My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 95

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[Nine Heavens slayer upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Three thousand dead souls (1528/3000 not reached!)


Lu Chen sent Tu Shan away, looked at the vision screen, rode a tiger girl to the barracks, and continued to harvest the souls of the dead. The more you have, the more you can kill.


Lu Chen enjoyed it and started quickly.

Not long after, the high-altitude battle was finally decided. Black and Red Shuangsha teamed up to kill two Second Rank Flying Heads. Emerging, taking advantage of the white fog to cover, the three flying heads fled away.


The screams came, and the other flying heads flew up, gathered in the air, and fled all the way to the distance.

“Where to escape!”

The entire barracks has been torn apart, and the remaining black armored soldiers are dying and fleeing. Not angry.

not even think , just chase after Flying Skull.

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered. He rode a tiger girl and chased behind him. He couldn’t travel more than several hundred meters. He quickly stopped and saw a huge pit in front of him. Visible and intangible, countless kinds of breaths are mixed together, and they converge into a furnace, like smoke and mist, turning into all kinds of strange scenes.

There are colorful faces and distorted human figures.

Thriller and horror.

It’s terrifying.

“Mass graves!”

Lu Chen was speechless, and saw the edge of the giant pit, headless corpses wriggling, like maggots, crawling towards the deep pit , the whole mass grave is a pit of flesh and blood, and the scene is extremely terrifying.

There are countless flying skulls living in it.

“hmph, demons and ghosts!”

Black and Red Shuangsha frowned deeply, waving a lot of Heavenly Lightning Seed.

โ€œpeng peng peng!โ€


Heavenly Lightning Seed exploded in the mass grave, blood and flesh flying, countless mutilations The limbs fluttered, and the flying skull screamed and flew up and down, panicking.


Several li with a muffled sound, a huge arm protruded from the mass grave, and the arm was composed of countless headless corpses, reaching out to grab The black and red Shuangsha towards in midair were avoided by the two of them in advance. The two were in shock when countless flying heads rushed towards them from below, instantly drowning the two of them.


With a scream, the flying skull exploded, and Heisha desperately escaped, flying south without turning his head.

And in the mass grave, a silhouette slowly floated up.

This is a monster, only the upper body is tens of meters high, the trunk and limbs are composed of countless headless corpses, which are connected by blood and minced flesh. Arms, palms up.


The flying heads scattered, and the red silhouettes were long gone. They screamed and danced in the air, and soon landed on each palm again. It turned out, These countless flying heads and torso together form a monster.

[Name]: Weird

[Information]: Third rank Thousand Corpses


โ€œthird rank rank? A thousand corpses?”

Lu Chen was stunned, riding a tigress quietly back, watching from a distance, and found that the [thousand corpses] had not grown completely, at least the lower body was still growing.

“Would you like to…take the opportunity to kill again?”

Lu Chen touched his nose, feeling a little moved.

Each flying head of these thousand corpses is equivalent to an independent life. For him, the temptation is great. If he kills a few waves, it may be enough to upgrade.


Lu Chen clenched the teeth and continued to step back.

Not long after, he appeared on a big tree in the distance, looking at the thousands of corpses in the mass grave from a distance, with a thought, the scarlet handle on his back manifested.

“Nine Heavens slaying demons!”


The grim voice echoed, Lu Chen reached out to hold the upside-down hilt, Swinging, a scarlet rainbow of swords instantly crossed several hundred meters and slashed on the huge monster.

โ€œao ~โ€

A wailing sounded, and a terrifying wound appeared on the torso of the thousand corpses, almost choked in half, and in an instant, at least a few died. Hundred Flying Skulls.

[Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Conditions]:

[1]: Three Thousand Souls (2327/3000 not reached!)

…. ..

“It’s so cool!”

Lu Chen was shaking, thinking about taking another stab, when he saw thousands of corpses sinking into a mass grave, densely packed Flying Skull flew here, heart shivered with cold, jumped off the big tree quickly, and quickly hid on the tigress.

Wait for the flying skulls to disperse.

Lu Chen avoided a few Second Rank Flying Heads and started to hunt quietly with Sword Star.

Flying heads were stabbed to death, and the data on the light curtain slowly climbed. When the morning sun began to rise, the flying heads began to gather and fly towards the mass grave.


Another scarlet sword rainbow struck, passing through the flying skulls.


Countless flying heads screamed, hundreds of flying heads were smashed in half and died on the spot. The mass grave sank, and the entire mass grave calmed down, covered in flesh and blood. No one would have thought that there was a strange creature named [Thousand-headed Corpse] lurking in it.

Grow silently.


[Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Conditions]:

[1]: Three thousand dead souls (3000/3000 has been achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[Divine Ability]: Nine Heavens Great Accomplishment (Upgradable!) +


“Finally achieved.”

