My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 90

“It’s really good.’

Lu Chen is very satisfied, using the Second Rank Thousand Miles Communication Talisman to communicate, not only is it difficult to intercept, but also can be used repeatedly, which is better than First Rank Communication Talisman is much more convenient and more secretive.

The corner of his mouth twitched.

Lu Chen shook his robe and walked out of the little Yin Sector.


The strong fragrance awakened Meng Yao at the beginning of the morning sun. She crawled out of her long hair, rubbed her big hazy eyes, and saw Lu Chen sitting on the stone mountain. On the top, two pieces of cleaned animal meat were grilled.


“Well, it’s almost there,

Lu Chen laughed, and grilled it with red fire for a while, sprinkled with salt and spices , then slice with the Peach Wood Sword.

crystal clear and near-transparent.

A complete range of colors and flavors.

Meng Yao ate a small slice and quenched her cravings, Hu Niu ate three slices, ran around, yelling, Lu Chen ate ten pieces in a row, her whole body was on fire, covered with Crimson, he was not in a hurry to meet the Taoist Kunning, so he rested at ease on the stone mountain cultivation Limitless Pure Yang Merit. Recruiting.

It’s slow and fast.

“hu hu ‘

A small tornado appeared at Lu Chen’s feet.

With cultivation.

As The shadows follow.


After a long time, Lu Chen lightly shouted, like a thunderclap, the whole body skeleton banged violently, and the tornado under his feet also dissipated, and Lu Chen shouted again. Surprised and delighted, muttered:

“Seventh Layer is up, continue!”

From the beginning of morning sun.

To the dark moon hanging in the air.

In the blink of an eye, two days have passed. During the two days, Lu Chen did not leave Stone Mountain for half a step. He consumed all the flesh and blood of the Second Rank yellow rat Monster Wolf. Limitless Pure Yang Merit advanced by leaps and bounds .

Under constant penance.

Finally reached the Ninth Layer

The top of Stone Mountain, Lu Chen opened his eyes and looked at the morning sun, feeling happy, ninth layer Perfection, finally made ( Innate Pure Yang Physique ], he stood under the morning sun, feeling that he was dazzling than the sun.


Lu Chen was glowing, the blood in his whole body seemed to be burning, for a long time Afterwards, it slowly converges, and the characteristic is pure yang, and it has also transformed into [Innate pure yang], with a strength of nearly five thousand pounds.

extraordinary and refined !

unimaginable !

Lu Chen suppressed his excitement and stretched out his hand a little:


[Limitless Pure Yang Merit Promote Level Condition]:

[1]: One cultivation technique (achieved!)

[2]: 100 catties of flesh and blood (achieved!)

[3]: Innate Chunyang ( Achieved!)

[4]:Three hundred spiritsand (achieved!)

[Name]:Lu Chen

[cultivation base ]:Qi Refinement 8-Layer

[Feature]:Innate Pure Yang

[cultivation technique ]:Limitless Pure Yang Merit Perfection (Promote Level!)+

“Finally Can Promote Level ah, Promote Level !’

“shua !’

spiritsand and the flesh and blood of the warhorse in front of him disappeared, Lu Chen’s height forcibly increased by two inches, and all the flesh and blood trembled. When he got up, his muscles were undulating, his bloodline was sputtering, and on his temples, two strands of hair turned from white to black.


After a while, Lu Chen calmed down and looked towards A light curtain in front of you.

[Name]:Lu Chen

[life essence ]:17/121

[cultivation technique ]: Aoki Longevity Mastery (upgrade Conditions are expandable!)

There is one more item [life essence] in the light curtain, and Limitless Pure Yang Merit has also been successfully transformed into Secret Treasure Level [Aoki Longevity Gong]. All made up in an instant.

Not only that.

There is still an increase!

A practitioner in the first realm usually does not increase the life essence. Lu Chen, actually broke through the life limit.

