My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 87

Two armies at war.

It is normal to spy on the enemy’s situation. He and the Kunning Taoist are not too secretive. If Yuan Qingshan is interested in inquiring, it is not difficult to know that Lu Chen’s eyes are dim.

After this, the name of the ‘Four Tigers and Four Animals’ is probably going to be In name only.


Sang Mo jumped from the tree, turned over and rode on a purplish red horse, pulled out a long spear, and roared:


“xu lu lu

“ao ~

The warhorse neighs, the corpse howls, ten phoenix soldiers and five corpses hedge, in The crested corpse crane of midair was about to fly down. “Whoosh!

Sang Mo bent bow and place arrow, an arrow shot through the corpse crane’s wings, and the corpse crane flew into the air screaming.



As soon as they came into contact, two corpse puppets were pierced by lance. The corpse puppets fierce and unafraid of death, biting at the horses the soldiers were riding with their big mouths open.

“Thorn, thorn!’


The soldiers shouted and cooperated with each other, and the long spear kept stabbing, just a dozen or so The four ordinary corpse puppets were killed by the soldiers. Only the iron corpse was exceptionally fierce and killed two people in a row against the long spear.

The eight soldiers freed their hands and rode around the iron corpse. In the center, the long spear keeps piercing, but for a while it is immortal.

“xu lu lu ~”


A war horse was bitten off by an iron corpse and fell to the ground, and the iron corpse took the opportunity to pounce on it. , biting the soldier’s neck in one bite.

“Get out of the way!”

Angrily shouting, Sang Mo came on horseback, just about to stab the iron corpse to death with a gun, I saw a dark yellow talisman paper flying lightly and sticking to the horse’s head, the purplish red horse under him fell to the ground with a “bang”, and Sang Mo tumbled and fell out, covered in dirt.

“General be careful!’

“ao ~’

The soldiers exclaimed, and the iron corpse jumped up instantly, holding Sang Mo in his arms. He opened his mouth to bite down, and the Kunning Taoist in front laughed proudly. He was about to command the crested corpse crane to dive down, but the laughter stopped in the summer, showing an expression of astonishment.

“You…you completely angered me!”

With a roar, Sang Mo, who fell to the ground, doubled in size, and half a foot of blood light appeared in his eyes. , with fangs in his mouth, he slowly got up, pulled out his hands, and pulled out the head of the iron corpse.

“hu hu ~

“Only… only Only the blood in your heart can quench my anger!’

Throwing the iron corpse down, Sangmo gasped for breath, and approached Kunning Taoist step by step like a giant, aggressive and oppression.

“Help… help!”

Daoist Kunning was almost scared to death, he hurriedly put a divine talisman on his thigh, and tumbled to the distance to escape, Sang Mo took two steps forward and stretched out his big hand to crush him to death.


The crested corpse crane in midair swooped down, Sang Mo roared, and reached out to grab the corpse crane, the corpse crane struggled desperately, as strong as gold and iron. His mouth pecked out wounds on Sang Mo’s arm.



Sang Mo was extremely angry, and pressed hard. He ripped the crested corpse crane in half, and was about to chase Kunning, who was running away, when he lowered his head and saw Lu Chen and Hu Niu beside him.

“Hehe, eat you guys first to boost your appetite.’

Sang Mo stretched out his hand and grabbed Lu Chen with a grin, Lu Chen remained unmoved and sighed:

“Innate talent [rage], is it bad to live?’


When the voice fell, Sang Mo suddenly screamed and covered his eyes. , the two sword stars have quietly pierced into each other’s eyes, Sang Mo rolled on the ground in pain, Lu Chen ignored it, flicked his fingers, and the Peach Wood Sword in his hand flew out.


Peach Wood Sword circled around Sang Mo’s neck. In an instant, the corpse was separated, and a huge head fell to the ground, making a muffled sound, and he couldn’t rest his eyes.


“Ah, run away!”

“xu lu lu ~’

The remaining phoenix armors The soldiers were frightened, and hurriedly turned their horses and fled away.