Lu Chen rode on the back of the tigress, grinned, and reached out a little:


The scarlet hilt manifests on the back, keeps shaking, sinks an inch again, and when everything calms down, Lesser Divine Ability Nine Heavens Demon Slayer is successfully upgraded to ใ€Perfectionใ€‘, the formidable power is improved!

Not only that.

The limit disappeared just after I used it twice, as if it had been refreshed again.

“Very good!”

Lu Chen was extremely satisfied and looked at the light curtain in front of him.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement 8-Layer

[Divine Ability]: Nine Heavens Perfection (Promote Level condition expandable!)


“Promote Level?”


[ Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Conditions]:

[1]: Four thousand dead souls (0/4000 not reached!)


If the color is bright today, all the flying heads are hidden in mass graves, Lu Chen dare not get too close, and he rode around all around for a while, but couldn’t find a chance to shoot.

Think about it.

Lu Chen stayed away from the mass grave and headed south all the way.

Fang Hong is still in Fengpo City, and it’s time to pick up people. As for the thousand corpse puppets, they shouldn’t be able to run away for a while, and there are opportunities to pick up wool.

Not long after, Lu Chen came to the Nieshui River and saw two tidal boats stranded on the river bank.

[Name]: French Ship

[Information]: First Rank Tide Building Ship, Tide Array


The Tide Building has two floors below, nearly ten meters in width and about 100 meters in length. It looks very huge. It can transport more than a thousand soldiers and armor at a time. It is expensive to build, but now it is abandoned here.

No one cares.

“ao wu ~”

Hu Niu jumped up and ran up the side of the ship several meters high, carrying Lu Chen, and walked all the way into the deepest cabin. In the middle, I saw a circular formation platform that was more than half a meter high. There was a palm-sized depression on the formation platform. There was supposed to be a small tidal formation plate embedded here, which was the core of the entire building ship.


Now the hull is abandoned, but the most valuable tidal array has been taken away.

“It’s a pity.”

Lu Chen regretted that Toad Island is his foundation. If there are two intact tidal boats, they can ride the wind and waves in the Akutagawa River.

It’s a pity that there are no ships and no arrays, and it is greatly reduced.

Even so.

Lu Chen didn’t want to leave it alone. The hull of this building ship is very hard. It is made of ebony wood that is more than a hundred years old. This is an extremely hard wood. The hull is naturally not comparable to ordinary ships. , he sat cross-legged on the building boat, consumed two Spirit Stones, used the seal method, and recreated two seal balls, barely sealing the two huge building boats in them.


Lu Chen crossed the Nieshui River, rode a tiger girl, and ran all the way to Fengpo City.

until noon.

Finally arrived outside Fengpo City.

Fengpo City occupies an extremely wide area with a population of more than 300,000. It is located on a gentle slope tens of meters high. This gentle slope is called Luofengpo. It is rumored that a Phoenix Divine Beast once perched on it. , after leaving, a First Rank Fire Attribute spirit vein was born, and just west of Luofengpo, there is a lake called Fengpo Lake.

There is a Lake Heart Island in it.

There is a First Rank Water Attribute spirit vein on the island, and the famous Baiyun Temple is located on it, but it has long been different now.

At this time, there are still more than 50,000 Black Armor Army in Fengpo City, which is stronger than the Fengjia Army in its heyday. Unfortunately, with the death of Hongsha, only the Black Armor remains. A Method Release Immortal Master.

If Lu Chen wants to give it a try, he is very sure that he will be able to kill Heisha with one stroke.

It’s just that, even if Hei Sha dies, without the deterrence of the cultivation base of Method Release Immortal Master, Lu Chen is also impossible to occupy these two spirit veins. , facing the peeps of other Method Release Immortal Masters.

His situation will be even more difficult.

That’s it.

On the contrary, it is better to keep the Toad Island and Fengxian Town at ease. Moreover, there is the threat of Qishan Locust Mother in southern Shuozhou, and Fengpo City can also be used as a buffer.

Thinking about this, Lu Chen is a lot easier.

Riding a tiger girl, I quickly came to the north city gate. Fengpo City was heavily guarded, and there was an endless stream of merchants. From time to time, I could see some cultivators coming in and out, many of them dressed in weird.

Some people rode out of the city on big roosters, some people rode past paper horses, and some cultivators came and went high in the air, showing no signs of turmoil,

“It’s a big city after all. !”

Lu Chen sighed and stepped forward on a tiger girl.


Just as he was about to enter the city, he was stopped by the black armored soldiers guarding the city on the spot. The four soldiers looked at Lu Chen up and down, harboring malicious intentions and said:

“Your Excellency is looking at the face.”


