My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 91

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The blood knife returns to its sheath, Lu Chen squinted at each other with a grim expression: “On the face of your father Mountain Monarch Lu, I will spare your life today and dare to provoke me again. , just like this eagle, get out!”


The tiger demon was furious in his heart, but he didn’t dare to speak madly, and hurriedly drove the clouds away go.

Lu Chen sees this, sighed slightly in relief.

If he is sure, he actually doesn’t mind killing a tiger demon. Unfortunately, the opponent’s father is the third rank Great Demon.

Just now.

In fact, it’s just a hemp stick to fight a wolf… two ends are afraid.

Fortunately, a gray eagle helped him clear the siege. In the heart, he took a few breaths of silence for the gray eagle. Lu Chen Yujian flew eastward, escaping several dozen li in a row, until it flew out of the long distance. Yellow sand, came to the border of Yuluanzhou.

He was completely relaxed.

Stopping on a big tree, Lu Chen turned over and took out the storage bag of Daoist Kunning. Spiritual Qi sensed ten cubic spaces in it.

A bit of tidying up.

Slightly gained.

An Authentic Level secret art “The Secret Art of Refining the Corpse”.

More than two hundred grains of spiritsand.

Dozens of large and small corpse urns, as well as dozens of First Rank talismans, including Communication Talisman, Divine Rune Talisman, Statue Talisman, Golden Light Talisman, Invisibility Talisman, etc., apart from this , and more than a dozen ox-hair needles.

[Name]: Magical Artifact

[Information]: Ding Po Needle


“Ding Po Needle” Needle?”

Lu Chen picked up a fine needle of cow hair, looked at it a few times, and put it back into the box. It should be used for corpse control.

Put things away.

Lu Chen released Hu Niu, one big and one small, a tiger, and three silhouettes all the way to the barracks. In his spare time, he took the opportunity to refinish the Second Rank whisk.

After two days, I finally returned to the barracks.


It has been nearly ten days since the visit, and the changes in the entire barracks were not very big. The news of Lu Chen’s return was quickly reported by the soldiers. Was taken into the White Tiger Hall.

In the White Tiger Hall, everyone gathered.

Jun Wuji opened the mouth and said:

“Where is Kun’s worship?”


The entire White Tiger hall suddenly fell silent, Jun Wuji lightly coughed:

“How are things?”

“It’s going well.”

Jun Wuji’s face After a little delay, he asked:

“Tell me the details.”


Lu Chen nods, and will be visiting Kunning as a guest at Tiger Mountain. As for himself, he took it all with one mouth. After all, he hadn’t even climbed the mountain. Besides, he didn’t want to take credit for that.

After Jun Wuji listened, he looked at Bai Sha with a grimace mask beside him.

Bai Sha took a small step closer and whispered:

“I didn’t lie.”

Jun Wuji slightly nodded and asked again:


“How do people die?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to look over, some people taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, some harboring malicious intentions, and of course Fang Yuqi felt uneasy, Lu Chen also felt the pressure. Brace oneself said:

“Die…die for greed!”

Heisha has ears:

” I didn’t lie.”

Jun Wuji slightly frowned, seemed a little displeased with Kunning’s greed for merit, and then asked:

“Who killed it?”

“Death to the tiger’s mouth.”

Bai Sha approached and said:

“No lie!”

“The tiger’s mouth…”

Jun Wuji murmured, with scruples in his heart, he didn’t ask any more questions, he waved his hand: “Lu Zong did not work hard, but he did hard work this time. I will remember it once.”

” Thank you, Lord.”

Lu Chen stepped back, and Jun Wuji said again:

“What do you say in the east?”

A general came out, cup one fist in the other hand said:

“Hui Wangye, Tianmu daoist was traveling abroad and couldn’t see him.”

“Where is the south?”

” Jiming Mountain Master can’t get out.”


At this time, a messenger with a pennant on his back rushed into the White Tiger Hall, half kneeling on the ground , gasping for breath:

“Great…Great Demon is coming from the west!”


Everyone was in an uproar and rushed out of the camp in a hurry .

Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi stood together, looked up to the west, and saw a dark cloud rolling in, in the dark cloud, standing one after another silhouette, or a deer head and a mouse eye, or Wearing hair and horns, or waving flags, or beating gongs and drums.


Stop the sky.

Wherever they pass, the birds are scattered and flee, and the beasts are in a panic!

“This is… the Great Demon’s outing.”

Everyone was deeply shocked, and then one by one, they became excited, blushing and thick necks.

“Gather the soldiers, gather the soldiers!”

“Cross the river and cross the river!”

“The Yuan thief will be defeated today! Send the order, attack!”



The entire barracks was a mess, Lu Chen took Fang Yuqi to the corner and said solemnly:

“Where’s the blood food?”

“Boys and girls?”



Fang Yuqi looked complicated, looked all around, and whispered: “It was gathered three days ago, a total of three thousand, all from Fengpo City, the entire Fengpo City is full of resentment, and almost turned upside down, it’s Black. The Armor Army forcibly suppressed them and slaughtered a lot of people, and now they are being raised in the camp on the east side of the barracks.”

