My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 94


Surprised and angry echoed in the cave, and the stone demon was also awakened. The sound of “peng” exploded, and the spring water splashed around, five meters in size. The boulders exploded at the bottom of the water, flying in all directions, gathering into a huge stone man, and said blankly:

“This… where is this?


The stone demon was still confused, Yuan Qingshan leaped up and punched the opponent’s back.


The stone demon screamed, and then A hole in the back exploded.

“It hurts, it hurts!


“Stop, fight and fight!’

“Ah ahhhh!’

Yuan Qingshan was seriously injured and he was a frightened bird. When someone broke into such a hidden place, he came up with a dead hand.

Start to fight back.

The two Second Rank fights in the cave are getting more and more intense.


The gravel splashed, the hills dozens of meters high exploded, two figures appeared outside, Yuan Qingshan roared angrily, and his body swelled suddenly, reaching a height of three feet. , covered with reddish-brown fur, and dancing with a black iron rod, like a wild and violent ape.

The stone demon is not weak.

Countless rocks follow As he rotated, the pieces gathered into a body. While blocking the black iron rod that Yuan Qingshan smashed, his body soared.

One zhang.

Three zhang.

Ten feet!

It wasn’t until the stone body reached ten feet that the stone demon stopped gathering the rocks. He stood tall and stepped on Yuan Qingshan.

โ€œ Boom!’

The dust was everywhere, Yuan Qingshan tumbled and dodged, Yan Yangjia suddenly appeared on the surface of his body, he jumped up, and instantly flew into the air, and the stone demon stretched out his big hand and grabbed it.

“Red flames!’

Yuan Qingshan roared furiously, and his three-zhang body burned violently, and a black iron rod was smashed out of his hand.

“Boom~ ‘

The stone demon saw a flash, the entire right arm was smashed by a stick, the huge body staggered, Yuan Qingshan dodged and flew to the back of the stone demon, the black iron rod burned with raging flames, and smashed his head down!



With a scream, the stone demon exploded and shattered into countless stones.

Yuan Qingshan still didn’t give up, opened his mouth and spit out, raging flames spurted, instantly igniting countless stones, burning blazingly, until the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, and then gradually extinguished.


Yuan Qingshan also seemed to have run out of oil and the lamp was dry, and his three-zhang body raised his head and fell down, making a muffled sound.


“No, probably fishing. ‘

Lu Chen was lying in the grass in the distance, looking carefully, his eyes flickering, if he really died, he would have to restore his original body. Now, in this posture, the traces of camouflage are too obvious.

He was not in a hurry and waited silently.

In less than a quarter of an hour, Yuan Qingshan really got up, put away the black iron rod, and stumbled and ran away. Lu Chen didn’t dare to get too close, and followed the footprints all the way.

[Name]:Yuan Qingshan

[Information]: Second Realm Body Refinement, dying from serious injuries


Yuan Qingshan came to the Nieshui River, and with a “pu tong” he plunged into the Nieshui River.

It won’t be long.

Lu Chen also chased after him. He stared at the black river water for a moment, thinking about it, he began to use the Qiankun image method, and his left hand slowly spread out – the second picture appeared.

This is the depths of the Nie Shui River

All around is full of black river water, a silhouette ups and downs in it, wearing a full body of yang armor, motionless.

“The body is restored.

Lu Chen murmured and waved a sword star into the water. The sword star came to the depths of the Nieshui River and stabbed at the silhouette. A few times, silhouette motionless, but also no response.

“Is it really dead?”

Lu Chen shook his left hand, and a five-stringed silk pierced into the Nishhui River.

After extending for nearly 100 meters, the front end suddenly softened and wrapped around the silhouette’s neck, making a dead knot. He retracted the five-stringed wire little by little, and the movement was very light.

I’m nervous again.

I’m nervous again.

Meng Yao on her shoulders clenched her hands tightly, and her big black eyes didn’t blink.

“Big brother, come out.


Lu Chen nodded, and saw the familiar silhouette emerge from the river of evil water.

