fang Yuqi was wearing a white shirt, meditating on Qi Refinement on the bed, when he sensed someone approaching, he just issued a cry out in surprise, and turned around to see yearn for day and The silhouette of night appears behind.

“Lu Lang?”

“Yuqi, it’s me!”

The tense body relaxed, Fang Yuqi’s beautiful eyes were red, and he rushed in emotionally. into Lu Chen’s arms.

Hold each other tightly.

Deeply snuggled.

After a long time, I was willing to part, and said in a panic:

“You…why are you here?”

“I miss you.”



Fang Yuqi pretty face Wei Xia, sweet in her heart, but said angrily:

“With surname Jiang’s Tian Tian accompanying, It would be nice if you didn’t forget me.”

“How could it be.”

Lu Chen smiled shyly, picked up Fang Yuqi by the waist, gently placed it on the bed, and then One by one, Fang Yuqi took off his armor and coat, and said in a panic:

“You…what are you going to do?”



Fang Yuqi was both apprehensive and anticipating. She hurriedly closed her eyes and did not dare to open them. At this moment, she was no longer a majestic female general. , but facing the lover’s little woman, Lu Chen lay down on the bed, reached out and took off the blue tattoo on Fang Yuqi’s face, said with a smile:

“This is much more pleasing to the eye. “

Said, holding Fang Yuqi tightly in his arms, looking at the shy beauty in his arms, Lu Chen’s heart began to stir, and his body also began to stir, and it took a while to suppress Yi Nian.

Fang Yuqi opened her beautiful eyes secretly, her eyes glowing like water, and said emotionally:

โ€œLu Lang~โ€

“en. โ€

“Or… or…”


“Or… Lu Lang wants me.”


Lu Chen laughed, affectionate and steady, steady Fang Yuqi with a red face, messy clothes, weak limbs, wheezing, hands and feet sore, But it didn’t pierce the last First Layer window paper. After all, this is a military camp, and the occasion is wrong.

After a long time, the two were lying next to each other, and Lu Chen asked:

“Where’s Old Fang?”

“In the back of Fengpo City.”

“Don’t trust me?”

“Well, even if the father joins the Black Armor Army, it is not a direct line after all, and it is also necessary to be prepared. Now I have more than 5,000 soldiers under my command. , 2,000 of them are Guard Soldiers, and more than 3,000 soldiers from Fengpo City surrendered.”

“Where are Tu Shan and the others?”

“Tu Shan was transferred and went to Jun. Wuji’s subordinates obeyed, Zhang Kui was still in the army, and Xianxian was also transferred to the White Tiger Hall, saying that he wanted to focus on training, but in fact he wanted to take Xianxian away.”

Xianxian It was Fang Yuqi’s name for the little White Tiger. Lu Chen knew this. After listening to Fang Yuqi’s remarks, he understood that Fang Yuqi’s situation was actually very embarrassing in the Black Armor Army.

It’s fine now.

If you wait for the Fengjia Army to be destroyed, maybe it will be liquidated.

“After all, it’s still a two-way person.”

Lu Chen sighed, has already started to think about how to help Fang Yuqi get out, he turned his hands and took out two things, said with a smile:

“A gift for you.”

“This is…”

“A spiritual object water drop, a seal ball with rouge sealed inside. Hutongxin.โ€

On this day, Fang Yuqi refined the spiritual object of water, Metal Spirit Root transformed into Jinshui Dual Spiritual Roots, and then went to the military hall overnight, and exchanged all military achievements for one grain. Soul Pill!

Tong Xin took Soul Pill and finally stabilized her injury. She slowly opened her eyes, looked at Fang Yuqi, and then looked at Lu Chen, with a complicated expression, Faintly said:

“I owe you another life…”


On the second day, Lu Chen put on a blue tattoo , changed his face, and is no longer a wanted criminal of the Black Armor Army. Under the recommendation of Fang Yuqi, he finally became a third-class worshiper in the Black Armor Army.

Received an offering token.

