My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 86

The newcomer pays even

“Where did Yuan Qingshan’s Yanyangjia come from?”

“I don’t know.”


The two talked in a low voice and came to the White Tiger hall step by step.

β€œwu wu ~’

The little White Tiger fairy got up from the ground. , I wanted to get close to Fang Yuqi, but unfortunately, there was a thick chain around his neck, and he couldn’t come forward with the sound of “crash-bang”, showing a pitiful look.

Fang Yuqi couldn’t bear to read more.

Turning their heads,

The two stepped into the White Tiger Hall, and saw that dozens of people had gathered, divided into two columns, one column was the Black Armor Army generals in armor, A column is dedicated to loose cultivators dressed in various styles.

There are three people at the top.

Wuji, the king of Shuozhou, sat on the tiger-skin chair, closing his eyes and resting.

Behind them stood black and red Shuangsha, with their arms around their arms, with grimace masks on their faces, one black and one red, except for a pair of eyes swept to and fro, no expression could be seen.

Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi are separated and listed on the left and right.


Everyone arrived, the curtain was slowly lowered, Jun Wuji lightly coughed, opened his eyes, neither fast nor slow said: “Everyone, yesterday crossed the river and lost more than 20,000 soldiers. Eighteen tidal ships were also damaged, and now there are only 30,000 Black Armor Army in the barracks, cough cough, everyone, how can we defeat the enemy?’

After Jun Wuji finished speaking, he closed his eyes again, a dozen The enshrined bowed his head and said nothing. The Black Armor Army generals said a word to me and quarreled loudly.

β€œYour Highness, transfer troops from Fengpo City!”

β€œTwo ships The Tide Building Ship was snatched by Yuan Qingshan. Now the Fengjia Army can attack and retreat, and it is even more difficult to break the enemy. “

“It’s hard, hard!’

“My lord, He Zhu is invited to fight!”

“Old He, don’t be impulsive, can you do better than Yuan Qingshan?” ‘

“hmph, Lao Tzu has an immortal crossbow, so why be afraid of Yuan thieves!”

“cough cough ~

Jun Wuji coughed a few times, the scene Finally calmed down, he turned his head to look to the right, and said slowly:

“What do you offer to teach me?”

The worshipers looked at each other in blank dismay, In silence, Jun Wuji said solemnly: “Who has a good strategy for defeating the enemy, if it is feasible, remember a great merit.

“A great merit. “

“I’m afraid it won’t be easy to hold!”

Everyone whispered, Lu Chen thought for a moment, stepped out, cup one fist in the other hand said:

“My lord, this subordinate has a plan.

Jun Wuji sat up straight, looked Lu Chen up and down, frowned:

“Who are you?’

“Lu Yuan, third-class worship! “

“Oh. ‘

Jun Wuji nodded, urging:

“Let’s talk.

Lu Chen said loudly: “In the eyes of my subordinates, Feng Jiajun is Therefore, there are only two reasons for not being defeated. One is that it is difficult to cross the river, and the other is the courage of Yuan Qingshan. There are two points. You only need to break one point and you can defeat the Fengjia Army. It is to break through the first point, and now that crossing the river is limited, why not seek the second point of breakthrough. “

“Yuan Qingshan’s bravery?”


Jun Wuji looked thoughtful, he looked all around, and said angrily:

“Yuan Qingshan… no one can match!”

Lu Chen said with a smile: “Why not seek foreign aid. ‘

“Foreign aid?

Just two words seemed to open up everyone’s thoughts, and the quiet White Tiger Hall instantly became lively.