[Name]:blood refinement Magical Artifact

[Information]:Second Rank Yanyang Armor, Broken

“Is it really dead?

Lu Chen dragged the silhouette to the shore, opened the hidden buckle of the Yanyang armor, and gently took off the lower armor, and saw that it was full of scarlet, full of viscous blood and night blood

But, But there was not a single bit of flesh and blood.


Lu Chen hurriedly used the Qiankun Reflection Technique, spread his left hand, which was the scene in front of him, he waved the spell away, and frowned deeply. , but for a while, he could not judge whether Yuan Qingshan was alive or dead.

“pa !

Putting his visor on, Lu Chen waved his hand to put away the Yanyang armor, and if he didn’t stop, Yujian flew into the distance, no matter what, he also Without exposing himself, if you can get a Second Rank [้ƒyangjia] in vain, that is also a blood gain.

Soon after, Lu Chen turned back again

Seeing that the Nieshui River was as calm as ever, He performed the Qiankun Reflection Method again, but still found nothing.


Lu Chen Yujian flew towards the barracks, and halfway through, Meng Yao pointed to the sky with his little hand, In a crisp voice:

“Big brother, look!

Lu Chen looked up, his face suddenly changed, and he saw the turbulent wind and clouds above the sky, covered by a thick black cloud. The sky opened up and slowly pressed down, as if the sky was falling. He fell on a big tree, and saw that the dark cloud slowly revolved, gradually forming a funnel, and the funnels were connected to the sky


The night wind raged, and weeds and trees rose from the ground.

After a long time, the dark clouds finally dissipated. On the ground in front, a huge circular high platform was formed. On the high platform stood a silhouette. The man was thin and dressed in gray cloth. A burlap bag.

This is an old man.

The face is full of wrinkles, like a mummified corpse

As Lu Chen was about to detour, the old man looked from afar and shouted:

โ€œ Young man, stop!’

Lu Chen ignored it, Yujian flew north, and just flew over the Nieshui River, he saw the old man already waiting on the other side of the river, heart shivered with cold, he didn’t With a look of expression, Yu Jian landed not far away, and asked:

“What are you calling me?

The folds on the old man’s face stretched out, and he said with a smile to Lu Chen. :

“Come and retrieve something.





Lu Chen was puzzled and said surprisedly:

“What corpse?’

The old man smiled without saying a word, showing his mouth full of yellow teeth, shaking his dry hands, A piece of yellow paper flew out and fluttered and landed in Lu Chen’s hands. When Lu Chen looked up, he saw that the page was full of tiny characters, and three words were written on the top:

โ€œ Corpse deed!’

And in the lower right corner of the page, a familiar name was signed:

Yuan Qingshan!

Lu Chen was speechless for a while, He waved his hand and returned the corpse deed to the old man, explaining:

โ€œThis is a misunderstanding. smile: “As soon as a person dies, [Lianmen Mountain] has a sense of its own, old man, I’m just a corpse collector, you have seen the black and white words, why bother with me.

Lianmen Mountain!

Corpse Collector!

Six-eyed Bodhi Seed can’t see this person’s information, Lu Chen naturally knows that this person’s strength is not trivial, He didn’t explain anymore, waved and released the Yanyang armor, opened the visor, revealing the bloody night inside:

“See for yourself.


The old man was stunned, and whispered: “It’s a good trick to get rid of Golden Cicada, old man, I’m going on an errand for nothing.

After he finished speaking, he looked Lu Chen up and down, and suddenly asked Dao:

“Young man, do you want to sign a corpse deed?’

“What do you say?”

“Help you Cultivation before you die, and help you after you die. You collect the corpse!”

Lu Chen was very curious and asked:

“Are both the silly Yangjia and the Xuan Tiezhuan sold by Yuan Qingshan?’

Seeing the old man smiling but not saying a word, Lu Chen thought for a moment, then shook his head and said:

“Not interested!’

He can level up, cultivated [withered tree shedding method], and also Not to the point of selling my own body.

