My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 88

In a few moments.

A black cloud flew from the Wei Tiger Mountain, and on the black cloud stood a monster with a tiger head human body. Fly back to Tiger Mountain.

[Name]: Tiger Demon

[Information]: Second Rank

Tiger Demon leaves, under the boulder, a cocoon of unremarkable beads black light flickers , Lu Chen stepped out, he looked at the prestige Tiger Mountain, whispered “Second Rank tiger demon? I’m afraid it is Mountain Monarch Lu’s son temple.”

I just heard them communicate.

I know Kunning Taoist impossible finished today. After thinking about it, Lu Chen walked back to the small Yin Sector.

The small Yin Sector, which is three miles away, is no longer empty, and a wood house has been built in the center. , in the house, the seats are complete, clean and tidy,

Almost not much different from the outside world.

But there are also defects.

One is that there is a dead air here , the strong rancid smell condenses and does not dissipate, which is unpalatable. Although it has little effect on Lu Chen, if it is changed to an ordinary person, it will be fine in a short time.

After a long time, he will be killed. Air erosion.

The light body is weak and short of breath, and a serious illness may damage the life essence, or even breathe one’s last.

apart from this.

The biggest flaw is that there is no Spiritual Qi here, so there is no cultivation.

โ€œxu lu lu ~’

โ€œNiuniu, hurry up!โ€

โ€œรกo hว’u ~”

Outside the house, the war horse ran wildly, neighing in fear, Meng Yao rode on the back of Hu Niu, chasing the war horse around, and then stopped after a while, Hu Niu was enjoying the delicious meal, Meng Yao The little head raised his head and shouted:

“big brother, someone is coming.’


Lu Chen pushed out the door and raised his head. Looking up at the sky, you can see the changing scenery in the sky, showing the scene outside the little Yin Sector. It is a convoy coming from the north, three carriages, followed by a dozen silhouettes.

The convoy went all the way to a short distance.

“cough cough!’

An old man who was driving knocked the cigarette in his hand, cleared his throat, and instructed: “Take a break, the horse is tired, everyone. Iโ€™m also short, and there are still five miles to go. Itโ€™s enough to rush to Lushan Village before dark. ‘

“Okay uncle!”


The three cars and horses stopped one after another, and a dozen people got off the car and moved their bodies. active body.

In the middle of the carriage, a woman walked down, with a blue veil covering her face and a wooden hairpin skirt. The woman looked around for a few times, and she walked towards the boulder, and soon came The side of the boulder is covered with boulders.

Slim hands lifted her dress and squatted down slowly.

Lu Chen complexion changed slightly and had a bad feeling in his heart.


“Big brother, elder sister is curling?’

“Don’t look!”

Lu Chen With a look of embarrassment, he reached out to cover Meng Yao’s eyes.


A surprise came from the outside world. The woman squatting on the ground found the little Yin Sector half-buried in the yellow sand, wrapped the little Yin Sector with a handkerchief, and wiped it. After wiping it, hold it in front of you and look around.

Although the little Yin Sector is black, it is very smooth.

At first glance, it is unremarkable. If you look closely, you will find that it is more than ordinary. There are too many outstanding jewels, which is a kind of restrained luxury.

The woman played with the little Yin Sector the size of a walnut, and the more she looked at it, the more she liked it. Jing, put it in his arms.


Lu Chen was a little speechless, hesitated for a while, but still didn’t go out.

After all…the occasion is wrong.

“Go Lai~

The woman walked back to the carriage. With the old man’s shout, the team set off again, along a winding narrow road, all the way to Wei Tiger Mountain. March.

Inside the carriage.

The woman took off the veil, revealing a beautiful face, not as charming and moving as Jiang Hong’e, not as heroic and beautiful as Fang Yuqi, but also beautiful Not bad, there is a kind of gentle and dignified.

The woman sits against the window and takes out the beads in her arms.

Playing with her eyebrows and eyes.

“cough cough ~

A light cough sounded in the corner of the carriage, the woman quickly put down the beads, soaked a silk handkerchief in the water basin, moved a few steps forward and looked at the silhouette lying beside her, softly. Voice:

“Pearl, are you better?’

As she said, she wiped the silhouette’s cheeks with a silk handkerchief, and then carefully folded it and placed it on the other’s forehead.

