My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 93

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The White Tiger Hall was noisy for a while, and finally quieted down.

“cough cough ~”

Jun Wuji coughed a few times and began to issue military orders:

“Yu worship!”

“My subordinates are here!”

A worshiper named Yu Shan came out, and Jun Wuji threw a token and ordered: “You carry out this order, go to Fengxian Town, order General Fang left behind a thousand people, and led the rest of the troops to return south immediately.”


“Congratulations to General!”

“The last general is here! “

“I order you to build another camp immediately to house the soldiers, select the available soldiers to be incorporated into the Black Armor Army, must not be missed!”

“Respect! “


A military order was issued, and after a long time, the White Tiger hall was disbanded.

At this time, it was late, the night was deep, Yu Shan was about forty years old, with black hair and black beard, he always acted prudently. Release a wooden bed Magical Artifact, sit cross-legged on the wooden bed, and fly all the way north.

Fly out ten li or so, and stop suddenly.

I saw under the night sky in front of me, a person standing on a sword, with his hands behind his back, blocking his way, seeing the back faintly has several points of familiarity, Yu Shan’s heart sank, and he asked:

“Who are you?”


The man turned around slowly, Yu Shan stared wide-eyed, dumbfounded:

“Wang… wangye?”


“Not good!”

Yu Shan lost his mind for a while and heard a sword Cry rang in his ear, but before he could react, his head was already passed by Jian Xing. The man took off the blue-patterned face he was wearing, revealing Lu Chen’s face, and said coldly:

“All the way. Good to go.”

“It’s you!!”

He uttered two words at the mountain pass, and his breath was exhausted on the spot. The body rolled off the wooden bed and drowned in the grass below. Lu Chen took it back. Jian Xing, saw the wooden bed hovering in the void.


[Name]: Magical Artifact

[Information]: First Rank Cloud Bed


“Cloud The bed?”

Lu Chen took a few steps forward, sat down on the wooden bed, Spiritual Qi in his body urged him to start refining, and soon after, the wooden bed shook and suddenly became smaller and fell into the palm of his hand. The palm sinks all the way into the Spirit Orifice.

Lu Chen opened his eyes slowly, and said:


This Magical Artifact is the First Rank [Cloud Bed], created by First Rank spirit plant 【Lingyun wood】refined, after refining, it comes with a First Rank rune, called 【Lingyun】, which can be suspended in the void, it is a kind of flying Magical Artifact.


Lu Chen released the cloud bed again, not in a hurry to leave, sat cross-legged on the cloud bed, urged Spiritual Qi, and began to refining around the index finger of his left hand The [five-stringed silk].

After a big one hour, finally refining it.


When he stretched out his left hand, he saw five transparent strings shoot out like steel cables, quickly extending nearly 100 meters, stretched straight, and extremely sharp. cut gold break jade with no difficulty, and can be soft or hard, hard or soft.

“Not bad!”

Lu Chen is satisfied and happy.

This five-stringed silk is the silk thread spit out by the third rank Mokong silkworm. The grade is very high, but because of the special material, it is difficult to engrave rune. It can only be used as an accessory for high-level Magical Artifact. Magical Artifact, formidable power is not bad.

He put the cloud bed away.

Falling on the grass below, a storage bag was found on the mountain.

A bit of searching.

There is another harvest.

More than 200 grains of spiritsand, a few talismans, and a jade box, Lu Chen opened the jade box, and saw a piece of silk cloth, with a small azure on the silk cloth. thing.

Small, like a seed.

[Name]: Spirit Seed

[Information]: First Rank spirit plant seed


“ Could it be… is it the tree species of Lingyun wood?”

Lu Chen was excited and watched it carefully before closing the jade box and carefully put it in the sealed ball that he carried with him. Heavens Tomb] This Divine Ability needs to meet three conditions.

The coffin!

spirit plant!

Mysterious Crystal!

This spiritual seed is mostly the seed of Lingyun wood. As long as it is planted, the conditions of [a spirit plant] can be fulfilled. As for where to plant it? Lu Chen also has plans. There is a First Rank spirit vein on Toad Island, which is more suitable there.

Put everything away.

Lu Chen did not leave in a hurry. He released Hu Niu and let Meng Yao play with Hu Niu. He came under a towering tree, set up his posture, and started the cultivation of Aoki Longevity.

“Hold Kunlun with both hands~”

“Left and right drums~”

“Ape’s back shakes the pillar~”

” The red dragon stirs the water~”

One move and one move, sometimes quiet, with Lu Chen’s cultivation, the breeze blowing gently around him, the grass under his feet swaying, Lu Chen was immersed in it, and the moves in his hands became more and more The natural spontaneity, the breeze… also getting stronger and stronger.

“wu wu ~”

Weeds are lying on the ground.

The big wooden swing.

Invisible life slowly gathered towards Lu Chen. After a long time, the grass under his feet withered, and the yellow leaves fell in the sky.


Lu Chen took a long breath and slowly closed the power, only to feel the inner Qi’s strength rising, and the endless vitality initially formed a grain in the lower abdomen. Small 【Longevity Pill】.

“It’s so good!”