This is entirely the credit of Aoki Longevity.

He felt silently.

After a while, he opened his eyes excitedly. Aoki Changsheng Gong is worthy of Secret Treasure Level Body Refinement cultivation technique. Comparing with Method Release Immortal Master, you can also use the Aoki Longevity Technique to absorb tree vigor and raise three [Longevity Pills] in the body.

One longevity pill!

30 years of life extension!

Three longevity pills are the life essence of 90 years. This is too exaggerated, I can only say, it is worthy of Secret Treasure Level

“Okay, that’s great!’

Lu Chen is so happy, waiting for him to raise three longevity pills If you come out, you can live to two hundred and eleven years old. In terms of life essence, it is not inferior to those who cultivate in the second realm.

It is really scary.

“ao wu ~’


A tiger roar sounded, Meng Yao rode Hu Niu up to the stone mountain, her small body stood up on Hu Niu’s back, and said happily: “big brother, found a town.



Meng Yao pointed to the south of Stone Mountain, and said in a crisp voice:

“There are a lot of people, called Green river town.


Lu Chen is not surprised. Since there are bandits here, all around will naturally have the soil for them to survive. If you come to Green River Town, most of them are- A big oasis, however, a trifling town, Lu Chen has no interest in paying attention to it. If it were the only big city in Mozhou [Wangqiu City], he would still be willing to meet the world.


The city of Wangqiu is said to be north of the Nieshui River. It is too far away to go there at this time.

It’s just two days.

Hu Niu again He has grown a lot, and his shoulder height is nearly 1.5 meters, almost reaching Lu Chen’s chest. This is naturally the result of digesting the sandworm and Second Rank demon meat, and it is not far from being transformed into Spirit Beast.


The day-to-day killings have also infected Hu Niu with a lot of viciousness, affecting the spirituality, and there are a few more blood in the eyes.

Lu Chen She took two steps forward, put her hand on the top of Hu Niu’s head, Spiritual Qi surged in her body, and after a while, she dispelled all the evil spirits, Hu Niu’s faint eyes were a little more agile, she shook her big head, and she was tired of kissing. Rubbing Lu Chen’s big hand, he slowly leaned in front of him “Let me ride?’

“ao wu ~’

Hu Niu nodded her head, like silk and satin His jet-black hair swayed like water waves, and Meng Yao also happily extended a small hand to Lu Chen

“big brother, come up quickly. “

“Then… well.

“áo hǒu !’

With a roar of a tiger, Hu Niu turned and ran down the Stone Mountain, all the way to the Tiger Mountain, sitting one big and one on her back. small two figures ,

Wait for Lu Chen to return to the boulder on the east side of Huwei Mountain, spread out his left hand, and start to cast spells:

“The Mirror of the Universe!”

The light is interlaced, and a picture shows the palm of the hand. In the empty stone hall, a group of monsters with roe-headed and mouse-eyes are lined up on both sides. The Kunning Taoist is kneeling in the center of the stone hall, saying something, saliva splash across, on the high platform in front, a line The burly silhouette stood with her hands behind her back. “ka-cha!

That silhouette motionless, the picture of Lu Chen’s palms shattered automatically.

“Mountain Monarch Lu!

Lu Chen was startled, and quickly took Meng Yao and Hu Niu to hide in the little Yin Sector.

In the stone hall, Mountain Monarch Lu turned around slowly, looking like a human, with three horizontal lines on his forehead, like the word “king”, when he raised his hand, the Kunning Taoist below hurriedly stopped, not daring to breathe, his brows slightly wrinkle, Looking east, he opened his mouth and took a deep breath:


one black one white two figures flew out of Mountain Monarch Lu’s mouth and quickly flew out of the stone palace

Soon, two figures appeared above the boulder, levitating out of thin air, one wearing a white clothed robe, carrying a piece of intestines, fresh blood dripping, the other wearing a black clothed robe, shouldering a string of skulls, terrifying and eerie.


