My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 9

The Scarlet Chamber Garden is divided into three floors.

The first layer is a talent show, the second layer is a double talent show, and the third floor is where the oiran and the prostitute Jiang Hong’e live, usually the men stop.

The oiran here is different from other places, there is no talk of accompanying guests and first night.

The purpose of existence seems to be in addition to performing talent, is simply to find an ideal husband for himself, and then let Jiang Hong’e lead the way, love will find a way.

This practice, at first, is naturally criticized.

Over time.

I got used to it.

Therefore, people who come and go in and out of Scarlet Chamber Garden are not only for pure fun, but also many people fantasize about finding an oiran as a lady.

At this time.

Scarlet Chamber Garden First Layer, full of vocals.

“I heard that there is a Little Daoist Priest going to the third floor?”

“I disagree, sir, I firmly disagree. Why compete with the uncle for girl Yiyi.”

“Dare…. dare to come, beat…. kill him!”

Vermilion red wall.

Flying corners.

Aesthetically beautiful and quaint.

The Scarlet Chamber Garden was constantly crowded. Lu Chen stepped on the stone steps of Level 19 in front of the door and walked step by step towards the door. Step by step, he saw a pretty little girl in her teens. He was pacing anxiously, and when he saw the daoist robe on Lu Chen’s body, the eyes shined, he hurried up to meet him.

Don’t speak.

Pull up Lu Chen’s hand and walk quickly to the corner door.

Lu Chen surprisedly said:

“Girl, who are you??”

“The slave girl is mother’s servant girl, Young Master can call slave servant Qinghe , Young Master came late, mother was waiting upstairs in a hurry, and has already urged several times.”

“That’s it.”

Lu Chen just felt relieved and saw Qing He reached out to pick up the daoist robe on his body, and a pair of small hands touched him, itchy.

Lu Chen bluffed:

“Qinghe girl, please…please respect yourself!”

“puchi ~”

The little girl smiled playfully and explained, “Master Young, don’t misunderstand, the guests on the first floor learned that someone was going to the third floor tonight, thinking that someone was in the eyes of Elder Sister Yiyi, mother was afraid that you would be beaten to death, I specially told the servants to change your Taoist clothes.”


Lu Chen was inexplicably lost, whispered:

“Then… You don’t need to change the inner shirt.”


The little girl rolled her eyes, moved her hands up and down, and quickly took off Lu Chen’s daoist robe , put on a light azure gown, she smoothed the folds on Lu Chen’s body, looked around Lu Chen several times, blinked her big beautiful eyes, and covered her mouth lightly said with a smile:

“Not bad~”

It’s not bad, Lu Chen just turned sixteen, and his stature is close to that of an adult.

Because of the cultivation of Eternal Spring Art, the muscles are well-proportioned, the limbs are slender and powerful, and he suddenly changed into a decent new clothes, and even, there is a hint of surprise, it is not an exaggeration to say a handsome man.

Qing He did not delay any longer and led Lu Chen into the lobby on the first floor.

In the center of the hall, there is a round platform, with beautiful women dancing on it, the sound of silk and bamboo accompanied by the dancing and singing, all around is surrounded by Three Doctrines and Nine Philosophies, some are pushing the cups, some are shouting loudly, There are big men with hair on the temples, and there are weak scholars.

There are also shameless old men.

Holding the wine, his eyes are lewd, and he has been parked on the beauty’s plump breasts.

It’s even weirder.

There are even a few bald monks, reciting scriptures in their mouths, looking at the beautiful woman, and chanting:

“Empty is form, form is emptiness…”

There are also many people looking at the entrance from time to time. It seems that as long as they see a person wearing a daoist robe, they will attack. sneaked away like a rat.

Lu Chen sighed:

“The world is rolling, the world is noisy, you and I are all on the cultivation path.”

“Young Master is gone. “

Qing He saw Lu Chen stop, worried about causing trouble, and quickly grabbed Lu Chen’s big hand and walked quickly along the aisle, from the first floor to the second floor, there was a faint sound of extravagance.

little girl pretty face slightly red, pulling Lu Chen in a hurry.