Lu Chen was refreshed, and he threw water on the big tree beside him, and said:

“Suck you some life, give you some water, we two… no one owes anyone.”


Riding on Hu Niu, with Meng Yao, in the dark night, they ran all the way to the south.



Before approaching the barracks, the screams and screams came from afar, Lu Chen heart shivered With cold, he stretched out his hand and scratched the soft hair on Hu Niu’s neck, Hu Niu was extremely smart, her eyes flashed faintly, she lowered her body, and quickly ran towards the barracks.

Outside the barracks.

Three heads were quietly sticking out of a dense bush.

“This is…”

Lu Chen looked at the barracks, the child hole was miniature, and saw the barracks blazing with flames, the fire was soaring, and countless black armored soldiers were defending, such as The enemy is facing, and there is only one person who charges the camp.

The man was nearly ten meters tall.

Clad in a blood-like stomach, with a white sash tied around his waist, like a god like a demon, he holds a ten-meter-long black iron rod in his hand. The ground sank, the front of the barracks was full of bones, and the thick archer crossbows kept shooting at the man, and the black and red Shuangsha waved and smashed all kinds of spells crazily.

“Yuan Qingshan!”

Lu Chen looked horrified, muttered:

“This…this is the real battle strength of the Body Refinement of the Second Realm ?”


The black iron rod stretched, and one rod smashed the high wall, dozens of black armored soldiers wailed and screamed, Yuan Qingshan Charged against the Immortal Archer, even if he had the [Yanyang Armor] on his body, he couldn’t stop the densely packed shot. His 30-foot-tall body was covered with crossbow arrows, bleeding profusely. He finally rushed to the barracks and hit him with a stick. Down.


The high camp gate collapsed, and hundreds of soldiers died wailing and dying.

“The hatred for killing my father is absolutely irreconcilable, Jun Wuji, suffer death!!”



Yuan Qingshan roared with filial piety, his voice rolling, and countless soldiers retreated in panic. He took one step and finally entered the barracks, if Gods block, kill the Gods, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas.

The night was deep.

The corpses are everywhere.

On this day, Yuan Qingshan entered the White Tiger Hall and smashed Jun Wuji to death!


“Your Highness!!!”

“wu wu wu ~”

Jun Wuji died , The Black Armor Army was all mourning, Yuan Qingshan laughed three times in the sky, and dragged his black iron rod away.

[Name]: Yuan Qingshan

[Information]: Second Realm Body Refinement, seriously injured


Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, and when Yuan Qingshan stumbled away, he rode Hu Niu and quickly came to the camp gate, and picked up a crossbow arrow outside the camp gate. This crossbow arrow fell from Yuan Qingshan’s body. It was also stained with the opponent’s blood.

Lu Chen performs the Qiankun Mapping Method.


reached out and beckoned, a dark azure aura fell into the palm of his hand, he put away the crossbow and rode the black tiger into the barracks. In a sad atmosphere, countless soldiers sat slumped on the ground, eyes blank.

Looks like it.

Jun Wuji is the heart of the Black Armor Army.

Lu Chen came all the way to the front of the White Tiger Hall, and saw that the White Tiger Hall had been overturned by Yuan Qingshan. He was kneeling on the ground, holding a pile of rotten meat and crying.

“Your Highness, wu wu wu, your death is so miserable~”

“It’s so miserable~”

“Our brother follows you Seventeen years, wu wu wu, has always been loyal, and does not want to live and die forever today, wu wu…”

Lu Chen rolled the eyes, and he had never seen them fight desperately before, As soon as Yuan Qingshan broke the camp, the two escaped without a shadow, but now it is better, when a person dies, they cry louder than anyone else.

Be careful.

“This Black Armor Army…I’m afraid it’s going to change my surname!”

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered. In the entire Black Armor Army, the two Method Release Immortals, Black, Red and Shuangsha. The Master is undoubtedly the most qualified to take the position, but the generals in the army may not succumb. In this case, I am afraid that there will be a big purge next.

Thinking of this.

Lu Chen quietly retreated, but did not leave the military camp. He rode a tiger girl around, and after a while, he came to a huge camp.

“A place where military supplies are important, no idlers should enter!”


The entire military camp is in chaos, but there are still four soldiers who are loyal to their duties in front of the camp. , seeing Lu Chen coming, he immediately yelled loudly, Lu Chen got off Hu Niu’s back, took out the offering token, handed it over, said with a smile:

“Little Brother is accommodating, in the next two There is a great achievement that has not yet been redeemed for worshipping Lu Yuan.”


The soldier threw the token to the ground and said expressionlessly:

“The big offering is ordered, during the emergency, no one is allowed to step in, and don’t step back!”

“The big offering…”

Lu Chen laughed, Reach out to pick up the token, right hand shock Peach Wood Sword.



Four sword stars came out, and the four soldiers were unprepared, and they were instantly killed. Jian Xing pierced his eyebrows, and without waiting for the opponent to fall, he waved his sleeves and put the body into the sealing ball. Lu Chen stepped forward quickly and raised his hand to open the tent.

“Big brother be careful!”

As Meng Yao exclaimed, a palm stuck out from the tent.

