My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 92

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Fang Yuqi looked at the ground battlefield, be eager to have a try:

“I’m going to lead the army!”

“Be careful.”

“en. โ€

Fang Yuqi rode the little White Tiger released by Lu Chen and ran quickly to an army formation where there were five of her men. Thousands of soldiers, Lu Chen did not stop him, Fang Yuqi Qi Refinement forged his body again, and his strength was not weak. Without the intervention of the Method Release Immortal Master, few people could match.

Lu Chen released Hu Niu again with a stern smile:

“It’s a great opportunity, how can I let it go!”

After finishing speaking, he rode Hu Niu and rushed in. On the battlefield, the Peach Wood Sword in his hand trembled, and seven sword stars came out all around him like swimming fish.

“pu ๅ‘ฒ~”

“Kill Sha~”

The attack of tens of thousands of people is boundless, even if Lu Chen harvests wildly, in the whole The battlefield was still unremarkable, and time passed slowly in the fight. Lu Chen’s clothes were not stained with blood, avoiding the strangulation of the large army formation, riding tigress on the battlefield, and most of the afternoon passed.

Finally, two thousand souls were gathered.

โ€œรกo hว’u ~โ€

Hu Niu jumped up on a pile of corpses, looked down at the four sides, opened her mouth, and entered the entrance of the Quartet Bing Shahui, the tigerโ€™s body shook, and her body Imposing manner climbed a lot, transformed into Spirit Beast impressively on the battlefield.

โ€œรกo hว’u ~โ€

Hu Niu raised her head to the sky and roared her filial piety, opened her mouth and spit out, flying sand running stone, and the black mist surging out, only to hear the sound of soldiers fighting, The black fog rushed out more than ten meters in an instant, shrouding the soldiers who were fighting.



The screams were loud, and when the black fog receded, only the stumps of the soldiers were left. The body has been riddled with holes, terrible to see.

“Niuniu is amazing!”

Meng Yao clapped her hands and looked around secretly in Lu Chen’s arms, her big eyes sparkling, she couldn’t say how happy she was, but she didn’t dare to go out , There are soldiers everywhere on this battlefield, and only Lu Chen can feel at ease in his arms.

[Name]: Spirit Beast

[Information]: First Rank Black Tiger, Black Tiger Sha


“Black Tiger Sha?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, stretched out his hand and a little light curtain in front of his eyes:


ใ€Nine Heavens Slaughter Demon Slash Upgrade Conditions]:

[1]: Two thousand dead souls (2000/2000 has been achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[Divine Ability]: Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Mastery (upgradeable!)+


Lu Chen took a Deep breath, reach out and tap:


The blue veins on the forehead bulge, the crimson hilt on the back manifests, trembles slightly, and sinks again an inch, a few The soldiers saw Lu Chen motionless and shouted to kill.

โ€œรกo hว’u ~โ€

Hu Niu opened her mouth and sipped a black tiger, and in the blink of an eye, several people were destroyed.

With Tiger Niu guarding, Lesser Divine Ability Nine Heavens Demon Slaying Slash was quickly promoted from proficient to ใ€Great Accomplishment ใ€‘, Lu Chen was very happy and stretched out his hand a little:


[Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Condition]:

[1]: Three Thousand Souls (0/3000 not reached!)

…. ..

“Three thousand?”

Lu Chen relaxed, the most fearful thing is to double at every turn, but fortunately it only increased by one thousand, the next upgrade is not difficult, he turned his head Looking at the battlefield, the setting sun was like blood. As the Black Armor Army continued to cross the river, the Phoenix Armor Army began to retreat.

“Hurry up.”

Lu Chen grunted, and without delay, attacked the crowd again.

โ€œpuchi ~โ€

โ€œpuchi ~โ€


Lu Chen was harvesting when a scream suddenly came It sounded high in the sky, he looked up quickly, and saw Heisha in Black and White Fiends falling into the clouds, with a “boom”, and fell on the battlefield.

The entire battlefield fell silent.

“Kill! Kill!”

Then, the Fengjia Army’s morale was high and the situation was stabilized again.

“Old ghost!”