“Stay! With a wave of his hand on his back, the Peach Wood Sword and seven sword stars came out together. With a few screams, all the remaining soldiers fell off their horses and died, leaving only a few war horses screaming in the sky and running wildly with their hooves.

“áo hǒu ~’

“Niuniu, hurry up!’

Under Meng Yao’s urging, Hu Niu roared, carrying Meng Yao and quickly chasing the war horse, and after a while , drove all the war horses back, Meng Yao stood up on Hu Niu’s back and said:

“Big brother, will you keep them up?”

“Okay. !

Lu Chen nodded with a smile, and kept the largest war horse as a mount, and put all the other seven into the little Yin Sector and kept it for Hu Niu to eat. After dealing with the war horse, he He came to Sang Mo’s body and picked up a scabbard dagger. The dagger was two feet and two inches. The hilt and scabbard were carved with exquisite golden patterns.


Lu Chen pulled out the short sword, and saw two words engraved on the sword jaw:


[Name]:Magical Artifact

[Information]: Jiujo Dao Mark, Parting Sword

“Parting Sword?’

Lu Chen doesn’t understand why such a delicate Parting Sword appears. On Sang Mo? But he didn’t have any plans to delve into it, he just sat down and planned to refining as his backup sword.

After Lu Chen completely refined the parting sword, the Kunning Taoist who escaped finally returned. He cautiously came to Sang Mo’s body, glanced at Lu Chen from time to time, and was surprised:

“This…this is it?’


Lu Chen nodded. He opened his mouth and inhaled, leaving Jianfei’s mouth and sinking into Spirit Orifice.

“You…you killed?’



Kunning Taoist sucked in a breath of cold air, and his heart is even more ups and downs, and some don’t believe it, but the corpse is in front, but he has to believe it, again When looking at Lu Chen, there was a little more fear in his eyes, he hugged a cup one fist in the other hand, and complimented: “Fellow Daoist Lu, really… Really daoist doesn’t show his face. ‘

“nonsense, hurry up.’


Kunning Taoist nodded bowed and accompany said with a smile :

“Fellow Daoist, please wait for a while, it will be fine in a while.”


The Kunning Taoist ran to the corpse of the crested corpse crane, which was torn in two, knelt on the ground, turned over to take out the needle and thread, and quickly sewed it up against the corpse.

After a short while, the crested corpse crane was sewed up.

He did the same and sewed up the severed head of the iron corpse. Afterwards, the Kunning Taoist took out a small box. , opened it carefully, and saw that there were more than a dozen fine needles of cow hair in it, he took one out, twisted it and pierced the eyebrows of the crested corpse crane, mutter incantations in his mouth.

“Gah ~

A strange cry sounded, and the crested corpse crane suddenly opened its eyes. Kunning Taoist relaxed, and in the same way, made the iron corpse come to life.

“The key to a corpse puppet is its head.”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, retracted his gaze, turned over and rode on a purplish red horse, rushing all the way to Huwei Mountain.

After a long distance of 900 miles, the two walked along the Nieshui River for four days, eating and sleeping all the way, until the fifth day, when they finally saw a golden area.

It was Mozhou, the boundless sea.

What I can see is rolling yellow sand and dust in the sky.

After another half day, Lu Chen saw a lonely peak, more than a thousand meters high, as if rising from the ground , located on the banks of the Nieshui River, the mountains are full of greenery, and the trees are towering.

black river !

green mountains!

yellow sand!

It looks quite unique.


Kunning Taoist sat behind a crested corpse crane, chasing after him. Seeing Lu Chen reined in the reins, he stopped. , hurriedly asked:

“Why didn’t Fellow Daoist go?


“There are still the last five miles, and the front is the Wei Tiger Mountain.

It is precisely because of the Wei Tiger Mountain that I will not leave, the Three Realms Great Demon how is it ordinary, Lu Chen Very sober, he came here just because he couldn’t refuse, so he had to go for a while, he wouldn’t come forward at all, how could he foolishly go to see Mountain Monarch Lu, this Mountain Monarch Lu is murderous, if there is a conflict, why It’s not about working hard.