This is also a woman.

Fourteen or fifteen years old, with her eyes closed and an abnormal flush on her cheeks, she opened her eyes in a daze, Weakly said: “Miss, Pearl is fine, the doctor said, it’s just a common fever, it will be cured after two days of rest, don’t worry, miss. “

“Well, let’s drink some water first.” ‘


The maid named Pearl sat up with the help of the woman and just took a sip of water:

“pu !”

The mouth spurt blood poured out, his head tilted, and he was completely dead.


The woman exclaimed, she turned her head and saw that in the blood spurting out of Pearl, a fleshy insect twisted, and after draining the blood, suddenly Standing upright, his mouth is aimed at the woman.


The woman screamed and fell to the ground.


With a neigh, the meat The worm’s body bowed, twisting and bouncing towards the woman’s cheek. At the crucial moment, a white mask suddenly rose on the woman’s body.


As soon as the meat worm touched the mask, it was ejected instantly, and the powerful force made the meat worm embedded in the hardwood of the carriage.

[Name]:Spirit Insect

[Information]:First Rank Sandworm, Burrowing, Parasitic

โ€œSpirit Insect?โ€

Lu Chen is very surprised , just now he wanted to make a move, didn’t expect that the other party looked like an ordinary girl, and had the means of body protection, is it Magical Artifact or talisman?

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, and had a few ideas about the identity of a woman Dividing interest, he said:



Meng Yao nodded, the shoulder-resistant scythe appeared in the outside world, The little hand stretched out, the lifeless sickle stretched out, hooked the sandworm that was almost stunned, and with a slight pull, brought the sandworm back to the little Yin Sector.

“xu lu lu ~’

The horse neighed, and the driver driving in front didn’t react until this moment, and hurriedly asked:

“Miss, are you alright? Right?’


The woman came back to his senses, and opened her eyebrows in fear, only to find that the insect just now had disappeared. : “I’m fine, but… Pearl is dead.

The convoy stopped.

Not long after, I set off again, and there was a new lonely grave by the narrow road.


In the little Yin Sector, the sandworm regained its vitality, lay on the wooden table and arched up, trying to bounce at Lu Chen’s face several times, but was caught. The two sword stars suppressed it stubbornly

Lu Chen took out the seal ball and slapped it at the sandworm:

“Seal method!’

“shua ~’

The sandworm fell into the seal ball, and the tiny body was suspended in it, motionless, and completely sealed.

“It’s worthless. ‘

Lu Chen sighed then said, released the sandworm again, held the Peach Wood Sword in his hand, and cut the sandworm into two pieces with one sword, the sandworm still did not die as it wriggled.

Repeated several times, still lively dragon and animated tiger.

“Only when!

Lu Chen waved his palm, and the [Dragon-Tiger Pan Jin Furnace] more than a foot smashed to the ground, both of his hands lightly pinch, A cluster of small flames are generated in the hands.

The Dragon-Tiger golden furnace has been around for some time, and Lu Chen has already refinished it.

This flame is called [Dan Fire] ]

It is a means attached to the [Dragon Tiger Pill Art]. After the [Proficient] Yuan Qi Art just now, he will know it. It is like an instinct. It should be the result of integrating the [Dragon Tiger Pill Art]. If you want to It’s a bit difficult to fight.

But if pill concocting.

Not bad.

Unfortunately, there is no Pill Refinement in Dragon Tiger Pill. Technique, Lu Chen doesn’t know any medicine pill’s Pill Recipe.


Opening the furnace lid, Lu Chen waved his sleeve robe and chopped the sand into several pieces. The worm swept into the pill furnace, he sat cross-legged in front of the pill furnace, shook his right hand, and the flames fell into the mouth of the furnace below.

As Spiritual Qi continued to cross in, the red fire burned violently.

“Dong Dong~’

The pill furnace was getting hotter and hotter, and the sandworms in it began to struggle desperately. Dan Huo.

After one hour, Meng Yao on the side sniffed her little Qiong nose:

“Big brother, fragrant. ‘

“It’s almost there.

Lu Chen laughed, cut off Spiritual Qi, and the fire at the mouth of the furnace went out. He lifted the lid of the furnace and looked inside. I saw a black mass sinking at the bottom of the furnace.