[Information]:Second Rank Can find Lu Chen hidden in the little Yin Sector, whispered:

“Old Hei, why is there no one?’

“Let’s go.

“Ai, go on an errand for nothing !’


Both sighed, looked at each other, flew back, and disappeared soon There was only a single boulder lying on the spot, and after a while, the two appeared out of thin air again, panting with rage and saying:

“Old black, the errand is broken. ‘

“Yeah, it’s unavoidable to go back and clean up, alas!”

Hei Wuxiang became more and more angry, stretched out his hand, and a skull flew out from his shoulder, “Boom” With a bang, it exploded on the boulder, the Nether Ghost splattered all over the place, and Bai Wuchang was also annoyed, and his intestines were fiercely beaten on the boulder, fiercely said:

“Kill you to death!”


A long breath sounded, the boulder suddenly trembled, a pair of eyebrows opened on the boulder, as if he had just woken up, saw two figures in the air, and said dullly:

“What wind brought the two big brothers here?’

“Let’s avoid friendship.”

Bai Wuchang has nowhere to scatter, coldly snorted , asked: “Shi Kun, Mountain Monarch asked you to guard the gate, you are so good, you don’t change your mind, you dare to doze off, this time our brother will be punished, and you also have a responsibility.

“Don’t, two big brothers, you have something to talk about.’

“hmph !’

The two ghosts ignored them, panting with rage. Fly away from Tiger Mountain.

“like the fox which exploits the tiger’s might.”

“I, Shikun, have thick skin, so I’m not afraid of you, hum!”

“Little People.

“Ah, I’m so sleepy, I’ll sleep for a while, just a little while..

Shi Kun yawned, and the boulder shook. After a few moments, I found a more comfortable position, and my eyebrows and eyes gradually closed. Soon, the sound of even breathing sounded, getting smaller and smaller, and finally weak and inaudible.

[Name]: Demon

[Information]: Second Rank Stone Demon

Inside the little Yin Sector, Lu Chen looked up at the boulder that appeared in the sky, He was speechless for a while, and he didn’t expect that the five-meter boulder in front of him was actually a stone monster.

Before his six-eyed Bodhi Seed, he didn’t even see a clue.

Lu Chen was not in a hurry to go out. He took out a Spirit Stone, used the sealing method, and created a “sealing ball” again. After waiting for a while, he quietly walked out of the little Yin Sector and faced the boulder beside him. One shot:

“Seal method!


The boulder shrank and slipped into the seal ball quietly.

“hehe ”

Seeing that the stone demon showed no sign of waking up, Lu Chen finally calmed down and looked at Meng Yao on his shoulders, one big and one small silhouettes snickered and quickly left,

After another day,

Kunning Taoist finally walked down the Wei Tiger Mountain. Lu Chen could not be found. He could only ride eastward on a crested corpse crane and flew out. After ten li or so, I suddenly saw a silhouette standing on the low hill below, with Black Tiger lying beside him.

It was Lu Chen.

Kunning Taoist eyes flickered , quietly tore a piece of talisman paper, and reached out and knocked the head of the crested corpse crane.


The crested corpse crane screamed and fell towards the low hill. go.

Lu Chen turned around, looked up at the falling silhouette, and smiled.

“Not good !


Kunning Taoist just woke up when he heard a sword cry explode in his ear, a Peach Wood Sword appeared, twirled around Bo’s neck, and a head rolled down.

The corpse is divided into two.

Kunning Taoist is still not dead, his head rolled off the back of the crane, and panic-yelled:

“He’er, save me!’


The Crested Corpse Crane screamed and swooped, with its mouth open, it pecked the Kunning Taoist’s head, flapped its wings, and quickly fled westward. “Hey, he didn’t die!”