Hongsha screamed and wanted to fall, but was entangled by Taoist Xuanyang, Yuan Baixi also freed up his hand and began to cooperate with Taoist Xuanyang to surround and kill Red evil.


The spring thunder exploded, and the two of them performed the Celestial Phenomenon method together.

A red umbrella covered the top of his head, the red shaman hands form a secret art, and shouted:

“Shen Yuan Mantra!”

Red umbrella Blocking the lightning, a big mana hand grabbed the Hongsha, and the Hongsha dodged, with an afterimage on his body, falling quickly, and with a “bang”, he landed next to the Heisha, and hurriedly asked:

“Have you got it?”

“cough cough ~”

Heisha sat up with force, nodded hard, spread his left hand, and saw black and red in his palm.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Hongsha was overjoyed, waving a red pill into the air.


With a blast, a red fog covered the battlefield with a radius of 1,000 meters.

When the red fog dissipated, the black and red shuangsha had already fled, the situation took a turn for the worse, the morale of the Black Armor Army was greatly demoralized, the Fengjia Army was imposing like a rainbow, Lu Chen was no longer wantonly slaughter, and rode a tigress with him. Fang Yuqi converged and said solemnly:



“There is no way, black The Red Shuangsha is gone, and the two Method Release Immortal Masters are invincible.”


Fang Yuqi ordered his soldiers to retreat, and Lu Chen They retreated to the Nieshui River together. At this time, Yuan Baixi and Taoist Xuanyang descended from the sky.

The rain is like a sword.

The wind is like a knife.

The mountains and rivers are broken, and the wind and thunder are rolling.

In an instant, the entire battlefield was torn apart, and pieces of the Black Armor Army were destroyed by the wave of two Method Release Immortal Masters.

On the Nishui River.

Black and Red Shuangsha landed on a tidal boat, sat cross-legged, placed a small paper figurine in the middle, smeared the paper figurine’s body with blood, and planted long hair on the paper figurine’s body. overhead.

“red robe magic!”

“black robe magic!”

The two hands form a secret art and began to cast spells together, the wind whistled , black liquid surging, Heisha picked up a black needle and plunged it into the heart of the paper man.


On the battlefield, Yuan Baixi screamed suddenly, covered his heart, and fell from the air.

Hongsha picked up a red needle and poked it into the paper figure’s left eye.

“My eyes!”

Yuan Baixi howled mournfully, disheveled hair, leaving a line of turbid tears in his left eye.


Black and red Shuangsha spoke in unison.

And fingers like knives!

Break your head off!


On this day, the black and red Shuangsha joined forces to cast spells, and Yuan Baixi died without a single incident!


“Senior Brother!”

Daoist Xuanyang came, and saw Yuan Baixi lying on his back on the ground, white clothed As before, people are dead, the Taoist Xuanyang shed tears on the spot, tremblingly restrained the body, and roared up to the sky:




The Fengjia Army was in an uproar, and its morale plummeted. Like prepare for there funeral, it began to retreat slowly, but it couldn’t retreat for five miles. The black and red pairs went away and returned. Abandoned more than 10,000 Fengjia soldiers and fled west alone.

“It’s over?”

“The overall situation has been decided!”

Lu Chen brought Fang Yuqi out of Yin Sector when he was a child, and when the situation changed suddenly, Feng Yuqi came out of Yin Sector. The army of the first army was already headless, and the two looked at each other, both happy and uneasy.

Fang Yuqi said with a smile:

“I’m going to command the army and recover Fengxian Town tomorrow.”


Lu Chen White Qingqi then nodded, watched Fang Yu ride away on the little Tiger, and whispered, “Is Yuan Shan dead?” He shook the head again, no more thinking, energetic and bustling, riding a tiger girl. All the way to the north to pursue the routed soldiers.

“We surrender!”

“I don’t accept it!”

In the wilderness, a group of phoenix armies fled when they saw Lu Chen riding a tiger, He hurriedly threw away the long spear in his hand, fell to his knees, Lu Chen saw no one around, sneered, and walked away.

Feng Jiajun behind him were pierced by sword stars one by one.