“How could Laozi didn’t expect, this is feasible. ‘

“The Tianmu daoist of Tianmu Sect in the east, the Great Demon of Wujiao in the Qinglin Cave in the west, the Lord of Jiming Mountain in the south, maybe…or maybe try it out

At this time, another chubby silhouette came out of the worship, cup one fist in the other hand and said:

“Your Highness, Xiaodao Kunning, also offer a suggestion. ‘


“Poor Daoist is from Western Mozhou, and he met the son and nephew of a tiger demon named Mountain Monarch Lu, who lives in Nine Hundred On Tiger Mountain, inside and outside, the most hated person who hates eating tigers. Yuan Qingshan has an innate talent and can eat more than a hundred tigers. If you tell the other party about this, Poor Daoist is sure to invite him. ‘


Jun Wuji stood up suddenly, said with great happiness :

“This matter is left to you… um, you and If it can be done, this king will reward you.”

Lu Chen was speechless, and Brace oneself said:

“My lord, your subordinates don’t want to do great work, I want to ask for it. The matter of the lord.

β€œTell me about it!’

β€œMy subordinate sees the extraordinary White Tiger outside the White Tiger hall, and I would like to ask the lord to give it to his subordinate.”


Jun Wuji nodded, he left White Tiger just to test Fang Hong’s father and daughter, a mortal tiger who is not even a Spirit Beast, and doesn’t care much, since If his subordinates ask for it, he is not easy to refuse.

Fang Yuqi glanced at Lu Chen.

It’s both sweet.

Also apprehensive.

The Taoist Kunning next to him rolled his eyes and was determined to strive for merit. He also opened the mouth and said: “Since the lord has handed over this matter to the Poor Daoist, this road westward should be dominated by the Poor Daoist. .’

Jun Wuji couldn’t answer, so he looked at Lu Chen.


Lu Chen nods, looking at Kun Ning The short and fat Taoist figure seemed to be looking at a dead man. This man had captured the Fiend Corpse with a corpse before, and he was also hit by the opponent. Since he was given a chance, both principal and interest would be withdrawn.

Kunning didn’t notice, and opened the mouth and said:

“My lord, Poor Daoist said in advance that the tiger demon likes cannibals, so it’s easy to invite, but if Wanting to send it away, I’m afraid it’s to satisfy the other party’s appetite

Jun Wuji had expected it, and asked:

“How much blood?’

“Less One thousand, more than five thousand, and…it needs to be a boy and a girl!’

The White Tiger hall fell silent for a moment, and everyone looked at Jun Wuji, Jun Wuji brows slightly wrinkle, thinking After a moment, gently nodded: “Yes!’

As soon as the word came out, everyone felt a chill in their hearts.


At this time, some soldiers shouted outside the tent.


The curtain was opened , a soldier with a pennant on his back came hurriedly, he half-kneeled on the ground, cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Meet the prince, someone outside the barracks is asking to see you.”



“It’s a woman who calls herself Rouge Tiger Tong Xin!”

As soon as the voice came out, White Tiger was in an uproar.

The White Tiger hall was scattered, Lu Chen walked out of the tent, untied the chain that tied the little White Tiger fairy, held the chain, and walked out with Fang Yuqi, just not far away, A woman in armor and a red tassel helmet approached.

It is the rouge tiger Tongxin.

The eyes of the two people crossed each other, and although they had no words, they knew it.

Tong Xin entered the White Tiger Hall, Kun Ning trotted from behind to catch up, and his body was trembling. He touched the short beard at the corner of his mouth and looked at Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi. Glancing around, chuckled said:

“Brother Lu is really a man of temperament. He would rather give up his great merits than change a mortal tiger and smile for the beauty? Hehe, Poor Daoist really admires him.”

“If you have a fart, let it go!’

“hmph !’

Kunning complexion stiffened, and instantly became gloomy, coldly snorted, and said sadly: “Tomorrow morning, at the gate of the barracks, Fellow Daoist Lu, please don’t let Poor Daoist wait for a long time!”


Don’t look back, walk away quickly.


Fang Yuqi, who was beside him, saw this, and worriedly said: “I’m afraid this person has no good intentions. Is he really going to Tiger Mountain in Mozhou?’

“There is no way.

