My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 89


With a scream, the sound stopped in the summer under the night sky.

Lu Chen pushed the door out and saw The two sword stars flew over wrapped in a silhouette. The silhouette was quite small, but it was a yellow-skinned child. It was the sound of the first rank yellow-skinned child.


At this time, it was a corpse, and the head was pierced by the sword star.

Lu Chen put away the sword star, waved the corpse of Huangpizi into the little Yin Sector, and turned around. The head said:

“Your name is Lu Qianqian?


Lu Qianqian nodded, the fear in his eyes has not disappeared,

“It is rumored that Mountain Monarch Lu feeds on people, how could there be a village under the Tiger Mountain?’

“Because…because Mountain Monarch is the demon pet of the family ancestor. After the death of the ancestor, he has been I have taken good care of the Lu Family, but after more than two hundred years, no matter how big the relationship has faded, up to now, only Qianqian is left in the entire Lushan Village with the real surname Lu.

Lu Qianqian looked sad and sighed:

“Without the constraints of family ancestors, Mountain Monarch’s temperament has changed greatly, becoming a party that is not just in name only, but also in reality. Great Demon, how long will Lushan Village last?’

“so that’s how it is.

Lu Chen suddenly, frowned :

” Is there any means of restraint?’

“There was before, there was a soul bell before the death of the ancestor, but unfortunately, the third ancestor died outside, and the soul bell disappeared.”


“It’s a pity, take care of yourself, I’m leaving.”

Lu Chen went out while it was dark, Lu Qianqian grabbed her dress and hurriedly chased after him, facing the Lu Chen Yingying knelt down and shouted: “Young Master, please stay, Qianqian has something to ask. ‘

“You say it.”

Lu Qianqian raised her slender neck and said pitifully, “Now hundreds of people in Lushan Village are living because of one person, and Qianqian’s body is a heavy burden. , how and where to go, begging the Young Master to point the way?’

“Have you ever owed them?’

“No. ‘

“That’s the case, just have a clear conscience.

Lu Chen doesn’t stop, his body melts into the night, and in the blink of an eye, he disappears, leaving only Lu Qianqian who seems to have realized something. He left. In Lushan Village, Lu Chen looked up at the towering Tiger Mountain.

He walked quickly towards the road.

After walking for two miles, a stream of yellow smoke was chasing from behind. , blocking Lu Chen’s way.

The yellow smoke dissipated, revealing a silhouette wearing a daoist robe. This silhouette was holding a brown yellow whisk and pretending, but the head was the head of a weasel, and it also exposed The furry rhubarb legs, it looked Lu Chen up and down, and asked:

“Boy, did you see my son?’


The other party After sniffing, he wondered: “Then why do you have the smell of my son on you?”

“Oh, I came with Kunning Fellow Daoist, we didn’t go up the mountain, we just went down the mountain with a group of brothers. Drinking, your son should be in it.

The other party turned around, turned back suddenly, and swept away the dust:


In an instant, the dust The tail stretched out and wrapped around Lu Chen like a rope. Just about to wrap it around, five ghosts suddenly appeared around Lu Chen, lifted him up, and turned around.

“shua !

Lu Chen’s silhouette disappeared out of thin air, forcibly moving forward more than a hundred meters.

“Boy, you can’t escape my hand. ‘

The squirrel Monster Wolf turned around and saw Lu Chen’s Yujian flying away and quickly escaped. Chen chased after him.

Lu Chen flew out five miles in one breath, Yu Jian landed on an oasis with a radius of tens of meters, he picked up some dry wood, lit a cluster of bonfires, and killed the previously killed Only the yellow skin is taken out and grilled on the bonfire.

“crackle ~’

The bonfire burned, and the thick smoke gathered in the sky to form a silhouette. It was the previous Second Rank squirrel, Monster Wolf, who said with a big smile. : “Flee, fear, you will forever.

The laughter stopped abruptly, it looked down at the yellow skin that was being roasted on the bonfire, its body couldn’t stop trembling, and said hoarsely: “Yaoer, Poor Yaoer, you…you…I, Huang You and you are absolutely irreconcilable.