Lu Chen would never do this kind of thing, so he waved his hand:

“You go, I’ll wait here.


Kunning Taoist’s complexion changed, and he didn’t dare to say more. He rode the crested corpse crane and flew towards Wei Tiger Mountain.

Lu Chen He got off his horse, sat down on a boulder, and asked:

“Yaoyao, how many prayer coins are left?”


Meng Yao sat down On Hu Niu’s back, she held her little fingers and counted them one by one. After a while, she said crisply:

“Big brother, there are 27 left.

Since this time , not only Meng Yao has to consume the prayer coin cultivation “Mingshui Jue”, but Lu Chen is also using the prayer coin to speed up the completion of the Cultivation progress. It’s only been a few days.

There are more than 100 of the original, but there are not many left.

“When the consumption is finished, the big brother will take you to collect incense. ‘


Meng Yao nodded her head vigorously, jumped up and down around the boulder while riding a tiger girl, and had a great time playing.


Lu Chen stretched out his hand a little, and a screen of light appeared in front of him.

[Limitless Pure Yang Merit upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Practice for half a month (achieved!)

[2]: Fifteen dead souls (already Achieved!)

[3]:Two hundred spiritsand (achieved!)

[Nine Breath Technique upgrade conditions]:

[1]:cultivation ten Day (achieved!)[2]:Ten dead souls (achieved!)[2]:Hundred spiritsand (achieved!)

[Name]:Lu Chen

[ Cultivation technique ]:Limitless Pure Yang Merit Great Accomplishment (upgradeable!)+;Nine Breath Technique Great Accomplishment (upgradeable!)+

Except for the initial use of prayer coins to offset the cultivation progress of the one-day preservation technique , the remaining prayer coins were consumed on the two cultivation arts, and finally achieved the upgrade conditions today.



Reach out and click twice, Limitless Pure Yang Merit and Nine Breaths have been upgraded to Perfection, Lu Chen Slowly got up, the whole body skeleton made bursts of loud noises, just calmed down, the body suddenly shook again, Limitless Pure Yang Merit took advantage of the situation to upgrade to the Sixth Layer.

“Okay… It’s good!’

Lu Chen was very happy, and it took a while to calm down, and looked up at the light curtain in front of him.

[Name]:Lu Chen

[cultivation base ]:Qi Refinement 7th Layer

(cultivation technique ]:Limitless Pure Yang Merit Perfection (Upgrade conditions can be Expand, you can choose!); Nine Breaths Perfection (Upgrade conditions can be expanded, choose!)


[Limitless Pure Yang Merit Promote Level Conditions]:[ 1]:cultivation technique one (achieved!)[2]:hundred catties of flesh and blood (not achieved!)[3]:innate pure yang (not achieved!)[4]:three hundred spiritsand (achieved!)

[Limitless Pure Yang Merit Promote Grade Condition]:[1]:cultivation technique one (achieved!)[2]:ten thousand pounds of flesh and blood (not achieved!)[3]:ten thousand catties of vigor (not achieved! )[4]: A Spirit Stone (not achieved!)

Limitless Pure Yang Merit’s Promote Grade conditions are too harsh, just one [ten thousand jins of strength] is like a moat, without Heaven and Earth Treasure It is almost impossible. On the contrary, the conditions of Promote Level are much easier. The cultivation technique is obtained from Alu Hengbo’s [Netherworld Wolf Howling Moon Zhentu], and the spirits and enough [hundred catties of flesh and blood] are also simple.

Only [Innate Pure Yang], you need to wait for Wuji Gong to reach the Ninth Layer.

Lu Chen’s hand is another point:


[Nine Breaths Technique Promote Level Condition]:

[1]: secret art one (achieved!)

[2]: 100 catties of flesh and blood (not achieved!)

[3]:Baili spiritsand (achieved!)

(Nine Breaths Technique Promote Grade Conditions]:

[1]:secret art one ( Achieved!)[2]:Five Elements complete (not achieved!)[3]:Qi Refinement ninth layer (not achieved!)(4]:One S pirit Stone (not yet achieved!)