” p>

Lu Chen laughed and explained, “I just wanted to take the opportunity to get Xianxian over, but I ended up taking an errand, but there’s nothing at worst, so I can go, with my current strength, as long as I don’t compete with the third The rank Tiger Demon [Mountain Monarch Lu ] is facing right up, and ordinary things are not enough for me to kill.

Then he asked: “Yuqi, do you understand Tiger Mountain?”

Fang Yuqi was a little relieved, thinking:

“Do you understand? Many, I only know that the Nishui River divides Mozhou into two, there are tiger demons in the south, Wujiao in the north, and then there is the Lankegu Temple adjacent to the Jiechuan River. In short, Mozhou is a vast sea, extremely chaotic, and there is only one in the entire Mozhou. The big city called [Wangqiu]. ‘

“What about further west?”

“Further west of Mozhou is [Splintered Leaf Ridge], which is a Wild Ancient Land. ‘

Lu Chen looked thoughtful and asked again:

“Did the Black Armor Army flee from southern Shuozhou?’



Fang Yuqi sighed with emotion and said: “The locust plague has occurred in Shuozhou, hiding the sky and covering the earth, and it has spread to several southern states, which is extremely terrifying. Locust Mother], leads billions of locusts, and there are thousands of Second Rank locust demons alone.

Qishan Locust Mother!

Hundreds of millions of locusts!

Thousands I Second Rank!

“This… this isn’t this too ridiculous.

The first time Lu Chen heard about this kind of disaster, he was dumbfounded for a while, Fang Yuqi said solemnly: “It’s not an exaggeration, this is not an ordinary locust plague, this locust plague has spread too widely, and it has a long history. There are bloodlines of Qishan locust mothers, which have evolved into a clan. They call themselves the locust clan, and a locust is half the size of a human.’

Half the size of a human!

Lu Chen instantly thought of it. Got the Giant Frog on Toad Island, whispered:

“Same as Giant Frog?’

“Yes, why did Great Hao mobilize the public to clear the Toad Island, not just for river transportation , the more important thing is to prevent the frogs from the Great Immortal, and now the Great Hao Dynasty is declining, and finally the locust monster calamity has emerged.”

The locust is the same as Giant Frog.

Lu Chen’s heart peng peng, his eyes are as bright as stars, that is to say, every locust is a ghost, this… This is simply an upgrade [Nine Heavens Slaughtering Demon] Holy Land.

He made up his mind secretly.

After dealing with the current matter, must go to Shuozhou to brush up the level, and strive to raise the Nine Heavens Demon Slayer a few more levels. Thinking of this, Lu Chen worried again:

“Will the locust plague affect Yuluan Prefecture?’

“No. “


“Because there is a mountain between Shuozhou and Yuluan Prefecture, called Jiming Mountain, and there is a Great Demon named [Jiming Mountain]. Mountain Lord], this Jiming Mountain Lord is one of the twelve [Zodiac Daojun] when the Great Hao established the dynasty, the descendant of [Chief Ji Yuanjun], born close to the Human Race, but is the enemy of life and death with Qishan Locust Mother , and the most restrained Qishan locust mother, with him standing between the two states, in a short time, Qishan locust mother is unable to go north at all.’

Zodiac Daojun!

Chicken Crow Mountain Master!

Qishan Locust Mother!

The amount of information is too large, and Lu Chen was deeply shocked, and asked as he walked:

β€œYuqi, give it to me Talk about this zodiac Daojun.

“Well, that starts with the establishment of the Great Hao Dynasty. More than 2,000 years ago, the Great Ancestor [Hao Ri Immortal Monarch] rose to the end of the world, and it was with the help of the Supreme One Dao sect that it was established.

The Haohao Dynasty, at the beginning of the dynasty, the Supreme One Dao Sect intervened too much in the Great Hao Dynasty. In order to check and balance the Supreme One Dao Sect, the Great Ancestor collected hundreds of millions of people’s Power of Faith. Supreme immortal art inspired 12 zodiac Taoists, who will guard the land of Divine Province

Early the next morning, Lu Chen bid farewell to Xiangyu full of arms, and left the camp with Hu Niu and Meng Yao, and went out. At the military camp, I saw Kunning Taoist have been waiting for a long time.