โ€œBorrowing smoke into shape?โ€

Lu Chen right hand waved, seven The sword stars came out in unison, stirring the opponent into a cloud of smoke. When he turned his head, he saw a yellow smoke chasing from behind. He put away the yellow leather and fled away with the sword again.

Flying all the way Ten miles away.

Huang You is chasing after him.


Lu Chen is carrying the Seven Star Imperial Sword Art. Not Huang You can compare. After repeated testing, it was finally determined that the other party was actually tracking the Huangpizi he killed. After flying a few miles, a rocky mountain appeared in front of him. Looking closely, he saw that in the thick night, there was a small mountain. The camp stands on the top of the mountain.

In front of the gate of the village a big flag flutters in the wind, with three words:

Fengyun Pirates!

โ€œA bandit denโ€ ?’

After thinking about it, Lu Chen’s eyes lit up and fell down quickly.


The sound of sword cry echoed in the air, instantly awakening the soundly sleeping bandits, and one by one, they rushed out of the room with their trousers on, and shouted loudly with their long knives:


“Brother, someone is calling?’

“Which one is seeking death?’

” Get out of here for Lao Tzu!’

“His grandmother’s, arguing about the grandfather’s sweet dreams, don’t let the grandfather see you, no… no

Lu Chen stepped on the Peach Wood Sword Flying down from mid-air and stepping on the towering gate of the village, in an instant, the shouting and scolding stopped in the summer, and dozens of bandits shrank their necks one by one, so frightened that they dared not breathe.

My dear, you can use your sword.

Lu Chen didn’t care, smiled and cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Everyone, I pass by this small road, I’m thirsty, come down and ask for a bowl of water, I don’t know… Maybe you can do it. Convenient?’

“Daoist Priest is very kind. ‘

“hehe ~’

“It’s just a bowl of water, convenient and convenient.

The gangsters who were fierce and vicious just now had kind faces, cupped their hands, and smiled miserably. The two most fierce-looking guys rushed into the room in a hurry. Come here, Han said with a smile :

“Tao…DaoistPriest, please drink water.”


Lu Chen nods with a smile. , fell down lightly, took the water bowl, drank it all, smacked his mouth, and said with a smile:

“This water… tastes good.

“hehe ~

The bandit man continued to laugh, staring at Lu Chen with a pair of bull’s eyes.

Lu Chen didn’t take it seriously, and added: “No merit, no reward. After drinking a bowl of water, you always have to keep something. It just happened that Xiaodao just killed the head of the yellow rat, Monster Wolf. The money for water.’


After speaking, Lu Chen waved his sleeve robe, and the roasted black yellow skin fell to the ground, and then he said no more, his hands Squeezing his sword fingers, Yujian flew into the distance, disappearing into the night sky in the blink of an eye.




Everyone let out a sigh of relief, almost collapsing one by one. , The bandit man who was carrying the water scratched his head, whispered: “His grandma, I put a big bag of sweat-covered medicine in the water, even a cow can pour the medicine, this Little Daoist Priest is not out of breath, the cultivation is not shallow. “

“You…what did you say, you put sweat medicine in the water?’


“Well, you two, do you know that I almost killed our brother!”

“Big… Big brother, listen to my explanation, if you can take that Little Daoist The Priest medicine is poured out, how can I have to suffer all this, every day the wind blowing and sun shining

โ€œYou idiot~

The night is getting darker, and a group of bandits have no sleep at all, Surrounded by each other, staring at the spit of meat on the bonfire, the sound of swallowed saliva rang out from time to time.

“Are you almost there?’

“Are you alright?”

“Alright, alright, share with the brothers, don’t rob them, one by one Come and have a portion.’

“Mmmmm, it’s delicious.

“Enough, is he really strong enough, it’s all monsters eating people, I finally ate a monster today, it’s not in vain!”

A group of bandits devoured it, in a frenzy.

At this time, in the night sky, a yellow smoke fell from the sky, showing the silhouette of Huang You, he shrugged his nose, frowned, and asked

“What are you eating?’

The bandits were startled and turned around in a hurry.

“Ah, you monster~

“Yaoer, my Yaoer, you died so miserably Ah, you all die for me, you’re all going to die!’