[Name]:Insect balls

[Information]:The flesh and blood of sandworms

Meng Yao stick one’s head around to look for , and licked his little mouth:

“big brother, can I eat it?

“don’t eat it,

“hmmm , then give it to Niuniu, Niuniu wants to eat it.

“That’s fine.

The sandworm’s appearance is too intimidating, and it’s hard to swallow. Lu Chen doesn’t want to swallow it, but it doesn’t matter to Hu Niu, he He took out the black insect ball and fed it to Hu Niu. Hu Niu ate it with relish.

Seeing Meng Yao was a little greedy.

Lu Chen had nothing to do, and put the rest Take all the flesh and blood of the two-headed wolf, and continue refining with Dan fire.

Not for a while.

The fragrance overflowed from the Panjin furnace, Lu Chen opened the furnace lid, There are dozens of reddish-brown pills piled up at the bottom of the stove.

Full and round.

The meat is fragrant.

[Name ]: Rou Yuan Dan

[Information]: Satiety, nutrition, nourishment


Lu Chen also didn’t expect, and he just made it up. After a pass, he actually made a medicine pill. Although he didn’t enter the stage, it was already very rare. He picked up one and put it in his mouth. Rouyuandan melts in the mouth, no need to chew.

In an instant.

A strong sense of fullness spreads,

โ€œHow are you, big brother?’

โ€œNot bad.

Lu Chen nodded with a smile, picked up another one, broke off a small piece and fed it to Meng Yao, Meng Yao stretched out her pink tongue and licked Lu Chen’s finger, her bright eyes narrowed, Happy:

“It’s delicious~

Lu Chen put away all the meat Yuandan, lifted his feet and walked out of the little Yin Sector, the scene before him changed, and he appeared in a room In the middle of the night, the night outside the window was dark, and the oil lamp in the room was extinguished.

On the beautiful couch.

The woman was already asleep, her beautiful eyebrows were frowning, and she was not sleeping peacefully.

“This is… a boudoir.

Lu Chen murmured, reached out and beckoned, the little Yin Sector flew out of the woman’s arms and landed in Lu Chen’s hands, still warm, he raised his feet to the window, lightly Lightly opened the window and looked up to see a towering mountain standing in front of him.

“Wei Tiger Mountain!’

“This is the foot of the Wei Tiger Mountain, and there is even a village. ‘

“It’s really weird.”

Lu Chen sighed with emotion, came to the show couch lightly, carefully lifted the quilt, and secretly tore off the underwear, and saw the woman’s The chest is marked with a round object, dark yellow, covered with fine rune.

Looks very mysterious.

[Name]:talisman treasure

[Information]:third rank, body protection symbol

“It turned out to be talisman treasure.’

talisman treasure is similar to blood refinement Magical Artifact, but it is more difficult to refine, not only to be proficient in talisman, but also to consume the cultivation base, which is not cheap. Once refined, even an ordinary person can use it. This thing is generally life essence. The cultivator is refined for future generations, usually with bloodline recognizing Master

Even if it is taken away, it will not be of great use.

Of course, there are also some talisman treasures that need blood recognizing Master, However, there is a limit on the number of times it can be used.

This [body protection symbol] is up to third rank.


The ancestors were rich.


Returning the underwear and bedding to their original state, Lu Chen withdrew quietly, opened the door carefully, and was about to leave when a timid voice came into his ears from behind.

“You.. who are you?’

Lu Chen step one stopped and didn’t look back.

“You…a cultivator?


Lu Chen raised his eyebrows, complied, not in a hurry to leave, nor to turn around in a hurry , I made up my mind, let your little lady say a word, after a word, we will drift away.

“I…can I trade with you?”


Lu Chen chews the word, a little heartbroken, the descendant of Tongxuan daoist Ah, I don’t know if there is any family property, but this little lady obviously doesn’t even have a cultivation base, so most of them don’t have much left.

After thinking about it, she opened the mouth and said :

“What do you have?’

“I have…I have a Divine Ability!’


Lu Chen turned around suddenly, I saw the little lady with her full head fine black hair scattered, huddled in the corner of the beautiful couch, her slender arms hugging her curled legs, her face pale and pitiful.