“hmph ~,

Kunning Taoist saw Lu Chen coming, coldly snorted with a dark face, and teased:

“A long distance of 900 miles, is Fellow Daoist going to walk?

Lu Chen didn’t look good either, coldly said:

“You go your way, I can follow superior.


Daoist Kunning sneered, and no matter what Lu Chen, he waved his sleeve robe and made a muffled sound of “peng”, and a corpse urn nearly one person tall fell to the ground , he glanced at Lu Chen proudly, and stretched out his hand to open the seal.


A strange cry sounded, and a big gray bird emerged from the corpse urn. .

The big bird shook its body, and its feathers stretched out. It looked quite strange. Its mouth was like a duck’s mouth, flat, like gold and iron, and its slender neck was nearly one meter long. The two paws look quite strong.

It’s just that the eyes are dead, and it looks like a dead thing.


Meng Yao stood up on Hu Niu’s back, pouted, and stretched her head out, looking curiously into the corpse urn.

[Name]: Corpse Puppet

[Information]: First Rank, Crested Corpse Crane

Kunning waved the corpse urn into the storage bag, The crane sits cross-legged on its back, reaches out and knocks on the head of the corpse crane, instructed:



Crested corpse Crane screamed, flapping its wings and flying slowly.

Lu Chen didn’t use his sword either. He went westward step by step. It seemed very slow, but each step was nearly five meters away. Hu Niu was carrying Meng Yao and ran around in the wilderness.

happy laughter and cheerful voices.

appear and disappear unpredictably.

Kunning Taoist in the air was a little depressed, he thought he could easily get rid of Lu Chen, but every time he looked down, he could always see Lu Chen’s silhouette.

Five miles all the way.


The limelight corpse crane in midair suddenly let out a scream, and when Lu Chen looked up, he saw a thick arrow pierced through the corpse crane’s body, The corpse crane flapped its wings desperately, and fell from the air carrying the terrified Kunning.

Lu Chen looked forward.

I saw a silhouette standing on a large tree , holding a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and slowly retracting his bow.

This man has two horns growing on the head, with a naked upper body, a short sword on his waist, his chest and arms are covered with black hair , a long face, but the most conspicuous are the feet, which are actually a pair of sheep’s hooves.

And below the big tree.

There are ten people and ten horses, all of them are armored. , holding up a long spear, silent, with the scarlet “phoenix” word cloak on the back, it is impressively ten soldiers of the Phoenix Armored Army.

[Name]:Black Sheep People

[Information]: Heart-eater sheep, Sang Mo

“What’s the matter, how could there be a phoenix army to intercept?’

Kunning complexion ashen, got up from the ground, limping He ran over, startled and frightened, seeing Lu Chen ignoring him, his face turned even darker and he hurriedly shook his sleeves.

β€œUU reading www.uukanshu.compeng peng !

β€œao ~

Five half-human-high corpse urns fell to the ground, and heads of human-shaped corpse puppets descended from the ground. Wengkou scrambled to climb out.

baring fangs and brandishing claws.


Each corpse is like a ghost. One of them is two heads taller than the other four. The face and bare skin are covered with black horny, as if wearing black armor.

[Name]: Corpse Puppet

[Information]: First Rank, Iron Corpse


Crested Corpse Crane With a strange cry, he flew into the air again. After doing all this, Kunning Taoist finally calmed down and looked at Feng Jiajun in front of him with a sneer. Hu Niu ran back from a distance with Meng Yao on her back, came to Lu Chen’s side, knelt down quietly, and hid herself in the grass, with a pair of dark tiger eyes quite spiritual.

Lu Chen waited and watched calmly, and had no plans to take action for the time being.

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