“No misunderstanding”

A group of Black Armor Army saw Lu Chen alone and wanted to blackmail him, but he was caught by him The backhand was destroyed, and Lu Chen chased all the way.

See friends and kill friends.

Encounter the enemy and kill the enemy.

All the way through, there is no enemy or me.

Until it was dark, the 800 dead souls were barely harvested, and the rest of the Phoenix Armored Army had basically fallen. Seeing that there were no rout soldiers ahead, Lu Chen rode back on a tiger girl and joined Fang Yuqi. Later, with more than 4,000 soldiers and armor, they set off towards Fengxian Town overnight.

Halfway through, encounter another Black Armor Army.

โ€œxu lu lu ~โ€

The soldiers stopped, and a silhouette walked out from the cavalry formation, wearing a red tassel helmet and a red tassel spear on the back, it was a rouge tiger Tongxin, Tongxin surrendered After the Black Armor Army, he was trusted and was able to lead an army alone.

And there are 2,000 elite cavalry pawns.

Now she can’t wait to go north, but also to win Fengxian Town as soon as possible. After all, her brother Tongguan is still in Fengxian Town, and there has been no news for the past ten days, and she doesn’t know if she is alive or dead.

The two armies accompany each other.

Go north together.

Until the early morning of the second day, they finally arrived outside Fengxian Town, surrounded by 6,000 soldiers and horses, and a white flag was raised on the top of the city.

Fall without a fight!



I thought I could kill another wave, but Lu Chen was disappointed.

The more than 1,000 phoenix armored troops guarding the city were neatly disarmed, and the people in the city were restless, trembling with fear, when Fang Yuqi was wearing a white armor and riding a small White Tiger into the city gate, for a while, thunderous cheers.

“Ah! It’s General Fang!”

“General Fang is in town, General Fang is in town!”

“Very good!”

“Wu wu wu, you can expect the general to come.”

“There is another rush…”

The veterans are surrounded by the town. The people greeted each other, and countless people scrambled to pass on the praises. Many people cried with joy. Feng Jiajun did not treat them as human beings. During this time, they suffered enough misfortunes. Now the Fang Family is back in Fengxian Town.

How can I not be happy.

Lu Chen grinned, looked at Fang Yuqi, who was valiant and formidable looking at the front, and said:

“As expected of… our little wife!”


The handover of Fengxian Town was uneventful, Lu Chen looked boring, rode a tiger girl to Long Spring Temple, and passed through the streets. Soon, I finally saw the Taoist temple that was both familiar and unfamiliar.

Meng Yao stood on Lu Chen’s shoulder and looked around on tiptoe:


“Well, our home!”


Meng Yao nodded her head vigorously, her face full of little happiness, Lu Chen rode a tiger girl forward, stopped outside the gate, and saw the gate of the gate open, no half silhouette is seen inside.

“Run away?”

“Alright, let the Taoist temple be stained with blood.”

After Xuanyang Taoist escaped, most of them used Communication Talisman to notify Direct Disciple, in this way, also saved a lot of hands and feet.


Lu Chen flicked his fingers, and the plaque with the three characters “Baiyunguan” engraved on the gate of the gate, “Kacha”, broke into two pieces and fell. On the ground, Hu Niu lifted her front paws and patted them lightly.


With a muffled sound, the entire plaque all split up and in pieces.

Lu Chen stepped into the Taoist temple and was surprised to find that the entire Taoist temple had been expanded a lot. Earlier, it only had three acres, but now it occupies at least five acres, and it is divided into two entrances.

White walls and red tiles.

Pavilions and pavilions.

It looks quite elegant, with a flower bed in the front yard and a clear spring in the back yard.

“It’s not bad.”

Lu Chen is satisfied with the nodded, so, with only a few changes, it is a brand new Long Spring Temple. According to this scale, it can at least accommodate Hundreds of people.

After a few laps, Lu Chen left Long Spring Temple.


On the top of the city, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi stood side by side, looking at the wilderness outside the city, Lu Chen asked:

“Tongguan found it?”

“Well, the one found in the prison was tortured not badly, but fortunately no one died.”