Seeing that Lu Chen was about to leave, Fang Yuqi asked quickly:

“What are you going to do?”

Lu Chen stepped one stopped and turned back:

“Save people.”

“I’ll go too!”

Fang Yuqi took a step forward and reached out to grab Lu Chen’s big hand.

Lu Chen laughed, the Great Demon came because of him, he couldn’t let go, nodded and said:


Wait for Fang Yuqi handed over 5,000 soldiers under his command to Zhang Kui, and then brought the little White Tiger fairy to meet Lu Chen outside the barracks. Lu Chen put the little White Tiger into the little Yin Sector, took out a talisman paper, said with a smile :

“Press a fingerprint first.”


Fang Yuqi reached out and left a small fingerprint on the talisman, wondering Road:

“What is this?”

“Thousand Miles Communication Talisman of Second Rank.”

“How did you get it?”

“Killed a Second Rank Yellow Demon.”

Lu Chen explained, put away the Communication Talisman, took Fang Yuqi, avoided all around Black Armor Army’s eyeliner, all the way east Going, no more than 500 meters, I saw a slightly smaller camp appeared in front of me.

The same guards.

The same iron armor.

Lu Chen took out the only two Invisibility Talisman from his arms, one put it on Fang Yuqi, the other put it on himself, the figures of the two suddenly disappeared, and Lu Chen was about to pass the front door. go in.

Fang Yuqi suddenly grabbed the corner of his clothes and pointed to the gate of the camp:

“Look there!”

Lu Chen stepped down and went Looking around with his fingers, Tong Kong shrank, and saw two small black dogs tethered to the back of the camp gate, his eyes were faint, and he was looking around vigilantly.

Fang Yuqi explained:

“It’s the First Rank Spirit Beast [Guardian Dog] trained by the Black Armor Army, with a pair of eyes that have [exploration] ability, can see through concealment, Illusion Technique, etc. , can prevent people from visiting the camp, there seem to be only a few in the entire Black Armor Army, this camp has been listed as a forbidden area, except for the soldiers guarding the camp, no one else can enter.”

“The barracks is that Where’s the side?”

“There are no guard dogs there, but there are usually dedicated guard dogs.”


Lu Chen understood and brought As Fang Yuqi went around to the side, he hands form a secret art, and said silently:

“Five ghosts are chaotic!”

Five ghosts appeared, surrounding the two of them. After turning around, in an instant, the two disappeared out of thin air and reappeared, already in the camp.

“Be careful.”

Lu Chen exhorted, hiding and approaching a tent.

When the patrolling soldiers passed by, the two finally tore open the tent and sneaked in. The entire tent was silent. Thirty-five years old, the older one has just turned ten years old, and they are all staggered and unconscious.

In the center of the tent, there is an incense burner, a blue smoke bird is rising in the incense burner, and the whole tent is filled with smoke.

“It’s ecstasy!”

Fang Yuqi and Lu Chen looked at each other and quickly held their breath.

Lu Chen frowned:

“There are only 100 people in one tent. I’m afraid there are no less than 30 tents, which is a bit troublesome.”

“What do you want to do? ?”

“I originally planned to put people into the little Yin Sector, but the child is too small, I’m afraid it can’t stand the deadness, so I can only put people in the seal ball, but it takes a lot of time, If it takes a long time, I’m afraid it will be noticed by the patrolling soldiers.”

Fang Yuqi had an idea and said with a smile:

“I have an idea.”

“Tell me about it.”

“The guard here is a general under Jun Wuji, named Gao Yang. Ji may not be very loyal, the most important thing is that the other party is greedy for life and fear of death, if he can be captured and coerced with death, he may not be able to make him submit.”

“In this case, why would Jun Wuji do it? Let such a person guard this place?”


The two of them looked at each other, and both had guesses in their hearts, so they tacitly decided to use Invisibility Talisman, quietly approaching the main general’s tent.

Blue sky and daylight.

Long and bright.

There is a guard dog tied in front of the head coach’s tent. The soldiers all around have been driven away by Gao Yang, and there are bursts of extravagant sounds. With a weak sword cry, the guard dog suddenly fall to the ground.


Lu Chen took back the two sword stars, lifted his foot into the tent, and saw on the innermost bed, a man and two women were exercising.

He was sweating profusely.

She screamed.


Aware that someone was approaching, Gao Yang hurriedly stopped, reached out and grabbed the long knife at the head of the bed, but turned his head and saw two sword stars touching his neck Up and down, it suddenly became cold.

“Don’t move, or…kill you!”