The first class is dedicated to the transferable generals, and there are only two people in the entire Black Armor Army. It is the Second Realm Method Release Immortal Master Black Red Shuangsha. The second-class enshrined can dispatch a 100-man A team, and Ge Song, who was killed by Lu Chen, is in this column.

Lu Chen is a third-class offering.

Can only command a ten-man army, with a monthly salary of 100 spiritsand, and merits are counted separately.

โ€œdong dong dong ~โ€

It was almost evening, Lu Chen drank a bowl of green ant soup and was cultivating Limitless Pure Yang Merit in front of the tent. Anxious, suddenly heard the sound of a drum beat.

He stopped and saw Zhang Kui hurriedly walking from a distance, so he asked:

“Old Zhang, what happened?”

Zhang Kui scratched his beard, and was a little uncomfortable with Lu Chen’s name. This person was not familiar with him, but he felt familiar, so he bit the bullet and said:

“The White Tiger Hall is discussing matters. , I’m here to ask the general to come over.”


Lu Chen suddenly appeared, and Zhang Kui turned around and walked into the tent. Strangers, how dare to enter and leave the general’s tent at will, but do not dare to ask more.

In the tent.

Fang Yuqi was playing with Meng Yao and Hu Niu when he saw Lu Chen coming and asked:

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s White Tiger Hall discussion.”


Fang Yuqi got up, opened his arms, dressed in a white shirt, his exquisite curves were undoubtedly revealed, said with a smile:

“Help me put on my armor.”


Lu Chen suppressed the thoughts in his heart, put on Fang Yuqi’s silver armor piece by piece, and finally helped him with his own hands. He put on the white tasseled helmet, and in a blink of an eye, a pretty woman turned into a majestic female general.

“Yaoyao, look at Hu Niu, don’t leave the camp.”

“I know big brother, Niu Niu is very good.”

” en.โ€

Instructed Meng Yao, Lu Chen walked out of the barracks side by side with Fang Yuqi, and went to White Tiger Hall with Zhang Kui. The White Tiger Hall was a huge tent, and the front of the tent was heavily guarded. One after another silhouette came from all over the barracks.

Or worship.

Or generals.

The three of Lu Chen came from a distance and saw two familiar silhouettes at a glance, one was the Giant Spirit God Tushan in heavy armor, like a giant beast, and the other was using chains The little White Tiger fairy tied in front of the tent.

Today’s little White Tiger is even taller than a tiger girl, a fierce baleful aura, wearing a white half-armor, protecting the vital points of the body.


glare like a tiger watching his prey.

Tu Shan was leaning on a giant axe, like a door god, and guarded in front of the White Tiger hall with the little White Tiger.

Fang Yuqi explained in a low voice:

“Xianxian wears Spirit Beast Magical Artifact.”

“Spirit Beast Magical Artifact?”

“Well, similar to Yuan Qingshan’s blood refinement Magical Artifact Yanyangjia, UU Reading is just the First Rank Spirit Beast Magical Artifact, there are two sets of runes, one is ‘Taking the Air’. ‘, one set is ‘strong’.”

“What about Yanyang armor?”

“Yanyang armor is Second Rank blood refinement Magical Artifact, there are five sets of Second Rank rune , they are ‘Fitness’, ‘Yukong’, ‘Stealing’, ‘Strength’ and ‘Red Flame’, that [Stealing] is the most powerful, ordinary spells disperse at a touch, and his black iron rod is also Second Rank blood refinement Magical Artifact, there are three sets of Second Rank rune, namely ‘Ruyi’, ‘Shock’ and ‘Destruction’.”

“Got it!”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful , no wonder the opponent is so strong, not only strong in itself, but also in blood refinement Magical Artifact, it seems that this armor has a great bonus to Body Refinement players, and asked:

“Black Armor” Can you make blood refinement Magical Artifact in the Army?”

“Yes, the Black Armor Army has an Artifact Refining Hall, and many of them are skilled craftsmen. They are currently on standby in Fengpo City at the rear. Build it in it, but I heard that it can only make First Rank blood refinement Magical Artifact, but Second Rank can’t do anything.”


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