Climb up the third floor from a hidden staircase, and then relax, releasing Lu Chen’s palm.

Red glazed lamps hang high.

Lu Chen saw a white-haired Small Fox rushing towards him. Just as he was about to squat down and pick it up, Small Fox suddenly braked, aggressive and pouted:

β€œ Yo Yo Yo~”

Not only did he not allow him to hug, but he also blocked Lu Chen’s way forward.

Qing He on the side hurriedly said:

“Yingying, don’t make trouble, mother asked him to come up.”



Small Fox called out a second time and ran back angrily.

Seeing the unfathomable mystery on Lu Chen’s face, little girl explained: “Yingying is very sensitive to the smell of strangers. Men are usually not allowed to come up on the third floor.”


Lu Chen looked thoughtful and wondered if Jiang Hong’e was really a vixen. I don’t know why the other party wanted to build this Scarlet Chamber Garden, and it was also built in Weapon Suppressing Near Mansion.


This is with the acquiescence of Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

In this case, it should not be the act of killing people and stealing goods, but it is better to be careful.

Qinghe little girl led Lu Chen through the third floor, and soon came to a spacious room. The little girl smiled playfully and quietly retreated, leaving Lu Chen to look around alone.

This room is large and warmly furnished.

Carved beams and painted buildings.

copper mirror silver comb.

The smoke curls.

The curtains are heavy.

Lu Chen took a few steps forward, and saw a screen further down. On the screen was a translucent ink painting. A woman was drinking to the moon with a few lines of poetry on it.

Through the screen, you can faintly see a show bed behind, and there is a silhouette lying on the show bed.

Sweet curves.

Concave and convex.


Lu Chen raised his brows and took a few steps forward boldly.


Small Fox’s warning sounded several times inside the screen, Lu Chen hurriedly stopped, and finally saw the verse on the screen:

“Linglu car, Xiaoyaogui~”

“Luan and phoenix match, Yuanyang grave~”

“Dao is ruthless and most affectionate~”

“The world is gone, the lover is robbed~”

“The butterfly is flying, the mirror is broken~”

“The joys and sorrows, the red thread holds the hand~”


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β€œThe red thread holds the hand in hand!”

Lu Chen recited the verses on the painting silently, and then used to save others, vaguely feeling the real purpose of Jiang Hong’e’s establishment of Scarlet Chamber Garden, muttered:

“It’s for cultivation.”

“You have several points of knowledge.”

Zhao Hong’e got up on the bed, lazily Stretching the curves of lithe and graceful, put on a red gauze, showing bare feet, bypassing the screen, and appearing in front of Lu Chen, a pair of seductive eyes, looking at Lu Chen up and down, slightly surprised.

Beads are round and jade-like…

The front is convex and the back is curved…Jiang Hong’e.

When Lu Chen saw each other, he remembered the ripples from last night, and his heartbeat couldn’t help speeding up, especially the outfit in front of him made people spit blood, and quickly looked away.

“gΔ“ gΔ“ gΔ“ ~~”

Jiang Hong’e looked at the embarrassed Little Daoist Priest, his lovable body trembled for a while, charming and moving, and his smile suddenly changed again , reprimanded: “Vulgar husband, darker than other things!”

“Don’t curse!”

“hmph ~”

Jiang Hong’e Crisp Embracing his chest, coldly snorted, he said disdainfully, “It’s hard to love a woman, it’s normal, why do you have to be swayed!”

Lu Chen is embarrassed, knowing that the negotiation between the two sides has already begun. In the next discussion, it would be difficult to take the initiative, and he boldly retorted:

“Everyone can speak big words, if it is true, as Your Excellency said, dignified Jiang Hong’e, the old mother of Scarlet Chamber Garden, why? …still perfect?”


Jiang Hong’e was shy and annoyed, but couldn’t refute .

My chest trembled with anger.

Lu Chen was determined in his heart that the pair of dog eyes he practiced in his previous life did not disappoint.

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