Huang You looked at his only skeleton son, mad, chasing a group of bandits running around the mountain, his mouth opened and his head suddenly swelled a few times. Bei, swallowed the guy named Niu Er in one bite.

This guy just ate the most fiercely.

Huang You chewed for a while, and threw himself forward, one bite at a time. The reckless man was bitten to death on the spot, and after a while, there was no one alive in the entire Fengyun Pirates, Huang You mouth full of blood orangutans, roared towards the sky :

“thief, I swear to the sky, if I don’t kill you, Huang You. You, you will not be a demon!’

As soon as the voice fell, Huang You suddenly turned his head and saw another bandit man hiding coldly at the gate of the village.

“Okay, there’s actually another one!’

Huang You, gnashing teeth, jumped forward, blinked his eyes and came to the bandit man, with a big mouth and a sudden head. Expanding several times, the bandit man suddenly stood up and shot his right hand towards Huang You, loudly shouted:

“The Sealing Method!’

“Not good !’

Huang You was startled, and before he could react, his body suddenly became smaller, and he was instantly sucked into a ball of light.


Bandit Han Chang He took a mouthful, shook his head, and his face suddenly changed. It was Lu Chen. He looked at the seal ball in his hand and was excited, whispered :

“He caught a bivalent demon alive. , ok, that’s great!”

“You…you can’t try to trap me!’

Lu Chen was complacent when a voice suddenly came from the sealing ball, only Seeing Huang You struggling frantically in the sealed ball, Monster Qi surged out of his body, his tail quickly stretched out, and swept around in it.

The sealed ball was unstable in an instant.

Changed Big and small.


“It looks like I can’t sleep. ‘

Lu Chen sighed, his [sealing method] is just the beginning, it is not easy to trap a second rank squirrel Monster Wolf, but fortunately, he had expected it, and his thoughts moved , Lu Chen lifted his foot and stepped into the little Yin Sector, and there was only a black bead hanging in the air.

Inside the small Yin Sector.

Lu Chen and Meng Yao stood side by side, slammed it hard, and the sealing ball roared out in his hand.


The seal ball exploded in the air, Huang You broke the seal and burst out, laughing up to the sky:

“Hahaha, boy, I want to let You pay the price!’

At this time, Huang You is no longer a human figure, with a height of one zhang, his muscles are ligated, the daoist robe on his body has been tattered, his face is fierce, and his body is hideous, like a man Standing up yellow-skinned monster.

He flicked the dust.

The dust tail rapidly elongated and rolled aggressively towards Lu Chen.

“Nine Heavens slaying demons!”

The cold voice echoed in all directions, and in an instant, the little Yin Sector of Sanli became a scarlet, and Huang You’s soul was shaking. He screamed, opened his mouth and spit, thick yellow smoke spewed out, and the several hundred meters around him were covered in yellow smoke.


Little Yin Sector has already been refined by Lu Chen. , all of which could not be concealed from his eyes and ears.

โ€œCang ๅ”ท!โ€™


One thought up!

One thought fell!

A terrifying crack appeared over the little Yin Sector, and the billowing yellow smoke was divided into two. After a long time, the crack disappeared. , the yellow smoke dissipated and a Daoist Priest-long gully appeared on the ground, and a yellow leather was split into two pieces.

He couldn’t rest his eyes.

Meng Yao hurriedly rode a tiger girl forward and stretched out With a small hand, he picked up the whisk on the ground, held it in his arms, and handed it to Lu Chen like a treasure: “big brother, this is a big baby.


Lu Chen took it and found that the whisk was as light as nothing, the dust tail was like the hair of yellow leather, brown yellow, crystal clear like silk thread, and the handle was an unknown length. The skeleton of a living thing is like jade.

It’s not pretty, but it’s not ugly.

[Name]:Magical Artifact

[Information] :Second Rank

The rank of the six-eyed Bodhi Seed is too low to read the specific information of the Second Rank Magical Artifact. Lu Chen can only put it away first, and then refining it when he has time, speaking of which, This whisk is the first Second Rank Magical Artifact he got.

For the specific power.

Lu Chen is looking forward to it.