“Okay. ‘

The old man sighed, his head tilted, and there was no movement.

Lu Chen was wondering when he saw that the old man’s body was rapidly rotting. In just a few breaths, it turned into a white bone. After a few breaths, a clover grew out of the white bone. The white bones turned into bone meal, and as a breeze blew, it splattered, and there was no trace at all.

Everything just now seems to be an illusion.

“Lianmen Mountain….

“The corpse collector,

“It’s really weird!’

Lu Chen muttered. Twice, put away the Yanyang armor, Yujian flew towards the barracks, flying all the way, and finally saw the barracks in the distance before dawn. Just as Yujian fell, he saw a black armored soldier crawling towards this side and fleeing.

โ€œhu hu ~’

The black armored soldiers ran wildly and looked back. Lu Chen stopped them and asked:

โ€œWhat happened? ?’

“Get out of the way!

The black armored soldier scolded and slashed at Lu Chen with a knife. Lu Chen dodged and kicked the man five meters away. frowned: “What happened?

The black armored soldier finally recognized the reality, got up from the ground, swallowed and spit, and said in a trembling voice:

“Flying. Flying Skull!”

“Speak clearly.


The black armored soldiers didn’t dare to resist, and quickly explained: “Before, there was a big sacrifice pit to kill the Phoenix armored army and surrender. Countless corpses filled the mass grave, blood flowing into a river, resentment filled the sky, and a big sacrifice was ordered. We buried the mass grave, and it was only halfway through. A flying skull flew out of it, and many brothers were bitten to death by the flying skull.

“How many soldiers were killed?

“All.. all!”


Lu Chen frowned deeply and asked:

“Why don’t you go to the barracks for refuge? “

“The Flying Head has passed.

“Go away.” ‘


The black armored soldier was relaxed, carrying a knife and fled to the distance, just after a few steps, his body suddenly froze and fell to the ground, Lu Chen Retract the sword star and stretch out your hand a little:


[Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Conditions]:

(1]: Three thousand dead souls (874/3000 not reached!)

“We will continue to work hard.’

After muttering, Lu Chen rode tigress to the barracks.

Before reaching the barracks, I saw more than a dozen black armored soldiers fleeing here. There were four black shadows chasing them, up and down, and the speed was extremely fast, killing each of the black armored soldiers.

That’s four heads.

[Name]:Flying Head

[Information]:First Rank,Bite

[Name]:Flying Skull

[Information]:First Rank, Sliding Tongue

“It’s really a flying skull.

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, not in a hurry, he stretched out his hand. Soothing the restless Tiger Niu, the Tiger Niu lowered her body and quickly ran to the side to cover her figure with a bush.


“Fight with them~


” p>


A dozen or so black armored soldiers fought back, but unfortunately the night was too dark, and the flying skull appeared and disappeared unpredictably. After being bitten to death, two of the flying heads bit off the neck of the corpse, and flew away with their heads in their mouths, leaving one to stay in place.


โ€œ The division of labor is clear!

Lu Chen frowned deeply and continued to observe.

Soon, the two flying heads returned and took away the two heads again, when the flying heads returned for the third time At that time, Lu Chen shook the Peach Wood Sword in his hand, and three sword stars flew out quietly.


A flying skull found the abnormality and made a sharp whistle in its mouth. .

The other two became alert and fluttered to dodge the sword stars. One of them opened his mouth and shot with his long tongue. Unfortunately, the sword star was motivated by Qixing Yu Sword Art, and the speed was far from that of the First Rank Flying Head. , after just holding on for a few breaths, the sword star pierced his head.

“Let’s go.

“ao wu ‘

Hu Niu growled, Carrying Lu Chen to the barracks, he quickly came to the barracks, and saw countless black armored soldiers fleeing in all directions, one flying skull slaughtering frantically from the air, and the entire barracks was in chaos.

Keep it up!

In the sky, there is a battlefield.

Black and White Fiends stood side by side, fighting against five flying heads. The five flying heads were not at ease. Some exhaled into arrows, some breathed into ice, and some long hair danced wildly.