Compared with Limitless Pure Yang Merit, the Promote Grade of Jiuxijue is much simpler, as long as you practice hard, [Five Elements complete] and [Qi Refinement ninth layer] is possible to achieve.

If you want to Promote Level, it’s even easier.

secret art has its own collection of [Dragon Tiger Pill Tricks] in advance, spirits and flesh are not difficult.

“Promote Level then.”

With a mind made up, Lu Chen took out the little Yin Sector in his arms, his thoughts moved slightly, and a purplish red horse was released.

“xu lu lu ~’

The warhorse neighed, pulling the reins hard


The tiger girl below With a tiger roar, the jujube horse made a “thump” and collapsed to the ground. Before Lu Chen could make a shot, the tiger girl jumped on the boulder and bit off the jujube horse’s neck


Push Hu Niu away, and the light curtain is softly trembled in front of you

[Name]:Lu Chen

[cultivation technique ]: Nine Breath Jue Perfection (Promote Level !) +

“Promote Level!’

Lu Chen’s expression suddenly became dazed, his feet staggered, and he fell on the boulder, lying on his side, with his left arm naturally resting under his head , right hand around the lower abdomen.

Both eyes slightly closed.

Breathe evenly.

In vivo Spiritual Qi is voluntary revolving in an increasingly mysterious way.

Like sleeping but not sleeping.

Looking like awake but not awake.

“big brother

Meng Yao jumped off Hu Niu’s back, shouting in a small voice Then, seeing that Lu Chen didn’t wake up, he held the lifeless sickle and carefully guarded all around with Tiger Girl.

“Who knows the big dream first~

“I know myself in my whole life~’

After a little one hour, Lu Chen woke up leisurely, only to feel that he was saying no. Feeling comfortable, I felt a little bit of Spirit Orifice, and my heart was suddenly overjoyed. It turned out that the cultivation base was unconsciously upgraded to the First Layer, reaching Qi Refinement 8-Layer.

At the same time.

The Nine Breath Technique was successfully upgraded to the Secret Treasure Level Qi Refinement cultivation technique after integrating the Dragon Tiger Pill Technique. , walking, sitting, lying down, Yuanxijue can be voluntary revolving.

That is to say.

From now on, Lu Chen has been at Qi Refinement all the time.

“Good guy!’

Lu Chen was surprised and delighted. With Yuanxijue, his Qi Refinement speed not only improved a lot, but also saved a lot of energy. You need to work hard on Qi Refinement every night, so that you can put more energy into cultivation Wujigong, or practice spells.

“Okay, that’s great!”

Lu Chen was overjoyed, seeing that it was getting late, and Kunning Taoist never turned around. After thinking about it, he began to use the Qiankun Reflection Technique. He had secretly taken in the other party’s breath along the way. .

hands form a secret art.

Slowly spread out his left hand, and a picture emerges from the palm of his hand.

This is a cave, the light is slightly gloomy, a huge stone table is placed in the center, and there are dishes on it, with washed eyes and bloody ears. , with a bloody tongue and a thigh in the middle.

“UU reading eat and eat^

“I won’t be drunk tonight!”


“gu lu gu lu ~

Kunning Taoist sat on the lower head, stretched out his hand and pinched an eyeball and put it into his mouth, while chewing, said with a smile: “His Royal Highness, when will you Poor Daoist introduced Lord Mountain Monarch, Poor Daoist may have a big deal to send to Mountain Monarch. ‘

A tiger demon sits at the top.

The tiger head human body, holding a skull in his hand, which is full of blood wine, all around there are some roe-headed rat-eye monsters to accompany the tiger monster to take a sip, waving his hand:

“Don’t talk about this today, come, don’t get drunk or go home!”

“Yes yes~”

“Drink together, drink together!’

“hmph !’

The tiger demon suddenly looked at Kunning, and as coldly snorted, the picture in Lu Chen’s palm suddenly collapsed.

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