Lu Chen squeezed sword art in hand, Yaoyao pointed:


The sword cry was loud, and Peach Wood Sword instantly chased the crested corpse crane. Behind him, it suddenly became bigger, and a sword cut off the slender neck of the crested corpse crane. Immediately, one person and one crane fell from the air.

“Ah, Your Highness, save me!”

At this time, a dark cloud came flying from the west. On the dark cloud stood a monster with a tiger head human body. He held a tiger wing knife and glared at Lu Chen. !,


Lu Chen rolled the eyes, reached out and beckoned, the Peach Wood Sword shot back, the tiger demon breathed a sigh of relief, and saw five ghosts appear out of thin air under the Kun Ning Daoist, the torso and head moved in front of Lu Chen together with the torso.

“Lu..FellowDaoist Lu.

Kun Ning His voice trembled and he was almost scared to death. Lu Chen reached out and touched the other person and found a storage bag. He was satisfied. Faint smile said:

“Call someone to kill me?



“hmph, how dare you lie. “

“Don’t…don’t, it’s Poor Daoist who wants to take the big credit alone, admit his punishment, and ask Fellow Daoist to make a difference. ‘


“Ah, I am a necromancer.’

“áo hǒu !

Hu Niu pounced in an instant, biting the skull of Kunning Taoist, Lu Chen sneered, whispered:

“I care who you are.”

The tiger demon stopped far away Down, standing on a black cloud, angrily said:

“How dare you kill a friend of a certain.


“He’s a hero!,

Seeing Lu Chen’s expressionless expression, the tiger demon pointed at the tiger girl beside Lu Chen, meaning Deeply said: “Leave this black tiger, you can let go of the past.

“hmph hum!

Lu Chen was fundamentally disinclined to pay attention to , and waved the tiger girl into the little one. Yin Sector.

“Eat a certain knife!”

When the tiger demon saw this, he slashed with a knife, and saw a dazzling blade glow roaring out, as if to slash Lu Chen twice, Lu Chen Fearless, hands form a secret art, five ghosts appear around the body, whirling around.


“shua !”

The dwarf hill was split open by the tiger demon, but Lu Chen appeared out of thin air. 100 meters away, unscathed, without turning his head, he flew eastward with his sword.

“Where to escape, roar!’

With the tiger demon angry roar, the dark clouds under him suddenly dissipated and quickly spread in front of Lu Chen, in an instant, the sky, the ground, and all directions. , ten faces, all covered by dark clouds.

There is no way to the sky.

There is no way to enter the earth!

Lu Chen continues to use his sword to move forward, but his sense of direction is not Unconsciously, there was a deviation, and he started to circle around the cloud wall, as if the whole area had become a hunting park for tiger demons. Only when the other party was full would they let people go. When he looked back, he saw the Second Rank tiger demon. Carrying a tiger wing knife and chasing after him.

Lu Chen didn’t panic, hands form a secret art, loudly shouts:

“Five ghosts and gods!’

“shua !’

Five ghosts appeared around Lu Chen, carrying him around for a spin

and disappeared out of thin air.

Wait for Lu Chen to appear again, UU Reading is still within the cloud wall, as if the entire area has been blocked.

The tiger Monster God was proud, leaned over and turned into a colorful tiger to shuttle through the clouds, flickering, said with a big smile: “How about this [Ten Fang Surrounding Hunting Method] can still be seen? As long as you leave the black tiger behind, what you just said will still be valid.”

“Is this the one who kills me?’

Lu Chen thought and carried a scarlet handle on his back. Manifestation.

Murderous intention is imminent.

It’s like a light on its back.

The tiger demon’s face changed dramatically, and he hurriedly retreated several hundred meters, uncertain.



At this moment, an eagle chirped in the sky, Lu Chen raised his head, his eyes brightened, and in an instant, the whole sky was reflected in a scarlet, and with a whine, A gray eagle that was split in half fell from the sky, and the ten-direction hunting method was also broken.

“pu !’

The tiger demon was startled and spit a mouthful of blood.

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