“That’s fine.”

“That’s fine.”


Lu Chen nodded, looked all around, and whispered: “You have more than 4,000 soldiers, plus Tong Xin’s more than 1,000 elite cavalry, and this more than 1,000 soldiers, plus It’s almost eight thousand.”


Fang Yuqi sighed, worried:

“Transfer my father to Feng Yuqi. Pocheng, in fact, is considered a hostage. Now that the battle is settled, I think it will be transferred soon, but I don’t know if I can still guard Fengxian Town?”

“I’m afraid it will be difficult.”

“en. โ€

Fang Yuqi stopped talking, turned to look at Lu Chen with a smile on his face:

“Don’t you bring the surname Fang back? “


Lu Chen grabbed Fang Yuqi’s slender hand and scratched it, Fang Yuqi seemed to feel:

“You want to leave?”


Lu Chen didn’t hide it. There are thousands of soldiers in the south. He is very concerned. Taking down all these people is enough to upgrade the Nine Heavens Demon Slayer to the Great Divine Ability.

Great Divine Ability.

Furthermore, it is not a long-term solution for Old Fang to stay in Fengpo City as a hostage.

The two sealed balls containing boys and girls were handed over to Fang Yuqi for placement. Lu Chen said goodbye, Yu Jian flew south, and flew all the way. Far away, he dropped his sword and rode on a tiger niu.

Evening hours.

Lu Chen returned to yesterday’s battlefield. Not far away, a barracks was rising.

He stepped into the barracks with an offering token, and saw a messenger dismount and rush past with a pennant, shouting as he ran:

” Hurry up! Hurry up!”

As they passed by, everyone hurriedly avoided.

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, followed the opponent all the way, and came to the newly established White Tiger Hall. When the messenger stepped into the White Tiger Hall, he followed.

I saw everyone in the White Tiger Hall gathered. The messenger knelt on the ground, gasping for breath, and said:

“I’m here… I’m here, Lord, just now Mountain Monarch Lu went to the south bank. The important person, three thousand boys and girls disappeared, Mountain Monarch Lu was furious, and swallowed the thousand armored soldiers guarding.”


Jun Wuji complexion ashen, slammed the wooden chair, stood up suddenly, and asked anxiously:

“Where is Mountain Monarch?”

“My lord, go… to Nanfang Feng Pocheng.”

“It’s okay, okay.”

Jun Wuji relaxed and sat back on the wooden chair, UU Reading asked again:

“Can Mountain Monarch say that Yuan Qingshan is dead?”

“I didn’t say it.”


Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay and was a little restless for a while.

“shua ~”

At this moment, an aura flew into the tent, and Bai Sha who was standing suddenly opened his eyes, stretched out his hand, grabbed the aura in his hand, and the aura turned into a After taking a piece of talisman paper, Bai Sha looked at it carefully, waved gently to shake the talisman paper away, took a small step forward, and said in a low voice:

“Mountain Monarch Lu has returned to the west.”


Jun Wuji complied and asked:

“How much blood did you eat?”

“No one was hurt. “


Jun Wuji raised his eyebrows and said surprisedly:

“What happened?”

Bai Sha explained: “Originally, Mountain Monarch Lu came to the clouds and wanted to kill, but suddenly he took the Divine Ability and landed in an alley. There was a three-to-five-year-old child standing in the alley. The child held a small copper bell, Mountain Monarch Lu stood for a quarter of an hour, left two tears, picked up the child, and flew away from Fengpo City.”

“Why is this?”


“I don’t know!”

Everyone was also very surprised and discussed spiritedly for a while.

“Is that the illegitimate child of Mountain Monarch, who is finally reunited today?”

“It’s weird!”


“Don’t worry about so much, just go.”


Lu Chen stood in the corner, quite a kind of drunkenness I feel alone.

He twitched the corners of his mouth, already guessing in his mind that the copper bell was probably what Lu Qianqian said [soul bell], Mountain Monarch Lu burst into tears, fearing that he was remembering the past, but he just put a The child is brought into the monster’s den, and I am afraid that it will not survive for a few days.

I don’t know if it was steamed or braised?

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