[Name]:Flying Skull

[Information]:Second Rank

“Second Rank Flying Skull, good fellow.’

Lu Chen was stunned and did not understand why so many flying heads were born in just one night, and even had Second Rank. He wanted to see the mass grave, thought about it, and then dismissed the idea.

It’s not a good place there.

โ€œรกo hว’u ‘

A tiger roar caught the attention of a few flying heads, seeing Hu Niu, screaming at Hu Niu Pounced, Hu Niu turned around quickly, carrying Lu Chen to the distance,

Not long after.

Lu Chen killed a few flying skulls, rode the tigress and returned again, walking on the edge of the battlefield again and again, turning each flying skull into a ghost A wave.

In one hour, Lu Chen saved hundreds of souls.


“Hard. Hack you!”

A huge silhouette more than five meters high collapsed a section of the wall and danced With the giant axe in his hand, he slashed frantically, and dozens of flying heads flew up and down around him, gnawing away a bite of flesh from time to time.

“It hurts!”

He shivered in pain, and threw away the giant axe with his hands, grabbing the two flying heads.

“Bang” !’

The Flying Skull exploded in his hand, and the other Flying Skulls swarmed up again.

“It hurts. The hill hurts!

He waved his arms in horror, driving the flying skulls away, holding his head, and rushing into the wilderness, with dozens of flying skulls chasing after him. Reluctant to give up

Meng Yao looked around on her toes, and said in a crisp voice:

“Big brother, he’s a big man.

“Tu Shan?’


Meng Yao nodded hard, clenched her fists, panting with rage and said:

“The big guy is being bullied by the bad guys.

“Let’s go save him.


Meng Yao nodded her head and urged:

“Niuniu, hurry up, let’s chase after him. ‘

“รกo hว’u ‘

Hu Niu roared and ran away like the wind, five flying heads screamed and chased, but saw the sword light flashing, one by one. Falling from the air.


A large tree with a height of ten feet was knocked down by Tu Shan. The flying skull was crushed, and the other flying skulls swarmed up and bit them.

“It hurts!!

Tu Shan roared, his eyes turning scarlet.

When Lu Chen caught up with Tu Shan, he saw that the other party had gone mad, with red eyes, holding up a giant tree and dancing in the wilderness, all around was tossed in a mess, but it was difficult to hurt the high altitude. The Flying Skull

“It’s stupid.”

Lu Chen muttered, flicked his fingers, and the Peach Wood Sword and nine sword stars came out.




Wait for him to clean up this big wave of flying heads. Dropped, Tu Shan also threw away the giant tree, gasping for breath sobered up, Lu Chen put away his sword, rode a tiger girl forward, and asked:

“Do you still recognize me?


Giant Spirit God Tu Shan scratched his big head, touched the wound on his head, painful contorts one’s face in agony, waiting for Lu Chen to take off the blue grain face, Tu Shan a pair of cows His eyes suddenly lit up and he stammered:


“hmph !’

Lu Chen coldly snorted , warned repeatedly :

“Call Temple Master!’


Lu Chen’s expression slowed down and asked again:

“Do you know how to get to Fengxian Town?’

“UU Reading’

Tu Shan scratched his head and turned around in a circle, already forgetting East , West, South, North .


Meng Yao covered her cherry mouth and taunted, Lu Chen pointed to the north with a black face, warned repeatedly: “Keep going north Go, with your walking distance, you can arrive at most in half a day.’

“hehe ‘

Tu Shan hehe smirked, turning back in two steps.

Lu Chen was still uneasy, and condensed a piece of Communication Talisman’s sub-sign, with ghostwriting, Spiritual Qi as the ink, “shua shua” wrote, not only recorded what happened in the past two days , and also told Fang Yuqi to send someone to greet Tushan.

Don’t get lost.

Starve yourself to death.


After the ending, Lu Chen looked at it and let go of Communication Talisman. Communication Talisman flew out of his hand, flying faster and faster, turning into a flash of light, and then disappeared.

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