Huang You’s death The body is very large, but after death, there are only two corpses left with the size of the soles of feet.

Lu Chen picked up the corpse and shook it vigorously.

โ€œcrash-bang ~


A lot of things fell on the ground

Meng Yao and Lu Chen looked at each other, their big eyes lit up like light bulbs, one big and one small happily rummaged through Huang Great Immortal After some reorganization of the legacy.

It’s a lot of fun.

Eight Spirit Stones, all without attribute Spirit Stone.

Two First Rank Magical Artifacts.

A bunch of spiritsand, no less than a thousand grains.

There are also two talismans, one is [Thousand Miles Communication Talisman] of Second Rank, and the other is [Invisibility Talisman] of First Rank.

โ€œGreat harvest!

Lu Chen was overjoyed. He threw away the disgusting clutter, and reached out to pick up a piece of clothing. It was an azure daoist robe that looked brand new.


[Information]:First Rank Robe, Fitted, Dusty

โ€œIt turned out to be a Robe.

Lu Chen is even happier. Jia Ziyu used to sell robes, but unfortunately, he was too shy at the time to buy it.

It’s better now.

I picked one up for nothing.

Meng Yao next to him picked up a pottery pot and opened the seal. The scent was diffused. Meng Yao sniffed the small Qiong nose and said happily:

“big Brother, it’s fragrant~”

Lu Chen took it, looked up and saw that it was filled with crystal clear liquid.

[Name]:Spirit Wine

[Information]:First Rank Spirit Wine, Minced Fruit Brew

Lu Chen handed the pot to Meng Yao, said with a smile :

“You can drink it. ‘


Meng Yao was very happy, she stretched out her little white hand and dipped some minced fruit stuffed into it, licked it, and her bright eyes immediately narrowed into a beautiful look. Crescent Moon:

“It’s delicious, Niuniu, you can also taste it. ‘


Hu Niu licked Meng Yao’s little hand and shook her big head, she didn’t seem to like it.

Meng Yao sipped a hundred Fruit Brew, after a while, a beautiful little face turned red, the little silhouette swayed, and the pottery pot in hand almost fell to the ground.

Fortunately, Lu Chen reached out and caught it, The spirit wine was not spilled.

“Sleep if you want.


Meng Yao nodded her head, followed Lu Chen’s big hand to her shoulders, and got into Lu Chen’s long hair, pouting a small cherry. He murmured a few times indistinctly.

And fell asleep.

Lu Chen put away the spirit wine and rummaged for a while, seeing that there was nothing good, With a wave of his sleeve robe, he swept all the debris into the gully beside him, then sat down and began to refining the robe and Second Rank Thousand Miles Communication Talisman.

After a quarter of an hour.

The robe was refined by Lu Chen, he stretched out his hand and shook.


I saw a glimmer of light, and the robe was automatically worn on the body. , not only fits very well, but also has some protective effects, and ordinary swords are hard to hurt.

“Not bad!’

Lu Chen is satisfied with the nodded, this robe is First Rank [Dust Shaking Robe].

There are two sets of First Rank rune, They are [Fit Fit] and [Dangchen]. Needless to say, the fit can be adjusted in size, and the dust removal is also very good. It can sweep away the dust from the body. Even if you don’t take a bath every day, you only need to shake the robe, and that’s also the body. Don’t touch the dust. Thousand Miles Communication Talisman’s refining is slightly more difficult.

But it is not as good as the Second Rank array. It took two hours before Lu Chen refined it, opened his mouth and sucked it, clearly yellow Second The Rank Thousand Miles Communication Talisman flew into the entrance. The ordinary Communication Talisman of First Rank is a one-time talisman, and the Thousand Miles Communication Talisman of Second Rank can be used repeatedly. Lu Chen seems to have realized something, and Spiritual Qi in his body reminds him.

In the right hand.

A translucent talisman paper is condensed out, which is called [child talisman], which can transmit information and can be repeatedly spawned, and the one in Spirit Orifice is called [mother talisman]. The talisman], used to leave a mark, Lu Chen released the talisman in his hand and saw the talisman flying around in the air like an aura.

It took a while for Spiritual Qi to dissipate.

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