Lu Chen didn’t panic, and threw out the offering token.

“Hey, it was originally dedicated to adults, don’t blame me, please, please!”

“hmph hum~”

Lu Chen hummed twice , took the returned token, successfully entered Fengpo City, and took advantage of his status as a second-class worshiper to look around for news. After several inquiries, he finally found where Fang Hong was.

It turns out.

Old Fang was placed under house arrest in Zhuanlutang.

This Zhuanlutang is actually a post house. There are four towns and twenty-seven villages under the jurisdiction of Fengpo City. Except for Fengxian Town, which is far north of the Nieshui River, all other villages and towns are located in the Nieshui River. To the south, the town has the Guard Lord, the village has the village master, and Zhuanlutang is the place where these people enter the city for business.

Knowing Fang Hong’s situation, Lu Chen was not in a hurry. He touched the blue lines on his face and changed his face in a blink of an eye.

He lifted his foot and walked into the [Sifang Pavilion].

Sifang Pavilion is the auction of Fengpo City. Jiang Hong’e used to come to participate often. There are a lot of things, just to be shot here.

Second floor of Sifang Pavilion.

Lu Chen put a lot of things on the table, and put them in a big pile, such as folding eyebrow fan, cloud bed, blue brick, talisman paper, corpse urn, Dingpo needle, storage bag, etc. Wait, there are only five pieces of First Rank Magical Artifact, and there are several storage bags, the most precious of which is the monster core of the Second Rank chinchilla Monster Wolf.

The corners of the old man’s mouth twitched, and he grunted:

“Isn’t it a proper way?”


Lu Chen rolled the eyes and asked rhetorically:

“Accept or not?”


“Isn’t that right? That’s right.”

Lu Chen relaxed, this old man’s name is Jia Yu, he is in charge, and he is also the person who speaks for the entire Sifang Pavilion. He is very shrewd.

Jia Yu ignored Lu Chen, tore a piece of talisman paper, and there was a strange light in his eyes.

Begin to look carefully one by one.

Not long after, Jia Yu stopped moving and raised his eyelids: “Second Rank monster core counts as twelve Spirit Stones, the others… count as three Spirit Stones, for a total of fifteen Spirit Stones , you see?”


Lu Chen didn’t bother to care, and asked directly:

“Is there a spiritual object?”


Jia Yu nodded, and shook his head again: “However, in a few days it will be the beginning of February. This spiritual object is actually prepared for auction at the beginning of the month, and it can’t be sold now. .”

“What’s the price?”


Jia Yu put on a pretense and stretched out six fingers:

“Six Spirit Stones.”

Jia Ziyu sells spiritual objects, or five Spirit Stones. When Jia Yu has it, the price has risen again. This surnamed Jia is good at doing business, too. There’s no one left.


Lu Chen knew that it was difficult to bargain, so he simply did not find it boring.

โ€œhehe ~โ€

Jia Yu grinned, revealing a front tooth with a gap, as if he was aware of the air leak, he quickly pursed his mouth and turned his face to the side The maid in the waiting room waved her hand:

“UU read the book and bring the spiritual object.”


The maid After leaving, Lu Chen looked thoughtful and asked:

“Can Director Jia know someone named Jia Ziyu?”


“Jia Ziyu .”

“That’s a dog!”


Lu Chen was speechless for a while, no wonder he was missing a front tooth, Is it genetic? Thinking about it, Lu Chen changed his smile and said, “Steward Jia, I heard that you lost a Second Rank white snake demon in Four Seasons Villa, but is it true?”

“Is there such a time?

“Oh, frankly, I know where the white snake is.”


“Well, two Spirits Stone.”


A piece of intelligence was sold twice, and also sold to a pair of profiteer father and son, Lu Chen was in a happy mood, carrying a [ Tinder] and eleven Spirit Stones left Sifang Pavilion.

“Go away, go away!”

“xu lu lu ~”

Just walking down the street, I saw a soldier in black armor He ran wildly on the street and collided head-on, Lu Chen’s face turned cold, the veins in his arms burst out, and his fists slammed out.


โ€œxu lu lu ~โ€

The fierce horse neighed, the sternum was smashed by Lu Chen, and forcibly flew four or five meters upside down, whining continuously, the soldiers on horseback Jiang also fell to the ground, opened his mouth to spit a mouthful of blood, and limped to the distance.

โ€œsou sou!โ€


Just now, a few fast horses came running, bend bow and place arrow , a few arrows nailed the man to the street, and threw away the hook, hooked the body, and dragged it all the way away.


Lu Chen looked thoughtful, Heisha returned last night and was preparing for the morning, and it seemed that he began to clear dissidents again.

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