Holding a blue brick in his hand, he slammed down on Lu Chen with his head and face covered. He was fierce and ruthless. At first glance, the blue brick was a Magical Artifact. Yes, at least a serious injury.

“I’m going!”

Lu Chen was terrified, but was caught off guard and couldn’t react in time.

Fortunately, he was not alone. On his shoulders, Meng Yao’s face was tense, and he had already stretched out his small hand. He took a half breath.

Half time.

Lu Chen finally came to his senses, slammed his hands forward with all his might, and smashed the opponent’s chest with one punch and one palm, and the Peach Wood Sword in his palm passed directly through his heart.



The sternum collapsed, and with a mouthful scream, the man spit out a mouthful of blood, and his body Twisted and flew backwards in an instant, apparently unable to survive.

“hu~ ”

Lu Chen gently put out a breath and found that the movement just now had alarmed many soldiers, and people started to come here. He quickly took the tiger girl with him. When I got into the tent, I saw that the entire tent was over a thousand square meters, and it was filled with large wooden boxes and equipment wrapped in linoleum.

Lu Chen did a quick search.


Long knife!


There are many, many other miscellaneous items.

“Isn’t it here?”


Lu Chen frowned, the footsteps outside the tent getting closer and closer, he was About to leave, Meng Yao in the distance suddenly shouted:

“big brother, here~”

Lu Chen stepped forward quickly, took off the linoleum, and saw a bundle of The three-meter-long archery crossbow arrows were neatly stacked, and there were more than ten bundles of 100 arrows in each bundle.

“Okay, Yaoyao is doing well.”

Lu Chen is overjoyed, with more than a thousand arrows, plus nearly eight thousand soldiers, even if Fengxian Town does not have a Method Release Immortal Master, and it is enough to be self-reliant.

Meng Yao’s face was happy, she picked up the blue brick that fell on the ground, and said happily:

“big brother, there is this one.”

“Little clever ghost…”

Lu Chen stretched out his hand and scratched Meng Yao’s little Qiong nose. He was also happy in his heart. He waved his hand to put away all the arrows, and quickly performed the five ghost tricks. When the soldiers outside rushed into the tent, Lu Chen had already disappeared.

Leaving the barracks.

Lu Chen lay dormant in the wilderness outside, waiting for the black and red Shuangsha to start killing, intending to take the opportunity to earn another wave of dead souls, waiting and waiting, but there was no movement in the barracks.

Lu Chen hands form a secret art, reciting silently:

“Qiankun image method!”

The left hand slowly spreads out, and a picture appears , This is a karst cave space, the sparse water drips into a spring water below, there is a dingdong sound, the spring water is a strange turquoise, and there is a silhouette lying on his back.

Close your eyes.


The other side was naked with a blood hole that was densely packed.

If it were an ordinary person, even one or two such wounds would be fatal, but the person’s chest was clearly heaving and he was still breathing, and the picture in his palm was not interrupted, indicating that the other party was extremely injured. heavy, and even fell into a coma.

“Yuan Qingshan…”

Lu Chen narrowed his eyes, his eyes wandered back and forth between the palm of his hand and the barracks, and finally gritted his teeth: “Dead souls often exist, today. This opportunity is rare, let’s go.”

After finishing speaking, Lu Chen put Hu Niu in the little Yin Sector, and Edgeworth flew west. UU Reading



Not long after Lu Chen left, the barracks finally shouted to kill.

The night is dark.

murderous intention.

On this day, Jun Wuji died, the Black Armor Army was in civil strife, the black and red Shuangsha eliminated dissidents, slaughtered the soldiers, and killed more than ten thousand phoenix armies to subdue their soldiers, blood flowing into a river , the corpses are like mountains!


The night wind caresses.

Lu Chen flew forty miles to the west, Yujian landed outside a valley, hesitated for a moment, lifted his foot into the small valley, walked more than 100 meters, and saw a hill stop in front.

The hills are dozens of meters high and extremely unremarkable.

Lu Chen took a few steps forward, pulled away the bushes, and saw a cave appeared in front of him. The entrance of the cave was more than three meters high and was firmly blocked by a boulder.


It is airtight.

As things came to an end, Lu Chen began to feel uneasy again. After all, this is a Body Refinement person who stepped into the second realm, and the entire Yuluanzhou may be the same person. The terrible battle strength before, but still vivid in eye.

“Then keep your hands.”

After thinking about it, I thought of a more secure way.

Yujian landed on the hill, flipped his hand and took out a seal ball, his thoughts moved slightly, and the seal was instantly released, and with a wave of his hand, he saw the five-meter-sized stone monster Shikun gently land on him. In front of him, Lu Chen held his breath, hands form a secret art, and said silently:

“The sky is clear and the earth is bright, the five ghosts follow, the five ghosts… the law of the sky!”


Five ghosts appeared.

Walking around the stone demon, the stone demon disappeared instantly, appearing out of thin air in the cave below, and with a muffled “bang”, it smashed into the turquoise spring water.

“crash-bang ~”


Water splashed everywhere, Yuan Qingshan in the spring suddenly opened his eyes.

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