โ€œDivine Ability!

The woman nodded hard, biting the lips.

โ€œgu lu ~

Lu Chenโ€™s throat rolled He rolled, suppressed his excitement, and asked:

“What Divine Ability?

The woman seemed to be afraid that Lu Chen would leave, so she quickly got out of bed, climbed into the bottom of the bed, and opened it up. A few floor tiles and a piece of kraft paper, she crawled out from under the bed.

The dress was dirty.

The face was also stained.

She used Holding the kraft paper in both hands, he walked quickly to Lu Chen:


Lu Chen took it, gently unfolded it, and saw a simple book wrapped in Among them, there are four flamboyant black characters written on the book,

โ€œNine Heavens into the tomb?

Lu Chen was stunned for a moment, and then said with a faint smile:

“Don’t be afraid I’ll take it and leave. “

“Don’t be afraid. ‘

The woman’s eyes dodged, not daring to look at Lu Chen, but her voice was very determined.

[Name]: Fangirl

[Information]: Hui Xin, three spirit root

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, quickly flipped through the book, and saw The light curtain trembled, and there was a change. [Name]:Lu Chen

[cultivation base ]:Qi Refinement 8-Layer

[Divine Ability ]:Nine Heavens is not a beginner (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)



Lu Chen chanted silently, without showing any emotion. [Nine Heavens upgrade conditions for entering the tomb]:

[1]: A coffin ( Not achieved!)[2]: A cocoon spirit plant (not achieved!)[1]: A cocoon Xuanjing (not achieved!)

The coffin is a Magical Artifact of the coffin class.

Compared to spiritual medicine, spirit plant is actually a Spirit Tree, which is not very common. As for Xuanjing, it is a good thing that can only be refined by a daoist who is open to the profound, but Tianmu daoist still owes him Fifty Cocoons Spirit Stone, I will remind you next time we meet, I don’t know if I can change a Cocoon Xuanjing.

Recovering his thoughts, Lu Chen asked again:

“What do you want to change?

“Change…for a secret art of qi practice, you can .. OK?

The woman looked up at Lu Chen, then lowered her head hurriedly, feeling uneasy, she has an innate talent [huixin], she can see through what other people think at first, and she can really see what Lu Chen is like. Some thoughts, knowing that the person in front of him is not a villain, so he mustered his courage, but looking at it now, it is already foggy.

Can’t see clearly.

Not sure.

As a result, I began to feel uneasy again, worrying about gains and losses.

Lu Chen said with a smile :

“Of course, do you have a pen?”


“clang When~’

The woman was delighted and hurried to prepare the pen and ink, but accidentally knocked over a porcelain bottle, a dog barked in the yard, and an old voice came:

“Miss , is there something?

The woman took a deep breath and finally calmed down, her voice calmly said:

“It’s okay, Uncle Luo, go to sleep. ‘


The old man walked away with the lantern, the woman took a deep breath, relaxed, spread out the rice paper, set the pen and ink, Lu Chen was on the chair I sat down and got used to it a little before I started writing.

โ€œshua~ shua~ shua~ ~โ€

Dragon Snake, UU reading www.uukanshu.comLu Chen wrote first I wrote an article “Nine Breaths Art” and wrote three spells in a row, namely [Storage], [Origami] and [Sword Controlling Art]

[Nine Heavens Tomb] is Divine Ability after all

Although it is not clear whether it is Great Divine Ability or Lesser Divine Ability for the time being, but Divine Ability is Divine Ability, the value is not a nine-breathing art that can be offset, Lu Chen’s heart is open, how can it be accounted for A little lady’s cheap

Just put down the brush.

Lu Chen suddenly looked up at the roof, and saw a pair of eyes sticking to it, looking down through the cracks in the tile, saw Lu Chen looked at him, his eyes were startled, he hurriedly retracted, and there were screams echoing from the roof.

Go away quickly.

“Lu Qianqian, you are shameless and private. Thong man, watch this Great Immortal not sue your Highness~’

for a moment.

The woman named Lu Qianqian was so frightened that she faced deathly pale, shiver coldly.

Lu Chen frowned, lightly shook the Peach Wood Sword, two sword stars came out together, pierced the window paper, and hurriedly chased away.

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