Gao Yang screamed, but his expression suddenly With a stern, the long knife in his hand flipped over, stirred violently, and blocked the two sword stars in an instant. He jumped off the bed in one step, dragged the knife behind him, his fat body trembled, and stabbed at Lu Chen, said with a malicious smile:



Peach Wood Sword lifted lightly, Lu Chen blocked the long sword with one sword, and the force of the counterattack made Gao Yang retreat After a few steps, the long knife in his hand flew out. Lu Chen took the opportunity to step forward, spun lightly under his feet, raised the Peach Wood Sword, and slammed the sword on the back of Gao Yang’s neck.



Raising his eyes and rolling his eyes, he threw himself to the ground. Just as the woman was about to scream, Lu Chen coldly said:

“Dare to scream, kill!”

The two women hurriedly covered their mouths in horror, shiver coldly.

“Put on your clothes.”


The two women shivered and put on their clothes, Lu Chen tied Gao Yang and held it up A pot of herbal tea on the table was about to wake people up, when a woman on the bed flickered her eyes and finally seized the opportunity, stretched out her right hand, flicked her five fingers, and five transparent silk threads flew from her fingertips, wrapping around her. Live on Lu Chen’s hands, feet and neck.

Lu Chen’s body stiffened, and it felt as if a sharp blade was pressing against the key.

A little intentional movement will result in two points of the corpse.

The woman stood up, raised her chin, glanced proudly at the shocked woman beside her, stuck out her left hand, and snapped the neck of the woman in the same bed, as if she had done it. An insignificant little thing, walking out of the bed with bare feet, swaying, said with a lovable smile:

“Hey, someone really took care of those little devils…”



Before the voice fell, Fang Yuqi appeared behind the opponent, the sword of shock was raised, and the sword pierced the woman’s heart, the woman was stunned, just about to pull Lu Chen put his back on the back, Lu Chen suddenly took two steps back, turned around, twisted his right arm, held the five silk threads in his hand, and his arms burst with blue veins, pulling hard.



The woman screamed, her entire right arm was torn off by Lu Chen.

Blood splatters.

horrible to see.

The head is tilted, and it is completely dead!

“Are you all right?”

“It’s okay.”

Lu Chen was a little scared, although he was on guard, he almost said, A transparent silk thread was gathered, and he said with emotion:

“This woman is not simple, know her name?”

Fang Yuqi relaxed, explaining:

“This person appears and disappear unpredictably, I haven’t seen her either, I’ve only heard her name occasionally, called Mrs. Wuxian.”


“Yes, and in the ranks The second-class worships the head.”

“No wonder.”

Lu Chen nodded, looking at the silk thread in his hand.

[Name]: Magical Artifact

[Information]: First Rank Wuxiansi


” Five-stringed silk?”

“It is said that it was obtained from a damaged high-level ancient zither Magical Artifact. After dismantling, it was re-made into five-stringed silk. The material grade is quite high, even if the Method Release Immortal Master is slightly If you are careless, you will also drink hate.”

“Give it to you.”


Fang Yuqi shook his head, patted a sword in his waist , raised his white chin, and said to himself:

“A sword is enough!”


Lu Chen didn’t say more, He gave Mrs. Wuxian’s storage bag to Fang Yuqi, wrapped the five-stringed wire around her fingers, and then woke Gao Yang, a burst of intimidation. Although Gao Yang was brave, he was afraid of death. .

A compromise was chosen. UU Reading

Lu Chen ordered him to transfer the soldiers, and then re-trained two seal balls. After a busy morning, he finally put 3,000 boys and girls into the seal ball.

So far.

Lu Chen finally felt relieved.

In the final analysis, this third rank tiger demon Mountain Monarch Lu came because of him. On the battlefield, there are no guns and guns. If the soldiers die, they will die, but if three thousand boys and girls die in the tiger’s mouth, they will His state of mind is detrimental, otherwise, with his self-centered temperament, he may not be able to take care of this business.

“Let’s go.”

“en! “

Fang Yuqi nods.

Fang Yuqi nods. As Lu Chen quietly left, in the entire camp, in addition to more than a thousand unknown Black Armor Army, only the solitary corpses of Gao Yang are left.

Back to the barracks.

I found that there were only hundreds of soldiers left in the entire barracks, and the two of them didn’t stop. They rode their horses and ran north all the way to the banks of the Nie Shui River. Lu Chen saw Nie On the river, a two-story tidal building sails without sails.


Over and over again.

Take a boat The Black Armor Army ships to the North Shore without a break.

β€œZeng! ”

The two persons controlling the sword flew up and landed on the top floor of a building boat. Following the building boat, they crossed the river. Soon, they finally reached the north bank of the Nieshui River. To the north of the river, there are battlefields everywhere, in the sky, on the ground, horses, foot, fighting, fighting.


Dismembered limbs!

“There is no Mountain Monarch Lu. “

“There is no Yuan Qingshan.” ”

The two of them looked at each other and landed by the river. The four Method Release Immortal Masters with the highest cultivation base on the entire battlefield, Black and White Fiends against Xuanyang Daoist and Yuan Baixi, flew high in the sky , Faintly discernible among the clouds and mists.

rising winds, scudding clouds.

Lightning and thundering.

True Fire has been fired.

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